What’s inside ILLEGAL Golf Balls?

What’s inside ILLEGAL Golf Balls?

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “What’s inside ILLEGAL Golf Balls?

  1. Slick Editz says:

    That voice crack tho

  2. Layla Gaming says:

    I live in engaland

  3. Call me Nathan says:

    His voice cracks 😂

  4. Erin Green says:

    They haven’t done a cut open video in a while

  5. DerParadonym says:

    so the greenfee was paid by both of you?

  6. HuntJ07 says:

    Your in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  7. HuntJ07 says:

    Come to hazel grove

  8. Khalid Assiri says:

    Why its illegal?

  9. neuteredcow 8 says:

    What’s inside an illegal kinder surprise egg

  10. Judy Chen says:


  11. Mew685 says:

    Dang Lincoln’s voice is just different

  12. Retired Nutbuster says:


  13. Lillian Boulton says:

    I only remember young lincoln… oh boy 😂

  14. Davis Clarke says:

    Omg the YouTuber that is helping you is one of my favourite
    YouTuber your lucky

  15. CatWizard says:

    There are PVC pipe cutters in America. I asked a Home Depot employee and she said they had PVC pipe cutters.

  16. WeeWolfcute says:

    Me:Who’s that person beside Lincoln’s dad
    looks threw comments

  17. Guillermo_805 ‘ says:

    11:12 voice crack

  18. T O M says:

    How did I not know that this video was being recorded literally around the corner from me

  19. Luna X GD says:

    It Loooooooook IlEgAL

  20. Edrian Mangabay says:


  21. Jackson Rayzer says:

    That bird was a pheasant and the tool dan used to cut open the golf balls was a pex pipe cutter.

  22. JG Boom says:

    Why the last few videos i have watched everyone is talking about lincoln

  23. Golf Guys says:

    Nice video. Cool content though.

  24. Avin Knable says:

    did anyone else see Indiana Jones

  25. Sir_BusinessNinjaYT says:

    what happened to Lincolns voice!?!?!

  26. MonsterBaby Steve Wilson says:

    Yeah, they make ratchet snips in America. I use em all the time.

  27. An Edgy Teen says:

    excuse me sir do you a licence for that…
    G O L F B A L L

  28. Tom Freeman says:

    At like 5:57 the golf glove is really baggy and loose it should be really tight if not too tigh cuz it give u a better feel with out any creases getting in the way

  29. Landen Long says:

    What’s inside of THE FIRST Nintendo?

  30. 1 Brown says:

    You guys should have pranked him and brought an exploding golf ball

  31. R3AL Ducky y y says:

    Comments about Lincolns voice | 60%

    Comments about the video | 23%

    Comments about other things | 27%


  32. Zed 895 says:

    All my recommendations are golf related

  33. DTODD14 says:

    the police turn up


  34. FGF Fhdh says:

    Yh give the video and suprise away by the thumbnail, great 👍🏻

  35. YABOISON GAMER says:

    Tittle: illegal golf balls
    Master chief: wait, that’s illegal

  36. Peter Cook says:

    voice cracks intensify

  37. BOOM! Television says:

    This is possibly older than Lincoln” Rick 2019

    (Lincoln’s thoughts: that makes me sound old!!!)

    Lincoln’s speech: “Oh”

  38. David Rhodes703 says:


  39. Hypatia says:

    That kid is going to he embarrassed when he finds out what moneyshot really means

  40. Louise Mackay says:

    I just realized that Lincoln and I have the same birthday but he is two years older than me

  41. Muhammed Sabah says:

    I love thes chanellllllllll

  42. Sean gaming n vlogs says:

    I have not watched in 1 year and now Lincoln is voice cracking and getting a low voice

  43. Gian Taylor says:

    Lincoln sometimes sounds like a girl to be honest…i dont know if thats because he's nazzle or just a 6 year old in a 12 year old body

  44. S B says:

    Guaranteed I'll watch zero more videos on this channel. At least until Lincoln ages a bit and stops screeching

  45. FullMetal Atheist Gaming says:

    Wow puberty hit Lincoln hard. I used to watch this when he was super young

  46. OriginalHaxBoss says:

    25 year old

  47. Ibzz says:

    Your crush will ask you out next time you see her💕

    Subscribe to activate🤗🤘🏽
    Btw hope you have a amazing day 💕and appreciate 🤭if you would support me❤️

