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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    Only 4 more days to get MERCH!! Please support our newest Merch and remember it will be there for Christmas! Thanks, Brian

  2. John Phillips says:

    Lovely looking snakes ? but give me Lucy anytime she’s got a crush on her daddy Brian ?

  3. Amber Jones says:

    Loved this vlog, thank you Brian?

  4. Jordan Lindsey says:

    That story is aweful! I hate that people can be so evil to do something like that. I’m glad they didn’t put the snake down she’s a beautiful snake and needs to be respected!

  5. Luther Reese says:

    Great vlog Brian hopefully one of these months my bills will not be to much and i can get a salt and pepper hoodie from you

  6. Christine Kilroy says:

    I’m so tired of irresponsible parents letting their kids run wild during events like the one Kevin describes. Also, the entitlement attitude of the parents just annoys the heck outta me

    Okay, enough of that….awesome vlog, and some truly beautiful retics!

  7. Matt Thomsen says:

    FINALLY some Jag stuff! Please do more on that gene!

  8. Black Dragons Canada says:

    He’s so right. Canada doesn’t have USARK and we are
    Loosing badly

  9. KinesVildHasse says:

    Buy a assault rife, no problem. Owning and breeding none venomous snakes. No,No,No! Can not, for the life of me, understand USA.

  10. Gnawzy8ed says:


  11. Rochelle Nilson-huntley says:

    Most people will do the use thing

  12. lord of gecko's says:

    Sorry I'm late to the video I just watched jumanji the next level it was good how are you

  13. Gillian Harrison-Gates says:

    That family that sued. What a low life group. I like to think there is a special type of Karma to get them. It’s because of them people are so scared of snakes. My snake is by far the best pet I’ve ever had!!!

  14. Kritter Kyle says:

    Next time you're in NH, come visit Keene!!

  15. Brad Paine says:

    That was a great video, I think it's great both my hero's are good friends! Lol what would make it even cooler would be finding Ralph Davis and doing a video with him!!

  16. jeanne mcdarment says:

    Parents should have been watching they're damned kid sucks there's pos out that raising kids to think that's an ok thing to do. Kevin and NERD ROCK.

  17. Sam Gamble says:

    Love it!! How can I watch that debate with Kevin and those biologist?? Is there anything I can do to follow up on that? Just curious ?? love you both

  18. chan huang says:

    Hey Brian, amazing episode!!! Thank you. Kevin's collection is amazing as always. He is the "cesar millan" of reptiles.

  19. Scott Kline says:

    Its cool two see you too…

  20. Scott Kline says:

    I Breed because of you 2…

  21. drzenduro says:

    So I used to keep snakes had plans on going into the service which fell through after I had re homed my snakes (this was a few year ago) now I’ve got a bearded dragon. Just wanna know what kind of snake y’all think I should get had ball pythons and a boa I like snakes that get at least 5’ long what do y’all and Brian think I should get?

  22. togiebear444 says:

    That's like asking if a pitbull is on a chain should you stand by it to where it can't attack you then tease it until it hates you…? Like in a way? I'll admit when I was a kid I did that through the glass which is still stupid and mean in a way. So um no. People just don't teach their kids crap now a days. Just glad I can teach my son to be mature and respectful in every aspect of life when respect should be applied. Every time before a young child enters a zoo or anything to that sort REMIND THEM.

  23. todd moore says:

    Scariest snake story ever! Ah! Humans! Those things will attack without provocation, then act appalled when you defend yourself!!!! Horrible creatures!!!
    Glad the snake didn't end up suffering! Parents act like they aren't responsible for their own children's safety! Common sense to NOT poke the animal in the face!

  24. Hafiz Borneo says:

    Hello, I'm from Indonesia, I like your video

  25. Kt luvs pops says:

    Brian those are some beautiful animals.Thanks for sharing this video and to see perdida mom absolutely beautiful..

  26. Alisa Sterling says:

    Aww I was hoping to see you playing with the most handsome Snarfles!

  27. Spiritstrike Prime says:

    So many beautiful retic pythons! Wow! Perdita is going to look like that one day? Wow!

  28. BisTLeiS says:

    Brian you should do more videos with Kevin
    Both of you are the legends of reptiles
    You are the best

  29. Goat says:

    David is that u??

