What’s a Red-Eared Slider? | Pet Turtles

What’s a Red-Eared Slider? | Pet Turtles

Randy Schultz

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99 thoughts on “What’s a Red-Eared Slider? | Pet Turtles

  1. Nikhil says:

    hey once l bought this turtle and I put that in my fish tank but after few days it started eating my fishes day by day no of fishes decreased?i don't no what to do..please reply and help my fishes.

  2. Hello Lord says:

    they eat fish i dont know all the kinds but i feed mines goldfish

  3. Sahra Smith says:

    Mines too small to eat fish, so I've been feeding him reptile sticks. It's that ok for him to eat?

  4. The Super Jebs says:

    She looks like she's going to cry lol

  5. Yosra Neda says:

    oh, that's something that you would call ''soft shell'', which probably means that it isn't basking under it's uvb(<– ubv?) lamp and is lacking the vitamin d3 it will be needing, and YES this can be fatal to your own red eared slider so watch out. Do you have a platform it could bask on? Or are you using one of those floating logs?

  6. Hailey Mason says:

    i have one they are soo cute

  7. spera says:

    This is the best info you can get about red sliders BEFORE you buy. I got one large myself but not as huge as this one showed in the video.

  8. cinnamongurrl says:

    actually i have a male red eared slider which i feed reptile sticks and its been just fine he has been with me for 13 years already…and still going strong…

  9. Vincent Jack says:

    the female RES is cute due to shorter claws and tail and more bulky

  10. Vincent Jack says:

    I have one which is already 33 years old but died of lung infections as they grew older.

  11. Ariana Rosado says:

    Thank u

  12. Ariana Rosado says:

    Wow they turn big!!

  13. GodzillaCO says:

    Yeah dude, New York has a serious red eared slider problem.

    Last time I was there, I found 4 of them in the sewers, they were all being trained in Ninjitsu by a rat.

  14. fernando rosado says:

    awesome turtle I have two of them

  15. jxzxf says:

    In New York it's illegal to get a tortoise or turtle that's under 4 inches

  16. Kenni Is Bored. says:

    Mine is 10 years old, I grew up with her actually, my Dora c:

  17. Mandy Zhu says:

    It more easy then raising a cat or dog

  18. Jerrmz says:

    did you guys kidnap her and make her do this video against her will?

  19. Hamilton Perpetuo says:

    Does it need a heat lamp

  20. Leah Barton says:

    mine don't have a basking area but i let him walk on his on like around my room is that alright.

  21. Nasheem whye says:

    People if you have a slider thats 10 years are more and worried about their lifespan you have nothing to fear sliders can live for fiftey to 60 years when properly taken care of.

  22. Ji Hyeok Jeong says:

    I've ever fed him before.
    They are owesome

  23. Thomas Bynum says:

    Is it legal to buy one in North Carolina

  24. Jason Peterson says:

    True there. I my self have 2 Slider turtles, sadly from China Town in Southern
    California (they are commonly sold there). I watched your other Slider Turtle
    videos, and about there sizes, habitat, and behavior is all true. Over a few
    years they do get hard & messy to take care of. Even mine are right now.
    I had mine for around 10 years, a hassle to clean their (sadly a glass fish tank,
    its roomy though, so no worries there) but I still love them and comfort them.
    Don't plan of tossing them in the wild, but may have to give them to a Turtle
    Foundation to take care of them, if they exist.

  25. Hobo Aquatics says:

    I'm a current slider owner and I purchased it as a baby from a "china town" area as a baby the size of a quarter.  It is now roughly 5 to 6 inches long and doing quite well.  Only issue is, she only has her right eye.  eating fish is a rare event for her.  sigh…

  26. Tina Lin says:

    Thanks for the help! Im learning about how to take care of them so they wont die(mine died  because I didnt know how to take care of them).

  27. Mark Jackson says:

    I have one of tho's

  28. BlueKazuki says:

    The worst part of owning a slider turtle is the online "experts". Even this woman who was supposed to answer the question "What's a Red-Eared Slider?" just kept talking about "don't do this, don't do that, never do this" and made having a turtle feel like its the worst pet ever.  She could've at least smiled.

