What Tiger Woods’ Ex Is Up To These Days

What Tiger Woods’ Ex Is Up To These Days

Cheating scandals are par for the course for
celebrities. But in 2009, the world was shocked to learn
that golf champ Tiger Woods was a serial cheater, who admitted to having numerous affairs while
married to Elin Nordegren. It was devastating, but since then, the Swedish-born
former nanny and model has gotten back on her feet again and is doing better than ever. With Tiger continuing to make headlines for
his off-the-green course, there’s no better time to ask: where is Tiger Woods’ ex-wife
Elin Nordegren today? Getting her degree After attending night classes since 2005,
Nordegren graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida in 2014, where she received
the Outstanding Senior Award in psychology after earning a 3.96 GPA. She told the Orlando Sentinel “I want to continue
to study and learn, but I am not exactly sure how yet. My passion has always been psychology, but
my interests continue to broaden.” Nordegren was selected to speak at her graduation,
during which she made a few lighthearted jabs about her divorce from Woods and the media’s
obsession with the scandal. “And it was right after I had taken Communication
in the Media that I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight. And I probably should’ve taken more notes
in that class.” Living large In 2012, Nordegren used part of her reported
$100 million divorce settlement to construct a mansion in North Palm Beach, Florida. In fact, she actually bought an existing home
for $12 million, but had it completely torn down because it was structurally unsound,
though some salvaged parts were donated to Habitat for Humanity. The new beach-side home she built in its place
has nine bedrooms, mini-golf course, a home movie theater, and a lavish pool, meaning
there’s plenty of space for her two children, Sam and Charlie to grow up. Holding grudges Even though Woods cheated on her with multiple
women, Nordegren allegedly had a tough time when he moved on after their divorce. Case in point: she was allegedly furious when
Woods started dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn in 2013. According to Us Weekly, Nordegren even wanted
to restrict Tiger’s visitation rights with their children because she didn’t want them
around Vonn. And the bad blood continued even after Vonn
and Woods broke up. In 2016, Page Six reported that event organizers
were asked to seat Vonn and Nordegren apart at a party during the Kentucky Derby. A source told the tabloid “the staff was being
told over a walkie-talkie that Lindsey was on her way over and must be put in a different
area from Elin.” That didn’t keep them from snapping a selfie
together, though, so…who knows? Looking for love Woods isn’t the only one who’s moved on. In 2013, Nordegren began dating billionaire
coal tycoon Chris Cline, a relationship that’s been on-again, off-again ever since. In 2016, during one of those off-again periods
with Cline, she also became linked to musician Gavin Rossdale — the cheating, former husband
of Gwen Stefani. That union has generated plenty of tabloid
headlines, but at this point, she’s pretty used to that. Making up Woods, a serial cheater who admitted he had
affairs with numerous women while married to Nordegren, now calls his ex-wife his “best
friend,” according to the Huffington Post. Woods told Stephen Colbert, “It becomes two
simple things, okay? We have Sam and we have Charlie. And we love them so much that we are going
to whatever it takes to make that work. That’s how it happened.” “I’ve talked to her about so many different things and she does the same thing with me. We go back and forth. And we communicate so much better now it’s
incredible.” And it seems Nordegren feels the same. She told People in 2014 “I have moved on and
I am in a good place. My relationship with Tiger is centered around
our children and we are doing really good — we really are — and I am so happy that
this is the case, he is a great father.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “What Tiger Woods’ Ex Is Up To These Days

  1. Nicki Swift says:

    Can you name any other significant others of athletes that lead fascinating lives?

  2. Carl Pen says:

    Kudos to Elin… we all know life can be tough when you have to get by with only $100 million in your purse…

  3. Thincow says:

    100 million for that vage, how much is that per coitus episode? Expensive Ho. It is easier to rent them.

  4. Thincow says:

    Gold digging ho, but she paid the price by taking the sub-human radiator hose.

  5. james bondero says:

    Tiger is a straight G
    Fk what everybody else talkin bout

  6. The Reborn says:

    Milking some other rich dude dry, career whore.

  7. Phyllis Stevens says:

    Who gives a rats ass.

  8. Tracy Sharp says:

    She sold her pussy to the hightes bidder and got payed!

  9. Ray1889 says:

    She tried to kill him with a golf club.  No one seems to remember that.

  10. Ron Roberts says:

    Tiger married a baby sitter

  11. Polaris sportsman says:

    She should be in jail for attempted murder

  12. james bondero says:

    Tiger needed some whores in his life ,so he went on a mission

  13. Thomas Fletcher says:

    Tiger was a fool !

  14. TMH 2019 says:

    Gold digger

  15. Lucas Eyster says:

    You made that sound like he’s a horrible person. Smh

  16. S. says:

    she prob went back to stripping as usual.

