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  1. Ren Taylor [AFC] says:

    At 4:16 that was took its death ?

  2. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Hello Brian Just Want To Say Congrats on another place Awesome All The Best To You Epic.. thanks for this awesome video.. much love..p.s we have snow here and lot more coming here in London Ontario….

  3. Mrs. PuppySaver For life says:

    Winter hit here in Missouri today. Sleet, snow and hellacious winds. Loving the chameleons, especially Karma. Just wow.

  4. ZER0 Beast says:

    I got my first snake today because of all your videos I’ve been watching it’s a little corn snake and I also saw a jack o lantern pie ball python and my pet store

  5. BeauB827 says:

    OMG know i have to come again to see it all

  6. mary haynes says:

    looking forward to seeing the expansion happen thou vids

  7. Justin Deyoung says:

    You got nothing to worry about Brian, congratulations on the expansion, your going to do awesome I have nothing but faith in you!

  8. Sam And Albi says:

    Are you gonna add more reptiles because you said animals to me it means other species

  9. allyssa gray says:

    Maybe fat build up under the eye?

  10. Eddie Young says:

    Good luck on the new project and I'm glad that you doing what you love and meeting your dreams. Just love all your videos.

  11. Kyla Geraghty Brackley says:

    Hey Brian I love your vids I’ve loved reptiles since I was 5 could u do a ‘draw my life’ vid one day
    Thx love your vids ❤️

  12. Charlotte Davies says:

    Congrats on the expansion, Brian! Can't wait to see what's to come ?

  13. Mario Ledesma says:

    I love your vids and is chicken strip ?

  14. Casey Hanson says:

    Who else lives out there reptile dreams through these videos ???

  15. steveo92 says:

    I love Eric ? "let off some steam Bennett" lmao Schwarzenegger films are the best

  16. Ellie Young says:

    Another great video x

  17. Pro Plays says:

    Congrats for expanding how to god it terns out

  18. Deb ishere says:

    Whoop whoop Congrats !!!! So cant wait …

  19. Chris-Tina Moore Designs says:

    Do you giveaways python

  20. Chelsea Oakley says:

    This might be a stupid question, but…. Do Scaleless snakes still shed their skin? I think they look so interesting.

  21. Nick Bobby says:

    The speedy cam is back lol noice congratulations on the add on for the reptarium

  22. Lois Blais says:

    My goodness Chicken strip has really grown big!

  23. Greg Ross says:

    Congratulations on the expansion. Looking forward to following the adventure.

  24. Susan Siedler says:

    TYVM for tight shots of Chicken Strip!!? I mean I understood he is cool simply by being albino, but omg!!! BEAUTIFUL BEASTIE ya have there Brian!!!✌??♥️

  25. Chromekinggold says:

    On bhb reptiles can do you sell super giant leopard geckos

  26. Bobby Goodwin says:

    Omg Brian you cant do this shit to us…now I gotta anxiety await the big news..YOUR KILLING ME SMALLS! I absolutly still love you like a family member iv never met..keep it going buddy..your so inspiring.

  27. jeff wilken says:

    net did anyone notice that the rat that bowser is eating is like mid poop =)!! hahahaha

  28. Richard Brown says:

    Great job Brian. I cant wait to see the expansion. No worries, your going to be the best reptile zoo for states around

  29. Newblood says:

    Lol I forgot how much speedy moves. That dude put in laps xD

  30. cory suter says:

    Got any snow yet we have about 4" today where I am in Canada supposed to get about a foot bye tomorrow

  31. Kenzie Cuellar says:

    So by chance were you able to find anymore babies that had escaped?

  32. Ryan Clapham says:

    Can not wait for the expansion 🙂

  33. Ron deezzee says:

    Yeah eric that commando scene was ?????

  34. Kerusha Naidoo says:

    Why did the rodent have poo in its booty??

  35. DianeCee0 says:

    My dream is to meet Bowser and Perdida in person.

  36. Aaron Millthorpe says:

    Is the expansion for the shop next door?

  37. Savannah Hargis says:

    Noah and his hair. ? I swear I’ve seen like 30 different hairstyles since I started watching your vlogs.

  38. Mason Crossan says:

    That kid always baked as fuck ??

