Y Tiger Bay Brawlers

Y Tiger Bay Brawlers

There’s excitement in the world of female sports in Wales… It’s a physical, fast and wild game… And it’s called Roller Derby! Having originated in the States, it has seen a rise in popularity in recent years There are over 40 leagues in Britain, and 10 teams in Wales One of which is the Tiger Bay Brawlers from Cardiff The Tiger Bay Brawlers have been competing since the beginning of the year The sport has proven popular, with many new members joining Like Catrin Hopkins from Llanelli I heard about it through a friend who knew one of the team members so I sent an e-mail asking how I could join It just seemed like something totally different from your usual sports such as hockey so I gave it a try… …and I was good enough to have a go with the ‘fresh meat’ – that’s what they call us! It’s a physical and exciting sport. Here are some of the rules… Every match lasts an hour and is played on an oval track Each team consists of five players. These are… The Pivot, who stays at the front, wears a striped helmet cover and she is the last line of defence Behind the pivot are the blockers There are three in each team, they don’t wear a helmet cover, and they are the defenders and attackers The jammer is located 20 feet behind them They wear a helmet cover with two stars The aim of the jammer is to make their way through the pack without a penalty to win points It looks quite dangerous, do you have to be tough to play?! At the end of the day you just need to come into the game with a good attitude, and you just try and prove your speed and do the best you can The girls have to be tough, and it’s not that uncommon to see someone crying at the end of the session! A few other things they take quite seriously in this game are the outfits and names There are a few very interesting ones in this team – Lady Revenge, Rachel Van Slam, Coco Chan-elbow?! The names play a big part, and it’s just something personal for each of the players Your name is displayed on the back of your shirt as well, so you know who’s who I wanted to be called Hurricane Katrina, but that has already been taken! If you’re interested in taking part, you have to be at least 18 years old But if you just want to watch, the Tiger Bay Brawlers’ next game will be on the 4th of June in Newport Good luck to them!

Randy Schultz

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  1. Tess Robinson says:

    Ti'n eisiau i dod a gweld y Swansea City Slayers yn Abertawe nesa!

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