Why does a Chameleon change colors? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Why does a Chameleon change colors? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

7..8..9… I hope you all have hidden guys..10! Ready or not? I am coming… Hey, there you are Mr. Bird.
No No, don’t try to hide. I gotcha! And there you are Miss. Butterfly! I need to find Mr. Chameleon now. My my, that’s going to be a tough task! That’s right, my friend. Nobody ever defeated
Mr. Chameleon in this game! After all, he can change his colour
and trick you anytime! Good luck Dr. Binocs. We are off! Did you see that friends? Let Mr. Charmeleon hide for some more time.. ..till then I’ll tell you
why do Chameleons change colours! Zoom In! Chameleons are pretty famous
for their colour changing abilities. But do you know why they change their colour? Well, they do this to
regulate their body temperatures.. ..hide from predators or to signal their intentions
to other chameleons. There are several layers in a chameleon’s skin. The outermost layer is transparent,
beneath this layer.. ..there are a few more layers that contain a
pigment called Chromatophores.. ..which contain light reflecting cells. The chromatophores at each level are filled with
sacs of different kinds of pigment. The deepest layer contains melanophores,
which contain Brown Melanin. Melanin is the same pigment that gives
different shades to the human skin. The layer above this, contains cells called
iridophores, which contain a blue pigment.. ..that reflects blue and white light. Above this layer, there are cells called
xanthrophores and erythrophores.. ..which contain yellow and red pigments
respectively. When a chameleon experiences any kinda
change in its body temperature or mood.. ..the chromatophores expand or contract and
hence, there’s a change in its colour. Chameleons generally use bold colours
to communicate to their friends around. Males become bright to establish their dominance
and sometimes turn dark when they are aggressive. When they want to hide from their predators.. ..they turn to green or brown
and merge with the surroundings. Did you know that a chameleon can in see
two directions at the same time? Yes, it has a 360 degree vision. A chameleon’s tongue strikes its victim in 0.07 secs! That is really fast! So you couldn’t find me Dr. Binocs! Well, you’re indeed the champion
of Hide and Seek! So this is me Zooming Out,
tune in next time for more fun facts!

Randy Schultz

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