  39. Keri Chestnut says:

    Expansion?! That's awesome!! So happy for you guys! Keep up the great work. I absolutely love watching your vlog, I watch every day. Congrats!!

  40. Tricia Abrams says:

    Awesome that you have another place now! Good luck to ya'll and don't work to hard! I'm sure it will be great!

  41. shelly mizner says:

    Have u seen an albino turtle. Think u need one. They are beautiful

  42. Tatiana Guardia says:

    Fantastic…..just fantastic this video. ……Brian is amazing with reptiles

  43. Guðbjörg Gísladóttir says:

    I am pretty sure that Brian Barczyk has enough energy for anything he wishes to do… and some "left-overs" Does he have ADHD or is he just Hyper Active?

  44. Cheryl Clark says:

    My day wouldnt be complete without a vlog from you, Brian. Love your videos.

  45. Jonathan Gaetano says:

    Pghcoralguys, congrats on getting more space! Can't wait to come back and see what u guys added. Awesome vlog love what u guys do!!!

  46. Joyce Jia says:

    Just curious: does Speedy always turn right when roaming around at BHB?

  47. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Bring @blakes exotic animal ranch there bro!!!!

  48. Jill Scheiman says:

    So when is Lori letting you getting the sloth

  49. Alyssa Ruiz says:

    i follow u on tik tok

  50. ATDS says:

    I like seeing the building that’s like my life always making something to organize my space

  51. sean cooper says:

    I will make the trip again…
    Cooper from Dayton

  52. lil nugg 1642 says:

    You should build salt, pepper, and rj a huge pond in the extension to the repterium

  53. Albino Salvator says:

    Hi Brian. I don't think I ever commented on any of your videos although I have watched many of them. Love your energy and passion for your reptiles. Anyway I think you need to find a better way of getting chicken strip out of his cage, thrashing around like he does could have caused the eye swell and or future issues. He seems fine once out of his cage, maybe a small meal each time you wanna bring him out?

  54. Tina Howell says:

    Love y'all

  55. Sherry Lynn Madcat says:

    Congratulations on the up and coming expansion! You've been mentioning this for a while and it is exciting to see it starting to happen! Hey guys, I'll see if I can check out your Tik Toks and Yo too! It's a nice vlog. All good. Take care and have fun. L8trs g8trs.

  56. Slithering Sweethearts says:

    Check me out at slithering sweethearts!

  57. Kylar Thomas says:

    I forgot to tell you thank you I don’t know how I could ever repay you I made my dad watch some of your snake videos and I’ve been wanting a ball python my whole life and you convinced him to get me one so thank you

  58. James Izzard says:

    What happened to the new girl? She quit already lol

  59. BeachLoverGirl says:

    Get a Gaboon Viper please

  60. Rebecca Hales says:

    I'd love to see you take an animal to the vet at lease once… just once. If only to be a good example to other reptile owners like you say is important to you.

  61. Kryssa Girl says:

    I think i know!!! The key is probably for the local beside the Reptarium for the futur expansion?!????

  62. Sawyer Scheu says:

    I’m 30 seconds into the vlog but I know for sure that key is for tattoo shop that moved!!!

  63. Willo he says:

    You are the nicest person I know

  64. Willo he says:

    Have a awesome day

  65. Karen B. says:

    Do you have a vet that visit your animals on a regular basis to make sure they are healthy, especially the one being handled all the time?

  66. Cynthia Fitton says:

    I love the quote (and it was my mantra for my move just this last spring from Ontario to NS)
    “if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough”

  67. Nicholas D says:

    Hey man I love those close ups of the corn snakes that are growing up!

  68. Steven J says:

    Hoo Hoo Doggy I’m excited ?

  69. Leilani L says:

    Held my fist scaleless ball python yesterday. Feels just like a , p#n%s! Why wasn't I told this?????

  70. Steffani Juarez says:

    All jokes aside you are probably what’s wrong with all of your animals.

  71. john rosciolo says:

    Keep building stuff on vlog! Were you a carpenter back in your day ? Lol I build garages

  72. Gacha Girly says:

    I love your vids not only do you bring snakes and pets together but people you make us happy and connect because you show that we live the same things!

