Where I Got All My Reptiles!

Where I Got All My Reptiles!

(soft music) – Pretty much anytime I
show one of my animals there are a lot of people that ask where I got that specific animal. More people are just curious
where I get animals in general, and where they should. And I don’t really feel like
doing a reptile room tour, so instead I thought I would
just go over all of my animals and only talk about where I got them. I’m gonna try and go in
order of when I got them, I have a list, ’cause it’d be embarrassing
if I forgot some. So I’m holding Gobi here, my corn snake, but I’m gonna start in the order that I got the animals in the room, starting with Sunny, my ball python, who you probably know, ’cause he has so many
videos focused on him. I got Sunny December 2013,
when I was 13 years old. I had gone to my first ever Reptile Expo, which was Repticon, in Winston, Salem, which we actually just rented there, so that was like weird, to
be in that same building that I bought my first animal in. I got him from a seller
called Sky To Sea Pets, I don’t know if they exist anymore, I think they do, but I’ve never seen them at an expo since. And when I got Sunny he
was in great condition, the vendors were great, but he did end up having mites. Now I can’t specifically blame
Sky To Sea Pets for that, I don’t know if he picked
them up from the Expo, like, he didn’t pick
them up from my animals, ’cause he was my first true reptile, so I don’t know if he picked it up from another seller at Repticon, or if Sky To Sea Pets
had infected animals. So either way, I jumped right
into getting my first snake and had to deal with mites, which I didn’t know what I was doing, and it took like six months
to get them completely gone, but I did. And he was just a tiny dude, I think I spent, I
think he was 60 dollars, if I remember right, he is a yellow belly ball python, and now he’s 27 and a couple of months. So that was my first dude, just straight from a captive bred breeder. After Sunny I got Goldie,
my first leopard gecko, he’s marked as a 50%
giant, 50% supergiant, ’cause we weren’t sure if he was going to
continue growing or not, which I think he’s just a giant, and even then he’s not that huge. He was from, I think, my third Expo, I had gone to a second one,
but I didn’t buy anything. This one was Repticon in
Raleigh, North Carolina, and I just wandered around till I found a gecko that looked cool, this one was from Big Daddy Geckos, who I think still exist, but I haven’t seen them
at Repticon either. I don’t know why they’re disappearing, or maybe I’m just not
looking around well enough. But either way, this seller
specifically specialized in giant and supergiant leopard geckos, but like I said, we’ve had normals that aren’t giants, that are bigger than Goldie. Either way, he had a really
nice, very small collection of just a kind of family owned one, of animals that he was
selling and breeding. He was also probably the
best customer support I’ve had with a buyer, I would message him on Facebook with really annoying questions, I’m sure, this is in 2014, so I was still getting into it first time really working with lizards, but he never seemed to mind the questions, and that was really useful. So my second was also from
a captive bred breeder. And then I’m pretty sure I got Gobi, I don’t know, I’m just
gonna assume it’s Gobi, ’cause I don’t actually know. Gobi was my first kind of a “rescue” one. Now I’ve made a video on this, I didn’t realize, like, what a rescue, like now that we’ve kind of
rescued animals like for real, Gobi was sort of a rescue. I guess he was. So somebody on Facebook posted about him, their kid had kind of
surrendered the animal, like they had essentially
taken a surrendered animal involuntarily, by a family member, and they didn’t know
how to care for snakes, they didn’t want to care for the snake, and they just happened to be in kind of a rundown
house with no electricity. So this is when we walked into the ridiculously strong smell
of just smoke everywhere, very dark in there, kinda cold, ’cause there was just nothing happening, and there was this little corn snake, chilling in this 40 gallon enclosure with some general supplies. His enclosure had never
been cleaned in his life, so there was a lot of poop in there, and he was actually going to
be released into the wild. So this is a reverse Okeetee, and although corn snakes
do live in North Carolina, they don’t look like this and they’re not captive bred obviously. Gobi was captive bred and bought, and then ended up in the
hands of this other person. So obviously he probably
