Where’s the DINOSAURS🤔

Where’s the DINOSAURS🤔

(Janae speaking) – It’s not a dinosaur, that
one’s called an anteater. (cheerful music) – [Dad] Caleb’s in heaven. – So we’re on a quick family trip out to St. Louis, Missouri, my cousin and her family live here, so we’re hanging out with them, and we’re gonna go see
some fun St. Louis spots, we’re thinking about stopping at the zoo, Fitz’s Root Beer, and
hopefully the arch tomorrow. (cheerful music) So we’re all wearing tennis
shoes to the zoo today, because it’s better when
you’re walking a lot, and I made Janae put on
hers, and she’s so sad. – She’s just recently got
the cutest little pink shoes. – And she wanted to
wear her little sandals. But blisters are real, and slick
shoes in rain is also real, so we are tennis shoes on today. We’ve been here before,
it was a few years ago, I think when I was pregnant with Janae, and we absolutely loved it, so we’re excited to come back. Also, while Janae has
been to the zoo before, she doesn’t remember going to the zoo, and this girl loves animals so much that I felt like the zoo
was a must-do on this trip, because I really wanna
see her enjoying all that, and the other kids. – It’s been a long time
since we’ve been to the zoo. – [Dad] So, Isaac, which animal
are you most excited to see? – Prairie dog. – It’s because of the book we’re reading, we’re reading the book
“Owls in the Family”, and it’s got some prairie dogs in it. – Mine is stingrays and polar bears. – I wanna see a cow. – [Mom] You wanna see a cow? (upbeat piano music) – [Dad] What sound does a lion make? (Janae roars) (upbeat piano music) (whistle) (upbeat piano music) (Janae talking) – You want it to wake up? Oh, it’s moving! Does it look like a bear? He’s called a capybara.
– Capybara. – [Dad] So Caleb can’t see it, where is the animal? – [Caleb] It’s that furry rock? (Dad laughing) – [Dad] It’s not a
rock, that’s the animal. – [Caleb] Oh! – Janae wants to feed it, and pet it. – [Dad] We’ll see if she feels
that way with the crocodiles. – She’ll probably be a
zookeeper when she grows up. – [Dad] She loves animals. Laura, do you see the anteater? – Yeah! – It’s got a long nose. (Janae talking) It’s not a dinosaur, that
one’s called an anteater. – [Dad] Mom, it’s a dinosaur! – It’s so awkward-looking. – They have an ant vacuum here, they don’t need bug repellent. – So Janae wants to go
see the dinosaurs next. I think it’s interesting as a little kid because you don’t know
which animals are real and which animals are extinct! – [Dad] And then we’re
gonna go see the unicorns. And the dragons. – And the mermaids. – [Dad] And the mermaids. (Janae talking) You wanna see the dinosaurs? You let us know when you see them, okay? (playful music) – [Mom] This one’s called a hippo. Can you say hippo? (Janae talking) Do you think it’s a dinosaur? It’s actually called a hippo. – If you let her just believe
something is a dinosaur, we might be better off. – The fish are like,
eating stuff off of the… – Hippopotamus? Can you say hippo? – Hippo.
– Hippo. That’s a hippo. – [Dad] Rhinoceros.
– Rhinoceros. Do you see them way over
there, they’re really big. So apparently the black
rhinoceros has a prehensile lip, which means that you can move
it and grab things with it. – [Dad] Like a monkey with a tail. – Crazy. I didn’t know lips could do that. – [Dad] It’s like an appendage. That’s very cool. What can your lips do, let’s see it. (playful music) – I mean, they can kiss. – This is made out of the same
stuff as part of your body, you have the same thing on your hands. What do you think you have on your hands that’s hard like this? – [Dad] What do you think it is? – [Mom] What do you have
on your hands that’s hard? – Like, fingernails?
