Zoo Frankfurt

Zoo Frankfurt

Frankfurt Zoo is a green oasis in the middle
of the thriving Main metropolis and home to more than 4,500 animals (in about 450 different
species!). Here you will find proud African animals next to feisty seals and majestic
tigers, right around the corner from cheeky otters. In the Grzimek House day becomes night
as you immerse yourself into the secretive animal world of Madagascar. Fishes, sea horses,
penguins, snakes and crocodiles all mill around in the Exotarium (aquarium and reptile house).
In the Borgori Forest ape house you can encounter our hominid “relatives” in a genuine jungle
atmosphere. The Fraport playground invites to romp and play, while the gastronomy areas
offer plenty of refreshment. Frankfurt Zoo is more than a place for exciting animal observations
or to take time out from day-to-day life. As a modern nature and conservation centre,
the zoo offers diverse Information about our environment and shows us what we can do to
help protect it. In cooperation with the Frankfurt Zoological Society, the zoo works following
the example of the famous animal welfare promoter and former director of Frankfurt Zoo, Professor
Dr. Bernhard Grzimek. By the way, our large animal houses make visiting the zoo a pleasure
even in inclement weather!

Randy Schultz

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