Why are lions smarter than tigers?

Why are lions smarter than tigers?

Many social animals, like humans, have large brains and sophisticated cognition. Is this true for social carnivores like lions and hyenas or are solitary meat-eaters like leopards and tigers just as smart? To get the treat from this puzzle box, the Hyenas didn’t take long to figure out they needed to pull the rope. Lions came in second. Some spent time exploring the box, which is also indicative of having smarts. This leopard is also a busy explorer, and scores. But only 6 of the 11 leopards tested opened the box. Tigers came in last. Only two of these seven big cats, like this one, opened the door. The task doesn’t require being socially intelligent. Yet, the group-living carnivores were better at it. That suggests that there’s something about being social that makes us smarter overall.

Randy Schultz

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36 thoughts on “Why are lions smarter than tigers?

  1. Marcos Vinícius Petri says:

    I guess I'm going to give some ants my homework assignments then.

  2. LordsOfTheLands says:

    Dolphins, Apes, are all the smartest animals and are social, so I agree some what with this. Lions are much smarter.  I always thought a tiger was atleast as smart as a black leopard but even they beat them in this. I have seen other puzzles done by other big cats and the Lion came in first and the tiger always second to last or last place. I think this test was good and bad. as in other tests Lions did better then the hyenas. there should have been more then one test to confirm the actual places of these animals. but the tiger in all other places are confirmed in last.

  3. Hoggarth The Wise Smeagol says:

    but would a lion be smarter in a solitary situation? There are many facets of intelligence

  4. La Declan says:

    In a 2015 show that that tigers are smarter then lions this stupid and they used real since

  5. Life4death says:

    Thinking about humans we sometimes see the high IQ or book smart people as being socially awkward.

  6. thebosss wolf says:


  7. MVRX 04 says:

    lion will open car door

  8. Edward Krill says:

    are not… Tigers are by far a lot smarter than any other cats…

  9. Ross Wind says:

    The excuses given before was tiger is the most intelligent cat because he as to resolved problems alone and as a relative bigger brain.. All solitary cats have to resolve problem alone. All lions hunt alone too. Male would patrol territory often alone.  Some nomads lions are alone. In addition lions are social they have to resolved interaction problems. In addition lions do different tactics of group hunting not only each one knows their role they are aware of others too. They need to communicate synchronized attacks. There are no proven relation on relative brain size and intelligence. It's an old believed imagined without any proof only to suit the Darwin's ideology. Social animals are usually on the top of the list of the most intelligent. Suddenly its changes because it is cats?  There are only one true social feline it is the lion.  It is not surprising that he did better that the two other social cats. Quests what, the tiger had the biggest brain he came last.

  10. Nature's Emperor says:

    lions smarter than Tigers? I beg to differ!

  11. Ross Wind says:

    Lions used complicated hunting tactics, that alone should be enough to show the lion's intelligence superiority. Came the intelligence tests and again the lion showed is superiority over the other big cats. WAIT THERE IS MORE.  You want to known how bright lions can be?  A Russian man use his lioness as a sheep guardian! This lioness learn to guard sheep as sheep dogs do.  http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-36695176/the-lion-herding-sheep-in-russia-s-dagestan  See two other links.

    Russian 2016 article with pictures


  12. J cruz says:

    Tigers are the smartest out of all big cats, type in big cat games and u will see the tiger comes in 1st place!!!

  13. TheLeopard says:

    Most Tigers are inbred…

  14. Volcanic says:

    Tiger is smarter tiger brain 300 grams lion brain 150-200 grams

  15. Vitor Hugo says:

    the greatest human minds of all time where from people who where lonely or not so social, so this is bullshit science!

  16. Vitor Hugo says:

    penguins and seals are smart ?!?