– Fingernails! It’s made out of the same
stuff as your fingernail. – That’s hard for a fingernail. – It is hard for a fingernail, but it’s really tightly packed, and your fingernails are pretty
hard if they were thicker. – [Dad] This is a rhino
horn, is that right? – [Zookeeper] It is a replica. – Isaac, Elise, do you remember when we fed the rhinos
at the San Diego Zoo, do you remember that? (laughing) Elise just tossed it in. – [Elise] Dad, its horn is like wood. – So they said that most of the time, when they do this tour, that they aren’t able to feed the rhinos, so we got really lucky. Do you see the birdie? – Yeah, penguin. – [Dad] You think it’s a penguin? – [Janae] Yeah. (Dad laughing) – We’re following the elephant feet. – There’s the elephant feet, the elephants are right here. Look how big it is! – Elephant!
– It’s so big! So Janae pointed to
the elephants and said, “They’re teeny, Mom, they’re teeny.” I was trying to show her how big they are. But you’re far away from them, so they still seem kinda small. – [Dad] That’s funny. That elephant back there looks tiny. (elephant trumpeting) – Is that a big one? – [Dad] See, we told you they were big. – It doesn’t smell good. – [Dad] Yeah, it went potty just there. – It went pee pee. – It did go potty, animals go potty too. (cheerful horn music) – Look, it’s gonna eat. It’s always a good
reminder with little kids that you can be somewhere fantastic, and their favorite thing is a rock and running around a tree. So we’re meeting up with our cousins here. – [Mom] One more, ready, go! Do you see the tortoises? – Oh look, there’s one moving! – There’s one moving? Oh, down there in the mud. No wonder they’re muddy. It is amazing how big these tortoises are, these things are huge, and very muddy. Oh, keep moving, buddy. – Be right there! It’s sealions. (cheerful music) (kids shouting) – It takes my voice and vibrates it! – [Dad] Little mongooses. – You want him to talk? They don’t talk. – [Dad] Cartoons these days. – Animals don’t really talk. Oh, there’s one up there! (children gasping) – [Dad] Do you see the tiger?
– Yeah. – Who do you think would
win, a tiger or a lion? Tigers are a bit smarter,
and a bit taller, and longer, but then lions have like, a force field, their like, mane. – [Dad] Who do you think would win? – I actually read a book about it. – [Dad] Who wins? – Actually a lion. (relaxed piano music) – [Dad] Best ride here. – It says that tigers have
more than 100 stripes, and it’s like our fingerprints, no tigers have exactly
the same stripe pattern. So it says they can eat
as much as 60 pounds of food in one night,
that’s a lot of food, that’s like, three Janaes. – [Dad] That’s a little discomforting. – I was meaning weight. – [Dad] Let’s get Janae as far away from the tiger exhibit as possible. – I obviously wasn’t talking about Janae, I was just meaning the weight, like, to get 60 pounds,
she’s like 24, 25 pounds. There’s math. Clearly we’re not feeding
you to any tigers. She’s enjoying playing
with her water bottle, she likes opening it and shutting it, because it flicks just
like, a little bit of water. – [Dad] Is that a kitty? – Janae, that’s a snow leopard. – A snow leopard. – It’s a snow leopard. I was just showing Janae the snow leopard, and she said, “No, it’s
a kitty, meow, meow,” and I said “No, that’s a snow
leopard, it’s like a big cat,” and she said “Little kitty.” It’s fun to see her trying to figure out what all the animals are. – [Dad] So Isaac’s favorite
thing has been the cats. – Like the puma, the snow
leopard, the jaguar, the leopards. – [Mom] We’ve had such good views of them. – [Dad] Look, straight down. These are pumas?
– [Isaac] Yeah. – [Dad] Nae-nae, do you see the zebras? Can you say zebra?
– Zebra. – [Dad] Zebra. Look, there’s a little baby one! – So they have a baby zebra here, it’s just three months old, you can see it laying
on the ground resting, and its stripes are more brown, apparently they’re born
more brown in color. – This is an actual zebra pelt, yes, from a mountain zebra.
