Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

The Rothschild family has been accused of
nearly every conspiracy we could find. They’re alleged to be leaders of secret societies,
run the world’s media and financial systems, and other shady dealings. The name Rothschild
is synonymous with extravagant, old world wealth. But we wanted to find out, who exactly
are the Rothschilds? In a number of our recent videos, we’ve
seen a lot of comments asking us to talk about the Rothschild family. This family has been
accused of nearly every conspiracy we could find. They’re alleged to be leaders of secret
societies, run the world’s media and financial systems, and other shady dealings. The name
Rothschild is synonymous with extravagant, old world wealth. But we wanted to find out,
who exactly are the Rothschilds? Well, the Rothschild family as we know them
today, began with Mayer Amschel Rothschild. He lived in the 18th century and served as
a “court Jew” for German nobility. As odd as it sounds today, a “court Jew”
was actually a respected banking position. At the time, the act of charging interest
for money borrowed, or “usury”, was prohibited by the Bible. However, Jews had no such religious
restriction, and so they were free to handle everyone’s finances. Rothschild quickly amassed a huge fortune
working for powerful European nobles, and married the daughter of another Court Jew.
They had five sons, who each established extensive banking industries in five major european
countries: Germany, Austria, Britain, Italy, and France. In order to keep their massive
fortunes from dispersing too widely, Mayer forced his children into arranged marriages
within the family, not unlike royal intermarriage. Moreover, his will barred female descendants
from a full inheritance. Since then, the Rothschilds have built up
their wealth even further by serving as Europe’s bankers during major conflicts, including
the French Revolution and both sides of the Napoleonic wars. They’ve also been involved
in funding massive projects like the Suez Canal, and once even bailed out the Bank of
England. But are they really part of a massive Jewish banking media conspiracy to establish
a new world order, as some are apt to believe? Well, all evidence points to “no”. Understandably,
many Rothschilds descendants hold high ranking business and banking positions around the
world. But, it’s not hard to see that old aristocratic families have greater access
to opportunity, and end up in high ranking positions other people may not have access
to. Additionally, although the Rothschild Group is one of the largest global investment
banks, the family is not nearly as rich as some make them out to be. A frequent figure
used in connection with the family’s wealth is 500 trillion dollars. It is estimated that
in the entire world there are between 1 and 2 quadrillion dollars, and in fact, the global
GDP is reportedly less than 100 trillion. So, the idea that the Rothschilds control
anywhere from half to a quarter of all the wealth on earth is effectively impossible. More realistically, The LA Times reports the
Rothschild fortune is estimated between 350 billion and 1 trillion dollars, which is still
a considerable amount. But that money is split among a large number of descendants, so Rothschilds
rarely appear on Forbes or Fortune wealth lists. While the old Jewish banking family
is certainly wealthy and relatively secretive, there is little to no evidence supporting
a vast conspiracy. But chances are, people who already believe there is one won’t be
convinced. Another, even more popular conspiracy group
is the secretive Illuminati. Do they really control the world? Is Beyonce a member? Find
out more in this video. Thanks for watching TestTube News, don’t forget to like and
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Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

  1. Odilio Sosanavarro says:

    They realy think there going to live forever what awaits them.

  2. Raymond Thompson says:

    They are Khazarian Jew converts!!! Not bloodline !!

  3. Susana Nieva says:

    This channel is a sell out!!

  4. Luis Ramos says:

    They never worked for their money.
    They PRINTED themselves those trillions of dollars.

  5. Chris Higgs says:

    Claims 'all evidence suggests no' – fails to provide a single shred of evidence. Considering the fact that members of the illuminate have publically admitted their agenda, I have no idea why this lad is so bloody clueless!

  6. serenity J says:

    Rothschild's family has been controlling the world for ages and then this guy comes and talk for three minutes to convince us that it's "not true"😂

  7. Stram Amindale says:

    They are ashkeNAZI jews,
    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    They are descended from the khazars, idol worshippers and satanists and are the controllers of mystery babylon. Research flatearth and you will see babylon

  8. AlmostSmart Q says:

    The reality is that the wealthiest people control the world collectively. Common sense. Not one family, multiple families. The wealthy associate with the wealthy and naturally coalesce with similar people with similar minds.

  9. immasoxfanbaby says:

    Et brick man. Landlords of earth

  10. Theo Haas says:

    Rothschild Morgan Rockefeller the evil globalist Elite political Global Puppet Masters guilty of crimes and terrorism Against Humanity to the guillotine

  11. Brandon Burbank says:

    They created every economical war. May they rot in the underworld FOREVER.

  12. Alex Perales says:

    Yeap~! You burn for entity for sure crimes against humanity, lost properties of lost pariticles 🤔< Mt 13:11"

  13. Alex Perales says:

    I don't care what you've done nothing is worth burning for entity 🤔👿🌗🌘🌕🌔🌖🌓🔥🐮

  14. Rosolino Lo Sciuto says:

    Le famiglie "mafiose sono intoccabili" come i vertici Religiosi

  15. Rigger says:

    Responsible for ww1 and ww2 and ww3

  16. Shays my Name says:

    Pronounced the "rawth-shield"s

  17. anthony James says:

    The Bible doesn’t discredit interest lol. Did you do no research at all? The parable is saying it’s better to acquire interest than bury the money in the ground.

