[YTP] Back to the Back III

[YTP] Back to the Back III

[Mario theme] ♪ Hey lighten, lighten up jerk ♪ ♪ Jerk, jerk jerk … jerk, jerk, jerk jerk ♪ ♪ light, light, light, light, light… ♪ Marty, we all have to make decisions which affect the course of our lives. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and I’ve gotta doo-doo. Be careful! You don’t wanna get struck by lightning. [Sexyback] ♪ I’m going back to the back back to the back back back back back back ♪ [bong noises] ♪ Hits from the bong ♪ [TV] Hey kids, what time is it? [Bender] Time for you to shut up! Great scott! Adventure Time? [rock music] was apparantly not a complete success. [Marty screaming] at precisely 10:04 p.m. I saw my own brain disappear into the future! Hey Doc? Hey Doc? MY BRAIN!?!?!?! [screams in sync with “Down with the Sickness”] I don’t believe that you are here! We’re in the DeLorean and he got sent back to 1885 [Biff complaining loudly] You sent me a letter. Dear Marty, I’ve been living happily these past 85 months in the year 1995. [Weezer – “Buddy Holly”] Amazing! Once you have returned to 1985, destroy Einstein. First Do not attempt to fly until 1947 I set myself up as a blacksmith, as a front while I attempted to repair the damage to the time circuits I’ve gotten quite adept at burying horses Unfortunately the wagon will never fly again. We may have to blast. [Biff complaining loudly] It’s been buried here for As you can see, the chip shorted out
the microchip. It says “made in Japan.” All the best stuff is made in China. [speaking Chinese] I wonder Could I go to the library and f*** myself in the old newspaper archives? Copernicus, come on boy! F*** myself in the old newspaper archives Sounds like a wonderful way to spend my retirement years! My father changed our name during the first world war. You know Doc, it’s gonna be a long walk back to hell. Still the safest plan You don’t want to crash into some tree that once existed in the past Well, for both of our sakes Right Good luck [rusty squeak] Ready Marty? Ready! I’m going back to 1885 and I’m bringing you home! State Farm agents are there when you
need them I’ll help you find your black friend You can stay the night in Maggie. I’m not one to pry into a horse [nervous rambling] How could you forget a thing like your ****? [crash] [gasp] [horrified scream] [irritated grunt] We’re in hell or something! I can’t imagine hell being much worse! [Arizona] ♪ [Lil Nas X – “Old Town Road” mashed up to the tune of La Cucaracha] ♪ I’m looking for that no-good cheating
barber you seen him? No sir Mr. Tannen, I have not. You’re dog shit Tannen! Marty! Turn that valve over there. JUST SAY NO [coked out rambling] So what do we do? ♪ [Biggie Smalls – “Ten Crack Commandments”] ♪ It’s the mayor! Excuse me, Emmett Remember last week at the town meeting when volunteered to meet the new school
teacher at the station when she came in? I gave you explicit instructions not to come here! Oh! Thanks for all your help /s Her name’s Miss Clayton. Clara Clay— I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW! [smushed] [engine starting] Give it more ass! ♪ “How low can you go?” ♪ Give it more ass! More ass! Doc, your ass! It’ll take me a month to rebuild it. If we could figure out a way to push it. Huh? How fast can she go? I’ve had ‘er up to five, myself. I heard that Fearless Frank Fargo got one of these to up near seven. You think it’s possible to get it up to nine? Heh. Nine? Tarnation son, why does everyone need to be in such a hurry? Funny, this map calls Clayton Ravine “S*** Ravine.” Must be the old Indian name for it? Great Scott! [Clara crying for help] What about Clara? It’ll be a spectacular wreck too bad nobody will be around to see it. “This so-called Doctor Brown is dangerous — a real nutcase. Hang around with him and you’ll end up in big trouble…” Thank you sir May I help you inside with these? Oh no, that won’t be necessary I have a shop in town, I’m the local
scientist Actually I’m a blacksmith ♪ “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…” ♪ Doc, see the way she was looking at you? Ms. Clayton almost ending up at the bottom of the ravine. Hey Doc, S*** Ravine was named after a teacher. Great Scott! Then she was supposed to go over in that wagon [knocking] don’t you come in I’ve come to say
goodbye goodbye where are you going I want you to know that Clara right away away everyone’s – don’t belong here and where might that be y’all have a
ceiling damn you what’s wrong do you yeah I do
much telling before breakfast seven o’clock I do my killing after
breakfast eight o’clock all right now break it up
what’s all this about any pardon it’s 15 days in the county jail thanks morning
mr. morning good morning anything I can do for you today not fine good morning mr. du Toit somebody today
not prefer to be you great Drive you got fire hey what do you mean I got
fired big nice success what cymatics chicken Marnie John meet the family
these are our boys to an earth forget a stupid name is a this is your future
I love you chuck your futures the race Thanks dad the ladies very well when my partner has
a gun in fine yes teenagers cars and distraction watch as
this team loses control and careens off the road these shocking videos are all
part of an unprecedented look at the number one killer of American teenager
1.21 watts into the time vehicle which vanished I will see you again wanna train girl
San Francisco is the end of the line they’ll probably get a million for it
I’ll take a one-way ticket you know I’m almost glad that spooked naked those
horses otherwise we might never have met who you calling spook TECA would I’ve
never seen the woman I’ve never seen the man so broken up over a man with this man tall with big furry paws
and long feel God dog he Brown you know the worst I have ever seen should be
fine auto collision centers the finest in
collision repair don’t call me Mom we talked about this we’re not gonna go to
the lake cars wrecked the car is fine see there’s Biff out there waxy all
right now now Biff I want to make sure that we get
two coats of wax this time not just one

Randy Schultz

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14 thoughts on “[YTP] Back to the Back III

  1. Thomas Trouchet says:


  2. Mortyick Sanswish says:

    Nice remix

  3. Hammarix says:

    14:52 That was too damn funny

  4. unknown_ pro_123450 says:

    FINALLY, the 3rd part of this HEAVY series!

  5. Cornelius Whiplash says:

    I got the laughs on every scene you made here.
    Now I bet that there’s not gonna be a Back to the Back IV. “That’s impossible!” Said Marty in the rain.

  6. Visual Friendship TV says:

    best ytp of 2020

  7. Netherworld Artifacts says:

    1.21 gigwatts of good quality brown.

  8. Jinx117 says:

    Unbelievable, bravo!

  9. johnbrnssr says:

    Great work as always. I guess I'll have to be the first to ask, at 14:01 is that a reference to Robot Chicken?

  10. MrEggula says:

    jesus Christ bro. fucking amazing

  11. Najmul Hasan says:

    Killswitch Engage reference! ❤️❤️

  12. niklo322 says:

    Soooo underrated!!!

  13. Tugg Speedman says:

    You’ve excelled yourself sir.

  14. Pj Mcawesomeville says:


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