Which Races Are Superior? Tiger Mom Has The Answer

Which Races Are Superior? Tiger Mom Has The Answer

tell your mom is back she and her
husband have written a book where they are offering advice about american
success and the three qualities that are necessary to be successful in the United
States the name in the book is called the triple package and they talk about
how I in order to be successful you need to
have three things the superiority complex insecurity and impulse control now the
reason why people are talking about this book right now is because it seems to be
racially charged or at least quarterly charged because she is saying that there are
certain cultures their superior than others she has this long list are they
have this long list I want to tell you which group are people they considered
the most successful they say Nigerians jus Chinese Indians iranians Lebanese
Americans cuban exiles and Mormons tend to be more
successful than everyone else and it’s because they have
those that triple package that she’s referring
to UK anybody else think triple pack to sell
really dirty okay yeah I’ll okay I was probably not
an accident they have a really a pretty good description of it on the
publisher site and I i thought that what the road kinda
gives you a better sense of where they’re coming from they say americans are taught that
everyone is equal that no group is superior to another but remarkably all %uh America’s most successful groups
believe even if they don’t say so loud that their exceptional chosen superior
in some way UK so what’s really interesting they
start off with that they continue America top it’s all this team feeling
good about yourself is the key to a successful life but in
all America’s most successful group people tend to feel insecure inadequate and they have to prove themselves okay
so is anybody missing the irony there ok come up how
do they were right that so the I get a break that down in two
different ways yes evolved yeah every all school ethnicity that
comes tonight as the nigerians the Chinese India’s think that they’re the
best the church thing to do the best the
Greeks think they’re the best are many as they did about as everybody thinks bucket but higher but Mike butter
Singapore greeks right and the greasy other board turks
right but you’re poor everyone because your the best for the best right but they’re not all on the list so
that’s dominant have itself the number two had
committed like they feel superior teams are so
insecure if there’s a superior why they so
insecure that absolutely right they merely contradict themselves so and and by the way making the
argument that self-esteem is actually and negative when it comes to becoming
successful with absolutely ridiculous if you have
self-esteem if you are so insecure I mean the most unsuccessful
people I’ve met are the most insecure you have to have a
certain degree of confidence and of course that’s completely different from
arrogance right you have to be willing to learn your you have to be willing to
take constructive criticism that’s how you improve but the thing I like all you need to be
super insecure no insecurity leads to really really bad behavior okay so let’s go further here said ceded
to to me the most telling the ethnicity
they put on their list or the cultural group whatever they want to call it keep 9000 you been exiles exactly here
to cuba is a cube are idiots right by the cuban exiles they’re
geniuses no you dumbass if the people who buy would become here
it’s a self-selected group right so all these people are in a sense
exiles like the that if they have in some way chosen to
leave their country so you think the Niger is a measure your genius is there
any is an hour in Iran are geniuses and that just no look the for small the idea that all
the different countries have different eldest levels a solo stupid it right but this example yes the Nigerians that
came here the cubans that came here et cetera showed willpower or extra effort big all the different
things that require that actually lead to success yeah not
your stupid categories right self-selected up their assaults like
that ended more iranians happen to come here more Chinese happen to come here et cetera right so that doesn’t mean
that the Chinese in the Iranians are smarter likes I give you of my ethnic Rohingya K like the church to go to Germany don’t
do as well socio-economic it was like america actually do great there among the top ethnicities in
breakdowns in in socioeconomic status why the turks in
germany are stupid and the ones in America or smart no because it’s really easy to go to
Germany so what I’ve heard Turks have not gotten a good education find their way to Germany to get who you
know jobs that don’t require a lot of Education so
there that socioeconomic group right and the people atm managed to you
following america it’s harder to get america to get to america or acquires often has more education to
come to America are self-selected group how can the law
professor not understand that also how unbelievably you know a new ring is that yeah look we
haven’t read her entire book right so we have to put that out there however it
would I think it would be negligent for her to
make these types of argument if she doesn’t address issues like
institutional racism the fact that people that are born into
a certain a socioeconomic status in the United States have a really hard
time finding up that economic latter especially in times like these when the economy is a disaster would win
the job market is a disaster those are all factors that you have to
come but have to come into play and many sociologists that have been
interviewed about this book have made the argument that you note
this really will live on anecdotal evidence it’s not really
scientific and in a lot of ways it’s irresponsible to
write this kinda stuff sup of course it is look it i’ve seen that
Nigerians are doing well in this country you know why cuz your
new immigrants the new immigrant groups always do because they’re all angry you think the Nigerians are ethnically
or culturally smarter than the canyons and the lebanese are clearly better than
the syrians how could you possibly think that pates its are not believable like for example
or her whatever three triple packages is impulse control yet when you cross
that border between Lebanon and Syria who that impulse
control goes out the window yeah and what do you think word and so
why do you think you were put Niger is at the top the list I know
I know it’s not a racial list so that’s a so Niger sure Nigerians long
would use the Chinese Polo Cup she’s Asian and her husband is
jewishness -2 in three well as a couple others in her what I
guess is that can be in you know thing it is they happen to be
among the superior race is not as the while coincidence right yeah an NBA will make the argument that this
is not about race this is about culture so I’m that’s what look at least 18
argument that for example jus emphasize education okay as that would be a perfect leave
good are you with Chinese emphasize education in America right and you know you can I make an
argument that they do back in China as well so those are interesting arguments right
to say that you got only a certain number of
cultural or ethnic group and these are the three
things that matter misery did gil is argument