would have been killed in like two seconds outside, but luckily we somehow connected and then I was able to pick him up. And he really didn’t take any
rehab, he took from day one. Corn snakes and many other snakes are just so ridiculously hardy, and they can just survive so much, like the thing is they go
through for years and years, and they’re perfectly,
like not perfectly fine, but pretty close to fine. Gobi’s always had a bit of a wheeze, that I’ve never heard
in an other corn snake, I presume that’s from the smoke, that’s just kind of
permanently affected his lungs, ’cause there’s nothing
that can actually be cured, like it’s not a respiratory
infection or anything, it’s just been like that for years. I think this was in, 2015,
I don’t know when I got him, but it did not take long
to get him up to eat. He was on live mice before, but corn snakes are so easy
to get from live to frozen, ’cause they’re such a simple animal, and he’s been growing super well, and has had no problems since then. Next stop I went back to Repticon, ’cause I knew I wanted another lizard, preferably a blue-tongued skink. I had a few on my list, like a blue-tongue, a
uromastyx, a bearded dragon, but ended up going with
a blue-tongued skink, and this was also at Raleigh Repticon, and there were only two
skinks in the entire building. There was one for $400,
which as a 14-year-old, this was completely out of my budget. And then there was just
a $40 blue-tongued skink. It didn’t say what it was, it just said blue-tongued skink. This was a seller by the
name of Fins and Fangs, which also had a store that very quickly ran out of business, luckily, ’cause it was really bad. And what I did not know when I was ordering or purchasing, is the fact that blue-tongues
can be wild-caught. I just kind of assumed that
they were all captive bred, but nope, Olive is wild-caught, it makes sense for her only being $80, and she was missing some toes, a bunch of the other
animals they were selling just looked really bad,
they were clearly imported, and just randomly caught from wherever, so whoops, I accidentally
supported that trade, but I gotta rue it, ’cause I can’t do anything
about it at this point. I bought her and she’s doing really well, luckily she’s never showed any issues from being wild-caught, whether it’s parasites or
bacteria, or trouble adapting. It was super easy and I guess I accidentally
stole her from Indonesia. They also have never
been back to Repticon, that’s the third seller I bought from, that was just there once, and
then just disappeared forever. I don’t know why all the
buyers I’m buying from are just hoofing it off the planet earth. Actually I think I saw
them once on Facebook and they just like sell
weird exotic mammals now out of their house. Okay, I think it was then around this time that I got Shadow, my eastern rat snake, which oddly you can find
captive bred rat snakes, which we’re actually selling right now, we’ve already sold a few, there’s still one at
emeraldscales.com, it’s an albino. There are a ton of also
wild-caught easterns, which I did not actually
buy mine from a seller, I found her in a construction zone. So at my old house, it was kind of just like a medium size-ish neighborhood, with tons of woods around it to explore. But I quickly realized that most of this was being zoned out, to be bulldozed and
turned into more property, more houses, more real estate. So basically over the last couple of years that I lived there, like a year or two, I just kept finding as many
animals as physically possible, and relocating them to protected areas or game lands and stuff, not like state parks, it’s actually illegal to
bring animals in state parks along with taking them out. So I just tried to get
them as far into woods that I legally could. And over this time, I
don’t remember exactly, it was probably a few hundred, like two or three hundred animals that I ended up relocating. But I ended up keeping a couple of them, ’cause like why not, I wanted
some educational animals, ’cause I was doing events in festivals and I just always wanted a rat snake. So I ended up keeping Shadow, she was already, like probably
sebidal when I got her, and somehow, I’ve found
a ton of rat snakes and they’re always so docile, except for Shadow. I don’t know why I kept
that one of all of them, the most, like, irritating and the most defensive
rat snake of them all. And although I’m sure I
could have worked better to tame her down, I just have never really
handled her a ton, so although I can handle
her when she needs, I just avoid it, ’cause I don’t feel like
getting musk on every second. And it is really potent musk, I’ve been musked on by
