Why Vets Couldn’t Cure this Ball Python’s Respiratory Infection

Why Vets Couldn’t Cure this Ball Python’s Respiratory Infection

– Hey, what do you think? This set’s kind of a work in progress. I haven’t done any audio testing, so hopefully it doesn’t sound awful, but I’m in a new house, which
I’ll hopefully talk about in a video, and Igive
you a little house tour, and I now have a dedicated room to video. So I went to Target and bought
a bunch of random things to make it look kind of interesting. Maybe I’ll hate them, maybe
I’ll mix it up, but… Maybe not, I might like it. This is Peach, a
approximately two year old pastel ball python that
we got in recently, and I wanted to talk about
his story a little bit. It’s not much of a story, but it’s still pretty interesting. So we got an email from
someone saying that their snake had something that sounded
like a respiratory infection, and they were struggling to
fix it and wanted help with it. We used to not take in animals
that needed a ton of help. I’m being completely transparent. I’m comfortable taking in more now, that might need vet visits
and more expensive treatment and stuff, because I
can do videos on them, and spend the ad revenue
on their vet bills. So I think it’s kind of a win-win, ’cause the animals get
helped, you get some content, and I make a living at the same time, ey. Anyway, what they described sounded just like a respiratory infection. These are very similar in
humans as they are in snakes. You’ll see things like
runny noses, drooling, sneezing, wheezing, um… Other forms of eezing. And overall they’ll
just have a lot of mucus and saliva buildup, and although it’s not a super serious issue, it
can definitely get worse and become more detrimental to the animal. So it’s something that you
want to be proactive about and go ahead and fix as soon as you can. Respiratory infections can
be caused by various things. The biggest that I
probably see is humidity is incorrect in the enclosure. Like, if it’s too high and too humid, it’s gonna cause problems
inside of them. (laughs) If you’re using certain substrates, like if you’re using cedar,
or pine with reptiles, those both release pretty strong fumes that can cause respiratory infections. There’s different little things like that. And there’s lots of little
variables that can affect it, so it can sometimes be kind of difficult to find what the source was. (Peach squeaks) I got to see some
pictures of their set up. He was in like a, it was the
dimensions of a 40 gallon, but shorter, so I don’t know what that is, but I guess a short 40 gallon, so the size seemed fine by
me for his current size. He had the required heights,
the temperature was correct, and although they were using Repticarpet, which I wouldn’t usually
use for a ball python, I can see it working as
long as the humidity’s okay. And I saw their gauge, and like they said, it was right around 60 to 70%, which is the goal for a ball python. So because there weren’t
many things to improve here, they went ahead and
tried to seek treatment. Oftentimes you can treat it yourself through some techniques
that I’ll talk about, but they ended up going to some vets and seeking professional help. If I’m remembering correctly, they went to two different vets, and he went through multiple
series of antibiotics. Now usually, like I said,
a respiratory infection, if it’s simple enough, can be
treated without help like this but they went the full extent
and got antibiotics done. They said it temporarily got
better, and then worse again, so bad to the point that
there was just all sorts of drooling happening. When I got him, he was immediately
bubbling around his mouth and just dripping fluids, and I put him on an enclosure
to kind of show you, and there’s just all of this goopy liquid just seeping out of his mouth and oozing. When we opened his mouth up, which we kind of just
carefully pried it open, and could see down his throat, it was just filled with clear fluid, which was probably mucus saliva. So obviously this looked just
like a respiratory infection. And somehow multiple
full sets of antibiotics were not able to treat the snake. So what was my game plan for this? I’m not a vet, I didn’t… I don’t know if you didn’t, I
don’t know if you knew that, but I’m not, and I’ve been to five different vets now, and I like some of them,
it’s pretty hard to decide. I didn’t know if any of the vets would actually be better
than the vets that they used. They were only located I
think a couple hours away, so who knows if we
might even overlap vets, but the first thing I was going to do was some DIY treatment. This can sound a bit scary to some people. Do it yourself treatment, with an animal, a sick animal, doing it yourself. It can be a pretty scary thought, and it depends on what it is. But for something like
a respiratory infection that’s not killing him in the moment, I was comfortable doing this. And it’s done with VapoRub. This is something used for people too, but there’s basically
a process you can use that I can link below the exact article that I just went through stepwise. Where essentially you don’t
rub it on them or anything, but you get them to inhale it. So I went ahead and
started doing this process. Basically how it goes is
you bring water to a boil, you add some VapoRub to the water, you put the snake in a
small tub with holes, you put the small tub
in a bigger sealed tub, and then you take the VapoRub and put it into that bigger sealed tub next to the tub with the smaller holes. Like I said, you stir the VapoRub
up with the boiling water, which is no longer boiling,
it’s gonna start to cool, but the steam is going to start leaving the container of water and fill up the big tub. You have the ball python
or snake in a smaller tub, so that it doesn’t burn
itself on the boiling water, but it’ll all kind of seep through the holes in the small tub and they’ll continue to inhale it. You check on them every few minutes, and leave them in there
for like 10 to 15 minutes, and then do this every couple days. So that’s what I did. It smelled really good, by the way. The whole house just smelled
like VapoRub every couple days, which I didn’t mind, it
was very minty and fresh. He didn’t seem to mind either, he didn’t react differently
