Wild Dogs v Impala | Impala Fights Back as Guts Fall Out

Wild Dogs v Impala | Impala Fights Back as Guts Fall Out

mm anmals Subscribe [Motor noises]
[Flesh tearing noises] *NOM* *RIP* [bones breaking ] Why this looks so sexual *hyena keeps eating impala* ALIVE *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom* [Rustling] It stands up like a boss [ wild dog noise ] camera shutter sound [Sound of vehicle approaching] camera shutter sound [Unintelligible human voices] Why would you allow your self to be a prey Intermission [Wild dog chirps] [human voice around] [Vehicle sound continues and dog sounds] [Chirping continues] [unintelligible human voice] [Dog chirps increase in frequency] [Camera shutter continues to fire] dogs chewing vigorously and continuously [Bird calls in the distance] [dog whimpers from inside vehicle] [dog continues whimpering] [dog continues whimpering] [dog continues whimpering] [dog continues whimpering] [dog continues whimpering] [dog continues whimpering] [dog continues whimpering] [Outro]

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Wild Dogs v Impala | Impala Fights Back as Guts Fall Out

  1. TheRedTomahawk says:

    The end is so depressing when they gang on him.

  2. TheRedTomahawk says:

    I would have shot the dogs.

  3. Aneisha Singletary says:

    Impala so stupid sat there let him eat, then gets up once he's ripped open smh like wtff, and i thought buffalo we're stupid. That impala must did not want to face death smh to late now buddy. If it would have gotten up sooner may have lived. Organs hangung out drained him. R.i.p lil guy u tried🙏💙💞💙

  4. Shyam Lama says:

    Who’s taking the video this guy don’t have heart how he can watch this if he want he can rescue that dear fucked up damn

  5. slovan01 says:

    The impala sure has the guts to fight the wild dog

  6. King Slayer says:

    At least the dogs got food

  7. I wasted 90 days to change my name To this says:

    That’s kind of fucked up

  8. Patti all says:

    And who made this sick world……

  9. ចាន់ សីលា says:

    Rip deer )':

  10. 100 subscribers whitout videos challenge says:

    Vegan: I don’t eat meat because I respect nature.


  11. n 0 says:

    Oh wait you have friends?
    (Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you agai–)

  12. Chico Arriaga says:

    Fuck you bich hlep

  13. EPöXY says:

    Stop right there! Criminal scum.

  14. Dillon’s Storytimes says:

    Getting eaten apart is nature for animals but this is just like zombies they eat humans

  15. Stephanie Mujan says:

    Its eating the penis, ewwww.

  16. Stephanie Mujan says:

    That sack was the unborn baby deer.

  17. Cristian M says:

    "You got your pound of flesh off of me , now fuck off"

  18. Aidyl Herrera says:

    The people watching them fight are really dont care about the impala

  19. Griim Reaper08 says:

    That impala is getting its guts eaten alive?!?!?!?!

  20. raymond laping says:

    Die with dignity!

  21. NAGIBATOR GAME says:

    Ну нахер

  22. Amanda Thomas says:

    Is it ok? I hope it's okay I don't want it to die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    ऐसे ही तुम्हारे बच्चो को खाया जाय जो यह विडियो बना रहा है

  24. Ren & Stimpy Fan says:

    I thought it was impossible to stay alive with such injuries. I slapped myself because I thought I was dreaming… man I love the nature

  25. CHAMP MAURER says:

    That impala has guts

  26. Nicholas Bourgeois says:

    Impala being ripped apart: Tis but a flesh wound

  27. John Matthew Dismas says:

    Di lang kayo naawa di nyo inawat or tumawag ng pulis para pag babarilin yung aso

  28. Malapane M says:

    Who ever is filming this is very cruel. They say it's nature but when wild animals attack and kill them they shoot them.

  29. Patrick Simmons says:

    Ok now this Impala is officially the toughest motherfucker ever…

  30. HeyyItsDee says:

    KO he tried

  31. Ganesan 7759 says:

    Painful video.when am in there before the dog bite the impala I surely safe the impala

  32. Noel Emmons says:

    When i saw this my mutt doggo was looking at me cause his bowl was out of food

    i gave him the food and then cuddled with him so the D O G W A S P L E A S E D

    My dog is pretty scary too when he's playing with my black lab he just goes at it and goes nuts

  33. sharai tarpley says:

    It really was a fight to the death

  34. Bill Churchill says:


  35. Aaron says:

    Man.. that impalas got some guts I’ll give him that..

  36. FBI Agent says:

    Watch it with subtitles

  37. B Pino says:

    Once you go down it’s all over

  38. Sami Berkane says:

    ماهذة القلوب الباردة على المصور

  39. Sami Berkane says:

    ماهذة القلوب الباردة على المصور

  40. padussia says:

    That thing guts are falling out!😯

  41. padussia says:

    Why don't they kill it?

