– They come rushing out
with their mouth open, she wanted to try and eat me. Oh my god, how awesome is that? We literally hit six out of seven eggs. We’re getting to the end of
the night here at the Reptarium and obviously that’s when
Bruce loses his mind. Oh my gosh. Hey good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day
is absolutely incredible. I am just in here with my
girl Lucy and I tell you what she is an absolutely amazing animal. And you guys know that I’ve
had kind of a up and down relationship with this animal for sure, but I tell you what if you
just understand your animals, always respect your animals, you can really have an
incredible relationship. And we’re gonna be doing
something in the vlog here later on that might send
chills down your spine. But to be honest with you
it had me kind of thinking, and Lucy is certainly
one of those animals, and the fact that if
you have a relationship and you respect these
animals you can really do some pretty amazing things with it. And I tell you what, Lucy
gets a little bit cranky, and I realize that when
she’s definitely getting in to like her ovulation follicle
growth she gets super cranky and we can’t get in here and
just play with her like this. And basically why that is is she becomes very defensive, right? She’s basically like
this is my nesting area, stay out, I’m gonna be defensive. And what you have to
understand is big snakes or any type of animal
really are gonna only attack or bite or do whatever
for a couple reasons. They’re either defensive
because they’re afraid of you or they’re hungry and they think they’re gonna eat you, right? So if you can take away
those types of things you can have an amazing relationship just like I do now with this
absolutely gorgeous snake Lucy. Now take my girl Ubusuku
here, I talked about the fact that typically it’s
defensive or food aggression when it comes to really
how you either get bit or an animal is attacking, right? Ubusuku is that animal that before when I open up the cage like
this and I was this close she would come rushing
out with her mouth open, she wanted to try and eat me because she thought I was gonna feed her. In her mind every time we open that cage food is coming, right, and
she’s ready for the food. So what we did was we target
trained her with the ball on the end of the stick
to know that that’s when food is coming so now
when I open up this cage, and I use this hook just
like this and just kind of rub her just like this. She understands that food is not coming and I can literally just pet this animal. I mean just take a look at that. I can literally pet her on
her head just like that. I mean that is absolutely incredible. You gotta remember just three months ago if I opened up this cage I was gonna get a face full of teeth if
you know what I mean. And now a few months later
just with some training and the fact that I can
take her to the point where she understands that I’m not food, I can literally come in
here and interact with her and literally just pick her up. I mean you can see, look at this girl. Unbelievable, I mean it’s a
completely different animal, all we had to do was
take away the fact that she thought we were food
and the food aggression and she really opened up
into this amazing animal. By buddy Kevin over at
Nerd always says that you basically have different
modes with animals. You have defensive mode
like I talked about, you have food mode that
I just talked about with Ubusuku to take it away. And then you have intelligence mode. Right now Ubusuku is intelligence mode. She’s no longer afraid of me,
she doesn’t think I’m food, and she’s just gonna sit here and she’s intelligently thinking
like what’s goin’ on, dad? What’s happening? And I can come in and interact with her. And you can almost do that
with any animal over time. Got a couple clutches that
I need to cut right now. This first one is actually a
yellow belly to a pastel ivory so basically what it is
is I can get about 50% on average should be
ivory, but the pastel ones have a little less pattern
to ’em so they’re basically white snakes is what’s going on. So let’s just go ahead and dive in. A couple eggs have already
pipped out and I can already see they’re
white snakes so we have at least two white snakes
there but we’ll take a closer look at ’em to see if we can tell if they’re ivories or pastel ivories. Let’s go ahead and just
jump into this first one. Again everything in this
clutch should either be pastel yellow belly or
ivory or pastel ivory. So right off the rip we have
just a normal yellow belly right here, so, just the
one single gene animal. Let’s move on to egg number two. And again this might
be a little hard to see which ones are pastel ivories
and which ones are just ivory ’cause there’s very
little difference in ’em to be honest with you like I said the pastel blows out a little bit. This one here happens to
be another white snake and it is an ivory or a pastel
ivory, I’m not 100% sure, but it’s a white snake,
and that’s absolutely cool. And of course the ivories were
the first real white snakes produced in ball pythons, right? Before the blue eyed leucistics
or the black eyed leucistics so as I’m cutting this
egg I can see quite a bit of purple and pattern on this animal so I know this is a normal ivory because the pastel ivory you won’t see
as much of that purple look and they kind of blown out a little bit, so that is definitely a normal ivory. The other one that was already pipped out I’ll go ahead and cut. And to me this one right off
the rip looks like probably probably an ivory too. Again a lot of the purple
and yellows like that but until they hatch out
you don’t know 100% for sure so so far we’re doing really good. Three out of four eggs were white snakes, can’t complain about that. Let’s move on to the next egg
and look at what we got, yay, another white snake, all right, again, this one I think might be a pastel ivory to be honest with ya. I don’t see a lot of pattern to it, but again ’till they hatch out, and really it’s really minor. What happens is that as they
get older the pastel ivories almost turn pure white
whereas the normal ivories will still have a little