  73. ballpythonlife_ says:

    My best friend and I just recently started watching your channel & we flipping love it! We are definitely coming to see you and all the amazing animals soon! Keep up the great work, we truly enjoy it =) ??

  74. Roy Trout Jr says:

    When will we get to see a feeding video where you feed every animal you have at BHB and at The Repterium?

  75. Exploring With Mr Youtüübe says:

    Wow this video very good im like

  76. Shonie Englehart says:

    hope you make a pond big enough for all 3 gators if your thinking of putting them together which would be cool to see all 3 together when salt and pepper are big enough…

  77. Cathleen Baldwin Maggi says:

    Chicken strip is a Nile monitor? I had no idea. Thought he was just a lizard of some kind… Monitor sounds like a much bigger animal.

  78. Brayden Lee says:

    Brian I think you should get your wife a fire skink for Christmas this year

  79. Den Gaming says:

    I have a question. What do you prefer live feeding or frozen feeding?

  80. Catherine Kamoen says:

    Awww Brian I’m so excited about the expansion I wish I could come c it x

  81. Anna Curington says:

    the funnist thing speedy running around for his food lol he is awesome??

  82. Crystal Smith-Johnson says:

    I’m so excited for the reptarium expansion!!! Congratulations!!

  83. Crystal Smith-Johnson says:

    I’m in Lincoln park mi and we got 7 inches of snow last night. We actually have school closed today

  84. Andrei Aquino says:

    i dare u dudes to count how many times brian says "i tell you what"

  85. monique monaco says:

    Congratulations on your new space Brian! I’ve always wanted to come and see you guys and the reptarium, now I need to even more! I’m from Australia I will get to you guys one day 😀

  86. masterzero 1,000 says:

    For a second there I thought that was a Skullcrawler in the thumbnail LOL

  87. Jason Haynes says:

    I'd like to come up from Ohio and help you guys construct the reptarium expansion.

  88. Lois Hiett says:

    When is the next plushie coming out? A water monitor would be a great one ?

  89. Tara Irwin says:

    I’ve been catching up on your videos, and a thought came to my mind watching this one, whose heavier bowser or Rj

  90. David Zeek says:

    The key to your cellar where you hide your bodies

  91. Horselover1096 Thunder cloud says:


  92. Bethany Montague says:

    Brian I have a Hermann tortoise. Do you have any experience with Hermann tortoises. If not any advice you could give me. On keeping her cage humid it’s a table top so it’s hard to keep the humidity in.

  93. Keith Fraser says:

    Who else missed the speedy cam! Lol. Brian can't wait for the expansion journey the REPTARIUM building was awesome can't wait to see your dreams come more to life. Noah jumping to the song at the end is such a vibe. 11:50 lmao. Erik:yeah there doping ????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  94. Keith Fraser says:

    Me in my living room when Brian showed the key to the expansion 11:50. I promise last time I put the time stamp ???

  95. Laurel’s Tarantula Nook says:

    While Brian was talking about the new expansion and smiling I was smiling too!! Can’t wait to see the progress!
    Chicken Strip’s eyes are so pretty! Wow!
    That tortoise cam was cool! ?

  96. Cathy T says:

    Clickbait! Nothing wrong with his eye. This dude is nothing but a show and tell bragging machine. I thought i could sit thru an entire episode but 2 mins in ,im out of here. Going to see what Chandler,Tyler,Will ,Dingo, and Justin are up to. Theyre so much more educational and fun.

  97. Slob Zombie says:

    Are you sure your wife isn't actually a husband? ????

  98. Danielle Shavik says:

    Congratulations Brian!! ??? I am so excited for you guys, this is the best news – I've had my suspicions about you expanding the Reptarium, gleaned from inconspicuous clues you've dropped in the vlog… I can't even tell you how much joy I feel to find out that it is actually happening!! Let me know if you need any help ~ I would (…as I am SURE that TONS of people would!!) happily relocate in a split second for the chance to get to work with all of your amazing animals and crew!! Cheers to many, many more good things to come!! ? ? ?

  99. Ractin rilf says:

    Like si no hablas inglés

  100. Deuce Willett says:

    When can you do a update on that skink project and where you going to hop the tegu ship?

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