when he was in there, and it went just fine each time. This is not something that’s gonna show immediate changes necessarily, but I only had to do I think it was five, four or five treatments, before he started looking way better. His breathing does still sound off. It kind of sounds like he’s exhaling through a kazoo sometimes. Not always, just occasionally, and I’ve heard it a couple times here. I don’t know if you were able
to pick it up on the mic, but maybe you could hear it. (Peach squeaks) And although there is still
a buildup inside his mouth, it’s no longer dripping or oozing, it’s not coming out of his
nose, there’s no bubbling. It’s not that disgustingness
that it was before. So there’s been clear improvement. The question is whether
that improvement will stick, or if it’s going to come back, and this is where my prediction comes in as to why the vet was unable to fix it with a whole series of antibiotics, while I was able to possibly cure it with some simple DIY stuff
that costs like 15 bucks. My theory goes… Cat urine. (laughs) I had about a 40
minute drive or so home with the ball python, and on the way back, my car ended up smelling like cat pee, and I know what that smells
like, and it’s a strong smell, and it’s a very acidic type of urine. And I talked to the owners quite a bit, they were some of the most
caring owners that I talked to and they clearly did not
want to give this animal up, that they really cared about. Which we see often, there’s been a lot of really
great people that rehome, but these were not the kind of people that were just like,
I’m bored of the animal, I’m dumping it on you. They really went through
everything they could, and this was kind of
like their last resort, so that as they said themselves, they didn’t want to be
selfish in keeping it when they might be able
to get it more treatment. Which, they trusted me with
it, which is great to hear. So my point in adding that disclaimer is, I know that if this theory’s correct, it was not purposeful,
it was not their doing, they would have fixed it if they noticed, but I talked to them a bit, and they had many other animals, and I think that a cat peed
in the 40 gallon. (laughs) I took everything out, and
beneath the reptile carpet, there was this kind of
sticky layer of goop, and it reminded me of cat pee,
and it smelled like cat pee, so I did the awful job of cleaning it out, and by that I mean I made my
assistant Krista clean it out, and then it smelled great. And now he’s doing well. So yeah, I think a cat
peed in the 40 gallon. They treated him, it fixed
the respiratory infection, but there was still pee in the 40 gallon, therefore the infection came back. That’s my full theory. The husbandry is fine. Although I wouldn’t have used Repticarpet, the humidity was fine,
the heating was okay, okay size, he was on a usual diet, he was in, there’s not much else. What other variables are there? Cat pee, I think he… He’s just bothered by
cat pee, I would be too. Is my theory correct? I don’t know. (laughs) It’s not what I would have
expected going into it, but so far it’s the only
thing that’s come to mind, so if you have other predictions, you can leave a comment, maybe I’ll actually read the comments. Who knows, we’ll see. (laughs) I usually read the comments, sometimes. Usually. Until then, though, he’s
been doing quite well. He has not eaten yet, understandably, we’ve been having to bother him a lot, and he’s in a weird temporary tub. One of the great things
about this new house is we truly have a
quarantining system now. We did our best to keep all
the animals separate before, but we were constrained
to only a couple rooms, so quarantining was a little
more difficult at times, which I’m gonna go in more detail into, for once I give a house
tour and everything, and talk about all the changes more. But yeah, it’s actually in this room, there’s just a full shelf with the animals that have higher concern, and then we’re a lot more
careful in-between these animals. We have lots of cleaning
supplies, which we always have, like gloves and cleaners, and paper towel, and it’s really easy stuff to sanitize. It’s like a tub system, so
I’ll show that off shortly. But yeah, I wanted to go
over Peach, the ball python, who has had a really bad
respiratory infection that vets were unable to cure, but little old GoHerping
might have been able to in like, 20 minutes. Which obviously, yes, the
vets could have done it, if they were given the enclosure. I had the upper hand
because we got to actually investigate the tank that
he was in first hand. And just think about how
helpful that would be. Like, if vets came to your
house and saw your enclosure, they’d probably have a lot easier luck finding the root of the source. Maybe it’s completely off, and maybe the respiratory
infection will come back again, and if it does, there’ll
be a Part Two to this. If it doesn’t come back, I’ll probably leave this video as it is, and basically you can assume the respiratory infection’s gone. But you can follow me on Instagram, and I’ll keep doing
updates there at GoHerping. But I think it’s really
interesting little case. I’d love to do more individual videos, more videos on individual animals, and their unique little
things, their little quirks, they’re so quirky with
their random health issues, so I would like to continue doing that. So this is the building set. There’s nothing
reptile-related at this set. It’s so cliche, it’s a
mix of chic and cringe. I like it though, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll mix it up. Give me recommendations on
what I can put behind me, and what I can put on the shelves. Maybe I can just put some
animals on the shelf, I don’t know. But this is ya boy. The pastel ball python that’s hopefully going to heal up well, and that’s that. So as I continue to transition
back into a routine, since I’ve moved and
done a lot other stuff, as you’ve seen from the last video. A lot’s been happening. If you’re interested in an animal, you can go check out EmeraldScales.com. As of uploading this, there
are zero animals on the site. But don’t worry, also
as of recording this, I’m about to put up five boas for sale, of two different species. So you can also follow on Instagram there, at _EmeraldScales, or just
keep watching the videos, and I’ll hopefully show you. I think that’s all I need to plug. This is Peach, I’m Alex,
and thank you for watching. (chilled-out electronic music)

