– So I’m definitely very concerned. I tell you what guys, dead serious, Elvis is one of the animals that I’m just absolutely in love with. Good morning, everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I’m gonna be totally honest with you, we’re gonna start the day with
a little bit of concern here. But I think that things
are gonna be okay, I hope. I’m with my guy Elvis, here, and yesterday he was completley fine. And this morning, when I took him out to let him just kind of wander around, like we always do, his back leg here doesn’t seem to be working
quite as well as what I’d like. I mean he’s moving it but
he’s dragging it quite a bit. Definitely favoring it a lot. I’m not a 100% sure what’s going on. There’s no doubt that the worst
part about keeping animals is when, for whatever reason,
they’re ailing a little bit. And I’m not 100% sure what’s going on. He’s definitely using his leg but he’s kinda limping a little bit. As you can see, he’s
dragging it a little bit. He’s trying to use it and I
don’t really know what’s up. I called Kevin, over at N.E.R.D, he’s a monitor expert. He said that there’s a
chance that it could be a little bit of impaction. That sometimes, when monitors lizards and a lot of lizards for that matter, actually will get, like, kind
of bound up a little bit. They can sometimes pinch a nerve and it can cause slight paralyzes. Also I talked to my vet. She said that the same thing
could possibly have happened. So we’re gonna try to actually see if we can get him moving a little bit. I think the best way to do this is to take Bowser out of the pond and actually let Elvis swim around. Cause that’s really gonna
move things around like that. If it doesn’t get better
in the next day or so, gonna take it to the vet, get xrays. But there was no injury. There was no time that he fell or got stepped on or anything like that. So I’m definitely very concerned. I tell you what guys, dead serious, Elvis is one of the animals that I am just absolutely in love with. Probably top three animals
here at the Reptarium, for me personally. So when he’s ailing I am freaking out. I am literally, like loosing my mind. So I’m gonna go ahead, let him walk around just a little bit. And I love the fact that
he’s starting to use his leg just a little bit. Earlier he was just,
literally, dragging it. But I think maybe if I can
get him to swim a little bit it’ll be good enrichment
for him, number one. And number two if he is bound up we can get that kind of moving. Hopefully he’ll pass
it and then hopefully, with any luck, this guy will
get back to normal soon. Because if anything happens to Elvis, I swear to gosh, I don’t
know what I’m gonna do. Again, I hate to start the
vlog out on a negative point but this is part of keeping animals and it’s the part I absolutely hate. But I’m gonna do everything in my power and with our vet and everyone else, we’re gonna get Elvis
back on the road here. I like the fact that is using his leg just a little bit more. Maybe it’s nothing real serious. But let’s go ahead and get Bowser out and then we’ll get Elvis and let him swim around a little bit. So first up, we obviously
have to get Bowser out so that Elvis can actually spend some time swimming around in here. Which, again, I think will
be really good for him. So I’m just gonna go in,
hand Bowser off to Bruce. (water splashing) Oh, he’s gonna give me
some troubles today. Watch yourself. Go ahead. Okay, we’re getting him out of here. Then I’m gonna have Bruce hand me Elvis. And again, we’ll just let
Elvis swim around a little bit and hopefully it can, if
has any kind of impaction, that’s kind of pinching
that spine a little bit, that’ll kind of loosen it up. And because he’s in here, he’s not actually putting
any pressure on that leg. Which might be causing him pain. So I think that’s just the best way to go. Come on buddy. Okay, baby, I know he loves the water. There you go baby, there you go. There you go. Look at him he loves it. Just puts that leg back. He likes just swimming around. Again, breaking that up is probably gonna be really good for him. So I’ll probably just
spend the next, you know, ten minutes or so in here. Letting him swim around. And again, there’s no
pressure on that leg. So this is really good
for him in that sense. And I tell you what guys, when somethings going on
with my babies, you know, these guys are like my
family, my kids, you know. Can’t even explain to you how upset I was when I saw his leg like that. And again, I know it wasn’t
anything that anyone did. Elvis is only two and a half years old. So, these guys live 25-30
