Woman Turns Into LIZARD In Singapore!!!

Woman Turns Into LIZARD In Singapore!!!

National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua In Jesus Christ’s name! National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua Come here! National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua You need deliverance, she needs deliverance. You have the spirit of lizard. I can smell it. In Jesus’ name. National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua Wow, can you see? National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua Who are you? I am the king of Asia. National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua No! National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua You are free! National Healing Campaign In Singapore
With Prophet T.B. Joshua Thank You, Jesus! My name is Margaret Tansinwah. I am 39 years old. I am from Singapore. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, he prophesied that I had an evil spirit of lizard. It was very true because both I and my daughter had evil spirits. I wanted to kill my daughter. The spirit of lizard in me has gone out, and I am set free. My daughter has also been set free. Now that you have been set free and delivered, what is your promise to God? My promise is to serve the Lord. I am telling what I know
About Jesus of Nazareth. My name is Margaret Tansinwah. I am 39 years old. I am a Singaporean. When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, he prophesied that there was a spirit of lizard in me and in my daughter. It was very true. The evil spirit in me would ask me to harm my daughter; I would get angry, and I would want to kill her. After the man of God, Prophet T.B.Joshua, prayed for me, I no longer need to take all this medicine to go to bed. I am set free. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus Christ! All of these are very expensive drugs. They are very wanted by drug addicts. They are all sleeping pills and are not sold over the counter. Do you mean that you used to take these before your deliverance? Yes, you can see a lot of medicines – nasal drips, against bronchitis, sleeping pills. My daughter had to have nasal drops since she was 3 years old. Can you tell us – what happened to you yesterday when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for you? I was set free. We no longer need this medicine. I slept like a baby. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! We are set free and I love my daughter. Madam, how do you feel today ? I feel great; I woke up without any headaches. Amen, put your hands together for Jesus. Praise the Lord! I confirm that the evil spirit in me is gone because I no longer hear any voices. You mean, you are free, in Jesus’ name. Yes, I am free, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah! Let’s clap for Jesus Christ! Thank you very much. God bless you, in Jesus’ name. RV: Mel Flowers 06/04/2019 We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched. Click here to subscribe, to witness more of God’s power at work in our generation today. And stay up-to-date with the latest prophecies, deliverances, service and testimonies from the SCOAN. Emmanuel TV, changing lives, changing nations, and changing the world.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Woman Turns Into LIZARD In Singapore!!!

  1. FAY- E says:

    God is the healer Amen

  2. Annette Newman says:

    Yes, demonic spirits are involved. I see that the "prophet" is a false prophet, casting spells and inflicting curses as he pretends to deliver. What he is doing is the opposite of deliverance. Satanic.

  3. Angel BLACK says:

    ignoble fau prophète

  4. Sajan Neupane says:

    Glory to God for His amazing deliverance.

  5. Mande Rebecca Rebecca says:

    thank you Jesus yor the healer

  6. Joy Snider says:

    Nowhere in the Bible does it mention a lizard spirit. Period.

  7. Peter Raj says:

    He who believes in GOD JESUS shall be cured

  8. Daphnee Gangte says:

    dat lady had a nice n tiny purse .😁

  9. Revkamal Jit says:

    There is no spirit of lizard. Bible does not say

  10. shalini tiwari says:

    where is lizard?

  11. shalini tiwari says:


  12. Lalnunfela Pautu says:


  13. Sunriseinthevillages Sunriseinthevillages says:


  14. Emma forster says:

    that's s great

  15. Timothy Tay says:

    feel like I'm watching national geographic

  16. Jefferson Mendezabal says:


  17. txtnray says:

    Glory to God

  18. yo says:

    Jesus is coming soon

  19. Constantine Xie says:

    Because of Christian scammers like these, people are leaving Christianity.

  20. Teochew Nang says:

    Nigerian scam knnbcb

  21. Jona Lepcha says:


  22. sujatha narsingh says:

    May the god

  23. Døll says:

    me pretending to have a stroke in class so i get sent home early

  24. Frans Siburian says:


  25. Chul Soon Korea says:

    Stupidity at its finest

  26. Chul Soon Korea says:

    Hahahaha great acting fuck u TB Joshua

  27. reji thomas says:


  28. Rob Blackwood says:

    Dont be fooled. Something very deceitful is going on here.

  29. NgwistaB says:


  30. jahzel naval says:

    Grabe kakaiba sya

  31. Jose Achu says:


  32. Mbabazi Scovia says:

    The name Jesus is powerful n able to handle any situations. Amen

  33. WANG Paul says:

    Thank God for His mighty deliverance from unfamiliar spirits. Amen. God bless you.

  34. Tanveersona Sonajee says:

    prayer for me plzzzzzzź

  35. Tanveersona Sonajee says:

    prayer for me

  36. Dan Bucur says:

    What a load of African crap!…

  37. Dan Bucur says:

    Yeah, one of the most profitable businesses/scams at the moment: African cheap acting.

  38. vanthe la says:

    Thank you Jesus Amen halelugia

  39. true true says:

    Money is devil. I wonder how she will act if she's turned into a cockroach.