bit of a gray head pattern and stuff like that, but. Right through the egg I can
see there’s some darkness in here so I know this isn’t an ivory, let’s see if it’s a
pastel or if it’s just a normal yellow belly, yep
just a normal yellow belly, but still really cool. Interesting we haven’t gotten
any pastel yellow bellies yet. Last egg, let’s see if we get really lucky and get another white snake
or what we’re gonna get, let’s see what we got. Aha, nope, just another yellow belly. Again, no pastel, really
interesting that we didn’t get any pastel yellow
bellies, but that’s okay. So we got three yellow
bellies and four white snakes that are either pastel ivories
or ivories, we’re not sure, but hey, it’s a good way to start the day. Excited about this clutch. This was actually a clown
that’s het for ghost bred to an albino that’s het for clown. So essentially what we
can get is clowns that are possible double het for
albino ghost but the point is I just hope we’ve produced some clowns. In theory half these
babies should be clown but we’ll see what happens. I’m gonna go head and where should I go, which egg, which egg, which egg? I’m gonna cut this egg right here, wanna start strong and end strong. So hopefully this first
egg is gonna be a clown. What do we got, what do
we got, what do we got? Yep, we got a clown, yay! It’s always good. I don’t know why it’s just
a superstitious thing, I always think when I start
the clutch and I get a good egg and I end the clutch
and I get something good it just makes me happy. Regardless that would be a clown, really beautiful by the way. It almost looks like it’s
possibly a blade clown. Of course it would be 100% het for albino and possible het for ghost. So these are clown 100%
albinos, possible het for ghost. Let’s see if we keep our odds going, yes! Two out of two, yeah! I gotta love it that’s absolutely awesome. It would be amazing,
remember that other day we had a clutch where every
single egg was an albino? I’m not gonna get too greedy on you guys but nevertheless I’m happy
with the way it started. Egg number three, let’s
see what we’ve got here. (making trumpet sounds) Another clown, yes, three for three! All right now I will tell you this. I’ve had this happen where
I started with three eggs and then the next four eggs are normal. So I’m not gonna get too
crazy yet so three for three for so far let’s head
right into the fourth egg and see what we have. Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on, four for four, yes! Unbelievable. So now there’s only three eggs left so I know I’ve beat the
odds, four out of seven eggs at least are clowns, again het for albino, possible het for ghost, and who knows, we’ve got three eggs left,
we could hit ’em all. Let’s go ahead and see
what we’ve got here, four for four so far, up,
we missed on that one. That’s okay though. Four for five, I’ll take
it every day of the week, that’s for sure. Two eggs left and these guys
look like really beautiful clown ball pythons too so
I’m super excited about that. Another clown ball python! So we’ve got this goin’,
five out of six eggs. Hoo come on, I told you
I like to start strong and I like to finish strong,
so we’ve got one egg left. Come on baby, let’s be a
clown, let’s be a clown, let’s be a clown, oh my gosh. What an awesome thing. Let’s see what we’ve got, and a clown! Oh my god, how awesome is that. We literally hit six out
of seven eggs were clown. Het albinos, possible het ghosts, couldn’t be more excited about that. I tell you what, I’ve been
killing the odds this year. We’ve had a couple clutches
that didn’t work out but for the most part it’s
been an amazing year of production and of course the odds gods have been in my favor. The same certainly goes for Argimus Prime, Noah worked really hard
to train him for the ball. And again he used to fly out at us. Now he just looks at us
really intelligently for sure. Now we do have to start
working on Chicken Strip. You know Chicken Strip my boy back here that’s just kind of looking at me is really chill in the
cage but that animal isn’t necessarily food aggressive. What it basically is is it’s afraid. We have to do things like
the more we work with him, the more positively we work
with him the better it gets. So when we first take him
out it’s probably gonna be crazy, I understand
it happens every time, now he’s starting to bite which
makes it even more difficult but then in the end if
he’s handling ’cause he’s a little wore out he’s
like well this isn’t that bad. The more we do that the better it is. And with Chicken Strip it’s
not about food aggression it’s definitely about
him being afraid of us. So we have to break that. Now listen I’m a reptile
guy and I feel pretty confident working with
these reptiles behaviorally. I’m not so much a spider guy. That’s when I acquiesce
to guys like Bruce. And I’m gonna be honest later in the vlog the thing that we’re
gonna do I never thought I was gonna personally do,
especially being an arachnophobe from before, even though
you guys know that I’ve gotten over that fear. You know it kinda shows
you that even animals that the stigma is is that
they’re very aggressive can actually work out so
my heart rate’s a little up that we’re gonna do this but it’s gonna be absolutely incredible. In working with animals it’s
all about building trust. I mean take for instance Salt here. I mean she just kinda chills out with me. We built that relationship
to where you know if I tell her hey I’m gonna hold you and I don’t want you to
move she understand that because she realizes
she’s getting something positive out of it and it’s
just about building trust. To put it in the most simplest terms, think about if you have a dog, right? You’re hanging out, it’s
hanging out with you on the couch, you’re watching TV, but then a stranger comes and it barks. That’s because the dog
doesn’t trust that stranger. Once that stranger
becomes part of the pack or a friend, then it wants to hang out and watch TV on the couch. It’s all about building trust with animals and that’s how you build the relationship and ultimately you can really open up these amazing animals’
kind of intelligence mode. You know the same is true