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Which Races Are Superior? Tiger Mom Has The Answer

  1. Lin Zhu says:

    Lol, if Chinese are so superior, why the largest population country has the almost worst political system? As where I came from, people (Chinese) there are not only uneducated, unsophisticated, even uncivilized, and my hometown isn't the most undeveloped area in China. Btw, I didn't know how to say sleeping bag when I landed U.S, I told the custom staff, that's my pillow.

    I agree most Chinese parents value their kids education. But education is related with economic development in China, me as an example, regardless how harsh my parents pushed me on study, the whole education system in my hometown is super underdeveloped. I'm the only person I know came to U.S to study from my hometown, and not because my grades were great, only because my father is a self made business man who can support me. But I have many Chinese friends here, they have many middle/ high school classmates in US, because they are from big cities like Beijing/Shanghai. How could I think I am as superior as they?

  2. Lin Zhu says:

    Her ignorance of resources contribute most factors to "success" in this society/and many other societies is just absurd. I believe people should work hard, improve themselves all the time, but also, should remember what you have not everyone has. The inheritance some people have is a blessing, an asset, but don't be an arrogant people say you are so superior because you earned that asset like Donald Trump.

  3. Jackimust says:

    i'm not agreeing with what she's saying in her book, but should they be making commentary on a book they haven't read?

  4. Jay Cardin says:

    TYT seems to be just reacting to headlines and sound bites and not reporting news. They have not read the book so be are not commenting on or offering a counterpoint to the book either.

  5. packjim56 says:

    All the worlds people are equally intelligent, except for the ones that live in Paso Robles.

  6. red mercury says:

    i didnt know "mormons" was a race. and i dont understand how if nigerians are so superior how come the country sucks so bad? and i know that asians have the largest brains but why is it that asian countries are so terrible politically and sometimes economically? i dont really think that book is accurate

  7. robfromvan says:

    these guys are missing the whole point. The point is that some cultures place an emphasis on education,. upward mobility. and financial success more than others. Anyone who lives in North American can see that Asians and Jewish people place a greater emphasis on these things and so end up doing better financially. The point the author makes is that it's not your race that counts but how much you adopt the values that these cultures adopt, namely, hard work, thrift, and skill development, which is what ultimately what determines financial success.

  8. SavageSlaYeh says:

    the best race is the gay race of course

  9. Happy JoyJoy says:

    The key is to be objective. Is the person being productive and utilizing one's talents? If yes, then that person is objectively offering some value to the world. If the person is being a fraud then they are a negative value.