  29. Anette Svea Åsgård says:

    She sounds like she's going to cry, but she's holding back. lol

  30. JuliAnne Flora says:

    i am thinking about getting a slider and this is very helpful i am trying to get as many facts as i can

  31. Darci Stewart says:

    This girl is so annoying.. She swallows all the time lol. And she always sounds like she's about to cry.

  32. Saphina Collet says:

    My turtles are still young but starting to believe that one is male and the other is female. I was just wondering how many eggs they lay if they do mate and how many times they will actually mate?

  33. M60Lee says:

    Pfffffh….Certainly not hard to take care of.

  34. Alexis 1006 says:

    My dad found a baby red eared slider at his job and it is the most tame little animal I have ever seen

  35. Mario Alvarez says:

    Turtle shack has small baby turtles

  36. Jake Xiang says:

    This kind of turtle really can eat when it gets much bigger…And when you feed it,it might bite your fingers.A bit painful,I have to say.

  37. Breebee23 says:

    I have a red ear slider

  38. Lorna Temperatura says:

    If I started a turtle company red eared sliders will be for experienced people

  39. Tommy L. says:

    I rescued a red ear slider male from being run over by cars here in Florida i didn't buy from no one but i hope i'm able to keep him i got turtle food and a good area for him to swim and bask. will i get to prison for rescuing and keeping a red ear slider as i know how to take good care of him? because i had res turtles here in Florida as a pet before the state made a big deal and everytime i handle the turtle i wash my hands with soap and water and clean the blanket he walks on.

  40. bestsniper104 says:

    .can you tell even when there a baby still

  41. QuickDraw McGraw says:

    how big do themale tutels get?

  42. joel kavkaz says:

    Were can I buy one in NYC?

  43. Frog Frog says:

    Aww.. the adorable red eared slider, shes so, kawaaaaiiiii

  44. Dwight Goliday Jr says:

    Man, I want some more! #TurtlePower

  45. Dreamcast Fanatic says:

    Is their any breed that just grown up to 4 inches. About 10 years ago I was given one, it was a baby I assume illegal , uncle got it from china town and it was so small.  A couple of months it got sick, stopped eating but it slowly got better.  So 10 years later and its 4 maybe 5 and a half inches from nose to tail.  Other than the size it seems happy, healthy and active. I always wondered if there was a breed of small red eared sliders or if its lack of growth was due to it getting sick when it was young.

  46. CharmOrSpear says:

    Who else had the urge to name them leo, don, mikey and raph? :3

  47. Zhong Zhang says:

    Soooooo cute

  48. Vannia V says:

    I plan on filling up a plastic kiddie pool and putting up a fence around it and some grass and rocks 😀 they are not growing as fast as I thought they would though , thank god !!

  49. ChinatownNoodles says:

    She's always soooo nervous when she talks xD

  50. J. Forgione says:

    You can get Salmonella from adult turtles as well. The Key is to keep your turtles in a clean environment, wash your hands after handling them AND teach your little kids not to put their pets in their mouths.

  51. lPusheen Friend says:

    I named my turtles scar and shinaé that are male and female baby turtles

  52. TheCrystalMelon says:

    I have a yellow belly slider that I rescued from a creek near my house, I'm from canada so they aren't native here and when I found him, he was about the size of a cd and now he is an adult and i have been taking care of him for 13 years

  53. Akash Singh says:

    please view my 1st video of Turtle workout

  54. Catfsihnig says:

    Do any people watching have a suggestion for me, I looking for a small turtle not too big

  55. Haiasiriku says:

    is she gonna cry?

  56. AlanX 2021 says:

    Is she being taken hostage??

  57. Alpha says:

    she always sound scared, are you being taken hostage? give us signal #SaveRandomTurtleLady

  58. Justinbryll Barit says:

    I like turtles

  59. Fletcher Isakson says:

    I don't know what she's talking about but in Texas it is legal to release a red-eared slider turtle and the turtle that I have actually saved from a dying in a pool

  60. Ophelia says:

    can anyone go onto my channel and tell me if my res is a girl or a boy? thanks!

