Wheels on the Bus Halloween Party from Steve and Maggie Finger Family for Kids | Wow English TV

Wheels on the Bus Halloween Party from Steve and Maggie Finger Family for Kids | Wow English TV

It‘s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Oh.
Hello boys and girls. Shhh. Look. Look! It’s a witch. But don’t worry. We’re all going
to Maggie’s Halloween party on this bus. The wheels on the bus go round and round.
Round and round. Round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round. All through
the town. Ha-ha-ha-ha. Oh, yeah. That’s what witches do, don’t they? Ha-ha-ha-ha.
The witches on the bus go ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha. The witches on the bus go ha-ha-ha.
All through the town. Okay, boys and girls. Let’s find some other passengers! He-he-hey.
Look. Look. Look. It’s a zombie. Hey, and zombies go ugh, don’t they? So sing with
me. The zombies on the bus go ugh. Ugh. Ugh. The zombies on the bus go ugh. All through
the town. Yeah! Come on, let’s say hello to some more monsters. Oh, look. Look. I found
a pirate. Arr. Sing with me, come on! Yay. The pirates on the bus go arr. Arr. Arr. The
pirates on the bus go arr. All through the town. Thank you to the pirates. Come on. Let’s
find some more! Oh, excuse me. Hello. Oh, look. Look. What are they? Yeah! They are
fairies. Come on, sing with me. Are you ready? Yay! The fairies on the bus go aaah. Aaah.
Aaah. The fairies on the bus go aaah. All through the town. Yay. Thank you. Oh, we’re
nearly at Maggie’s Halloween party. But I think we’ve got time for one more. Yeah!
Oh-oh. Wow. Look. Look. What is it? What is it? Yeah! It’s a ghost. Boo. But don’t
be scared. No. Sing along! The ghosts on the bus go boo. Boo. Boo. The ghosts on the bus
go boo. All through the town. Oh, we’re not there yet. So, come on everybody. All
sing together. Yay! Ha-ha-ha. The monsters on the bus go ruagh. Ruagh. Ruagh. The monsters
on the bus go ruagh. All through the town. Oh, great. We’re here. So, come one. Everyone
off the bus. That was fast. Hey! Wait for me! Oh-oh. Wow! What a great Halloween party!
There are lots of scary Halloween monsters here. Are you scared? Huh. No. Don’t be
scared. I’m never scared. Hi Steve! Oh! Ha-ha! Oh, Maggie… Hey! What’s that? It’s
my super scary Halloween hand. Maggie, that’s not scary. Yes it is. Abracadabra! Ha-ha-ha.
Whoa! Hi-hi. Maggie! Yeah! What’s going on? Who-ho! Oh. Huh. Hello everyone! Steve
and Maggie. Steve and Maggie… Happy Halloween! Yeah! What’s going on? Thanks for coming.
Are you ready for the Halloween finger family song? Abracadabra! What? Ha-ha-ha. Oh! Oh-oh-oh.
Yeah! It’s a Steve and Maggie Halloween show! Hallo to all you monster out there!
Specially the zombies. Zombie finger, zombie finger, where are you? Here I am. Here I am.
How do you do? Okay. Are you ready skeletons? Yay! Skeleton finger, skeleton finger, where
are you? Here I am. Here I am. How do you do? Okay, vampires. Thanks for coming. Well
done! Vampire finger, vampire finger, where are you? Here I am. Here I am. How do you
do? Well done! Now the witches. Thank you! Witch finger, witch finger, where are you?
Here I am. Here I am. How do you do? Okay, are you ready ghosts? Great. Ghost finger,
ghost finger, where are you? Here I am. Here I am. How do you do? Hey boys and girls. If
you like it, like it! If you love it, subscribe. And thanks for coming to our Halloween show!

Randy Schultz

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  1. Jau Padariau says:

    It's all day long not all through the town

  2. Silky-Kids says:

    Always my favorite.?

  3. Sophia Stewart says:

    My son has this playing through my tele already ? He just loves Steve & Maggie and has truly learned so much from you! I was even telling his nursery school why he knows all his ‘body parts’ as they where very impressed.. I told them about your videos. He’s only 2 ?

  4. WOW ENGLISH TV says:

    Which monster didn't get off the bus?

  5. Rin Phou says:

    Steve I thank for video your video make me happy not only one video all video now I live in Cambodia ?? l wish l go visit you one dau

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    Very good!!!Nice video!!!Great video!!!Hello from Russia!!!

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    genial, super, magnifique, merci, great beautiful, thanks
    le vampire est resté dans le bus ; the vampire stayed in the bus
    I also wrote in English, I'm progressing for audio it's thanks to you,

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    2:43 is that Sans?….
    OmG iT iS sAnS

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    Cool stuff, as always!

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    Mcclues twins dad sent us here ! ? our new favourite channel !

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    I'm an arabian fan, from Jordan ,hashemite kingdom of Jordan………..

    My 3 years daughter "Eleen" is addicted to watch Steve and Maggie ?.. she's in love with your channel….. And I EXTREMELY appreciate all efforts you've done in your videos….. She's learning english so much from them… My daughter name is Eleen
    Thank you from all my heart …. Keep it up ?

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    We've been watching Steve and Maggie for days. Ha ha ha. One day I'll get the TV back. Thanks Steve and Maggie

  21. Moriah Momani says:

    My girls Ghalia and Liyana noticed the vampire stayed asleep on the bus ?

  22. Patrick says:

    I was watching their YouTube story where Steve is saying hi to fans and my daughter thought him and maggie were face timing me lol. She kept saying hi maggie and saying that's my friend dad.

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  54. Assad Butt says:

    which monster didn't get off the bus?

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