  10. pudgywudgy says:

    I made the cut! Woo hoo guys

  11. Coach Rambo says:

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior…..The definition of racism.

  12. Eddard Liebber says:

    lol This video is so ill-informed it's funny, they didn't bother to do more than a superficial research

  13. 06afeher says:

    By her logic the white race is superior because they created a worldwide economic system and and global hegemony that benefits them the most, leading to most countries with the highest standard of living being white.

  14. Jason Meng says:

    So I consider this TYT is very racist against Chinese, by the same logic they use.

  15. Turtle says:


  16. Robert House says:

    Yay I made the list.

  17. GhostMummy says:

    TYT you missed the point completely. She is not talking about race she is talking about culture and I agree with her.

  18. J M says:

    Hmm, I wonder why many individuals of those races need to come to America, in order to "prove" themselves? It's almost as if they're not afforded the ability to do so in their home countries. Now, why would that be? Obviously, it must be because their superior! The absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard. She's just another opportunist with a half-baked idea. We all have those, and unfortunately she's just not capable of filtering herself.

  19. Stevie says:

    I'm white and I gotta admit that I'm jealous of the cultures china and japan have

  20. Hans B says:

    i found you people reactions are cute. This what makes me want to be more competitive in getting to the top. so I can get rid of u or trigger you americans

  21. Valerie Wood says:

    Only tyt would review a book based on amazon descriptions instead of actually reading the book lmao

  22. Fang Q. says:

    I agree with the chubby turk

  23. Opinunate ted says:

    Tiger mom has already led to child abuse. She needs to shut up.

  24. Comanche says:

    Lets all have a moment of silence for the 5 year old little girl from Idaho who was gang raped by Muslims last year in the apartment complex where she lived.

  25. Kristen says:

    didnt read thr book, then get angry something isnt addressed, but YOU dont know if it was addressed

  26. C dee says:

    whites duh

  27. Abner Torres says:

    This book appears to be a farce, the authors obviously neglect factoring in any of a social, economic and cultural nuance!

  28. Juan Cuadra says:

    It seems there is a big gap on the TYT interpretation and Tigger lady's information. The sad things is that without fact-checking the hypothesis both sides are just talking BS.

  29. Mikey Lejan says:

    It's true. Other cultures were able to dominate other cultures due to the fact that they are more superior

  30. coineineagh says:

    I like how Amy Wong has managed to turn the criticisms around of having unwarranted superiority complex, massive insecurity, and a need to prove oneself, and rationalize them as net benefits to success. Though it's all about perceptions, since she arrived in America with millions from her Filipino-Chinese family, and could only secure a humble tenure in a university with all that financial muscle – not much real achievement to brag over. I don't like how she's clearly doubling down on her race-war-mentality, defending it as a horrid core value, and coming up with new and imaginative ways of establishing scientific racism. Chinese in general, care too much about their 'ratings' or looks/face gain, and not enough about 'being presidential', i.e. the substance of being talented. I wonder what her Jewish husband thinks of her, though: Hawkish Israelis have this mentality of 'protect-ourselves-from-anti-semitism-by-advocating-for-other-discrimination-as-distraction', which seems to be unified here with the hawkish 'Chinese-people-must-establish-a-culture-or-racial-superiority-and-colonialist-arrogance-to-achieve-success'. I just wonder how much awareness there is of this in their marriage/alliance. Are they fully aware, or just using one another for their own egos? Or is the reality of it so vague, that it doesn't even matter?

  31. Count Rufus says:

    Jews and Poles.Polish economy growing at 3% for 2 dacades now.They are also 7th hardest working people in the world.

  32. William Ewart Gladstone says:

    sure the didn't read the book

  33. Cordle Fhrichter says:

    Title: Which Races Are Superior
    "She says certain cultures are superior"
    You guys are disgusting race baiters.

  34. smallpicture says:

    I was going to say that I like your new look but then I noticed that this was published in/on January 2014! lol!

  35. A l says:

    She never said that they are superior, but they are more successful, it's a fact.