dozens of rat snakes too, and hers is one of the worst smelling. So that was just kind of unlucky, but Shadow is still a really cool animal. Apparently a lot of people’s favorites that watched the videos, which of course, some
people gave me, like, well, you should have
relocated 100% of the animals, not 99% of them, which, oh well, what
am I gonna do about it? I believe I’m completely out of order now, but like I said, who cares? Amber is my Kenyan sand boa, which is a species that I
was not planning on at all, she was more of an impulse purchase. Which turns out people
have different definitions of impulse purchasing, I think of an impulse buy as something that you simply were
not planning on getting and then immediately
when you see, you get it. Other people think an impulse buy is when you don’t have
the supplies or money, so you’re not prepared, but I think you can be prepared and still impulse purchase an animal. So basically I went to Repticon, wasn’t planning on getting anything, but there were a lot
of really cool species, and I had basically
discovered sand boas there, like I had heard of them, but I had never really
seen them in person. And there was a rescued CCSB reptile, which allegedly, I don’t know
how much of this is true, but apparently I’ve heard they’re not great. I don’t know if that’s true. I just see posts about them all the time. Also allegedly, also don’t
know if this is true, this is just something
I saw on the internet, is that now when they go to expos, they use different names because CCSB has such a bad reputation, they don’t wanna use that name. Again, I can’t confirm this, this is just a conspiracy,
I guess, I don’t know. Either way, that’s not really it. They had Amber, she was like 80 bucks, she’s a completely normal sand boa, but they marked her much higher because they kind of guilted you into donating to their rescue or whatever. And I basically researched her on my phone for like 10 minutes, and I was, like, I’ll buy her. So I would consider this
an impulse purchase, but I already had all the supplies, I had experience with more
difficult snakes than sand boas, so it felt perfectly fine doing it, and I never had any issues. So I wanna do a video
on impulse purchasing, because I don’t think it’s always bad, or just like maybe all
that controversial things, like impulse buying in
wild-caught animals, stuff like that, ’cause I don’t think
these are binary issues. But either way, I impulse
bought Amber from Repticon, from a rescue, can’t confirm if it’s
actually a rescue or not. Then there’s Betty, my American toad. I had multiple American toads, but unfortunately I’ve talked
about it before in the past, and a handful of them ended up dying. I think I had six, and then five of them died, within like a few months period. This was a few years ago now, I think it was two or three years. I have some different theories on it, still my best theory, like I mentioned, at
festivals that I went to, I would bring animals,
keep them in enclosures, show them to local people, like, this is what’s in your backyard. And I can educate them on
that, which is really cool. Thousands of people saw
these different animals, and I would usually let
people touch the reptiles, and make sure if it’s a kid, they have like people watching and being careful with the animals. Gobi was never handled, and then I brought him to every show, and he was always amazing with
kids or adults and whoever, for just all day, he
would not care at all. And there was one kid
at one of those shows, that was, like, can I touch the toad? So I was like, yeah, you
can touch the toad, I guess, so she touched the toad and
then she was on her way. That was the only time
the toad was touched. And I realized that she came
back from a hike at the event, ’cause that was a festival
with different stuff going on, and I don’t know if she had
maybe some bug spray on, or maybe she touched
something in the wild, or maybe that wasn’t
even the issue at all. But after that Expo, some of the toads just
started looking really bad, and then almost immediately
before I could do anything, five of them were just dead. But Betty was perfectly fine. She was the strong one. So that was unfortunate, I was much more distraught
over this at the time, but at this point I’ve
accepted it, I guess, even though it still really angers me, ’cause I could have six
really amazing toads still, I wish I had them for years. So it was disappointing, but
that was the toad situation. So I got all six of
these from the same area that I found Shadow, same like within a five mile radius or so. I would basically go like night cruising, or whatever it’s called, just basically slowly
drive up and down roads with your headlights on,
