Will I live in Korea? Am I working with the K-Tigers again? – Q&A Time!!

Will I live in Korea? Am I working with the K-Tigers again? – Q&A Time!!

how are you so we’re back with another a mum ask me anything Monday so let’s get into it so I’ve been getting quite a few new subscribers recently actually so welcome to you all and thank you for subscribing so yeah I thought the question answers are a good way because there’s some stuff that I’ve answered on my Korean channel already but there’s like 200 or something or more videos on that so I understand if you haven’t watched them all so yeah so that’s why some of these I eat some of you if you’ve seen the Korean channel you might know the answers to these already but for those who don’t here we go so I asked this on Twitter and on Instagram as well on Instagram stories so this is the people that sent those through and yeah doo-doo-doo murder you it’s got Twitter questions first so weirdo kid Dorito kid says how often do you fly to Korea in a year um back when I first came to career I mum when I actually went once a year for maybe three years in a row I think and then I went on exchange as well and then there was about two years where I didn’t go but look this year is this is my third time here this year actually I’ve been really lucky with YouTube in the sense that the last maybe two years I’ve had various either tourism organizations or companies or I got a government grant in in Queensland for those either companies or events or grants they all sponsored me to come out here so in the past I would just work a lot at a part-time job and save up enough money to come over here and then in the past couple of years YouTube’s been paying off and I’ve been able to have companies bring me here so koffice was the last one that bought me so all the footage from I like the throwback footage from August July August that was from koffice they were the ones that bought me and fortunately youtubers out so I’ve been really lucky to be you know up to get my YouTube to the point where these people have been contacting me to bring me out but in the past it was once a year when I had to pay for it myself Meegan Oh any Korean stereotypes that you agree disagree with hmm what are some Korean stereotypes I don’t know because I because back and forth so long I don’t even because when I went to Korea I didn’t really have much of an idea of what Korea would be like all I knew was kpop really so I didn’t have any concept was it getting dark so I didn’t really have any concept of of what career itself was like so I didn’t I didn’t know much about Korea so the first time I came I really didn’t have many expectations I just thought they’d be more kpop to be here for this that links back in like it’s like 2009 when I first came oh is it getting dark once this lighting is too bright if it’s too bright I’m sorry I’m he’s looking quite shiny yeah I don’t know about any stereotypes I know Australian stereotypes well I don’t I don’t know if this is a stereotype but I remember before I came but all they’re like you know the guidebooks that I like don’t do this because you don’t offend anyone you know don’t do that I remember a lot of the places I read it was like don’t blow your nose like in public and career it’s really taboo no one does that and when I came over it was winter very first time and so my nose was always running and also because I wasn’t used to spicy food that would make my nose run too I was like I can’t not blow my nose I’m not just gonna like well like what else am I supposed to do so I so remember like I’d be in public and you know blow your nose but no one cared all the guidebooks were like all Koreans are gonna find this so offensive I don’t know if anyone else has had anyone comment but I’ve never had any dirty looks or anything from that so I don’t know if that is actually a thing I’ve never or maybe because I’m a foreigner people were like oh that’s just a foreigner but I’ve never had an issue with that is that a stereotype I don’t know well we’re sorry if it’s getting darker at the moment I’m filming this like in the evening and I’ve got my light on but the background I don’t have the above light on because it’s florescent and it makes it flicker and you can change it but I just did other like the fluorescent lights that much say sorry if it’s getting darker guys if the editing looks choppy what’s the one thing you want to do in Korea that you’ve never done before I want to go see skiing again but I’ve done that but yeah one thing I I haven’t done that I would like to trouble as we go to more countryside places because I’ve been to whose son in the gwangju and places like that as some of them before I started filming YouTube so I wouldn’t mind going back to those places and filming but I would like to go to places I haven’t been in the countryside but because I can’t drive in career I don’t have an international driver’s license I can drive in Australia but the roads are opposite there to Korea so I’m a little bit scared to drive in Korea one because the roads are opposite and – just because driving is more hectic here there’s a lot more people on the roads and I find it quite scary so yeah I’d like to go to more places in the countryside it’s just it’s harder to get to if you don’t have a car or you don’t have like a friend with a car so that’s my future goal Sarah what other language would you have learned if Korean culture wasn’t something you’re interested in or I just another language you’d like to learn period love your video thank you Sarah um I did learn Japanese in university I mentioned it briefly in this video yeah I always think outside it is that’s like I did learn Japanese for a couple of years I would like to keep studying that I just um at the moment I’m trying to put all my effort into not forgetting Korean which is own failing I learned German in primary school and high school but I never learnt it very well every year they started again so I don’t know much German but a language I like to learn I always my friend I was going to try and teach me Chinese but I had very hard time with the tones other than that I think I just like to learn Japanese better I mean honestly I wish I could speak every language sorry my hair’s I can see a strand of hair here and it’s annoying me so I don’t know yeah but I would like to learn relearn Japanese a bit better what made you interested in Korean culture so I’ve actually got a whole video of that over here on my Korean channel about how I first found out about Korea in a nutshell it was kpop but this