with Bella, with Elvis, I mean all of these animals, whether it’s Toothless up here or Perdida or Snazz or Sunrise, whatever, you know in someone
else’s hands that aren’t treating with respect
and gaining that trust, maybe they would be defensive animals and they’d be biting as well. Not to say hey these aren’t
great natured animals, and I’m not trying to say
like you should be afraid if you don’t know what you’re doing. What I’m saying is that
if you build trust, you understand your animals
and you respect them, try to get them into intelligence mode, almost any animal could
eventually have a relationship. Listen if it’s a lion
or something like that you’re maybe not gonna
go in there and touch it although there are people that do that. The fact is that you can
still have that relationship from afar, it trusts you,
it’s not afraid of you, it’s not gonna try to attack the fence, so on like that. And that’s kind of how I
feel about most animals I mean look at Nova. The frilled lizards are kind of known for not being great handling animals. But Nova comes down, he
literally comes to the cage, he wants to be taken out, that’s
because we’ve built trust, we’ve built a relationship with him and that’s really what
I’m so fascinated with now at this part of my
kind of animal career. So guys take a look at this. Now I’m gonna be talking
low because of course tarantulas can actually sense vibrations and so on like that. But I never though in a
million years that we would have this Goliath bird
eating tarantula out. I mean just take a look
at how amazing it is, I’m just gonna kind of let
her crawl on me real quick. I mean just take a look at
how insane this is guys. When we’ve had this
animal for almost a year and I never oh. I never expected to be able
to be handling this animal. It just kinda goes to show
you that even an animal that is a little bit
vilified and demonized, the bird eater, an aggressive
animal, can be respected. But this actually all
started from an incident that happened last night. We’re getting to the end of the night here at the Reptarium
and obviously that’s when Bruce loses his mind. [Crowd Member] There you
go buddy, you got him. – [Bryan] And oh my gosh, geeze, what is going on over here? – This is our girl here,
our bird eater tarantula. She looked like she was
ready to come out today so I figured I’d give her
a little bit of exercise. – [Bryan] That is, (exclaims). That is insane dude. – You wanna try and hold her? – I got to. – [Bruce] Let’s do it, do it. I’ll just put my hands
around you just in case. – [Bryan] That is insane. – [Bruce] There you go
dude, she’s all yours. – Oh my gosh, this is
the craziest thing ever. – [Bruce] She hasn’t even
flicked hairs or anything yet. – Oh my god, I have
wanted to hold this spider since the first day that we got her. She is amazing, dude! – [Bruce] Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] She’s crazy! I tell you what when I
saw Bruce was doing that I said what is he thinking? But look at this animal
I mean it is so amazing. – Yeah I figured honestly
that after all this time I get brought up all
the time about the video of me holding this guy
the first time around and I just had to pull it out again. I just kinda had the temptation again. – [Bryan] Oh my gosh
look at just you can see it’s not nervous at all. – [Bruce] Not at all she
hadn’t even flicked hairs, she hasn’t really done a
lot of defensive posturing or anything like that. I was actually just trying to
feed her but she wouldn’t eat so I was just like all right well I guess it’s time to say hi to you. – Oh my god I’m blown
away man, I tell you what, you never know what’s gonna happen here at the Reptarium at night. Didn’t expect this to
happen but I am really happy you’re a mad man but I love it. That is amazing dude. Oh my gosh guys. I realize that was a bit
extreme guys and I don’t want you to go out and be putting
tarantulas on your face or anything like that mainly because they have urticating
hairs that can actually get into your eye. I wanted to kind of make a point, right? And that point is that believe it or not even an animal that is sometimes vilified and people think are mean and aggressive, you can bridge that gap, gain its trust, and have a relationship with it. Bruce’s worked hard with
this spider and obviously it’s becoming very docile
and able to be handled without a lot of danger. Now are we gonna take this animal and let other people handle it? Probably not any time soon. But you never know what the future is. In the meantime we wanna just enjoy this incredible animal and kind of just prove the point that again, just because an animal is acting defensive or food aggressive,
you can get beyond that just with some behavioral training. And remember don’t fear an
animal, just respect an animal. I tell you what guys, you gotta remember, I was arachnophobe two years ago. I wouldn’t even touch any spider and now they have a bird eating, the largest species of
tarantula on my face. It’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy. My heart rate is still
up, I feel kinda weird, I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s almost like getting
off a rollercoaster or something like that. My legs are a little bit weak
but what an amazing animal. If I can get to that point
and us have the relationship with animals like that, I tell you what. Like I said my heart rate is up but what an awesome experience that was. I tell you what that was
the vlog I didn’t know I was ever gonna make to
be totally honest with you but it is such great
experience to think that I went from arachnophobic
to literally enjoying handling something like that. And again I always say my thing is about don’t fear, respect. Get knowledge, don’t be
afraid of these animals, but also respect the fact
that they are animals. If you enjoyed this video
I’m wanting to show you another one right here, and
here’s an entire playlist I think you guys are gonna enjoy. And if you want, choose
subscribe right here, hit this right here, turn
those post notifications on so you know when I upload a video. Have a wonderful day, be kind to someone, and I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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  74. Jhero Gamutin says:

    Afraid of Tarantula's bot not afraid of Snakes

  75. Eduardo Jimenez says:

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  76. cool guy says:

    I love these videos so much, Brian is such a great educator and always so happy. You are an inspiration my friend.

  77. Katelyn Kraetz says:

    Hey Brian, how did you get over your fear of spiders? I have severe arachnophobia.

  78. Pan Sixty Six says:

    I own dozens, of tarantulas, and these spiders urticating hairs, are wicked, some can even feel them if they enter, the room, they are kept in, one of those hairs in your eye, would be one of the worst,if not the worst nightmare of your life, and your eye doctor, would be surely laughing his/her way all the way to the bank, after handing the medical bill over to you!

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  83. Fwiffo says:

    Avicularia are my favorite starter tarantulas. They tend to be very non-aggressive and easy to care for. Also, Avicularia versicolor might be the best looking tarantula species ever.

    Arboreals are also much more durable. A surprisingly small drop can kill a large T. blondi like that.

  84. G B says:

    he is a shame to the reptile community, a lot of experienced owners/breeders agree that he spreads a lot of bad information and people new to the hobby should not listen to him. there are videos where he lures a lizard out of its tank with food causing it to fall on the floor just for an audience. his channels should be removed from youtube. Never buy any kind of animal from his BHB store, he has a lengthy history of selling people sick and dying animals.

  85. Kaaso says:

    Just a quick thing: Tarantulas are one of the few animals that cant be "tamed". You can have docile ones and defensive ones but it all comes down to the species, genus and personality of the individual. Don't just watch this and expect your bird eater to be ok with this. All Ts are different.

  86. Nicholas D says:

    Hey Brian I love your vlog and watch them every day and you inspire me all the time especially with working with my leopard gecko lately I was wanting to get closer and have him trust me even more so I’ve been practicing being extra patient and calm around him to gain that trust and yesterday I put him on my bed like usual and he walked away like usual but then I tried something new where I just gently talk to him and call his name and then he turned back around and came to me three different times! We’ve never had a session like that before and I’ve had them for about a year so that’s pretty cool and I appreciate your inspiration and you sharing your life on the vlog

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    Brian you do a great job promoting animals and loving all of them but with that being said as someone who has owned T's for the last 15 years the way you are showing off your goliath birdeater is so irresponsible and reckless. If your guys love handling spiders so idiotically let them hand an OBT and see if they keep making the same mistake.

  100. Brandon Lewis says:

    Yoooooo where can i get that shirt😂😂

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