  30. Dalco San says:

    Greetings from Germany, I love your Channel. Keep it up!

  31. Manny Lozano says:

    Sue the bastards back for lying. F&%&K them!

  32. Chris Elliott says:

    More great content, thanks Brian.

  33. Steven Miller says:

    Some beauties there for sure!!


    I love when you visit NERD.

  35. Devin McNulty says:

    Fuck those people in Kevin’s story about the kid who got “bit”
    I would’ve kicked one the parents in the face so they’d really have somethin’ to sue about. What useless/slimey/pathetic excuse for people they are

  36. Ethan Bowers says:

    Thanks for a Great Vlog on my birthday! I'm in South Africa vlogging myself

  37. cmb10fort says:

    That’s a beautiful snakes

  38. Barry Weyman says:

    Brian your both legend s i love watching the your vlogs beautiful snakes kevins snakes are so beautiful ive bin watching for a few months now love the vlogs say hi to noah lori and crew for me my name is barry weyman im a great fan could i get a shout out please love lucy rj and Verde beautiful animals thank all of you so much for such great content you are all really great people

  39. Debb C. Millard says:

    Gorgeous snakes. Hope you got to do a trade. ??????

  40. Tasha Brown says:

    I’m most definitely coming to the reptarium some day. Hopefully you’ll be there Brian!

  41. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Wow that was epic all those big snake and perdada mom amazing thanks so very much. i subscribe to the nerd too amazing thanks so much……oxoxoox Pretty Sad What People do for Money.. SMH..

  42. Sonia Hanley says:

    There gorgeous Brian the colours r insane it’s sad that family did something like that idiots they don’t understand what could of happened makes me very sad there r people going around doin this 🙁 loves the vlog

  43. Athan Papadopoulos says:

    Evil parents. Not wise enough to know that they are teaching their kids evil. Dont understand they are hurting their own soul.

  44. Rusty Schackleford says:

    Aloooot of parents are trash these days…im not surprised…poor kevin

  45. Chris Christy says:

    Man these videos lately Have been so awesome I get to learn so much from 2 Great Reptile lovers Keep up with the great content love everything that you guys are doing Will do my best in every way to support you both extraordinary Gentlemen Thank you for the knowledge that you guys give us thank you for the information and for us to come and view inside your guises lives and all your reptiles and Hope nothing but the best for you Likes subscribe thumbs up the Video turn on that notification bell be kind to someone Have a great day

  46. rampage the sneaky lil bitch says:

    why did he pay the law suit? that shit don't hold upp in court. he should have gone and kicked the parents ass for being dumb

  47. Christina Dvoracek says:

    Remember that you need a male anaconda to make anaconda litters brain ????????????

  48. Scamp’s Mama says:

    I cannot BELIEVE he was successfully sued after that kid literally poked that beautiful girl in the head until she nipped him!!! She could’ve eaten him easily. Man that makes me mad!!! The sue happy people in this world make me crazy!!!!!!!!!

  49. TJ Mcdonald says:

    The 10 hour drive won’t stop Lori from hurting Kevin if he brings home the snake

  50. Kandi Hinshaw says:

    You know it's horrible that the child got bit but it is the parents fault for allowing the child to poke that snake in the face they knowingly did it they went up to the Box the guy had the snake in they allowed their child to poke that snake without correcting them about stopping in they knew the guy handling the snakes was busy and couldn't attend to them that's why they did it because they knew that their child got bit by that think they could sue him and lie through their freaking teeth it was people give parents a Bad Name They honestly do they use their child to get money that's not a reason to have a kid feeling this way it's not are there scam artist somes they got away with it the child poked the snake in the face multiple times you don't do that to something that could kill you it's common sense you don't sit there and poke a constrictor in the face they can wrap around you and kill you and that little boy is lucky only thing he got was a bite on the hand cuz that snake at the time when this took place was still big enough to kill that kid and honestly it would have served him right that's just my personal opinion you don't mess with think she don't poke him in the face you don't harass them you don't abuse them they are beautiful creatures deadly as all get-out but beautiful and they're dangerous and you don't poke a snake in the face it's just not right you wouldn't go up to a gator and poke it in the fish you lose your hand some people just aren't idiots absolutely 100% idiots

  51. Shirley Leaton says:

    Kevin does know his shit. Glad you two work together to make more cool designer snakes. So beautiful. Of course love your work also Brian.

