Wild Crocodile Sneaks Up On Us In Tulum Mexico

Wild Crocodile Sneaks Up On Us In Tulum Mexico

what’s up guys we’re in Tulum Mexico
aren’t you guys jealous of my life right now? oh my god there’s a big ass
spider! Our travel video is coming soon but for now let’s talk about alligator? yeah
escaping death is a pretty tiring thing so it was our last day in Tulum and we
decided to go out snorkeling now there’s plenty of popular touristy areas, but we
wanted to find something a little bit more local so we went around asking what some off-grid snorkeling options. we got there pretty late as they were
closing and we started swimming out as everyone was returning. wow, this is
already sounding like a b-rated horror flick. regardless, it was amazing. it’s a
long stretch of water you swim through and we swam out 20 to 30 minutes from
the entrance. it did get a little eerie though because since we got there so
late besides the people sitting at the entrance we didn’t see anyone else the
whole time we were swimming out so it got quiet really fast. also, it may look
like we can climb out of the water at any time, but we were actually surrounded
by floating vegetation so really we were about a 20 to 30 minute swim away from
getting back to land. and that’s when they spotted the alligator. the GoPro was
filming on it’s wide setting so it’s hard to see exactly how big and close
that alligator was, but I can tell you it was terrifying. I swam with seven foot
sharks before and this was way sketchier. especially since alligators and
crocodiles are estimated to have a hundred times more fatal attacks than
sharks. we all swam away for a few minutes and we thought we finally got
away from it. “how’s it feel to run with an alligator?” “it’s scary as f*ck!” “oh god! we were all laughing about it, until we realized it’s still following us. and that would be me
try not to panic. again it’s kind of hard to see because
of the GOPRO’s wide-angle lens, but the alligator was being a total creepster and
still following us. Poor guy, he’s probably just lonely and wants some friends okay if there was iguana you Afterwards we did some research and realized the odds were not really in our favor. “don’t swim in areas with emergent vegetation or plants
growing up out of the water.” “most attacks occur while the victim is at least
partially in water” and “most attack victims reports they were unaware of the
alligators presence until the last minute.” She was freaking out, I was like, “I don’t see the alligator” look behind you and there’s bumps in
water like oh my god you the eyes and then I’m like weird isn’t that big I
look under the water and it’s like literally this big. and literally saw his eyes doing this You guys are all like chill and I see him see like here’s a tunnel turn the corner and I’m like o f*ck! The whole time Kristina didn’t scream she was just laughing. that’s what happens I get scared! Before we sign off I just want to say thank you guys for 10,000 subscribers and over 3 million minutes watched over the last 90
days thanks to you guys watching and sharing and I even got recognized in
public for the first time yesterday. not going to lie I feel a little bit like a
celebrity it’s kind of getting to my head right now. you know who you’re
talking you haven’t recognized in public once before! I got probably going to get
some noise complaints from my neighbors yup that was fun.

Randy Schultz

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43 thoughts on “Wild Crocodile Sneaks Up On Us In Tulum Mexico

  1. HX Huang says:

    You know you were not safe even on the bank right…right?

  2. ThisWondrousWorld says:

    Mexico has crocodiles 🙂 scary encounter! I hope to visit Tulum one day

  3. Thomas Kyle says:

    Damn. I would have been swimming faster than Michael Phelps and I would have left all of you.

  4. rifelife says:

    Well that's super scetchy man – I have always feared alligators while swimming in areas like that so this would have freaked me out for sure! Sometimes the worst thing to live through make the best stories when you get back though right?

  5. francisco dania says:

    Beautiful girls.

  6. pmexplore says:

    Dude. This is insane.

  7. Randomly Oni C says:

    Bruhhh!!! That is scary!!! I def would've passed out!!!

  8. Jordster360 says:

    he's just following the booty 🙂

  9. Romina says:

    omg. This is so scary. I can't believe you guys went swimming there. SO DANGEROUS!!! And alone??? What were you THINKING!!! smh

  10. MixTape51 says:

    Awesome videos! Headed to Cancun soon and am just wondering which exact park or site you were in for this? Cheers – Jade

  11. Gooper Loper says:

    If it were of larger size, the chances of an attack would be about 95 percent chance. And that 5 percent is only if it had just eaten a large meal!

