Why Some Humans Are Born With Tails

Why Some Humans Are Born With Tails

Look down at your body. Some of that stuff
doesn’t do anything, and I’m about to call it out. Get ready. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. Trace here chatting
from DNews in DC. Your body is filled with
genetic and biological garbage. Not just the junk
DNA we’ve talked about in the past
but actual structures that your body took the
time to put together. And they don’t do anything. A couple of new studies just
completed by researchers at Boston University
and the University of Liverpool
focused on our feet. Take off your shoe and try and
bend your foot in the middle. The average human foot should
only bend in one place, at the ball. But 1 out of every
13, at least, can bend a second joint in
their foot just like chimps. Everyone’s got that joint. But a lot of us,
we can’t bend it, because our bodies
added a tough ligament once we started walking upright. Those with softer
ligaments, they can bend their foot like me. Not Anthony, though,
and he’s jealous. And that’s not all. That’s just one of the things
that you can do at parties. Genetic stuff we once
needed that is now irrelevant or
non-functional is called vestigial, a vestige of
our evolutionary past. Leftovers like the second foot
joint are all over in our DNA. The appendix was useful
at one point, for example, but now it’s just
kind of chilling. Some primates have
appendices and use them to digest tough
cellulose, but we really don’t eat that anymore. So now we don’t need it. Over the generations
of humans, it’s become slowly less pronounced. But it’s still present like an
evolutionary intestinal time bomb. Another is this vestigial tail. It’s just one of
those weird things that our DNA gives embryos
as a genetic leftover. But usually, they’re given the
command to die by the genes while you’re still in the womb. But rarely we make
it through birth with this vestigial extension. If you’re still in
doubt about evolution, then combine the tail with
a condition called lanugo, or a fine growth of hair
that can develop on a fetus. And it sometimes is
present at birth. So we have tails and we’re
covered in fur at birth, and somehow we didn’t
evolve from animals? Get out of town. We have a whole other host of
vestigial items– goosebumps, tonsils, wisdom teeth,
and other things left over from when we had fur. We had more primitive
immune systems, and we used
cellulose-based diets. My favorite, though–
our third eyelid. We have a vestigial third
eyelid just like reptiles, guys. It was designed to
keep the eyeball moist and to protect it. And now we put that baby in a
corner, genetically speaking. What is an evolutionary
trait that you wish we hadn’t dropped? There are a bunch of lists
online if none of these tickle your fancy. Or just, you know, let
us know in the comments. Thanks for watching
DNews, everyone, and keep your DNA clean, OK.

Randy Schultz

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    3rd eyelid? How to control it?

  3. TikiMillie says:

    i was covered in hair at birth i was a lil chimp 😀

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  8. Noah EB4311 says:

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  9. Sam Belliveau says:

    wanna refrase "keep ur dna v
    clean" u sound like a kkk member

  10. Walker says:

    So we evolved from bananas and lizards too?

  11. grymhild says:

    if the body needs to flush out the digestive tract, the appendix acts as a reservoir for good bacteria colonies to repopulate the digestive system

  12. Brandon Ruiz says:

    This dude yeah bro no we didnt come from animals or monkeys and shit we came from eden adam and well the devil

  13. Brandon Ruiz says:

    "Jesus" real name is yahushua

  14. Andrew Bos says:

    Tail i wana tail

  15. Suprena Neal says:

    They ain't human if they have tails

  16. Friendly Inquiry says:

    my foot hurts now

  17. RICO VALENTINO says:

    I was born with a tail.. but I have mine in the front. It's 91/2inch??????????

  18. Romeo Mirdan says:

    I think you should correct the part about appendix as it has recently been proved to be very useful organ after all.

  19. XxStrawberries4MexX 0.0 says:

    1.9 thousand delusional religious people clicked on this video.

  20. Andres Patino says:

    Reptilian seduced eve in the garden in Genesis. We have reptilian in us, from reptilian having sex with human.

  21. 彡 БЦLLΞΓ CLЦБ 彡 says:

    What if everyone had tails you would have to clean that thing every day

  22. lighting fast says:

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  25. JacquesVideos7 says:

    Maybe we didn’t have tails but we are getting tails as we evolve almost every other creature on this planet has a tail but us. I believe that we are not originally from earth

  26. outertale sans says:

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  31. Big Lou says:

    Only the kings & queens of all the various forms of fools in the world can seriously entertain the thought of humans evolving from anything other than the humans who produce us.

    God created man from the dust of the earth. The End.

    Big Bang and evolution are nothing but religion for fools and the utterly stupid. Amen.

  32. Spac3d0ut says:

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    Dis was 6 years ago ●~●

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  35. Origins686720 says:

    The tail part is BULLSHIT, Africans don't have that, everybody else does, it's the Neanderthal genetic left overs from before we mixed with them! Africans never evolved from Apes, the rest did, FACTS. RACISM and DARWIN INVENTED BULLSHIT AND PUT IT ON AFRICANS. FACT. PERIOD!

  36. Yriyah Yriyah says:

    I disagree. I'm not a primate. I do not have any trace of Neanderthal DNA.

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  40. Minecraft Gurl says:

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  46. Mm Israelite says:

    the freaky thing about this mishap is 75% of the Caucasians up here are rejoicing and wishing to have and keep their real genetic habitats that they are born with, how ironic is this mishap with a world full of half beast and half human, then we wouldn't be able to know the animals from you people, I wouldn't want to be a Caucasian if my life depended on it, you can keep it, I won't miss nor see you in my next lifetime around, thank heaven's

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  59. Vincent Productions says:

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  67. Black Prince says:

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  68. Lotus says:

    I wish humans were born with wings that would be dope

  69. A says:

    I don't have wisdom tooth. Evolution continues.

  70. G Castro says:

    What Scientific fact are you using to arrive at the conclusion that humans had tails at some point? According to the scientific method, for a scientific discovery to hold true it requires Observation and Testing. Who has done testing on this to arrive at that conclusion? I see you are using the apparent "tail" in fetus inside of the womb as the "Observation" part of the scientific method. However how does that prove anything? So lets pretend that the fetus does have a tail (although calling it a tail is in itself highly debatable), then why does it disappear in a matter of weeks or months? Isn't evolution suppose to take millions or billions of years and yet you are saying this happens in weeks for the fetus? For scientist to make an affirmation they need to FOLLOW THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, rather than jumping to conclusions and start teaching this in schools and universities as a "Fact". Also the fact that some babies are born with a deformity that some call a tail does not support the idea of a previous tail since a deformity proves nothing. When a baby is born with 2 heads, would you also say that we all used to have 2 heads? Does that mean we all came from an Alien? Deformity proves NOTHING! What the bible says about creation is what makes the most sense . Defects and mutations does not equal evolution.

  71. Mohamed Sayed says:

    it called Spina Bifida ignorant
    it is a disease and that is a CDC link about it

  72. TRUTH research says:

    The idea that we evolved from apes is a matter of belief or choice. There is absolutely no science even conventional that 'proves' this "theory". My ancestors were not animals but I believe that yours were because it is your choice to believe it

  73. Kim Sparks says:

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  74. RainBowPanda says:


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    Why they say sum humans thats them whitefolk, leave Us out of it. this video is goin in every circle he can find to avoid the truth.

  78. Robin Obinray says:

    The answer is hinted to in the thumbnail. Reptilian genetical engineering.

    Our souls/spirits take on a framework of 'slave class reptilian hybrid'. But our bodies are not our essences/intelligences. We are just contained within vessels/adapters – read ancient hinduistic/buddhist teachings and scriptures.

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