  52. Megan Taylor says:

    Hello I’m Angus I am 9 years old, I have a crested gecko I am getting a bearded dragon for my tenth birthday. I love your videos and I really want to be herpetologist when I grow up because I love them so much. You have given me the inspiration to love caring for them

    I hope you like this comment and possibly reply ?????????
    From Angus

  53. CurisityKilledTheCat None says:

    Great video, beautiful snakes and my 2 most favorite people Brian and Kevin!!! I hope you continue to make videos like these. I want one of every snake for Christmas, lol!! Ok I might just settle for one… No I want them all!!

  54. Ellie Young says:

    Wow I didn't know there was so many snakes x

  55. April Salisbury says:

    Hey Brian! I love seeing that your so close by in NH. We go to NERD to get feeder frozen rats. But my boys and girls wont eat them more than half the time. I recently went to an expo to look around and buy frozen feeder rats and my kids cant get enough! I spent $100 on 2 bags of small rats and a bag of medium. They eat those suckers right up! My boys are a common ball python about a year old and a gorgeous 3 yr old coral glow python. My son has a beautiful big girl, A'suna (love her name) ball python and an amazingly colored orange mixed corn snake. I wish I knew what type she is. Now they all are great eaters and big stinkers! What's the difference between the rats at NERDS and the rats at an expo? I hope you had a great time here in NH! Stay warm!

  56. Granny says:

    Omg I jumped so high when you skipped from the green anaconda to the girl lol who look doggie you got me good lol

  57. Georgina Dunnam says:

    The only working website that really works for me personally and sends me instagram free followers is SMM EMPIRE, find it on google – Believe me, I have tried different websites too but in reality none of them have worked just like SMM EMPIRE lol

  58. Robert Weller says:

    Someone should tell that kid that he forgot half his shirt at home lol

  59. Luna King says:

    Those parents suck they should have took care of there annoying child plus if I got bit by predida's mom I wouldn't have cleaned it it's predida's mom for gods sake and she's gorgeous

  60. John Comeau says:

    Absolutely love this collaboration pretty much my 2 favourite you tubers

  61. Dennis Bammer says:

    Every time I watch one of your videos I learn something new and it's amazing.

  62. Dino2aa2 says:

    Sadly my sister’s/Mine juvie bearded dragon died???

  63. Yazzelle Ramos says:

    Omg so jealous only live an hour away need to get up there

  64. Peggy Campbell says:

    My parents were old school. My dad literally would say don’t do that! If I did I would hear I told you so, get over it. Haha the best dad ever!

  65. Plumeria Ações Sociais says:

    Lindas, lindas… lindas!

  66. Jay Boyle says:

    I think Keven needs to help us Aussie's break this silly legislation we have about importing / exporting reptiles.
    Love when you 2 get together btw ?

  67. Tara Townley says:

    Parents are the WORST!!!

  68. kirsty michael says:

    Is that a platypus tattoo on your arm? ????

  69. SoaresDoNascimento says:

    GREAT vlog! Two of my favorite reptile keepers in the industry; what more could I wish for!

  70. Byron S says:

    One of my not so little retic girls is as big as that Ivory, I hope my back holds out when all of my girls are as big or bigger.

    That’s a nightmare story, as bad as the one where a kid kills the exhibitor's snake very horribly.

    No Brian, the I have some fewer snakes and I can replace with the Pied wouldn’t work 🙂 I love my Pied retic, unfortunately, I won’t have (comfortably enough) room to get a 5th retic, a Cow

  71. Rhonda Boatman says:

    I love that cow pattern but I don't want to get a huge snake. I'm 51 and I want to get over my fear of reptiles. My 13 year old daughter loves reptiles and has begged for something for a couple of years. I told her we could start with a gecko but she's determined to have a reticulated python…

  72. Eric Edwards says:

    That is the dopest reptile I have ever seen. Honestly I love the vids.

  73. Corey Black says:

    Sorry I didn’t hit your vlog first thing like I normally do! Had a kids Xmas charity event I had to help out with. Love the big snake vid!!!!

  74. Natalie's Reptiles says:

    That ocelot retic is AMAZING!!!! ? So gorgeous!!!