  18. Matthew Vanio says:

    The Rothschild family are the most satanic people on earth, not to mention the rest of the 12 eleites, Rothschild's being highest of the 13.

  19. Carole Blaire says:

    Millions billions trillions. People dying of hunger orphaned children, child abuse animal abuse. Corrupt governments. Its a disgrace to humankind.

  20. Scott Maltby says:

    Their name is not Rothschild. It is Bauer. Guess what else isn't true? 😎

  21. Tara Moore says:

    Should be a crime to be that rich and not distribute wealth to the most needy

  22. lonewolf soul says:

    😂😂😂😂 as if we expect to see truth coming out of mainstream media

  23. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    The only thing is they aint jewish at all
    They are europian

  24. Salvatore Cavallaro says:

    Watched a video once of the queen of England blaming a Rothchild for a financial crisis to his face. They funded many wars by lending to governments at high interest. Wars to them are blood sacrifice to god.

  25. Never Mind says:

    Communist Red China got more money than this Jews
    Muslim Saudi Arabia got more money than this Jews
    Christian Switzerland got more money than this Jews
    Muslim Qatar got more money than this Jews
    Christian US got more money than this Jews
    Buddhist Singapore got more money than this Jews
    No Religion Hong Kong got more money than this Jews
    Buddhist Japan got more money than this Jews
    Now what's all the hatred about them Rich Jewish People….??? is it "Jealousy ???

  26. Helyo Raizor says:

    okay fine…Rothschild rule the world…Who cares?!

  27. Issachar says:

    They are guilty of all conspiracies they are accused of

  28. Issachar says:

    This family is not of Israel! They are imposters!

  29. Joeys Publicist says:

    Our revenge will be . . . bloody.

  30. james maulding says:

    not no more devil cabal

  31. AshBoi SG4LIFE says:

    The wicked

  32. eatyoulikeacupcake says:

    Wow all my life I'm knowing this now

  33. TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE 2021 says:

    Jews smile WHILST you still can. You GENOCIDE NATION

  34. actressbrookesingleton says:

    I like the video but the background music makes me feel like I'm playing Nintendo..

  35. J Mallett says:

    The reason this group of individuals claim that their family doesn't have as much money as they really do is because of the way they manipulate the money. If the money is in hedge funds and trusts, it is not directly in their name. This family is involved in the money system we are in and for the vatican. They are masters of manipulation through secrecy and deception. They will pretend to be pillars of their community, however they are glorified thugs and criminals. The being they worship is not the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, it is the one who gives them worldly things, influence, and positions. We are nothing more than slaves or cattle to them, they think they usurp the position of the true God. They better enjoy what they have for the moment, karma is coming and it has a package with their names on it.

  36. Amiga Amigo says:

    They sent family members across the world to set up a banking system that they would network and control.

    Personal wealth needs capping

  37. MUDASSAR IMAM says:

    Rothchild hide amount how would u able to know? they the one who r running the show.

  38. Adolf Hitler Sr. says:


  39. Lil U zifer says:

    350 billion ? Are you stupid ?
    If only Bill Gates have more than 70 billion himself, you can even mensure Rothschild's wealth.
    They own most of all important banks around the world so they surely have more than 10 trillions for sure.

  40. Cats Are cute says:

    Lies !

  41. Steve Lee says:

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  42. Morty Shpritzlestienberg says:

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  43. Sunshine Mama says:

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  47. jose martinez says:

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  48. The Laugh Box says:

    The fact that he is trying to deflect about the Rothschild's😈 says a lot!! They have been and always will be an evil family. They are not even real Jews, black people are the real Israelites. Show me how they fit the curses that The Most High has set, the curses are perpetual not singular. I see too much repition, indoctrination and conditioning going in this country for it to be just a conspiracy theory!! Good one guys, try again.

  49. werewolf king says:

    Someone should shoot them up or shoot up every masonic lodge in the usa

  50. John Connor says:

    Gods and Spirits in Aether hear me now! If you want to anyone's soul,take his and his family's! For each of evil and wicked their souls is worth of 1000 ordinary souls. Take him!Take him!Take him!

  51. Yuichiro Nagai says:

    They fund both sides of wars where countless die. LET THAT SINK IN. That's all anyone really needs to know to reach a conclusion. Nothing can clean their hands.

  52. Sigma Geranimo says:

    They married with each other in one family. just like what happen to Ted Bundy.