years, sometimes up to 40 years. So he’s just a pup, you know, and I want him to be healthy forever. When something unexpected
like this happens it just completely freaks me out. I mean I literally, that’s
all I can think about right now is him. You know, all I can think
about is he gonna be okay. What do I do to make him better. And again, per my vet and Kevin’s advice, the first thing is get him in here. And again, he’s moving
his leg a little bit more than he did earlier. And here, see he’s starting
to poop a little bit. This is great! Yeah we’re gonna make a mess in this pond. I don’t care about that. But you see that, that’s exactly what I was hoping was gonna happen. Is him move some stuff. That’s what we needed to do because there’s a chance, you can see right now he’s
even trying to move some more, there’s a chance that there could just be a little bit of a blockage. Where he’s impacted a little bit and that’s actually causing
pressure on the spine itself. And that pressure can actually
cause a little immobility. We see it happening a
lot with baby monitors and even baby bearded dragons. Just gonna take this poop out so it can not get too messy in here. But I’m gonna let him
just keep on swimming and see what happens here. Hopefully, this is the start. That was actually a
good sign, right there. You can see he’s absolutely
loving this time in here. This is so great guys. I mean again, I’m sorry
that this vlog started out with kind of a bummer but
I wanna take you guys on the whole journey and this
is part of keeping animals. I mean when you keep
animals things happen. And sometimes things
happen that are unexpected. Like, out of nowhere,
his leg stopped working. You know? So I have to take you guys on this journey and who knows maybe sometime, someone that watches this will
have the same type of issue and think, oh my gosh
that worked for Elvis. But nevertheless, I’m gonna
let him take some time in here. I’m gonna give him the next few days off, where he’s not even gonna come
out and wander or anything. Let that leg, and if it’s a back issue, whatever, really settle in. From there hopefully he’ll be
back to normal here next week. And again, like I told my vet, if for some reason in the next couple days he’s still favoring that leg we’re gonna at least go
in and get some x-rays. Make sure that there’s nothing going on, that he got injured that
we didn’t know about. He’s definitely loving the water and what a great experience to
be inside with him like this. Baby, I love you so much. Lori what are you making over here? Gift bags? – Party bags for the
birthday party tomorrow. – [Brian] Birthday party tomorrow? What’s in a party bag? Is there like a little snake
or a little gecko in there. – Yeah. All kinds of reptitle themed goodies. So we go different kind of candies. Snakes and gator gummies. We’ve got tattoos. – [Brian] Oh my gosh that’s awesome. – Growing reptiles and then
other little animals in there. – [Brian] Can we throw
a live leopard gecko in? – Actually, this week only,
we will be doing that. (laughing) – You are not gonna throw a gecko. You come to a birthday party, everyone gets a free gecko. (laughing) – Yeah Jessica would be all about that. – [Brian] Hey guys? – Howdy. – Yo! – [Brian] I wanted to ask
you, I heard you guys earlier looking at a video about cemeteries. – Dude, yeah! Oh my gosh. – [Brian] Do you believe in ghosts? – I do personally. – Do I believe in ghosts?
– I do. I think I am a ghost. – Dude, I’ve been ghosted. ♪ Ask you how you are,
you just have to say ♪ ♪ that you’re fine. ♪ ♪ When you’re not really fine. ♪ – [Brian] What?! – Multiple times, multiple times. – What a second, are you guys? (manical laughing) Are you guys, so I think that these guys over on Noah’s channel are gonna go do some paranormal stuff. Are you doing cemeteries
or what are you doing? – Dude I looked up the equipment
but it’s a lot of money. – [Brian] What equipment? – You know the little radio box and it like clicks through the channels. – You don’t need that man. – And they’re like, “I’m a ghost.” – [Brian] Oh, I hate that, I hate that. – Back when I first started
I did all the ghost stuff. I went to the asylums and stuff and you catch the audio
just on your camera. – No way! – Literally, guys, dead serious, I’ll put a link in the
description to this video. We were leaving an abandoned insane asylum and literally it said, “Night, night.” I mean, like clear as. I mean like, it was like
someone else was there. And it freaked me out. – In the same video we