  40. Androplay India says:

    Next video "possessed spirit of dinosaur"

    Behold, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of GOD: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
    1 john 4:1

  41. Ephraim Ngabonziza says:

    What do you mean by a woman turns into lizard 🤒🤒🤒

  42. Hima Samm says:

    Thank you Jesus delivered her

  43. Silivia Ncube says:

    Thank you Jesus Christ for T.B Joshua we all him so much

  44. Mystica Kho says:

    Prophet T.B Joshua please heal to. i like watching your video especially when you pray for the viewers. i cannot afford to go to your country and would love to have a deliverance from god and i believe you are the man who sent here to heal us. i am a sinner and i want god to touch me and change me into a good and better person. i think my life is a mess. please help me.

  45. Grzegorz Lasek says:

    3:00 look at her face

  46. Nica Orii says:

    Please can you come to the Philippines?

  47. Samir Perez says:

    Thank you Lord for her deliverance. Amen

  48. Jayanthi Balakrishnan says:

    How are you madam

  49. Jayanthi Balakrishnan says:


  50. Rockingblue Lala says:

    That is fake

  51. Peace no war says:

    Bullshit.that is not God act.

  52. Gary. Jamieson. says:

    Load of Rubbish

  53. mimi chrisnah says:

    asia country is alout of evil dragon there GOD is this

  54. Onicio Mario says:

    Poder para pizar serpentes e escorpioes. Perdeu satanás.

  55. Ngwa Beltus says:

    God thank u for this deliverance. May this deliverance extend to my family and heal us from any affliction, demonic power and curses tormenting my family

  56. true true says:

    Human's greed for money, insult to lizard.

  57. Mosis Sun says:

    If only TB Joshua could come to Rodrigues Island.

  58. gloria says:

    Omg. This is real… more like snake…We need to worship our Lord and praise God.

  59. Carolyn Jones says:


  60. Obdulia Fuller says:


  61. Rainet Benjamin says:

    From watching I want to say my pastor.video i can c e were thosen to do just what e is doing e do it like a pofectional.

  62. lavender fields says:

    That poor kid watching that!

  63. subarsing Basumatary says:


  64. El principe Disla says:

    This is fake

  65. El principe Disla says:

    Spirit of lizzard ha ha

  66. El principe Disla says:

    Animals dont possed people

  67. olumuyiwaasunmo says:

    During the ministry of Jesus on earth, he was called a magician seeing that they did not understand how he was performing miracles and driving out evil spirits.

  68. Гульбахор Туйчиева says:

    Хвала и Слава Иисусу во все века Аминь

  69. Гульбахор Туйчиева says:

    Благодорим за твою милрсь к нам Господь Аминь

  70. Vijay Kumar says:

    Glorious Deliverance Amen

  71. put vechni says:

    Иисус Христос жизнь вечная

  72. Abang Ch says:

    Powerful Lord jesus

  73. MegaRafael007 says:

    Bendiciones Hermanos de Emmanuel TV. Les animo para traducir mas videos al español. Les envío un gran abrazo. Dios les bendiga mucho mas.

  74. Yiram Y says:

    Wow Amen praise the Lord TV Joshua meticulous

  75. Roblox lover says:

    …that was weird

  76. Вера Надеющаяся says:

    Покажите мне в Библии где такие служения…?

  77. Hypebeast Soldier says:

    Haha she didnt become a lizard she became retarded

  78. Life says:

    When prophet T b joshua in India

  79. David Vanpatten says:

    Mental illness I hope she's does not STOP taking her anti psychotic s if she is on them which is most likely

  80. David Vanpatten says:

    Why does she have custody of her daughter if she openly talks about wanting to kill it.

  81. christine adamitus says:

    Alot of comments on here from satans minions….

  82. Force says:

    If you didn't laugh at 2:24 you ain't human xDDDDD

  83. Taneeka smith says:

    This not funny at all

  84. Sweet Dollz says:

    Jesus is lord

  85. mercy Johnson says:

    Thanks u jesus

  86. Sam Rami says:

    Tray do with Muslim he will show u liar

  87. GamingwithJesse YT says:

    In Singapore?

  88. joseph bhasker says:

    Address in Singapore please

  89. Jose Juanjo says:

    One more lost crazy bitch

  90. Rowena Radam says:

    You know its Singapore when ladies wears short shorts

  91. Mario Mirshafiey says:

    God of Israele bless you amen

  92. SPK Radio TV & Print says:

    "Emmanuel, Emmanuel. ..Emmanuel"
    South Africa

  93. johnsun john sun says:


  94. Josip M says:

    Matthew 7.21

  95. katia paz says:

    Praise Lord.

  96. Assaad Asad says:

    Hahaha. Grow up guys

  97. Daniela Dany says:

    This is a fuck. NG comic film😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. Laura Angelica García Barrios says:

    Porfavor Hombre de Dios venga a Acapulco Gro. Es en México hay mucha necesidad el el nombre de Jesus se lo pido

  99. Oconachar says:

    Ayo howd I get here man tfs goin on with this lizard shit

  100. maureene josephine says:

    Everything is possible for you who believes in Him(Most High God)

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