– There’s no real easy
way to go about this other than just picking up this turd. Stop, stop. Oh no.
– Oh God! (electronic music) Hey, good morning everybody.
Welcome to the Vlog They said you wanted to keep big – uh oh. (laughing) Oh my gosh, this is so terrible. Hey, good morning everybody,
welcome to the vlog They said I wanted to keep big snakes, uh yeah, and Lucy right over here is in the absolutely the
worst possible position you could ever get when
it comes to the fact that I am literally
staring down her right now. I am trapped in this corner. There’s a bunch of poop in this thing that I have to clean. I’m not exactly sure what to do. There is no easy thing and I can’t believe I
just picked up a turd. I hope that you guys have an amazing day. What do you say we try to
figure this situation out? So Andrea, you think we’re gonna put Lucy in that? – Oh. (laughing) I didn’t think about it, it’s okay. – Andrea was thinking, she’s
just trying to be helpful, like oh we’ll put Lucy in here. A little bit too small. I’m actually gonna try to clean Lucy without taking her out. I think it would be less stress on her. Definitely gonna be more stress on me. So let’s go ahead and
just see what happens. There’s no real easy way to go about this other than just picking up this turd and throwing it in here. I never really expected her to have these big ol’ turds in here. And yes, by the way, this
is how big snake turds look. Yeah, they said you
know, keeping big snakes was gonna be fun. Opening up a zoo– oh whoa whoa whoa. Okay Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, oh my gosh this is a terrible,
terrible, terrible position to be in. I mean legitimately, I am
within strike range right now. And you can see, I am in a corner. There’s nothing I can do. Oh my God. So basically, what I need to do is get all these freakin’
elephant turds outta here and then I need to drain the pond, and obviously we need to wash the pond out really, really good. Oh God, in the meantime, it is I mean she is so focused
on striking at me. Oh no!
– [Man] Oh my God! Oh God! – Stay right here, stay right here. Stay right here, stay right here. Okay. – [Man] That was a scary movement. – Yeah, this is awesome. It’s fantastic. Good idea Brian. Let’s build a big cage that you
have to crawl into to clean. (laughing) Okay, Lucy. Stop, stop, stop. Lucy! Come on, I’m trying
to do a good thing for you. (laughing) Fun times, guys, fun times. – Alright, we’re reset. – No, don’t come this way. No! No! Oh gosh. – [Man] Damnit. – OK. What’s gonna happen now? What in the world is she doing? (laughing) Okay, Lucy. (suspenseful music) Stop, stop. Jump up here. I gotta get these big urates out. So basically what I wanna do is get all the big chunks outta here so that way when I open the drain up, holy cow, she is so ready to
hit me it’s not even funny. That way when I open the drain
up, we don’t clog the drain. I think that we have enough
of the big chunks out that this will all go down. Alright, so now the next fun part is I have to undo the drain. Oh my gosh. I’m gonna use the garbage
can, just– Uh Oh! Lucy! Relax! Using the garbage can to just try to keep it in between me and her. Oh! Come on, Lucy! What can I do? – [Man] I don’t know there’s
not much room in here. With this big ol’ snake. – Yeah, and I gotta get closer. That’s the downside. – [Man] Yeah. (suspenseful music) Uh oh, she’s moving. – She starts coming my
way, you gotta tell me. ‘Cause I’m focused on
this drain right now. I can’t see her at all, so I’m 100% relying on you guys, alright? – [Man] Yeah. She’s moving a little bit. She’s moving. – Smells great. – [Man] Smells horrible. – OK. Alright, so we
got the drain out guys. (laughing) It’s comical really,
to be honest with you. Alright, so we just have to drain this out and wash everything down, disinfect, clean her up, hopefully get
some water back in here. And then that should be it. Just a typical day at work, you know. Nothing special here. This is definitely not a
job for the feint of heart. Got her all cleaned up. We’ve disinfected, shop
vacced out a couple times. Just really need to fill this back up and then we can go ahead and
let Lucy go on her merry way, and not have to face her anymore. She’s definitely taking
more than a handful of pops at me while I’ve been in here. I love this cage, I think
Lucy loves this cage. But it definitely is
a little bit heralding to get in here, so regardless, this job seems to be coming to an end without any injury. So that’s always a good thing. Things just keep getting crazy and I keep putting off
finishing out this edge. So today, I am definitely
gonna rock the front of this, rock over there, gotta
rock this side over here. And then ultimately put the timber beams all on the edges here so
that Lorie can come back and actually touch everything
up and make it all finished. But I definitely wanna get this done today so I can actually start
working on the enclosures. And maybe even for this weekend coming up when we’re open at The Reptarium, we’ll have animals in here. I actually have a few new
animals that are coming either later this week or next week, and by the way, next week, we are heading off to
NERD in New Hampshire and we’re picking up the big monitor and a few other cool surprises. I cannot wait to share this with you. So as for now, I’m gonna
get rockin’ these walls. (electronic music) So I’m with Jessica
and she’s gonna show us a handful of really crazy geckos
that we produced this year. So what, oh my gosh, what the heck. That’s a bell I’m assuming. – It is, but isn’t it so bright? – It is bright and it’s bizarre pattern. It’s a head eclipse, so
I think that’s what the bizarre patterning is. – Oh my gosh that thing is crazy. – But it’s also a temperature sex male so it’s a lot brighter.