in the summers and spring, when it’s raining, and I would find tons and
tons of toads every summer. Hey, I’m Alex Green, and I just got back from
some night cruising, this is the second time we did this, and we found quite a few things. So it was– I’m sure there were hundreds, I would just fill buckets of them, and then take them to more
protected areas, the safer areas. And I ended up keeping a few, because I wanted to breed them, which I never really got to. But Betty was one of those. And I guess I got lucky and
kept a pretty healthy one, and she’s done amazing for many years now. And nobody’s allowed to
touch my toads anymore. And then there’s Franklin,
my red eared slider, who is right here. I have to take him out when I’m filming, ’cause he’s way too loud
on his basking spot. Franklin is one that I’ve
had for a few years now, someone contacted me
saying they had this turtle that they just didn’t want anymore. He wasn’t necessarily being neglected, but his care was pretty awful, he had two homes that he went in between, he had a baby pool, which
I actually used for a bit, I used it for like a year or something, and he would stay in that
in the summer outside, and then in all the cold months, so about eight months out of the year, or maybe six or seven
months out of the year, he was in a 20 gallon, no basking, no lighting,
no heating, nothing, it was just water. He just had to swim 24/7, and he was 10 years old when I got him. So for 10 years he lived
in basically a 20 gallon with no basking. And somehow he really
does not look that bad, we’ve seen way worse turtles that have not nearly been
neglected as much as he was. Luckily he made it through, he does have metabolic bone disease, he had a ton of shower
rot which I treated, and I worked very, which
I did a video on that, if you wanna see treating shower rot, and then he’s gone through a ton, I have a lot of videos on
Franklin that you can check out. And he’s now like 12 or 13,
I guess 12 years old now, and thankfully his metabolic bone disease was not bad enough to crush
any organs or cause any pain. It is lumpy, but that’s way better than I would have
expected from this turtle. So he was kind of one of my
other rehomed slash rescue, it wasn’t really a rescue, because the person surrendered it, but it was still rehomed
in pretty bad condition. Then there’s Smokie, one
of my other ball pythons, he was the first animal
that was ever given to me by an actual subscriber of the channel, which was kind of exciting. Somebody had watched the videos, they had, I think, a tortoise, and they were like we want a snake, well, the kid did, at least, and then his Mom was, kind
of had a fear of snakes, but they went ahead and got one anyway. And it turns out she
couldn’t get over the fear, and the kid didn’t seem
very hyped about the snake, it wasn’t great. But they really cared about the animal, he was cared for, cared about, but not cared for. Actually for some reason this
livestream did super well, I have a livestream just
pulling the stuck shed off him. He was living on Aspen, I know a lot of people
recommend Aspen needs, like, a humidity box, which I think is super
weird for ball pythons. But okay, I guess. But I got him onto the right substrate, and a nicer enclosure and
he was really easy to fix. So Smokie, he was a pretty nice morph
too, yellow belly Mohave, nothing super high end,
but not exactly a normal, and they just had him for a few months, and they were like, yeah, we can’t do it. So I was happy to take him, and he was my first animal
rehomed from a subscriber. Smokie is also kind of an example of why we started Emerald
Scales, with taking animals in, because once that happened, we just kept getting more of that, like, hey, can I give this
to you, can I give that, and we were, like okay, we need to work at a business around this, and so we started Emerald Scales. So if we had started a year earlier, then Smokie probably would
have been on the site and sold as well. But now that happens all the time. So it’s really cool that
that kinda helped spawn it. ‘Cause there were some others, like the spider ball python, which was later, like a year later, I’ve had him for a good little bit, he was technically
given to Emerald Scales, but although we could have rehomed it through the site for free and be like, rehomed, don’t breed it, we don’t wanna associate with
the morph at all on the sites, so I just figured, yeah, I’d keep it. And then Ethan actually did the same with a spinner blast, or just spinner, something which also has spider in it. So we each got a lovely spider
now, with its own issues. Thankfully this spider has been doing as well as it can do, he’s bitten himself, I think,
