What’s Inside the FBI’s Most Wanted Shipwreck?!

What’s Inside the FBI’s Most Wanted Shipwreck?!

(intense dramatic music) – This ship was actually once wanted by the FBI and INTERPOL, and here’s what we’re thinking. Is it possible that something was missed? Did the authorities overlook
something on the ship, and is there something
still hidden in the remains of the Hilma Hooker just
100 feet below the waves? Well, there’s only one way to find out. (epic orchestral music) How’s it going, everybody? I’m Mark Vins, and welcome back to another
“Blue Wilderness” adventure. Today, we’re in Bonaire, an
island just off the coast of Venezuela at the site
of one of the most famous shipwrecks in all the
Caribbean, the Hilma Hooker. Besides being 100 feet
below tropical blue water amongst some of the most
vibrant choral reefs in all the world, this ship
was actually once wanted by the FBI and INTERPOL and
is now infamous for becoming one of the first major drug
busts of its kind in the region. And here’s what we’re thinking. Did the authorities overlook
something on the ship, and is there something
still hidden in the remains of the Hilma Hooker just
100 feet below the waves? Well, there’s only one way to to find out. Today, we’re gonna be
doing two tanks each. The reason we’re gonna
be doing that is because we’re gonna have limited
bottom time at these depths. So on tank one, we’re
going to scout the ship in its entirety looking for entry points. Tank two, we’re going to enter the ship and look for what’s inside. And with any luck, we’re
gonna find something the FBI missed in one of
its most wanted shipwrecks. You know, look, here we are. This is Mark on number one. Alright, it’s time to dive. (gentle music) Here we go. Diver’s going down. Well, the first set of good
news is that the water is warm, and the visibility is outstanding, today. And since we want to descend slowly. We might as well go check
out the choral reefs, right? I mean, the shipwreck’s
not going anywhere. Wow, look at how alive this ecosystem is! There are so many fish here! And the parrotfish are
especially colorful near Bonaire, just like this one. And check that out. That’s a peacock flounder. I love the way they glide across
the bottom when they swim. Oh, wow! Alright, check this out. This is so bizarre. That’s a salp chain. I haven’t seen many of these before, but we should probably come back and make a full video on them. They’re very interesting. So definitely let me know in the comments if this is something you’d
like to learn more about. Alright, getting toward the
edge of the reef line now, but, wow, look at that! That’s a tarpon. I should say, “Those giant tarpon.” They’re huge. So cool. Alright, let’s head this way. (ominous music) Oh my goodness, there it is, the Hilma Hooker in all its glory. Man, it is so much bigger than I expected. It’s massive, look it! Okay, let’s start our
survey from the front and make our way toward
the back of the ship, which is a little bit shallower. Remember, we’re looking for any openings or places that we can search, and we only have about 18
minutes left down here. So we’re just looking for
opportunities for dive number two. So we can go right back to that spot and give it a good look. Alright, Trent, on this side of the ship is going to be what we’re looking for. Let’s get closer. Whoa, low bridge there. Look out. Okay, well, this is the giant opening that will give us direct
access to the cargo hold, and it will also be a
relatively safe and open place for us to search. One thing we want to
avoid is putting ourselves in places without an easy exit. To search deep within the
confines of this boat, we would need completely different gear. So today’s dive will be
limited by those realities. Okay, this is interesting, but a very tight squeeze
with minimal exits. Probably can’t go through this one. Let’s move on. I can not get over how huge this boat is. Look at how far up it goes. Alright, another tight squeeze here, but this port looks doable. Yep, I think this one
and the main cargo hold are our best bets. Time to head back to
the surface and regroup. Nice job, Trent. Way to go, bud. (laughs) Dive number one in the books. Dive number one was incredible. First of all, let’s talk
about the ship itself. A 235 foot boat sounds
big, but when you see it in person underwater, it is like, whoa! Covers all your peripheral vision, and the good news is we
did do a complete lap around the wreck, and we saw
multiple points of entry, which is good news for dive number two. So on this dive, we’re actually
gonna go inside the ship to start looking around. And as big as it is, I can guarantee you there’s lots of places for things to hide. So we got a more minutes of
interval here on the surface. We’re gonna get geared back
up, head back out in the water, and hope to get lucky. Alright, there it is. Let’s go down and see what we can find. (dramatic music) Well, here goes nothing. Okay, so the first
place we wanna check out is the center cargo hold. Any hidden cargo may have
drifted or fallen out of place after all these years the ship has been slowly disintegrating and
collapsing beneath the waves. So I think we have a decent shot at spotting something in the open. Alright, Trent, hold
above and keep eyes on me. I’m going in. Whoa, the wreck suddenly
just got even bigger. This hold is like a giant cavern, and you can tell it’s
been down here for awhile. Look at all the growth and life living right on the metal of the hull. Okay, here’s a connector hatch that leads to the other hold in front of us. This is safe, plenty of room
to move and exit if needed. Come on through, Trent. We’re good to go over here. Okay, I see some debris
down here at the bottom. Let’s go check it out. That’s not going anywhere. Thought I might be able
to look underneath it, but that is stuck in place. Let’s move on. Okay, cool. I think we found the engine room. Look at all those pipes. Well, there’s no way we’re going in there. Way too dangerous, but
still pretty cool to see. Would love to came back and
explore that room a bit more. Okay, we’ve got about
a 15 foot hallway here with a clear exit. (exhales) I’m going for it. Trent, meet me on the other side. This appears doable. And it’s also probably
our best and last chance to find something, today. Fingers crossed. Okay, whoa. There are so many other passages in here. I definitely couldn’t tell that just looking from the outside. So many places to search. I wish we could go further in, but we just can’t risk it. I have to keep that easy
exit in sight at all times, but I can pop the camera
up for a quick peek. Well, that looks promising. So many places to hide
things on this boat. I can totally see how it
was used for smuggling. And we’re clear. Alright, let’s start our ascent. Look at how giant that propeller is. It must be 20 feet blade to blade. I guess you need a propeller that big if you’re gonna move a boat this huge. Okay, almost to the surface. Let’s take one last look at the Hilma, the FBI’s most wanted shipwreck. Oh, man, that was awesome! We actually got inside the shipwreck, going through all those corridors exploring around with our
high-powered dive lights. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything, but we had one incredible experience. And hopefully this is
just the first of many shipwreck explorations to
come on “Blue Wilderness.” Alright, still gotta kick our way to shore so we can wrap up this adventure. (hoots) This is tiring. Exploring our first deep water
shipwreck was incredible. Unfortunately, we didn’t find
anything on that second dive in the hull of Hilma Hooker, but that’s not to say it isn’t out there. I mean, that a big shipwreck to explore. And to properly do it, you would definitely
need more bottom time. And if you wanna keep up with us as we travel around the
world, make sure to follow me on Instagram @realmarkvins, and hit that subscribe button
and the notification bell so you don’t miss a second
of the action ahead. I’m Mark Vins. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on the next dive. If you liked this adventure,
make sure to go back and witness our first ever night dive where we swam alongside
giant sleeping lemon sharks. Oh-oh, that one made us nervous. (nature music)

Randy Schultz

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