caught demons on the roof. – Eyes, yeah there were these eyes. – No, it was more than eyes. Remember the hand? – That hand coming down, that was freaky. – That is a demon. – So you guys doing it? – Dude, I want to. – Is there a chance that
when we were doing this, sure enough, we started having weird stuff happen at our house. Now it doesn’t happen
at our house anymore. Now you’re ready to do it again? – Dude, what if they attach to you, man? – No, like some weird stuff going on man. That’s why we kinda stopped doing it. ’cause it was just getting too real. – Isn’t there a way you can leave though and be like, the demons. – I think you get like sage right? You do like sage or I don’t know. All right, well let me
know in the comments, let me know it the comments if you guys want to watch these guys. Maybe I’ll even join in, I don’t know. Go do some paranormal stuff and again, I’ll put a link in the description. You gotta check the end of this video out with the “night, night” thing. Totally bonkers! You guys keep me posted and
I’ll keep these guys posted. – Dude, will do. – Let me go. – You’re gonna go Dani? – I wanna go. – No. No, Dani. She literally summons Satan, the Satan. – Oh, come on, please? – [Brian] The Satan? – He’s a guy. – [Brian] Is he verified on Twitter? (ding) – I think so, he is, yeah. He’ll tell ya. – Maybe we need that so we can
catch some stuff on camera. – Dude, for sure. – [Brian] If Dani goes,
I’m afraid of Satan. I’m not gonna go. – No, I know. That’s scary enough, being
in the dark with Dani. (laughter) – My horns just hold my halo up high. – There you go, there you go. (pop music) – We gave Elvis a good
half an hour in there. He definitely pooped a little bit. I saw his leg moving
around a little bit more. I’m just gonna go ahead and let Bruce put him back in his cage. And give him the next couple days off. We’ll probably do this
one or two more times if we’re starting to see improvement. But he certainly loved
his time in the pond. And I’ll tell ya what,
send positive vibes guys cause nothing can happen
to my boy Elvis, here. I love him so, so much. But for now we’ll go
ahead, get him back in. Did you have fun Elvis? Okay, good boy. So, I’ll keep you guys updated. Fingers crossed everything
gets better soon. We are down in the dungeon. I hate to say it, maybe for
the last time this year, Kelsey, is this the last clutch? – I believe it is, yes. – It’s the last ball
python clutch of the year. But don’t worry, we’re gonna
see Kelsey before next year. I promise you that. And we have a whole bunch of stuff, like rainbows that are gonna have babies. What is this last clutch we have? – This is a yellow bellied female bred to a black pewter cypress. – Oh, nice. That’s actually really good. Let’s see what she has. Hopefully it’s a good clutch. Oh, there’s some slugs
for the last clutch. Come on now. What does she have going on here? Oh she’s got a bunch of good eggs though. That’s a good clutch. Oh and there’s only one slug. This I thought might have been a slug but it’s actually just a boob egg. We do have one little slugger here but that’s not that bad. And that black pewter cypress is just an amazing, amazing snake. Bred to a yellow bellied should make some really interesting combinations of all kinds of different cypress stuff and black pastels stuff and
all kinds of different things. So that’s super cool. What do we have, as far as, numbers here. – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. – Seven eggs, one slug. Not a bad way to wrap it up. Hey, we may get a surprise clutch or two but there’s a chance, that may be the last ball
python clutch of the year. But I tell ya what, Kelsey
you killed it this year. It was a great year for ball pythons. We still have a ton of
stuff to hatch so as always, great job and we’ll see you
about ten months from now. – Okay. – Got my first tour of the day in. Hi guys, how are you doing? – Hi. – [Brian] Where you guys from? – New York. – [Brian] New York all right what part? – Marion, New York and Rockaway Queens. – [Brian] Oh, well that’s awesome. Well welcome guys and have a good time. – And Maryland. – [Brian] Maryland too, all right. You guys ready to have a good time? All right let’s do it. Let’s jump in. (bass hip hop music) Baby cluverts are still hatching like mad and I got some cool ones. Look at this! Oh my gosh! So absolutely incredible. Of course these are Albino
Arizona Mountain King Snakes. And what’s really cool is there was only two eggs in this clutch. It was actually an albino to a hetero and we got two albinos. So Albino Arizona Mountain King Snakes are definitely not very common. We actually bought the first ones from a guy years and years ago. So we had the only group in