  36. Paul Gersch says:

    They don't represent her ideas very well. I heard her explain what she means by being confident with some insecurity , I get it, I agree

  37. get paid 01 says:

    Asian women are sociopaths who see even their children as tools to increase status. If u envy that I feel bad for u son.

  38. Janet Macklin says:

    We are ALL created equal

  39. J L says:

    Asian women = most pathetic white worshiping self hating bed wenching sellouts of all time

  40. Jr Chanchu says:

    Obviously dumb wording from Tiger Lily or whoever. It's more suitable to label 3 characteristics that when combined help immigrant cultures attain the dream.
    superiority complex An unshakeable sense of the values in their own culture that is not so present in American societies. That way they assimilate only as much as is beneficial but hold unto what they brought that is helpful. A simple example is unwavering respect for elders & superiors. Imagine if kids grew up with that
    insecurity An unbridled drive to better oneself. That sense of necessity that is the mother of invention. The eternal internal awareness of external stimuli that leads to adaptation.
    Impulse control. No need to crossthat out. He who tames himself has tamed the world.

  41. Matt Tamburrino says:

    What the bleep! I'm catholic and I have one of the highest averages in my school

  42. Anddres Torres says:

    Dude im mexican ive been to china…trust me they are not superior..i think it depends on the person not the race. Hell my race has 20 kids by the time they are 25 😄

  43. Unconforming Truther says:

    Such generalization is just foolish, there's a visible underground economy among Chinese who sell fakes, recyclables, stuck in minimum wage in this restaurants…how did she ignore those

  44. LATASHA CARTER says:

    They didn't read the book.

  45. Gravity Priest says:

    They didn't even add the Japanese?

  46. Natewatl says:

    This Amy Chu is a very confused woman no matter her academic credentials. According to Wikipedia her mother married her father when she was just nine years old and then went on to get a degree in the Philippines. A person brought up as a 9 year old bride who was unable to have children for 16 years of marriage is obviously at an emotional and intellectual disadvantage. One has to wonder how well and better informed Ms Chue would have turned out in a normal family rather than herself being sadly vocal about knowing things is that she knows nothing about it. If she's bright enough to have gotten a law degree, she surely is bright enough to have learned better about life in general,. Since she clearly she hasn't learned much about human nature, and only the law , she just needs to shut up.

  47. foreversurfergirl says:

    It’s Jordan Belford syndrome “I deal with my problems by becoming rich” all of these races are first gen or second gen Americans they weren’t established therefore they were insecure so they became smart and hard working gaining self confidence along the way but there will always be a sliver of insecurity motivating them and reminding them that they once had and were nothing.

  48. Roman Soiko says:

    that's correct there is nothing racial about this this is basic psychology

  49. lester obrien says:

    Someone is butt hurt

  50. DucksDeLucks says:

    Why shouldn't one culture be superior to another in one respect or another? Athens produced many great philosophers but Sparta produced none.

  51. DucksDeLucks says:

    Amy Chua is no 'dumbass'. Cenk is a dumbass for always assuming the worst about his opponents. If you are not familiar with the concept of a 'straw man argument' just look it up and see Cenk's picture.

  52. mushthepig says:

    I'm not Asian, but I certainly agree with her. If you can put those things into a person, you have a chance to be successful. I especially like impulse control/delayed gratification.

  53. matthew mann says:

    In terms of average IQ level that would be Ashkenazi Jews And East Asians

  54. Jhon Oudeis says:

    asians think their superior until Nigerians take their pants off then they are a mini/ority

  55. Harvinder Sandhu says:

    Black culture sucks

  56. joe joe says:

    She is right

  57. Mexican assault says:

    If you're humans you're trash

  58. ConservativeMedia says:

    us nigerian and african immigrants or even 2nd generation are the most superior yes!!!!! We are > whites latinos and african americans

  59. Peter-john De Jong says:

    Kust look at the most succesful countries, korea, japan, norway, sweden, austria , canada

  60. Lee C says:

    Self confidence means I believe I have the potential to be successful, insecure means I realize that I'm not there yet, impulse control means I have the self-discipline to get there. DUH!

