Why do TIGERS have stripes?

Why do TIGERS have stripes?

Do you want to know why tigers have stripes? Let’s watch and learn. Tigers are hunters. Everything they do is to help them catch food
easier. They have to wait, hide, and hunt to get enough
meat for survival. Tigers live in areas where grasses grow very
tall or in dense jungles with masses of undergrowth. The striped skin or fur of a tiger is an adaptation
for survival in the tropical forests and grasslands. Tigers have stripes so that they can easily
hide from their prey. They have developed a very effective camouflage. Tigers will stay quiet and sneak up on their
prey. Their camouflage allows them the best chance
to catch their prey. With the help of their stripes, they can get
as close to their prey as possible without being spotted. Most animals in the wild don’t see in color
or as vividly as humans. The orange color of tigers helps them to blend
in with the wild grasses. The black stripes break up the orange color. For the animals in the wild, it looks as grass’s
shadow. As a result, the prey can not see the tiger. This makes tigers one of the best hunters
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