– Oh so that’s Yeah the males, yeah. It’s interesting, you incubate
at higher temperatures, the color actually is a little bit better, believe it or not, which is really weird. You guys know I’m gonna
like this next one, that’s for sure. The dalmatian ones. What’s the deal with this? – This one’s really cool. Do you see that paradox spot right there? – It’s crazy, it’s got that
big white blotch on it. – It’s just super snow white and yellow. – It’s a super snow white and yellow, and is that what all
the dalmatian ones are? – Yeah, but most of those
guys are head eclipse, this guy doesn’t actually
have any eclipse in him. – Oh my gosh that’s awesome. Just wanna give you a real quick peek after we have the actual sides on. You can see how much it
kind of comes together. Again, Lorie will touch it up and make it look so much better. But once you have the wood on the sides, it all kind of comes
together and molds into one. The cages are kinda lookin’ good so it almost looks like it’s done. It’s not quite done because trust me, when Lorie puts those finishing touches, it’ll be awesome, they’ll be seamless. It’ll be really, really incredible, but hey, that’s one
more huge project down. Now I just have to put the glass in. Make sure all the backdrops are sealed, and then put bedding in and animals in. Now I gotta decide what
animals to put in there and like I mentioned before,
I have a couple surprises coming to these cages. Take a look at this. So this is, let me guess,
a super snow eclipse? – Yes. (laughs) I knew it! That’s where you get
those crazy pied markings. Oh my gosh , that one is super pied – Heck yeah, this one is like
the most pied we’ve produced. – That’s awesome. – This is one of the first
ones that hatched out, but this is out of our
dark line obviously. – Oh my gosh, it’s wild,
its like super charcoaly. I mean that thing is so cool,
and the eyes are so dark. – Heck yeah, no. These guys are super weird,
they go through phases where they’re dark like this, and sometimes they’re
a little bit lighter. – It’s almost like they flair
up like a gargoyle gecko. That is bizarre. That thing is cool — Oop! There it goes. So Eric not only is supposed to be on his honeymoon right
now, but on top of that, they’re very sick. So in a way its kinda good that you aren’t on your honeymoon. – Thank God, yeah. I’d never
imagined we’d get sick. Yeah I think it’s from
hugging and kissing everyone, and so much contact during the wedding and picked up something from someone so. – So they’re braving out but
I told ’em to go home again, because they need to get rest. I mean we need them long
term, as a matter of fact this weekend you said you
were going to be at the zoo. – Yeah I will be at the Reptarium, no matter rain or shine, I’ll be there. – So if you guys wanna
come and catch a virus, you can come hug on Eric this weekend. No, he’ll be better by this
weekend, he’ll be 100% good. But thank you for hanging in there – No worries – Definitely go home and get some rest. – Thank you – I’ve mentioned in the past
that we’re really gonna let the animals tell us
like where they wanna go as far as the enclosure. If they’re gonna be stressed out, or if they need move around. Unfortunately Riko, our blacktail cribo, which I think is one of the
more impressive display animals that we had just wasn’t adjusting well. I mean, he basically would
smash his head on the cage unless we have a high spot in there where he would actually be able
to just hide underneath it. And then he would just hide
and no one would ever see him. So we pulled Riko back
off, we may give him a shot again in the future, I don’t know. At least I can certainly
bring him over for people to handle because he’s a
really impressive snake. But what it did do, was
give us an opportunity to put this female blood python, that is actually really
docile, on display. Not only is she a real gorgeous and beautiful display animal, but again she’s really chill and super
docile for a blood python. So we wanna make sure we
continue to have animals that people could pull out,
can hold, and actually enjoy. So this is gonna be a new
display animal for those of you that are coming to the
Reptarium this weekend, and you will see her on display. And hey, if she gets settled in, we may actually even pull her
out and let people handle her. There we go sweetheart. Enjoy your cage. Enjoy your cage sweetie. Ah, she looks so good
in there. Oh my gosh. That’s an impressive animal