four times now, while eating, and we’ve done a lot to avoid it, and it’s extremely hard to avoid. Maybe I’ll go more in detail
with this at some point, but basically no matter how hard we try, he always has issues. Still nothing that warrants
euthanasia or anything, he’s growing really well, but he’s been doing much better now, and he was another of the animals that was just rehomed by a subscriber. And then there’s Harriet
and the snapping turtle, which for some reason I’ve
had the snapper for years and I still haven’t named it. Harriet and the snapper are the two final wild-caught animals. I’ll start with Harriet,
she’s an eastern box turtle. And so there was this crazy
year at the old neighborhood, when there were just tons, I have never seen so many turtles before, I ended up rehoming dozens
and dozens of turtles just that one summer, within like a month. They were just like hatching everywhere. And there were so many spotted turtles, eastern box turtles, snapping turtles, river painted turtles,
all sorts of crazy things. And just box turtles alone,
there were so many of them. Thankfully I’d find a lot
of super healthy adults, I never would have taken
an adult healthy box turtle as, one, they are declining in numbers, and an adult box turtle can really help keep these numbers steady with just how many eggs
he can produce each year. So I decided to keep one
of the eastern boxes, along with one of the juvenile snappers, they had both hatched that year, and I was personally comfortable doing it. Of course, there’s going to
a lot of opinions on that, especially with turtles, and yes, a lot of people
threaten to call the police, whenever I do something they don’t like, they’re like, well, you
have illegal animals, so I’m gonna call the police, and then I give them the phone
number to my local police, and then they never call them, because it’s perfectly legal,
I am within legal limits, regardless of what your opinion is on it. But Harriet’s been doing wonderfully and if I have to pick
a favorite in the room, it might be Harriet, she’s up there. And then the snapping
turtle, kind of same, that one’s growing
wonderfully, but doing perfect, it’s doubled in size, maybe tripled, which Harriet’s also grown
a ton, which is just crazy, ’cause she’s still super small, but she started out at a
just a couple of grams, and now she’s really getting up there. And then the snapper, he’s literally just still in a 10 gallon, but he’s such a small animal,
and he does so little, so although he’ll be
upgraded probably soon, he really, he just stays under water 24/7, comes up for food and air obviously. And then there’s Potato, one of the most famous frogs
on the channel, I guess, ’cause he’s featured on the merchandise, which is still available at goherpingshop, yeah, goherpingshop.com. Potato was kind of a birthday
present to me from Ethan, I guess a little over a year ago, and this was a little while
after my Pacman frog had died, who died, like, in November 2017. I had gotten Yoshi, the
Pacman frog, off Craigslist, and when I went to pick Yoshi up, I was actually gonna
get him and his sibling, but his sibling died while I
was on the way to get them. They texted me while I was coming, and they were like,
yeah, one of them died. So I was like, okay, I’ll still
take the other one, I guess. And then he died, a
couple of months later. Turns out, I thought this
was super unfortunate, where I was like I did something wrong. But then as soon as I
made a post about it, I got swarmed with dozens of people that said the same exact
thing happened to them, where Pacman frogs just
drop dead all the time. But either way, although I was
kinda discouraged after that, Ethan got Potato, the chubby frog, or the Asian painted, some, I don’t know, I should really know their names, but I just like their common
names like chubby frog, and he’s done lovely. It was very weird, ’cause
when I first got him, he would only eat superworms and I’m going off topic, this isn’t related to where I got him, but he would only eat superworms
for months and months, and finally perhaps like six months he’s expanded his palette and he eats more than just superworms. Luckily he did fine on the worms, but now he’s on all sorts of
things, including on off sure. And then there is Bonnabel,
the infamous savannah monitor. Bonnabel is an animal from Craigslist, that I paid 20 bucks for, she came with this massive ugly enclosure, it was awful, there were
tons of spiders in it, ’cause it was in a garage, yeah, it was awful. So Bonnabel had been
through multiple homes, and I was her third home,