– Actual? – It feels like really short human hair. (horse braying) – [Dad] I think Nae-nae’s getting tired. – She got the name right! – Hi giraffe! – Are these so tall? Look at their necks, they’re so long. – [Mom] Did you think
that was a baby giraffe? – [Dad] I don’t (laughing) – [Mom] To clarify,
that’s not a baby giraffe. – [Dad] But there is
an ostrich over there. – [Mom] It’s not a
cantaloupe, it’s an antelope. – We think it must be a gazelle. (country music) You know what the ostrich
makes me think of, you guys? – [Mom] Swiss Family Robinson. – [Dad] Do you remember
feeding the giraffes? – Yeah. – [Dad] So lift it up
high, just one at a time. Hide the other ones. What was it? – [Boys] Gerenuk, geer, gerenuk. – [Dad] You’re all
wrong, it was a gerenuk. – That’s why we’re at
the zoo, so we can learn. So the gerenuk requires very little water, in fact it may not drink
water its whole life, they call it the waterless wonder, and that fact just makes me thirsty. – [Dad] I wonder how it
survives without humps. – [Mom] Let’s drink some water. – [Dad] Also sometimes
confused as a baby giraffe. (children laughing) When you’re a giraffe, it’s easy to eat in your neighbor’s yard. Is it the prairie dogs?! The last thing we saw on the way out. Prairie dogs! – [Isaac] They’re so cute! – [Dad] You found ’em. We can go now. All right, we’ve reached the abort point, I think all the animals
now look the same to Janae, and we’re also heading to a fun lunch, so. We’re trying to get out before
any major meltdowns occur. (upbeat music) – Well, we survived the zoo,
we are now hot and hungry. Now we’re headed to Fitz’s Root Beer which is our favorite
place in St. Louis to eat, and I’m so excited because they actually have a
huge gluten free menu, so Caleb has lots of choices. – I remember the last
time we went to Fitz’s, and we entered by sprinting
through pouring rain. – It was so big of rain. – [Mom] Luckily the sky
looks clear right now. – Flashback. – (laughing) We’re going! We don’t know where the entrance is! My feet are completely wet! (all laughing) No, this is the wrong way! This is the wrong way! – We’re just calmly walking in. Praying deep in our hearts that Janae won’t throw major tantrums because it’s nap time. (percussion music) – [Dad] We’re sitting right by the place where they make the root beer bottles. (percussion music) – [Isaac] It comes down,
and then it gets a lid. – True story, after spending
the morning at the zoo, it is really hard to
get the kids to behave in an actual restaurant. This is just right next to the zoo, so it didn’t make sense to
come back downtown for it. Our good behavior is running on empty. And then just when I think
I’m gonna lose my patience, then they’re so adorable! Janae was like, “Look
mom, I colored a flower!” So we really want the root beer floats, but we’re stuffed. – This is the Ghostbuster, it’s root beer and vanilla ice cream with Marshmallow Fluff whipped topping and chocolate drizzle. So we actually ordered one
and split it into two cups, and it’s still this big. (fast-paced electronic music) – Behold, the root beer float moat! – [Mom] Oh dear, it’s
all around the outside? – [Dad] Janae just woke up
from her nap, much-needed nap. – She slept really well.
– Yeah. – The kids are outside
playing, and exploring. – Our family has an incredible back yard, with just a couple of acres of woods. (tranquil music) I can hear the kids’ voices,
but I haven’t found them yet. (stream trickling) What are you guys doing? – It used to be going so
slow, but we sped it up a ton. This is the like, lagoon, and we made a pathway that goes under, and it goes through there. – [Dad] So the water can flow through? – Yeah. – [Dad] It’s getting kinda stuck. – Here, let’s show him the
part where we have like, a ton of different pathways. – [Dad] By the way, nice boots. – Thanks. – [Dad] He does like purple. So you opened it up so
more water will flow. – [Isaac] Yeah. – [Dad] That is a fun game. – It used to all go this way, and then it would pretty much stop here, and then slowly go down there, and we opened it out a ton, so now there’s three different ways. And then they all connect there. (tranquil music) – [Dad] Caleb’s in heaven. – That was the funnest thing ever. – [Dad] Yeah, playing in a creek, in the woods, is super fun. – She likes me.
– Willow? – Yeah. (children laughing) – It’s a Mexican buffet. And it’s all gluten free,
which is so amazing. – Janae demanded to
sit at the kids’ table. Kids just finished dessert, goodnight, J House out. (Janae talking) – [Mom] J House vlogs. (upbeat piano music) – It’s because I have an expander. – [Mom] Can you show us?

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