the entire world at the time. So it’s pretty cool to
continuely bred these guys. I absolutely love them to death. I think they’re unbelievably
one of the coolest snakes I think I work with, to
be totally honest with ya. So that is awesome. Absolutely incredible! Moving on, let’s see what else we have. Okay, we have just a small
clutch of Mexican Black Kings. Of course the nigritus that
everyone loves so much. So it’s always cool. Coming down to only maybe
three or four clutches left of nigritus. So that’s pretty awesome. I think that some have
already been up on the website and sold out really quick. So we’ll have some more, that
are now feeding coming up. Let’s see what we have here. Oh yeah! ♪ Oh, yeah! ♪ I tell you guys this all the time. My favorite of all of
the scalous corn snakes are the anerythristic scalous. I mean, just take a look at how absolutely incredible that animal is. And it’s kinda cool cause
a lot of our anery scales because the adult male has some like, really cool blotching on his back. A lot of the babies that
we’ve been hatching this year have been really blotchy. And then other than that we just have some anery corns and some normal
corns that are actually het for scalous, so that’s pretty cool. This is actually one of those coral snows, that ghost coral snow, that I’ve showed you
guys that have all that, really big pink in it. And it was actually just
bread to another het. So you can see we have
some normal corns here. Some black corns. And even some ghost corns that
are all gonna be coral snows. Uh-oh, I’m in trouble. Okay, give me one second. Oh, hang on. Okay, in trouble, in trouble, in trouble. Okay, here we go, here we go. Snakes in the boxes. I tell ya what, every time
I open up a corn snake cluth I seem to loose them. They’re all over the place like little spaghettis
going all over the place. And then all we have here, this was actually a Miami Corn Snake that is het for scalous. So all we ended up doing was
producing a bunch of Miami’s that are het for scalous here. And you can see those Miami’s
just have a little bit more like a milk snake face. As a matter of fact, some people call ’em milk snake face corn snakes. Because they have a
little bit more banding than actual saddles but
they still have saddles. Regardless, Miami corns are really cool. And these are het for scalous. So a bunch of little babies
there, which is pretty awesome. And that concludes the
baby cluverts for the day. I’ll keep you guys updated
on how Elvis is doing. If you want to watch a video
of something more awesome with Elvis, you can check out right here. And an entire playlist of
some other awesome stuff. If you don’t mind, hit that subscribe button right over here. And turn those post notifications on. Be kind to someone today and I promise, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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    I just lost my 7 year old Beardie yesterday, he turned yellow and his beard and tail turned black, the vet said he had a tumor in his stomach which was cancer and he was really suffering so we put him down… this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Have you ever seen a beardie turn this color before it dies?

  91. River Clarke-Howes says:

    top 3,.. so its bella elvis and lucy eh

  92. Matthew Yap says:

    Lol this wat happen to my blue toungue skink too

  93. bither26 says:

    Yes do the paranormal stuff

  94. Kiley Kneib says:

    Kenan had an impacted Asian water monitor named Goliath- took him to vet and after the X-ray found the impaction he was prescribed ENEMAS and walking for treatment. Could maybe CALL KENAN or watch the video of him giving the monitor an enema lol 😝

    Feel better Elvis!

  95. Krista hathaway says:

    Before u leave where it hunted at tell them that thay cant follow you home

  96. Matthew Cooper says:

    Brian can you start not doing videos every day because it is hard to catch up when you are on vacation or just miss the video

  97. Patricia Roberts says:

    You need to build him a pond so he can swim often.

  98. xfairyberryx2 says:

    I hope that if he gets a second reptarium he will get an animal pool installed so animals can swim in it who like and are made for swimming can swim

  99. Jordan Dickerson says:

    Buy and open some Dybbuk boxes on the channel

  100. zaida delgado says:

    I know Elvia will be ok l love him sooo much keep me posted all the best to you

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