  48. avery rios says:

    This dude reminds me of the dad from the beach house in a different lifetime if he didn’t have kids 😂

  49. Quong mao ._. says:

    I think that weird bird was a wild turkey

  50. Faze Pot says:

    Lincon has changed

  51. bmworld says:

    i rather get to the point of what's inside… :-/

  52. I N C O G N I T O says:

    You are making to big a deal of this

  53. Jonathan Hovey says:

    99.9% Comments are about Lincoln’s voice 0.01% Rick’s comment

  54. Zoe McKerrow says:

    Why do you do this mean stuff

  55. Gavin Plays says:

    spicy memes

  56. DTH 2006 says:

    0:30 He looks like BigBrudda

  57. Admri4l binbow says:

    Lincoln is a nerd now 😂😂😂🤓🤓

  58. Turner Chiles says:

    What is that Garmin device called?

  59. M Z says:

    Dang I haven’t watched since the rubics cube video Lincolns voice is so different also lo

  60. CherryTea says:


  61. Sakura 146 says:

    I have never seen an American in southport…I've lived there my ENTIRE LIFE

  62. Jason McMillin says:

    comments 90% about lincoln's voice 10% of about that they havent watched in so long and what happen to lincoln's voice

  63. Jose Vazquez says:


  64. James Prescott says:

    I live about 10 miles from Southport

  65. LlamaFlop says:

    “Do bite all your golf balls?”


    Just a casual “yeah” 😂

  66. ANonym0o says:

    Damn i watched this like where they cut macbooks up and stuff and lincoln was like idk a little kid hella excited now i watch it a few years later and lincoln is already voice cracking

  67. Isaias Quintanilla says:


  68. Lloyd Alvin Sunga says:

    Puberty mode is going


  69. John White says:

    Currently this channel has 6.66


  70. Carlo Diaz Garza says:

    How old is Lincoln now?

  71. Carlo Diaz Garza says:

    I remember when Lincoln was like 8 or 9

  72. Carlo Diaz Garza says:

    Lincolns boy cracks i hope dosent happen to me 🙂

  73. Kartikeya says:

    London hit his puberty *change in his voice

  74. Marzy says:

    666 dislikes🤔

  75. FlameZ Sniper says:

    Lincoln take ur low profiles hat it looks bad when it’s low profile

  76. GhoSTzD3fY THOT says:

    Am I the only on that thought Rick looked like Mcjuggernuggets brother??

  77. Sonny Hay says:

    I live in formby !

  78. Darw!n 42 says:


  79. DoodleDog Productions says:

    Lincoln voice cracked so hard!

  80. Mr Detester says:

    12:21 bruh why he being so harsh, he didn't even let him check the inside ball😂😂🤦‍♂️

  81. Shay FN says:

    Why does Lincoln look like Alex Choi

  82. Dank Memer says:

    Wait, that's illegal.

  83. Olly Wrixon says:

    Dunlop not Dunlap

  84. Marissa Leyanne says:

    Damn puberty hit Lincoln like a truck

  85. Brandon Shortnacy says:

    Bro that was a pipe cutter

  86. TheMangledTriangle says:


  87. The Micter Podcast says:


  88. Fact monster says:

    Thay were pheasants

  89. Rachid Badi says:

    why dose lincolns voice change all the time

  90. Woodsy L says:

    I literally live in Southport

  91. Devin Newsome skater says:

    12:20 he sed nope

  92. FaZe Yolo says:

    I have about ten of the Dunlop’s

  93. Casey the Kid says:

    The tool you are using at 9:45 is for cutting PVC pipe. Yes it's available in America in any hardware store.

  94. Minerly says:

    Haha 11:12 Lincoln's voice crack

  95. Its The Memes says:

    how old is Lincoln?

  96. Rich Laue says:

    BTW if you haven't figured it out yet, that tool is a pipe cutter and availible wherever plumbing is sold.

  97. Luke Orlandi says:

    The weird bird is a pheasant

  98. Steven Werner says:

    That was crazy

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