Who Discovered the First Dinosaur Fossils?

Who Discovered the First Dinosaur Fossils?

Certainly dinosaur fossils have been known
for a long time. In classical antiquity, Greek and Roman times, some of
these fossils that have even been illustrated and stuff were thought of as either monsters or as giants, but the first dinosaurs to be recognized
as an ancient lineage of reptiles were found in the English countryside in the
1830s when people actually, you know, found these things and they said,
that yes in fact that these are giant exticnt reptiles.

Randy Schultz

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5 thoughts on “Who Discovered the First Dinosaur Fossils?

  1. freespeachrulez says:

    So all these millions of years, all this time man lived on the earth nobody dug any holes or found any strange bones they recorded until the 1800's ??

  2. zela noid says:

    is it me or is it always theenglish to eighter the first to discover things and the first to patent it.

  3. eightgeorge says:

    Dinosaurs are fake and were discovered around the time that Darwin had told us that we came from monkey!! All the dinosaurs on display in museums are made from plaster!! Not one contains a real dinosaur bone. It was the imagination of the scientist that we get stegosaurus and T-rex from movies to brainwash you to thinking they are real!!

  4. David S says:

    Dinosaurs are a hoax


    There a lie it’s a billion dollar lie just like round earth outer space the moon landing it’s all fake wake up

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