  61. Will G says:

    They are naturally in my state

  62. AXZ Abner says:

    these turtles are llegal in india

  63. zestvk says:

    She's nervous. Give here a break. Try being on camera once.

  64. TypicallyHer says:

    I have two of these turtles and I love them a lot and their names are chocolate and vanilla they are very small so they are just babies.i noticed that one was very small.The boy which is vanilla is a mini dwarf turtle and will not grow and will stay as tiny as two pennies stacked together.he is still in good health and so is chocolate

  65. Willie Nillie says:

    lady are u good?

  66. conorgvin says:

    Why does it seem she's going to cry the whole time ?

  67. CameroonKing 00 says:

    read this or die

  68. bluestar alice says:

    I'm very confused here. I am in Ontario Canada and looking for a painted turtle. I have researched on the eastern, southern, and western painted turtles. the red eared slider was not my first choice. I just would like to know what I can and can't have as my pet turtle. If you can help, that would be wonderful 😊

  69. Arlene Scalf says:

    It looks like she is being held at gun point. 😐

  70. Dead Meme says:

    My parents made me put mine in a pond sob

  71. Camila Mendez says:

    I have two red sliders

  72. LESLIE MATOS says:

    Guys I need help I got 2 turtles today out of the blue nd I'm doing research now. How can I tell if they're red eared sliders? The "ears" look more orange than red to me. And how can i tell which is female and which is male?

  73. Vikaruss says:

    My turtle died today pls don't give me likes I'm just sad

  74. crawfish daddy says:

    How can I tell if a turtle is captive or wild?

  75. Desiree LeeAnn Taylor Nielsen says:

    I got one im tring to fiend out what he is he gots black n ornge on hem

  76. MANU SOMYA says:

    She's crying , for sure. Just holding back a little.

  77. Mikahyl Hull says:

    Turtle will not grow a boy but it will not grow

  78. xJoshXDx says:

    Do turtles have ears?

  79. flxming bee says:

    Thanks a lot for this video. I used it for my school project. 🙂


    Red ear slider tears apart a pinky.

  81. KB Musick says:

    Why does she sound like she's ready to cry?

  82. Yadier Silva says:

    Is she getting taken hostage???

  83. merpati cilacap says:


  84. elano says:

    How long do these usually live? Mine lived for 1 and a half now.

  85. Brutus Brutus says:

    just found 1 about the size that she is holding, it was a big turtle! had a crack n it's shell on the top and bottom, think maybe it had been hit by a car or a boat propeller, it was old wounds had already healed up. but they r native here where I live so I took it download to the lake and let it go

  86. Sean says:

    She spoke much better here than the other one about how to maintain a turtle

  87. Jenny Lab says:

    Why are you crying in all the videos
    I cant understand what you saying at all

  88. Da_Darminator says:

    Thx for the info 😊👍

  89. Anjalin Reji says:

    Is it legal?

  90. ShadyCatGames says:

    I have one

  91. Joseph Hadrick says:

    How do they keep finding her

  92. Roland Caruth says:

    They gave me my turtle on the road

  93. Red claws says:

    Then what is pet malayan snail eating turtle

  94. n3wbskillz activate says:

    She's adorable and the turtle is too.

  95. Manuel Ramos says:

    I found a red eared turtle and don't know what to do with it

  96. Manuel Ramos says:

    I also live in Vegas

  97. Captain Hawking Empire Forge says:

    🤔 Does the shell color of the RES turtle determine their age? Like if their shell color is black, does that means they are an adult turtle?

  98. mrsiddy says:

    I like the switch between years and decades lol, my res is 28 years old.

  99. Cheyenne Wilson says:

    I have a 1 inch and 1 and a half inch red eared slider. I got them today. Their names are tater tot and French fry. I got them from a festival today. They are so cute!! I'm afraid of getting salmonella though. I'm 11, wo I probably will, but true story!!! What are some symptoms of salmonella??

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