  17. Kimberlee Ellison says:

    shes with older rich men now,was dating a guy 20 years older after woods some billionaire,,,,,,,

  18. Jack Weatherford says:

    what is she doing these days? whatever she wants with all the money….master plan was successful. one kid=300 million

  19. swadey 2.0 says:

    I feel bad for her, inheriting millions of Tigers dollars. Life must be tough, she's a real victim

  20. Forward Observer says:

    Why is she a Gold-digger? He pursued her. He cheated on her multiple times with multiple partners, exposed her to STD’s, humiliated and embarrassed her. From all accounts she was reluctant to become involved with him, yet alone marry him. I think she’s handled the situation with a hell of a lot more discretion and class than he’s ever exhibited, mega $$$ Millions notwithstanding.

  21. Joanie Adams says:

    she's a very expensive babysitter

  22. Joos YouLose says:

    White whore

    Deut 23:2

  23. Jayvyn Grant says:

    This issue was just so funny and even stupid to me.. ? cheated on his wife..But yet it become so much more.. People acted like he murdered some one…. ? wasn't the first to cheat… and will not be the last…

  24. Lucita Gabriel says:


  25. PhiLLiEphiL S says:

    A freaking 100 million !!!!!! Wtf dude " ayyyyyyeee, can u sign this real quick ? "

  26. Jim Dillon says:

    Mr woods really fucked up you go girl he’s a great golfer and a rotten bastard????

  27. Steve Mazz says:

    Men of the world with a business, that plan to open a business, have a really good paying job, or living in your parents basement…
    If you plan to marry get a prenuptial agreement to protect all you have and that gives you half of all she earns. Make her sign it or don't get married.

  28. Jim Clarke says:

    I could manage a hole in one with her, and a good 18 rounds ))

  29. j G says:

    Tiger Woods ex-wife is a total hypocrite 100%

  30. j G says:

    Is it a coincidence that she married Tiger Woods? Is it a coincidence that now she's dating on and off again a billionaire? I've never even met a billionaire I've met millionaires many times in my life but I'm not dating any of them and none of them are trying to date me and I do pretty damn well for myself in the dating world and let me tell you something for you to meet a billionaire it tells you you're a f**** gold digger nobody dates an old ass billionaire with saggy ass you Hefner balls if they're not trying to f**** get money the b**** got a hundred million dollars from a divorce settlement and she's still trying to get that billionaire money she's a dirty f**** scandalous hypocrite and she deserve to be cheated on LOL maybe not deserve to but at the end of the day she's no different she's a gold digger plain and simple gold digger gold digger God damn gold digger

  31. wenniefreda sanchez says:


  32. Bullet, Son of a gun says:

    I might care if she went into porn and he was in prison.

  33. Shingen Fujiwara says:

    Wow take it ez Tiger. Jz enjoy your game. No pressure…..Go Tiger…Tiger = GOAT


    Ofcourse the baby sitter is happy, the thot got 100 million dollars for goodness sake, smh.

  35. Stevie Cook says:

    Who cares what this tramp is up too?

    Get a fucking life

  36. BestBathTub Finish says:

    Bet her puss smells like poop.

  37. Mark Leo says:

    Gold digger

  38. samuel dupuy says:

    Ship marry forgive form poverty out complex visitor

  39. Warrior Voice says:

    I know a very private company only for the elite, who is putting together couples after cheating… www.sexaddictionplanb.com

  40. Jeffery Schirm says:

    Looking for a football player now.

  41. fa fefe says:

    I’m happy you’re doing well Elin! I’m also happy you’re coparenting for the sake of your children.

  42. Michael Edwards says:

    Fool and a rich man get married

  43. Don Cummings says:

    I always thought the clear display of class was to keep personal relationships personal…I guess I am just old

  44. Michael Edwards says:

    Gold digger thrash

  45. Michael Edwards says:

    Ugly like yu mother

  46. bernie kline says:

    Nice lady she should have gotten all his money and left him broke! He exposed her to all his nasty shenanigans!

  47. me says:

    tiger woods is a product of poor decisions ugly women and prescription medication

  48. David Rockerfella says:

    Tiger Woods was probably on crack or China white. She's ?ugly.

  49. Jett Rink says:

    When fellow PGA players find out thier paired with Mr Woods they are not exactly thrilled about it.

  50. Sidney Boddie says:

    They. Live next door to each other

  51. NAT TURNER says:

    Must’ve been desperate not attractive at all?

  52. Meeean Azz says:

    Says it all really..


  53. Jay Hardin says:

    Spending his money ?

  54. Levi Byler says:

    She is cuter than ever

  55. Ms. Molly says:

    She is the daughter of Barbro Nordegren, who used to sit in the swedish parliament and Thomas Nordegren, correspondent for Swedish radio in USA. She met Tiger when she was au pair to swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik. She is NOT a golddigger.

  56. Edith Callaway says:

    Her mudskipper days are over.

  57. ICE MAN says:

    she's a BIG golddigger

  58. Sondra Allen says:

    Lucy got a big payday she don't have to work a job she got Nanny for children she said for Life financially but she's very wise to get a backup who knows how life turns out she probably like tiger Bush that was a come up for her she was just a Manny and to Marry a Millionaire damn near billionaire she lucked out not busy on the screw white men with no money

  59. freedom nija says:

    $100m is a ferocious dig. I wish I can get that digging an actual gold mine.