and I’ve always loved blood pythons, because
they’re so wide-bodied and they have such a unique color with that red coming through. This is absolutely amazing, I’m so happy we’re actually gonna have
a blood python on display. And its even cooler that a blood python, that happens to be docile as well. So I can’t wait for you
guys to come and see this new girl out, and by
the way she does need a name. So go in the comments and let me know what you would name this
beautiful red blood python. Lorie is actually down in Florida for a couple days at
Disney with my daughter, Eric and Marie are sick,
Andrea is off this weekend. Yeah a lots going on and I don’t
have a lot of support here. So, should be an interesting
weekend at the Reptarium. With that said, I’d made
mention that we’re getting a handful of really cool
animals here next week. And I cannot wait to show you guys. I’m actually leaving early next week to head out to New England
Reptile Distributors, my buddy Kevin McCurley at NERD. And we’re picking up some amazing animals. And I also have a couple
animals I really want to get. The problem is Lorie’s
not too excited about it. They’re really unique and I
want them more than anything. You know, having the zoo
now kinda gives me excuse to have really cool animals. So in the past, I basically
was buying animals to breed for BHB Reptiles. So Lorie and myself
sometimes kinda butted heads, because it’s like, they were
some big investment animals that I would be buying in hopes that I would eventually breed them
and it would be profitable. Now with the zoo its kind of a completely different situation. And what I mean by that is
that it’s kinda given me an excuse to buy a ton of animals
that I’ve always wanted, but weren’t necessarily a great investment from a breeding standpoint. So now I’m like, oh my
god it would just be a really great display
to have as an animal. With that being said, it still
has to have to make sense. Th reason I’m telling you
this is there’s a couple of animals that I really want to get, but they’re kind of expensive and I know Lorie’s probably not
that excited about it. And the truth is I can see her side. The truth is, is that we have
a ton of really cool animals, do we really need a
couple more cool animals? My argument is yes, we
always need cool animals. I want to have animals that people will never see going
anywhere else but here. So, it’s a tough thing,
and I don’t really know what to do to help try and convince Lorie. Now let me just backup by
saying that Lorie has been so supportive of everything
I’ve done at the zoo. As a mater of fact, BHB was really kind of my brainchild way back in the day and Lorie’s always been a part of that. This was actually as much
her idea as it was my idea. When we first started talking about it, she said “Yes, we gotta do that!” And even when I went 55,
almost $60,000 over budget, she was completely supportive
of every step of the way. So with that being said, it is important that I continue to really
respect her choices as well as my own. But boy o’ boy would I
love to get these animals. I can’t really say a whole
lot more about it until then. Lorie’s gone for the next few days, when she gets back I’m gonna have a really good heart-to-heart with her. Kind of explain my side of it. And then together Lorie and
myself will make a decision. She’ll either get on board, or I’m just gonna have to pass on them. But lets hope that she gets on board. And with that being said,
this is the first night I can remember in a long time that I was actually home in the evening. And that bright thing
in the sky was still up. I have been working so late every night, as a matter of fact I can’t even remember what my pond looks like in the evening. It is nice to be home. So I’m just gonna chill,
out myself and Noah. Obviously Lorie is down in Florida, and I am gonna end the vlog and I am gonna wish you guys
an amazing day, evening, whenever you happen to be
watching. Thank you so much! Your support means the
world to me, and truly, I know I say it every time
but I really do mean it, I love you guys so much. Can you do me a couple favors
before we get outta here, can you smash that like button, turn those post notifications on, leave a comment so I can read about you, be kind to some one and I promise I will see you guys tomorrow. (electronic music)

Randy Schultz

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