and hopefully her final. So I won’t go into detail on her, ’cause she has so many videos. But yeah, she was from Craigslist. I always wanted a savannah monitor, but I didn’t wanna support
the imported trade, ’cause they’re all just mass imported in horrible care, in a horrible state, they’re usually pretty much all unhealthy, they just die left and right, ’cause people don’t
know what they’re doing, and there are all these little
tiny ones that are infected, there are parasites and all these issues, and then sold for like 20
bucks a pop at reptile shows. So I didn’t want to buy from there, so I jumped on the opportunity to get one off off Craigslist. And then we have just fine now . In there is Woobywoo, the axolotl, this was shipped from
Illinois from my friend Amber, it was, I guess I didn’t pay for it, I guess it was kind of
also a birthday present, so I mean, like, if you
wanna get that animal for your birthday, just make sure you’re prepared, but yeah, basically she was captive bred. This little teeny tiny baby, I got to see pictures of her grow, from the moment she was, pretty much from the moment she was born, and then watched her development as she got to a size that was shippable, and then she was sent to me, and I’ve got to see her grow way more towards what she is now. So it’s crazy how much she’s changed, but it’s one of the coolest
animal transformations that I got to see. Then there is my second leopard gecko, who still does not have a name. And I got her technically
from Emerald Scales, but Emerald Scales got
it from a subscriber, that I had to give her some animals, he gave us a ball python
and that leopard gecko, I believe she’s technically just a normal, originally both of these
animals are from Petco, so the person brought them from Petco, they had them for a
bit, they had to rehome, gave them to Emerald Scales, I bought it from Emerald Scales, ’cause we actually pay full price for the animals from Emerald Scales, to make sure that we don’t
just take everything for free, ’cause then business would fail. (bell dings) But there’s something called Carrot Tail, I don’t know if that’s a
technical morph or anything, or if it’s just a variation, but as she had that beautiful tail, that I just could not pass up, and she’s a very friendly leopard gecko. We’ve had so many geckos and they’ve just, I’ve just adored the terrestrial geckos, so I had to do it, and I got her. Yes, that is their enclosure, and I still haven’t done a video on it. It’s coming soon, that’s why the frame is weird sometimes, ’cause I don’t wanna show
the entire thing yet. So it’s coming, it’s coming. But yeah, I finally
have two leopard geckos. So I’ve been a bit more
fulfilled in that area. Then there is the carpet python, which we actually have two of. I still haven’t named mine, there’s one at my house
and one at Ethan’s house. Technically speaking these also
belonged to Emerald Scales, which people are always
confused when I say that, they’re like but you are Emerald Scales, there are technicalities
behind some of the animals of who owns it, it’s weird, like just for the legal purposes of it, but that doesn’t change anything, we care for all the Emerald Scales animals the exact same way we
would care for our own. But they are permanent ones, because we were hoping
to breed them last year, which kind of failed because we got them too far
into the breeding season, we also got these off Craigslist, where she got a baby
python off Craigslist, which we eventually ended up selling. And then the same guy listed the adults that he had been breeding. So we got the adults, we were considering selling them, but they were just too cool to pass up, and I’ll try with our own project. So like I said, we’re
too far into the season for it to be successful, but we hope to maybe do it this year. And they’re so cool, ’cause I love the larger snakes, and carpets are definitely not
a large snake by any means, I mean, compared to a sand
boa they’re pretty big. I don’t know, I love that
size where they’re like heavy and like, but still
really easy to work with. They’re not large, they’re like medium. I know them, they’re
just cool snakes, okay. Speaking of slightly larger snakes, there is Rosie, my boa constrictor. She was surrendered by my own school, I actually got her, a
lot of people don’t know, I got her, I think, three days
before her euthanasia date. She was living in this
enclosure for 21 years in a classroom. Now the classroom is, I went to the school, I can
tell you how awful it was, but the classroom was also horrible, it looked so old in there, and it turns out the enclosure
was put in the classroom before the classroom was finished. I know this because in order
