Young Turtle’s Topsy-Turvy Bicycle Trouble | Cartoon For Kids

Young Turtle’s Topsy-Turvy Bicycle Trouble | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, was
busy balancing bananas When suddenly, the garage bell rang When the garage bell rings, it means
Mr. Monkey has a visitor Why it’s young Turtle Hello, Turtle. How can I help you? Oh, Mr. Monkey, I’ve had no end of trouble
with my bicycle It’s too tipsy and wobbly and I keep falling off I’d really like to ride it without falling off No one likes falling Especially when it’s so hard to get back up Mr. Monkey, can you fix my bike so it isn’t
so wobbly and tipsy? Mr. Monkey takes a good look at Turtle Then he takes a good look at Turtle’s bike First, Mr. Monkey checks the wheels They seem the right amount of round Then he checks the seat Hmm…seems the right amount of bouncy Finally he checks the horn Just the right amount of honk The bicycle appears to be in working order Maybe the problem isn’t that the bike isn’t right, but the bike isn’t right for Turtle Maybe young Turtle needs a different bike to ride Mr. Monkey has an idea and you know what that means, off to his workbench There are three different types of cycles that people ride Some cycles have one wheel They’re called unicycles See, it only has one wheel You need very good balance to ride one of these because you only have one wheel to balance on Some cycles have two wheels, like young Turtle’s Those are called bicycles See, one wheel and two wheels These can be kind of wobbly and you need pretty
good balance to ride one But some people ride cycles with three wheels Those are called tricycles See, one wheel, two wheels, and three wheels They aren’t as wobbly and they’re a little easier to ride They’re perfect for beginners There’s a type of cycle that’s just right
for each person Young Turtle is just starting to learn how to ride So a bicycle might be a little too advanced
for him at first Mr. Monkey has a plan But first he needs to gather some materials Mr. Monkey needs a wheel, one pipe, and some nuts and bolts to put it all together That just leaves one more thing, his trusty monkey wrench! Young Turtle loves to watch Mr. Monkey work He’s wondering what Mr. Monkey is doing Ohh… Mr. Monkey has made the most amazing tricycle ever It’s a tricycle made just for Turtle In fact, it’s a Turtle tricycle! And the best part, it has three wheels One, two, and three So Turtle won’t fall down while he’s learning to ride Turtle loves it He rides around and around and around and around and around and around and around… Young Turtle is the happiest turtle ever And his tricycle is the best tricycle ever, because it’s just for him Thank you, Mr. Monkey, for my wonderful tricycle Another satisfied customer And with that, Mr. Monkey swings back up
to his hammock Now let’s get back to balancing those bananas

Randy Schultz

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