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  56. Vincent Vega says:

    How manipulative and false. I have not even finished watching this and all but a little under a minute in I was already having to pause and double check on something because I noticed a discrepancy. He said that "collecting interest on money loaned" or "usury" was prohibited in the Bible but nowhere in the entire chapter of Luke 19 does it give any impression of that to be the case. As a matter of fact, that portion of Luke chapter 19 is even just a parable that Jesus was telling during his stay at the tax collector Zacchaeus' house, which had to do with a King telling his servants to take his money and make more from it. It states nothing of any interest prohibition smh.
    I don't understand how/why anyone can think its okay to just take the writing or words that someone else spoke and just completely alter it to fit their own agenda/narrative. However, I am glad that society as a whole has currently become more privy to looking information up on their own and discovering the truth. So many lies and absolute facades have inundated cultures worldwide and it has gotten to the point that no one knows what or who to believe anymore. No one can be trusted! It's sad really and I see no end to it.

    People have always smeared the truth to get their own way. It's a defense mechanism we learned to do very young without ever having to be taught. There is an old expression that I cant help but to believe is true and telling of human nature and that expression is "you never have to teach a child how to lie but you will always have to teach them to tell the truth". You see, our nature is selfish to its core because that is what primitive survival demands of us. Just like animals who will stop at nothing to eat the baby of another species. Survival is selfish. Without the morals, principles, and values that are instilled in us by our family, friends, and society as we grew up then we'd behave more primitively to each other. Resembling more animalistic characteristics in our behavior and interactions with one another. So the reality is, that these "Elites" as we like to call them, are actually less evolved than many of the rest of us. Simply because their actions/behavior are more selfish. They dont share that wealth, alot of which could actually solve and end literal WORLD issues. They hoard it to themselves and their family, and do things that make it even harder for the rest of us to simply get by. To me, thats more animalistic than a Coyote invading a Fox den and eating its young because of all the infant/young human children that have had to suffer as an inevtiable trickle down or even direct result of the decisions these "Elites" make. They aren't elite, they're animals.

  57. george Yemen says:

    As thoughts of a presence like them and there name I'm in aw there is nothing like the statement in a god given name

  58. Yah Ben Yah says:

    Don't believe a word that this guy is saying

  59. Arcy Kurwa says:

    Dont watch Me and snych Me . Dont bag for My Money and Chakras colors minds and famuły and some resoraki

  60. t f says:

    Evil family !!! I'm sure they are part of the "Protocos of the elders of zion"

  61. Corinne Rippie says:

    MORE GLOBALIST ILLUMINATI LIES Trying to brainwash you

  62. Jeffrey Kirton says:

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…

  63. Mustaphe Official says:


  64. Sumo Jake says:

    Why would I trust a Jew that’s telling me Jews don’t control the world?

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  66. BABA CACA says:

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  67. Theonlyonestanding says:

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  69. A Youtube Account says:

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    ThE RoThScHiLDs OwN ThE WoRlD.

  70. Mory Mory says:

    Don't they own most of the Federal Reserve banks? Remember Hillary's email to one of them, kissing their azz? They have maintained a banking system that works in their favor, not ours. This system will eventually implode.

  71. rastabarwell says:

    They all need to be injected with a very high dose of cancer cells.

  72. Nikhil Vetukadan says:

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  74. PEACE HEART LOVE says:

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  76. Phillis Mos says:

    How’d they become so rich and power? Satan. They sold their souls and make sacrifices to satan. It is so obvious. And it doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out. “There’s little to no evidence of them arranging a new world order” come on dude. This guy really thinks we were born yesterday. Like 😑??

  77. Daniel Gada says:

    This video was sourced by the Rothschild owned and controlled media. Thank you for watching. Please forget about us. Nothing to see here.

  78. Ovaldo Brown says:

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  79. Ovaldo Brown says:

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  83. Dino DiLabio says:

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  85. Alex Perales says:

    revelation 2:27 Joh 3:16 Mt 2:2 Acts 27:18

  86. Alex Perales says:

    i live for you God Grace glory love for you AND His people around the world core element foundation struture in humankind nature whenever forever Time. No opinión assumption just facts. ☣️<π√

  87. Alex Perales says:

    Mt 13:11 John 3:16 Revelation 2:27 Consolation Job 15:11 Phil 2:1

  88. yradg says:

    I guest your one of the Rothschild nephew ?

  89. peter carrick says:

    Not the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds are all lower on the totem pole subservient to the papal bloodlines of the Jesuits/black nobility.

  90. peter carrick says:

    why are you all so stupid

  91. diegooo1972 says:

    The 18k like are fake. Just take a look at comments.

  92. mrmashedpotato says:

    But Jews don't run the world. That's just an anti-Semitic trope.

  93. asian bhraman says:

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  94. Ayona Shakirah says:

    See no evil. Hear no evil. Think no evil.

    These people are sick and everyone working wit them. They're corrupted.

  95. stunah number tahi says:

    Rubish ! You say they aren't rich ? thats because they aren't stupid . They likely knew very well these accusations would come . So they would of soon learnt how to HIDE all their wealth .

  96. Michael Young says:

    Rothschilds family are the with the illuminati, the globalist, and the elite who rule the earth there bloodline filled with demons, abuse, pedogate, and control written all over it.

  97. Oppie Taylor says:

    The protocols of the elders of Zion is the Truth

  98. Oppie Taylor says:

    A racial program for the 20th century is not a hoax

  99. Mike Low says:

    Rothchild is hebrew for defecation

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