  12. SRkeyplay says:

    Your trying not to panic face was hilarious. I only laugh because I knew you guys survived unharmed.

  13. Ron James Music says:

    I was in Tulum 2 weeks ago and went to the same place. I thought that it looked like the perfect habitat for crocodiles so we decided against going into this cenote. It turns out we were right!

  14. L M says:

    What was the name of this place you went swimming at???

  15. Gavin Starkey 19 says:

    Um crocodile alligators live in the USA and a small part of China.

  16. Sergio Gil says:

    Crocodiles, not alligators.

  17. High In The Sky by Bob Menasian says:

    80,000 subscribers later…

  18. Weed Toking Crew- We Toke Chronic says:

    It’s a crocodile dummy and wtf are you swimming in a river in Mexico for? That’s how tourist die..And what’s with a life vest in a river? Lmao if u can’t swim without a vest in a calm river you shouldn’t even be in the water

  19. Dan g says:

    0:38 never to late for that view

  20. Nina Lizzeth says:

    It was a crocodile not an alligator but omg! This is so scary. Now I’m afraid to snorkel on my upcoming trip in Mexico lol

  21. robflanagan250 says:

    Holy Moly I would have Sh!$ a brick

  22. Yaros Yari says:

    snorkling in the mexican rivers? yes, go!

  23. Tyrone Sunde says:

    Did you sketch the crocodile?

  24. UniqueBart says:

    1:50 yikes

  25. Sick Game Squad says:

    American Crocodiles are generally harmless to full grown people.

  26. Boxing Bro says:

    why would you go swimming in a lagoon when crocodiles are in lagoons?

  27. Victor Simensatto says:

    ..i came here because Wanda Sykes ??

  28. RaptorPro7800 XD Z XD Z says:

    That’s a crocodile ? not an alligator ?

  29. Paul Carroll says:

    The cenote is notorious for this little guy… Completely harmless, known to all divers and nothing to be afraid of… I'm going to see him tomorrow in fact

  30. Howard Stern says:

    Crocs are actually harmless

  31. Bryson Reins says:

    That’s a crocodile-alligator distribution is in the southeastern US-only- there maybe the odd American alligator in northern Mexico but all the way done south near Cancun there are no alligators-nada-not one
    So say crocodile-while South American crocs aren’t as aggressive as salties or Nile crocs- they are still way more aggressive than an alligator-I’ve been in the water with alligators a handful of times-I’d never do that with a croc of any subspecies
    Think it would add a lot to your video if edited it to croc instead of gator

  32. Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA says:

    Beautiful country

  33. Johnny Richard says:


  34. Matador says:

    you're one crazy bastard ???

  35. Arturo Vaca says:

    Thats casa cenote and the crocs name is pancho…you didnt escaped death, hes there swimming with tourists like you everyday..hes really nice

  36. Henriett Der says:

    Not an alligator but a crocodile. And she is less than 2 meter.

  37. Jason Juarez says:

    I was in that exact Senote and we saw a baby croc too

  38. Bosstraxx says:

    Great display of what NOT to do while in Cancun. DO NOT SWIM IN THE lagoons. All of you were really lucky nothing happened. A local told me the story of a tourist who crossed the street to take a leak in the mangrove bushed, well leg and arm = gone.

  39. Jason Juarez says:

    i was in that exact same cenote and saw that sucker too, i was there this summer in July, and my friends sister freaked out and dropped her goggles down there. and I lost my sunglasses on the stone bank before you get in. The locals say they feed it in the morning so they avoid people

  40. Braulio Arjona Lopez says:

    You got so lucky bro, yall didnt Event have fins On jaja

  41. Li Tiga says:

    that isnt an alligator, its a crocodile

  42. KingKyle01 says:

    I cannot believe how calm you guys all sounded. I would have freaked the fuck out and I’m Australian. I reckon because of his size and the number of people he was waiting for someone to tire out and drop back a bit to take them out before you guys can do anything

  43. John Raen says:

    Almost half a million subscribers, congrats 🙂

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