  42. -_ -Meliodas- _- says:

    How did I get here ;( por deer

  43. MrStrategyYT Terraria says:

    He doesn't want to save that indanger animal I can't believe that

  44. j p says:

    Respect impala , hard as nails

  45. Sean Wyeth Relucio says:

    1 Like
    1 Punch for the Dogs

  46. Cris. dzn says:

    Watching and taking photos of an animal dying and not helping it. Pray for humanity to wake up

  47. Maneplix YT says:


    Holy shit

  48. nbadraft08 says:

    God those horns suck. Worst angle ever

  49. nbadraft08 says:

    Impala: bury me a G

  50. Family And Friends Challenge says:

    Like a boss

  51. Hunt3r v2 says:

    Why so many dislikes this is nature

  52. animagi says:

    dogs: you got guts, too bad we gotta rip them out of ya

  53. Davide Facchini says:

    Vegans: nature is vegetarian


  54. Samgaming 2306 says:

    Adrenaline rush

  55. Blueghost Aidan says:


  56. Booby Manfanny says:

    That was actually disturbing to watch. They were eating him alive

  57. Ijaz Khan says:

    Stupid camera man

  58. Jim bo More like Jim ho OH says:

    Look 0:41 the animal has a penis

  59. Jim bo More like Jim ho OH says:

    The animal has a penis on 0:41

  60. Dat boy Nim says:

    So this is what they make Chevy’s out of . Wow!!!! 😂😂😌

  61. Jojo Weetheb says:

    Why would u let it die 🙁

  62. Ari pet lover says:

    Nothing is worse than being eaten alive 🤢🤢

  63. Hyni Lopez says:

    Hmm what came first?
    The dislikes of this vid
    Or the likes? Hmmm

  64. Día Zappa says:

    Looks like the dog bite jus one lil somein that set the impala into survival mode

  65. Tika Mangar says:

    Don’t eat that animal why are you a bad small dog

  66. Komodo Dragon says:

    Try me wild dogs

  67. Gavin Westberry says:

    that's scary as hell

  68. Lumea Animalelor Lumea Animaleloe says:

    Doamne. Și voi nu ați putut sa fugăriți câinele ăla cu cv .Nu ați văzut prin ce chinuri a trecut bietul animal .Ce suflet aveți voi ???

  69. Jack Guyett says:

    i respect this impala

  70. Nate Goodman says:

    Welp time to go watch lions kill hyena

  71. Curtis Bigstone says:

    I almost puked

  72. Jason Wolf says:

    If you're ever in a shit situation and all your fight is gone, be this impala. Feel bad for it but goddamn, that thing had heart…

  73. Santiago Salazar says:

    That's a gangster impala right there but comon man somebody should have a rifle there why not just kill the impala fuck you all

  74. Nagaskay says:

    Every hyena has a gang

  75. Francisco Aldaz says:

    How did it not die it’s guts were not inside guts are one very important type of body part

  76. BOAH NATION says:

    Talk about adrenaline fuck me RIP little buddy

  77. kripton maniac says:

    This is the saddes video ever

  78. Vivaan Khade says:


  79. Rotten Potatoes says:

    Impala: well todays the day I die
    Dog eats
    Impala: wait is someone filming this, time to go out a legend

  80. Robert Rozek says:

    2:30 thats the baby. the impala was pregnant!!

  81. Play station says:

    Kutto ki to dawat hogai 😂😂😂

  82. ellcap Campaign says:

    Damn , it sure took you some GUTS to fight against them

  83. Subscribe Or Your Gay says:

    It looks like it has a big dong😂😂😂😂😂

  84. SHIFNA P K says:


  85. Nuttinlikeit says:

    U should've done this before he started eating u.

  86. Nuttinlikeit says:

    That impala seems to enjoy it. Laying there like "a little to the left, go up, back a little, oh yeah that's the spot. Been itching me all day. Thank u."

  87. Toxic Liquid says:

    Aw the last dog had mercy🥺

  88. Judge Tiki says:

    When you bring last stand in mw2

  89. Dean Coronado says:

    What William Wallace should have done in Braveheart

  90. Rishikesh Mohite says:

    Turn the captions on. Thank me later.

  91. Rishikesh Mohite says:

    Whoever did the captions for this video deserved a reward.

  92. Anand Verma says:

    God mistakenly put a Lions heart in that Impala.

  93. cyber_punk 02 says:

    What a badass

  94. Sane Chau says:

    The guts

  95. Plush Adventures says:

    for a second i thought those were hyenas

  96. Dobby says:

    Imagine the pain

  97. matthew salazar says:

    that impalas soul is going straight to Valhalla

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