  17. Juddy Hopps says:

    Fuck lions tigers are smarter

  18. Tiger owns Lions says:

    Bitch they're not fucking smarter

  19. Shane Cordova says:

    Tigers are much smarter than lions that’s a fact this is a dumb video beware of YouTube facts lol

  20. Achanta Sriram says:

    lion always hunt in pride Because they are king .king's always move with soldiers

  21. Hassan Alzaher says:

    All I saw is stupid human doing some pseudoscience.

    How on earth did you know the reason an animal bit the rope and pulled it?
    Did they act instinctively as when they see a snake-like thing, or they ignored it because it's obvious for them a non-living object?

    a plethora of potential questions would leave this study with only one firm conclusion: stupid humans a the last to study nature, whenever they do, they yield a YoutTube video that's an utter waste of time.

  22. N D says:

    You wanted to arrive at this conclusion, and you did. But for me tiger is always the smartest. Why? Because tiger is the only animal who I saw could successfully carry a long stick in its mouth horizontally through a gate. I have seen funny videos of all animals failing to do it. But this tiger I saw just held the stick at its tip instead of the middle and easily went through the gate. It was so cool.

  23. Patrick Cohen says:

    it's not a surprise. It's sad to see tiger fanboys in denial here.

  24. Miss Animal Lover says:

    This also proves how dogs are smarter than cats, dogs are naturally very social animals. Cats are to in some way but not like dogs.

  25. XZagatoX says:

    Chance of random error is far too great with a sample that small. Still an interesting result from this experiment nonetheless

  26. Neol G says:

    This is absolutely made by a Disney lover. As always lion fanboys brag something about excuse out of their ass to prove their overgrown dog is superior rhan tigers.
    Let's debunk this vid.
    1st we r humans. So we r different from another species. Our ancestors rarely hunted and when they would they work out problems with the help of others. Where ass leopard, jaguar,
    Cheetah, tiger first think about their strategy and then hunt, solves their problem with their own. And its been oroven when u work out ur problem by ur own u increse ur brain capacity

  27. PrettyBoyErin says:

    Lions is not smarter then tigers.. learn your facts. Tigers is social too

  28. Wu Ted says:

    lol very weak correlation

  29. ISetYourFaceOnFire says:

    Ignoring the fact that tigers have a bigger brain than lions…but yea sure lions are smarter -_-

  30. KingCharles says:

    Are you guys stupid? You think just because a tiger brain is bigger than a lions means its smarter than all the other cats? Have you ever heard of bees? Scientists believe that bees could be in the same category as Dolphins and Apes proved through test and experiment. Search up Bees Dolphins and Apes intelligence.

  31. Jurassic Lion says:

    I think youd need to really test more and on more specimins of animal. That tigers living condition didnt look well while the other animals seem like they have better living areas. How much of being raised in a good stable environment instead of damp cage quarters plays into animal intelligence? What about in the wild – a wild lion and a wild tiger?

  32. Bones Jones says:

    hey look. tiger beats lion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HcYJKMxpcg&t=

    this really is a retarded science.

  33. Bones Jones says:

    maybe lion is more brave? more curious maybe? but not necessarily smarter? really? this is insanity.

  34. Nx Doyle says:

    You blew it within 10 seconds. Just as we shouldn't anthropomorphize animals, we should not use humans as an example when talking about the cognitive and behavioral traits of other animals. The hyenas got in, the lions were slower, the leopards slower still and the tigers didn't get in at all. The humans made the box, made the equipment that recorded the footage of the animals' interactions with the box, collected the data from the experiment and devised the experiment. Also, humans are the only ones who know that they are humans, and have a taxonomic system for other animals, as well as solid data on all the animals' speciation.

    Humans escaped the food chain, yet almost without exception natural history and zoological television programs imbue the animals depicted with human characteristics. It's a horrible flaw.

  35. Adejoke fayanju says:

    Your a idiot Tigers are more intelligent than Lions.

  36. Monkey D. Katakuri says:

    Tigers are smarter.

    Lol.. Tiger fanboys in your dreams. Lions synchronized attacks in hunting their prey is the proof that they are smarter than your over grown cats.

  37. omkar shinde says:

    Report this video

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