video goes a lot more into detail about it and there’s all English subtitles on that anyway but yeah basically kpop TVXQ but let’s go to Instagram questions okay this one’s from rich yang hi Sarah do you ever see yourself living in Korea your primary home um I would love to move here I really really enjoy it here I have I mean I love Australia – I love career and Australia and ideally it would be amazing to be able to go back and forth between the two um I know that’s not necessarily realistic but that’s the dream but I am lucky with YouTube at least I can kind of come here for a while and then go back to Australia John cookie with this face wait how do I make that face I like your name when can you do another blog with the ktigers um I would love to do another blog with the ktigers I really really enjoyed filming with them so I got two videos for them ones on this channel and ones on my Korean channel and they both have English and Korean subtitles but when we film that that was koffice set that up which was I mentioned them earlier so we would never get to film with them normally I don’t have the connections for that so I don’t know if I can film with them again because it wasn’t me that set it up I would absolutely love to cuz I had so much fun they’re all so outgoing and they worked so hard and they’re so talented like so much respect for them because I remember the day that we were filming it was like 33 degrees Celsius and very very very humid and so that studio got hot as well and there was a lot of us in there and we filmed with them for an hour and we were just like running around and jumping and stuff and and they didn’t didn’t complained and do anything they like put in so much energy and I just I think that’s great I had such a good time and yeah I would love to do more with them I think they’re all so interesting it’s just um it’s just I was very lucky to do it with them that time and I don’t really have a way to UM get in contact with them now if you guys want to see more though like they have official like Instagram pages and Facebook pages if you do want to see me do more stuff with the ktigers like leave them a comment being they do something with Sarah because that’s probably gonna have more effect than anything that I can do but no I would definitely love to film more with them if the opportunity came up John Kluge Rowan’s oh you’ve made this the square you made a really lovely what do you call it the square the square video I think I’m too old I don’t know what the slang is but it was really pretty thank you when did you meet Whitney PS love you thank you I met with me and July this July at the Dyer festival because we even though I’m not under dire I was again this is with koffice they took us to the Dinah Festival I know I remember so she because she was there already she came all the koffice youtubers we were all put in this kind of room but we were just waiting to be told what to do and then she came into the room with some other people and we’d been told to bring some food from her home countries to do like a taste test video with so I bought Tim Tams of course so did Kim Dao actually because she’s Australian too and then they told us they weren’t going to use the food so then I was like I’ve got all these Tim Tims so I had like two or three packets of Tim Tams and Whitney came in and I already liked her videos and so I don’t know if she knows this but I like gave her a whole packet of Tim Tams basically to like like she was with two or three other people I think so I gave them a whole packet of Tim times basically to bribe her into liking me I was like oh I don’t need them you have all the difference yeah so did that work Whitney is that why we’re friends now next question Tran hang tryna hang sorry for my accent ruins everything how can you keep fit when you crave food I eat so much thank you umm this one I think I will have to make a whole video on cuz it’s not a simple answer but in in a nutshell I eat quite well off camera so if you follow my Instagram if you see the stories you’ll see the kind of food that I cook a lot I eat at home a lot so well you know stir-fry some veggies with you know a squeeze of lemon and some pepper and then I’ll have it with you know maybe some chicken breast or in Australia I have it with avocado um maybe some eggs like some basically like some kind of protein and a lot of like sorry battery just ran out I don’t I’ve bumped that a bit if it’s a different screen anyway like my diet tends to be more like healthy fats and a lot of salad eat vegetable things and also when I’m at home I try to limit the amount of processed foods that I eat so basically I try to cook stuff and I try to stay away from like store-bought like biscuits and or cookies if you’re American so I don’t know it’s something I’m still working on but you know I love food and I love eating so when I go out I want to eat something good and it doesn’t have to be you know the healthiest thing when I go out because when I’m at home I try really hard to eat very well any you know a lot of nutrient-dense food so lots of vegetables you know good protein you know and also for me I think everyone’s different and it’s taken me a while but for me if I kind of have a high healthy fat diet with lots of good vegetables and less and less carbohydrates as in like white bread things like that I tend to feel full for longer whereas I love bread so much and I love potatoes and pasture and all that but when I eat them it makes me even more hungry like I can eat pizza non-stop I can just continuously eat it I just don’t get full with it and things like that so as much as I love it I do limit the way I do it because just with me it just makes me more hungry anyway I need to make a whole video on that because that’s a that’s a long topic and it’s so different for everybody next question from hey it’s faith who’s that some some small youtuber I’ve never heard of how tall is a bench if you can bind bench serán bench very well let me answer that how tall is a bench this bench is 170 centimeters tall combined with this bench maybe how big is that a maybe three centers so maybe 180 and Fae is approximately 49 centimeters tall so we’d be about 2 meters and 39 centimeters if you stood on my shoulders you’re my favorite Finch no you get a gin kiss not if I could pull that off okay guys I will see you tomorrow have a lovely day goodbye benches

Randy Schultz

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    Love your vids and keep them coming! 뿅!

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