  75. Deb ishere says:

    Perdita's mom is gorgeous !! ..

  76. Liam Drew says:

    This man supports Reptiles by Mack, which has been proven on numerous occasions to have little to no regard for the welfare of their animals. (2nd link will show you how terrible their practices are)

    If you truly love animals, you wouldn’t keep them in tiny plastic containers with no stimulation. They all deserve enclosures like the displays in his shop.

  77. Nicole's Natural Path says:

    Your personalities totally go together and this was a great video!!! 🙂 I had no clue what a bat eater was and Brian broke that down quick! Loved it 🙂

  78. Ivy Wolfe says:

    Listening to the story…..its parents like that who piss me off. The snake was not doing ANYTHING…..your little brat bothers it and get bitten and you want to act your little brat is a victim…..the snake is the victim in this case and on top of that you get money out of it and have the nerve to show their faces at a expo/show….and not be "traumatized" at all……I was seething mad Brian….I hate children and parents like that…I'm a firm believer in what you do to the animal you get it done to YOU… that my soap box rant is overrrrrrr….wheres that kids forehead I wanna poke it…..HARD #KarmaIsComing??

  79. Angel Green says:

    Hey, I know that kid with the marble jag retics!! I had the pleasure of having some great conversations with Dustin at Tinley, back in October. Very knowledgeable and passionate young man!

  80. Madeline Garber says:

    No one plugs merch quite like Brian. That was a crazy story. Totally the kid’s fault for getting bitten.

  81. Wendy Webb says:

    No Thank You..
    I LOVE Corn Shake And Ball Pythons ?

  82. Captain Tom says:

    Beautiful Snakes!!

  83. Haeli Templeton says:

    So cool seeing you with Kevin. And those are some insane snakes!

  84. Shi-Thead Nahasapamapedalon says:

    I wish I was the judge, I would have the case dismissed since the kid was harassing the snake and asked Kevin if he wanted to counter sue since his snake was harrassed.

  85. Patshhi4 says:

    Those parents really instilled a great life lesson on their daughter! She’s probably really screwed up now.

  86. Patshhi4 says:

    That marble jag is beautiful!!.

  87. happyfeet 3 says:

    I thought that was David dobrik 8:23

  88. Christopher Kerr says:

    The story about the people who sued for having their child getting bit is completely ridiculous. I am all about people getting what they deserve and tbh the kid deserved to get bit. If a parent is that uneducated about animals and they just expect their child to be safe from a stressed out animal that is put away then the parent should be responsible for what happened and they should be fined for animal abuse. Any animal no matter what it is deserves respect if it defends itself it should not be its fault.

  89. Shelly Pitts says:

    1:39, this snake is gorgeous.

  90. Eve Sharu'bhala'vu says:

    You probably had some reptilians genes within you.That snake looks so,cozy and comfy around you.

  91. Shelly Pitts says:

    My comment is this…The parents should have been watching this 5 yr old BRAT that touched that snake. Are these parents retarded. The parents should pay your friend back. They were JERKS!!!!!

  92. Jës says:

    Help me get 10 subscribers? check out my first song I just posted takes 2mins and every view means the world

  93. samasia skipperable says:

    I was hoping you’d get Snarfles out???

  94. •pinecandy • says:

    Hi Brian!! I’m a huge fan. I think I’ve DM’d you before. And I doubt Kevin is aware because he’s such a great guy, but there’s TONS of really fucked up things that happen at NERD. I had to stop volunteering because it was screwing with my head. Apparently the MSPCA has been trying to take them down for a while but can’t because they’re so huge. If you have any interest at all in learning about it I’d be happy to talk about it with you.

  95. Dano Orren says:

    Kevin is just awesome . Something about the passion he has is just contagious .

  96. Green says:

    Man, you're crazy.

  97. Robson de Souza says:

    I wish I had the time to come by there and see you guys altogether… I can't wait to meet Jason in person… I love you guys….?✌??❤

  98. Thomas Vetor says:

    Most definetly getting a work out with those fatty snakes …

  99. Thomas Vetor says:

    People r so greedy these days , when it comes 2 any mount of money …

  100. Thomas Vetor says:

    Parents should have had backed off there kid , not making the snake launch at the kid , regardless ….

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