  61. Casa Blanca says:


  62. Apex And GTA Gameplay says:

    i disagree, most white americans think they are superior to everyone else but they’re also insecure by their actions and what they preach.

  63. Uxlar 2000 says:

    White is the better without the complex. That's why blacks are trying so Hard to mix with them White. Let's be Frank . cut the politically correct crap out .

  64. marah -b.adrian says:

    I am surprised that people don't understand the combination of superiority complex (exceptionalism) and insecurity. Of course both will have to be in the right doses. Superiority complex just enough to feel that you can do better than everyone else, and enough insecurity to make sure that you keep improving yourself

  65. Frank Kunene says:

    I didn't come here expecting to agree with Tiger mom. But I do. Damn it. She does however say it's a "mindsight" and a "culture" she only highlights those groups as examples.

  66. Josef Wassermann says:

    I always am cocksure. Real word. Look it up.

  67. Wei Li says:

    Although I do not agree with Amy chua's idea, those two host seems to have low IQ that they cannot even understand Amy Chua's point. She basically says: You feel superior for your "group/race", while feeling insecure for yourself that you may not live up to the standard of that supermen group. The key is group identity and individual identity. Even without reading her book, I feel the points are pretty clear.

  68. Shannon Bailey says:

    Yes very irresponsible to write such propaganda.

  69. Heidi Kleindienst says:

    By insecure, they mean a lack of entitlement. Read the book, idiots.

    I went to an American high school. My graduating class was about 700. 50% of them were Mexican. There were 3 Hispanics in the GT/AP program: Me, an Argentine who was in the US 2 years and two students of Cuban exile parents.

    We were given some dumb award ceremony by a Mexican-Latino-Pride group. We were bewildered, like WTF is this?

    And Nigerian-Americans are at the top of the list because they're at the top of the list in education and income.

  70. Heidi Kleindienst says:

    Cuban exiles: 0.4% of the population, 3 US Senators. All other Hispanics: At least 14% of the population, 1 US Senator sworn in January 2017. 🤔

  71. José dos Santos says:

    Cenk Uygur is so left-wing biased that he missed the point. Today, in 2018, he's even worst. I cannot trust TYT views anymore.

  72. H L says:

    Y is TYT so obsessed with race. Geeezzz

  73. Ginger Ringer says:

    Any race can be successful. You can’t define someone if they’re going to be successful by their race. This ‘mom’ should not be allowed with her children.

  74. Happy VLOG says:

    Cambodian chinese People is the best and successful

  75. Yasin Khan says:

    They haven’t read the book, but they have an opinion on it.

  76. henri231000 says:

    This shows how people are coming in with pre-conceived notions.

    The book was never about how Asian moms are better at parenting. The book is talking about the dangers and the tribalism that comes with strict parenting.

  77. coconutmix says:

    Insecurity is different from competitiveness. Success is also more subjective. I'm already successful if I'm happy and I've achieved my goals in life.

  78. G Buz says:

    TYT it all sounds logical to me. I haven't read the book but neither of these idiots knows a single thing about psychology so I certainly not going to listen to their opinions on it.

  79. Viking Rollo says:

    Lol a Chinese woman who marries a white Jew has the answers.. talk about insecurity

  80. Manny A. Arias Chapman says:

    That is 100l% true !!!!

  81. Deleted says:

    I’m doing some experiment sorry.
    Winter snow Africa cold freezing

  82. Thomas DeAnda says:


  83. 杨雯凯 says:

    The host shows ignorance of Chinese culture. I don't know if I would use the word superior but at least I think our culture is very valuable at this point which motives us to pursue education and success. I hope we keep our tradition. Don't listen to those American crappy value, which encourages people not to put in efforts. Our Chinese people do very well now and will do even better in the future. That 's what Chinese culture tells us that has been formed through thousand years. Let those losers be jealous of us. We will continue to grow !

  84. Chan Bros says:

    Tiger mom’s anecdotal evidence can be paraphrased as …

    The athletes in the Olympic Games are the superior beings. The people who don’t participate in it are inferior.