to get the enclosure out, they had to take the
windows off the building, because it was built before
the building was built. And the building was being torn down, so nobody at the school
cared about the animal, nobody at the school cared about anything, especially not this animal. And they weren’t even going to
take it out to euthanize it, they were gonna call a vet in to euthanize her inside the enclosure. A beautiful 21-year-old animal that was horribly neglected
by a horrible school. Awful dietary stuff going
on, horrid enclosure, disgusting inside, almost
as disgusting as the school. So they were like, can you take her? And I was like, sure,
I’d like need to prepare, but they were like, no, we’re going to euthanize
her in a couple days. So I said okay, I’ll come now. So I went, she lived in a plastic tub that she could barely
even fit in, for a week, because I wasn’t prepared at all. I got her the same day
I was told about her. I didn’t even know she existed, even though I went to that school. Cool, I got her, she was
super angry, super defensive, had never been touched, and literal decades longer
than I’ve been alive, but now she is probably the coolest animal that I get to own. She used to be in the frame I think, but she’s no longer in this
room, ’cause this room’s full, I’ve expanded to a second room, and she’s in my bedroom now. But I don’t have a bed,
so I guess my room room. And Rosie is her original name, I should have changed
it, but I was too lazy. Then there is Stan,
short for Grunkle Stan, a lot of the animals in here
are named after cartoons. Stan is the bearded that lot
of people think are dead, I don’t know why they think it’s dead, he’s right there, he’s not dead. He was also given to us by a subscriber, he was 10 years old, so now I guess he is like
10 and a half years old, he’s still 10 years old, he’s actually where I got
that bag of calci-sand from for that video, ’cause he was living on calci-sand his conditions were not great, they were some of the worst
we’ve seen for a bearded dragon. The owners were aware of this, but not until very late into his life, so there was really not much they could do at that point. But he’s been through a lot. And you can see comes in on him, Stan still doing really well, he’s gone through some issues which he’ll probably
recover at some point. But for a 10-year-old dragon
that’s been cared for horribly, he’s doing pretty good. And it just shows how
hardy these animals are. And now it’s unclear if
he’s going to be rehomed or if he’s permanently here, ’cause he is around a lot of animals, but he’s gotten quite used to it, and he no longer bobs at everything. So that’s great to see. Except when I was
recording the video of him, he bobbed at Neptor, the vacuum. But now he can be in the
same room as the animals without actually being stressed, unless he directly sees them, so we have dividers in
between the animals now. And then finally my own
bearded dragon, Neddy, which I won’t go into detail, ’cause I just did a video on him, about why I’d refused
to get a bearded dragon and then why I finally got one. But Neddy is another Craigslist animal, again for Emerald Scales,
where we were gonna sell it, but then I got it from Emerald Scales. He was the one that I had when my car ran out of battery thanks to a charger not working, and we had to get towed
three hours away from home, and that was one of my fun adventures, which there’s a vlog of that. That’s where Ned is from,
he was from Craigslist. The owners were good,
he’s in good condition, but he still has some issues, like he came from a crazy snooker home, luckily he does not show
any signs of that though. So Neddy is doing well. Obviously there’s many
other animals in that room, that are going to be eventually rehomed, but I just wanted to cover
my own personal animals and where I got each one. So that is where I got my
approximately 20 animals, and it kind of spawned the whole thing. It’s thanks to these people that, thanks to the subscribers that started giving
them up to me and Ethan, and then we realized we didn’t
have space for all these, so that’s why we started Emerald Scales, and you can check that
out, emeraldscales.com. Site’s kind of empty, as always, stuff sells out very quickly,
which I really appreciate, but I wish we could keep
more animals on the site, but we’re getting there, we’re expanding. Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions about any of the animals. This was fun to do, kind of a nice little
run through of everyone that’s hanging out in the room. So that’s it. I’m Alex, thanks for watching. (soft music)

Randy Schultz

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