WOW! Intense Snapping Turtle Catch!

WOW! Intense Snapping Turtle Catch!

in my many years catching snapping
turtles I’ve learned that the best way to land a
dragon is by sneaking up on them in a kayak even that is challenge it’s all about
being in the right place at exactly the right time especially if
I’m hoping to have an encounter with Cornelius once the plant life grows
in you can forget about it at that point
he’s nothing more than a myth whoo! on this first season of Dragon Tails the crew and I will follow an initial
round of stories all sent to us by people who believe they have encountered their own version of the white whale we will bring you their stories we will
travel in their footsteps we will listen, look and submerge ourselves in the belief that maybe their eyes have not deceived them maybe it is possible the giants do still
exist the dragons still slumber beneath the
surface that legands were born to be recognized

Randy Schultz

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62 thoughts on “WOW! Intense Snapping Turtle Catch!

  1. Dr. K.L.H says:

    First comment ^w^

  2. Kristian says:

    Amazing vid

  3. Iris Chi says:


  4. Kristian says:

    This is an old vid

  5. Kristian says:

    The first part

  6. estefan _b says:


  7. Xantog says:

    Hey wait a minute, does the tv show dragon tales have anything to do with this series?

  8. kyler wilson says:


  9. Katelynn Kyle says:

    Um ok

  10. Cadet Staff Sergeant McCrory says:

    Wow Coyote! That was a really awesome catch! I was wondering, how big do these snapping turtles get and how long the claws are, because those claws looked huge!

  11. sam n says:

    I live in Maryland and i caught a 40lb pound snapper i could barely lift it. If you interested i could pm you more detail.

  12. Spalding00isIzac says:

    keep it up peterson

  13. Mark Karlov says:

    Wow, that was amazing! I can't wait for season 2; some suggestions would probably be to meet some ferocious flying birds in the wild, like an eagle or falcon. That would be pretty interesting to watch.

  14. TheJoKer261094 says:

    How many times are you going to recycle this one video?

  15. Alex SciChannel says:

    WOW Coyote! I love these little dramatic mini episodes because they get you sooo pumped. Also I want to ask you, when you catch a snapping turtle, where on the shell do you hold it?

  16. Lakeypooh TV says:

    please check out my channel loved your video

  17. Nettai says:

    Have you had any unexpected, dangerous encounters when searching for snapping turtles?

  18. Adventure Time Outdoors says:

    Hey have you ever been bitten by one of those mud dragons? We have some big boys up here in Canada.

  19. Phantom_OpS says:

    I like the intro love this channel

  20. j.r.d.l says:

    The suspence

  21. Phoenix Scopes says:

    What happens to catching snakes?

  22. Bren S says:

    Make the videos longer please

  23. Bassoon Master 196 says:

    Hey coyote do u believe in dragons,the ones with wings and breath fire?

  24. Javan Dones says:

    Wow your absolute love for the animals you work with is admirable you have earned a subscriber 🙂

  25. Josh Morrow says:

    Coyote I thought snapping turtles could get around 2/3 of their shell but it looks like your hands are closer so how do you avoid getting bitten if you're that close????

  26. wow how says:

    Coyote are gartersnakes venomous And also how do you know if it's a gartersnake.

  27. Oscar Zapata says:

    That was so awesome. Beautiful snapping turtle. And huge

  28. Lpsgogo says:

    Aw he's so cute~

  29. Aelh says:

    Are you on tv cuz you deserve it

  30. Alex Nam says:

    Awesome job coyote hitting the jackpot in our hearts again! Keep it up!

  31. Jane Binarystar says:

    Wait but the alligator snapping turtle was giant. Are you looking for the biggest common snapping turtle?

  32. Dai Bui says:

    I love mud dragons and you

  33. Noel Stolk says:

    Has a snapping turtle ever bit you? And if one did, what damage would it have caused?

  34. Themadgamer 250 says:

    +Brave Wilderness how do I write a question for next Friday?

  35. TIGER***WOLF Polite says:


  36. Jaydog1Party RE says:

    Coyote, if you would like to see a HUGE Alligator Snapping Turtle, let me know! I see 1 a few times a Year!!!!

  37. Pelta Fire says:

    +Brave Wilderness how much force can a comodo dragon hit with.

  38. Katmiko Young says:

    Is it me or is most of dragon tails just a replay of this clip

  39. Doulos Phillips says:

    Wait what's the white whale

  40. Doulos Phillips says:

    You deserve one quadrillion subscribers

  41. DrTea says:

    Lots of repeat footage lately. Just sayin'  🙂

  42. Ayden Guscott says:


  43. Anastasiya Ilkiv says:

    How many babies can snapping turtles have at one time and if the can have have quite a few, would the babies be aggressive to each other, can only one survive?

  44. Algiz says:

    Cornelius wanted to have none of that, haha! "You ain't keeping me on this flimsy boat!" Before I came upon this series I had no idea how fast these turtles can be when they feel threatened/use their explosive strength. But seeing as the common snapper is an active nomadic predator, that makes sense.

    Which species has the faster explosive reaction in your experience ?  If we're talking similar sizes(say a 40-pound common snapper vs a 40-pound alligator snapper for example). I'm betting the common snapper, but would be interesting to hear an expert's take on it.

  45. Itbelikethat Sometimes says:

    whats that show when this dude takes pest or anything thats not good for them or bothering other people and i remember he got a snapping turtle a raccoon and rats

  46. Nightshift10000 says:

    I don't care if that is a mean ole turtle, cause that turtle is the cutest thing ever

  47. RANDOM STUFF says:

    This video made me laugh so hard with the snapping turtle just jumping out

  48. Fireninja 23 says:

    best episodes ever. When I found you you where stung by fire ants. Keep up with the work. And i'll see you in your adventure. I also want to be you!

  49. JSW 760 says:

    Try to catch horse shoe crabs

  50. Kalena Justine says:

    I spent my entire childhood in central Mississippi catching Red Eared and Yellow Bellied Sliders (as a hobby, not for meat or pet trade). Boy, did we catch some big ones. I also worked on a captive aquatic turtle farm as a pre-teen. My worst encounters came from common snappers and alligator snappers… and yes, I've been bitten quite a few times.

    But let me just say, after all of my years of experience with handling turtles, I still don't have the cajones to jump into a river after a snapper that size! I know it's an older video, but very nicely done. Coyote, you ought to check out some of the snappers in the Pearl River… those are some of the biggest ones I've ever seen.

  51. Akili Moree says:

    this is so upsetting

  52. Twin Savages says:


  53. clare holofchak says:

    there are snapping turtles in the pond behind my house and they sometimes walk around in my yard

  54. Dr. Darkness says:

    dude u are insane and my hero

  55. JKHERPS _ says:

    So coyote, there's a creek behind my church that is like 4-5 inches deep. Could I find a snapping Turtle in it. FWI it's very murky.

  56. Tato De León says:


  57. Rebecca Wolfe says:

    who would sit in little kyack with a big snapper still alive??? lol

  58. Michael Guillory says:

    In Lebeau La, they have a diner with a mounted 300lb logger head

  59. Raging Potato 95 says:

    when snapping turtle jumped out he didnt want to be there i could tell

  60. Kevin Lee says:

    my dad ones he cot a alligator snapping turtle in his back yard when he was a kid and it tail was huge and the turtle was the size of a trash can lid

  61. Southern Pirate Outdoors says:

    I'm going after a white alligator snapping turtle that May very well be the most rare and possibly the world record. My record now is over 200 pounds. Hit me up on my channel Southern Pirate outdoors. and we could possibly do some videos.

  62. Tamy Ней says:

    ???This is amazing really cool

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