    No shit Einstein.

    The idea that Cuban immigrants can afford to move to America at the time are all well off with money. They have more opportunities hence they left.

    These are self selected groups of people. Not because “Cubans are smart” or whatever.

    If you pick the elites of any culture you get the same result. 🤦‍♂️

    The Chinese who can afford to immigrate more like than not are wealthier and have more opportunities than people who can’t afford to immigrate.

    No shit.

    Final point.

    Scientists thought that it’s not healthy to run marathons and women shouldn’t run long distances because of their biology.

    Guess what they are wrong. Turns out, anybody who applies themselves can do the distances if they train.

    Same for intelligence. Turn out if you apply yourself and get an education and nurtured properly, anybody can succeed in life.

    Wow, rocket science.

    You may not be the next Steve Jobs, but you certainly ain’t gonna be the next drug dealer or serial killer or dead beat on welfare, etc …

  85. Sha says:

    The U.S will always benefit from Asians and indians …. Silicon Valley is practically run by indians and asians…. forget about any other countries in South America and Africa …. just bring these immigrants…. plus none of them are gonna be a burden on society or come illegally

  86. Hummingbird B says:

    I don't think they understand the difference between contradiction and paradox 2:25

  87. Echad Lev Shtim says:

    Foriegners get handed a free ride. This concept that superiority is dictated by success aren't walking in Jesus shoes. Once again TYT putting out haphazard analytics.

  88. Ben Yu says:

    What? I can not watch this video anymore?

  89. stealthycinderhella says:

    I don’t know what’s so confusing about the self-esteem part it’s SELF esteem as it comes from within the type a success there talking about comes from outside yeah you are your most important critic but you’re not your only critic when it comes to work and school. An F is still in F even if you put A plus work into it. You impressed yourself but you didn’t impress the person that mattered and the situation which is the teacher.

  90. MrHoppers002 says:

    amy chua parenting is not recommended and represents one extreme end of the spectrum just like how the type of parenting where you let the kids do whatever they want is the on the other end of the spectrum of parenting. You want your kids to learn practical knowledge and life skills. That's what I would say is the most useful to kids.

  91. Alex Crowder says:

    To be honest, I think blasians are probably the superior "race" if there is one. They tend to be intelligent, extreeemely attractive, and athletic. You hardly ever see a Blasian thats not ridiculously attractive. Im white, but ill admit that white people are soooo boring. They call us white bread for a reason lol.

  92. Caishen says:

    I'm Not Chinese but Chinese are best

  93. Terry Terry says:

    Every body hates her because she speaks the truth. She's not saying genetic superiority makes races better, she's saying cultures have different ways of raising children and that affects their levels of success which is proven by statistics

  94. Terry Terry says:

    Tyt is COMPLETELY wrong here. They're just mad cause they are not on the list

  95. Anime Szechwan Tibet Cartoons says:

    I want to creampie ana in all holes especially her nose

  96. D Piz says:

    Insecurities, is what White people live off of. This is there driving force. I agree.

  97. Jarrod Yuki says:

    Well yeah I’ll tell you then the more a’s and privileges we youths earn the more contempt we have for our families and for the masses. Especially against liberals like you two. You know how difficult it is to ace our tests or write multiple research papers. Or even meet all our academic obligations. It’s a process that takes s tremendous toll on our identity and sometimes our wellbeing. But to us Asians. It’s always worth it because we want to rise in society and become leaders. And our effort is linked to our sense of self.

  98. Chriscom28 says:

    Different countties don't have different IQs? So so? Different countries have different standards of living.

  99. Fguire ti uto says:

    Saying that some cultures succeed because they try harder isn't racist. Saying some cultures succeed because they have inherited genetic traits that make them do better (IQ) is racist.

  100. Fguire ti uto says:

    Where is the outrage for IQ testing, essentially, a glorified short term memory test, used as a basis for scentific racism for over a century? Genetic superiority is OK, but making up for genetics via culture is not?

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