what to do before both astrox a very temperamental poisonous snake should not be disturbed natu worl

what to do before both astrox a very temperamental poisonous snake should not be disturbed natu worl

[Music] the other viper known as mapping makala with x among other common names but in this specific case you known as manna with dried leaves [Music] it is a moderately snake poisonous since its poison is rare that can kill an urban quickly its poison consists of injecting a antibody that digests matter organic and after your bite you can be very painful then begins to reduce pain and usually poison it would begin to show up to three days after the bite [Music] in an adult person if not treated to time the poison of the others could lead to limb amputation affected or even death the poison of the others can get to kill in few hours to a person with problems kidney or liver or a child under 6 years In Central America the other is the one that most cause deaths and because it is usually confused with the boaconstrictor with more water t and thinking that it is not poisonous the person is not treated with anti poison required most bites from snakes worldwide are by manipulation of a venomous snake believing that it is not poisonous like to peasants who were headed to work from early morning when the snake is heavy by accident confusing with leaves dry being these usually the most common causes for which he elaborated someone bites and most recommended is that in hours when there is no sun Direct the person and say chop leaves dry grass and bushes or climb trees another recommendation would never be to manipulate or approach a wild animal of any species to avoid suffering some mishap since most of animals can easily harm a person with or without poison yes what if what if Y the snakes 4 are extremely nervous so after feeling slightly threatened they will launch their attack and they will run away and as quickly as possible the poison of the others is not extremely lethal but it can be treated almost everywhere in the world since the anti serum formula is contained in the general anti physical available in most countries less in countries under dictatorial regime the snakes are temperamental and they have their own personality as any other living being usually try to avoid slipping problems and try to go unnoticed but when you know it has been detected no He will hesitate to show his danger moving with your head up and collected neck ready to launch a bite when necessary the vipers dried leaves have excellent vision both day and night and this is it adds an extremely acute vision thanks to its oblique iris that indicates the specialized punch grade the others like most of snakes collect your body for use it as a spring and bite your objective and as quickly as possible a adult snake can throw its head to bite up to a meter away in a tenth of a second and what it does that your bite is impossible to dodge by a person when he doesn’t know the snake behavior [Music] its activity begins after the afternoon falls it is then when he leaves his cave where he spends most of his life and prepares to look for something to eat and his day ends until the first Sun rays it’s a hard-hitting tree viper by which is quite skilled for climb vertical surfaces and is capable to use its tail as a spring to jump a few inches can also be firmly thrown in the branches regardless of the amount of wind or rain the other adults they prefer to go to the cup of trees where birds sleep or you field mice surround i like this and after locating your goal begins a hunting protocol first determines characteristics of your goal through of the pheromones that he says later aligns to advance in a straight line to your goal then secures your tail in a branch performing a kind of tie up with her then throw fingers of a fraction of a second and after giving the deadly bite right in the head or neck wind your body in the prey being upside down along with the victim and at the same time it is squeezed by your body the poison begins to take effect producing an organic failure to the dam depending on the size of it when the snake that was completely rolled into the target begins to swallow the victim from the head once you finish devouring the the snake returns to his cave quietly down the tree but when it comes to a very large animal the one who was devoured drops to the ground to crawl to a safe place and normally their caves are narrow so a dam is ingested too large and can be entered at the mouth of the cave and opt for a temporary place to sneak [Music] it’s not uncommon for snakes when climb trees be attacked by bats or birds with vision Night like the bull rosso the others are also often confused with the rattle and is usually called fake jingle bell because when it feels threatened usually its tail against leaves dry to generate a noise similar to a rattle [Music] but they are not the only species that performs this act to intimidate your prey or predator and escape but that also mammals like mice perform this notice to avoid inconvenience and run away to hiding the snakes these are animals that they like to get in trouble unnecessarily but they leave their hide only to look for food and then they slip again until your food has been digested by your digestive system that usually takes from one week up to six months depending the size of the dam the snake venom is not designed to harm people but to paralyze smaller animals and be able to devour them without putting so much resistance [Music] look [Music] in recent years there has been a increased venomous snakes in Central America and because the people kill snakes not poisonous like water constrictor i4i line among other commons that do not have poison and because of this the territory of the poisonous snakes has widened more and more by not competing for territory with other snakes since between snake species they don’t usually be very social and usually the most big devour even the smallest between snakes of the same species [Music] the snakes and from their mention symbolic in the holy scriptures to be part of movies and plots animated has managed to position itself and over the years he has managed to captivate many and because of its versatility and extrasensory capacity one of the most emblematic and fascinating creatures from the beginning of its creation to the symbolism of its existence an animal who has fought for his life completely alone and has proven to be a super survivor throughout history [Music] or not [Music] the taste we have [Music] Yes Yes Yes [Music] and this has to end [Applause]

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