Randy Schultz

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  89. Mr.ZeForume says:

    Possible hole in his lung, or trachea. That kazoo, whistle is a forced exhale creating a whistle. It could also be an allergic reaction to something in his tank, or in the air. The build up could get better over time. Just a personal opinion. I really like the cat urine theory though. That seems really really clever, so credit to you sir.

  90. Rango the beardie says:

    Hello this was a great video, guess what, I just got a bearded dragon!

  91. Yaya's Playhouse says:

    I love how young you where when you got into this hobby and that you have advanced so much at a young man. Keep up the good work!!!

  92. MissyCruelWolf Art says:

    I’m going to be completely honest. His little kazoo breaths sound adorable. I’m glad that he’s better, though!

  93. Ashley Reed says:

    Two things…#1 That wheeze from Peach was adorable. #2 Spanish/ Carribean moms rejoice!!! Because my mom used to vapor rub me FOR EVERYTHING.

  94. neilclarkwork says:

    My ball python went off feeding for 3 months. The last meal she ate was a large rat. It was her first large size rat. After much trial and error and observation I’ve come to the conclusion that she was traumatized by the size of that meal and from that point, actually had a fear of rats. This may sound stupid but I’ve seen her run away and hide when presented with a medium rat. After this observation I offered her a large mouse and she took that right away just this week. Anyway, it was your video series on sonny that allowed me to not worry about it so much and just take the time to observe and overcome her fasting. So thank you for that.

  95. laura g3 says:

    That avo painting is ????

  96. Laura Sanford says:

    Alternate title: Hotboxing Your Herp (for fun & profit)

    it might also have been a virus

  97. Colleen Catlady Hardesty says:

    Have you ever thought of becoming a vet tech?

  98. Tobi Kms says:

    I just got the notification?

  99. SkyStone says:

    I've actually done that Vaporub thing myself when I had some really bad chest congestion. It's really interesting that it works with snakes, I never would have thought you could do that.

  100. Esther1897 says:

    Sounded like you were in need of some vaporub as well ?

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