  60. david Core says:

    100,000,000 million says tiger takes her back in about 15 yes when the money has ran low.

  61. William Teo says:

    No one is perfect, I have problem too.. Like everyone does

  62. mich c says:

    y she need sure a huge mansion for

  63. David Richardson says:

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  64. TheBatugan77 says:

    Hoo cares?

  65. AlphaDwg says:

    Spending his money ??‍♂️

  66. Get Real says:

    It has to do with Tiger's form in the course ?

  67. ad mobile4 says:

    Tiger has terrible judgment in relationships and women. A nanny…

  68. MsHburnett says:

    Good digger

  69. Vladimir Putin’s Clone says:

    Tigers ex is a controlling pyhscopath fuck this slut!

  70. Meeean Azz says:

    Eddie Murphy said it https://youtu.be/NgIJdtSWtGA

  71. A Schiavello says:

    She's so hot! He's a dog!

  72. duke black says:

    She's a stunner he's a complete idiot


    She is a gold digger

  74. Patricia Statin says:

    I ain't saying she a gold digger but she an't messing with no

  75. War Veteran’s Mustang says:

    Lmao. High price. Date. Do ya think she would date a guy with little or on Cash. LMFAO.

  76. Vittoria Colonna says:

    I haven't had any respect for Woods ever since I read the interview with him in GQ. He wasn't a very nice person to begin with.

  77. Philip Turner says:

    Dang shes pretty

  78. James Makalu says:

    "wanted to restrict visitation rights to their children because she didn't want them around Vonn". That, plus the $100 million she received for being a glorified nanny, is pretty much reason enough to hate this bitch.

  79. Pathfinder red Mike PIMPEO says:

    She a gold digger

  80. Darryl Ramon Marsh says:

    Hey Nikki Swift  if you can please give Tiger Woods This Message From Darryl Ramon Marsh , you did well hope you do same next year , I still will live to take training wit my golf stick still holding my funds can you help me ,Through you and Phil playing through my Stick same 6Stick , 1st I have serious surgery needs that are way out of hand but still have plenty life left said the Reeper but with no time can you push me through all I need the sweet 2 Million dollars is at NYSE Jim Cramer of CNBC has it still investing it through my Method (iyounggunzs Way) my body is hurt badly for something that could had been simple , the rest I can get done at NYSE when that sweet 2 is cut to me , here my name and address: Darryl Ramon Marsh 1044 Morris Ave. 2ndflr Rm#4 Bronx, NY10456 few streets from Concourse Plaza across from Bronx County Hall Of Justice on 161st , im off 165st on Morris Ave. , my cell# (631) 640-8911 , hope to hear from you very soon its scary.Read more Show less

  81. Paul Bissonnette says:


  82. Jamal Gelin says:

    A class Thot

  83. 1 Super Star says:

    Ex-husband always say my x is my best friend. That's BullShit…

  84. Wise One says:

    She's having vacations everyday, what else?

  85. Shakema Daise says:

    Never saw a black man till tiger woods. From nanny to 100 million she didn’t earn. Thank goodness she had children.

  86. Steven Ulrich says:

    Gold Digger

  87. Steven Ulrich says:

    Crocodile tears for her go from a millionaire to a billionaire. So sad 🙁

  88. Johnny Crack says:

    Wow she got 100m’s for doing nothing. bitch

  89. Neo Levert Malapane says:

    She came in knowing that Tiger was not perfect…She planned carefully to take the money and then run off with some white guy she really loved.

  90. Bobbie Belser says:

    I don't know what Tiger Woods was thinking, but she's beautiful!

  91. Dwayne Dwayne says:

    Bitch! Tiger just Won the Masters. Fix your FACE

  92. wesley zillich says:

    hey tiger's wife was faithful and a great wife, he doesn't deserve her

  93. BMWg84 says:

    And when women cheat nothing happens. Fuck her

  94. Tokis Efford says:

    Heck if i was a nanny and some famous guy asked me out.who wouldn't be interested ..i mean wealthy people need love too..and it was his fault.he cheated..that woman is beautiful .but still it was not enough for him

  95. Owen says:

    who cares fuckers….. she s rich while people are bragging

  96. Lynn Roberts says:

    Rich people problems…. Would love to have them!

  97. Daniel Deilgat says:

    Enough with the serial cheater shtick already… A nanny marrying into a billion dollars made a cool hundred million dollars? I wish my wife would cheat on me and I got a hundred million? Oh wait, that would make me a prostitute for selling hope and love under false pretence…

    All you offended virgins- and Oprah, should give you head a shake…

  98. Daniel Deilgat says:

    If I was a woman, I'd rule the world…

  99. xnasa2012 says:

    When this happened, the Police said "Why would you hit the world's best golfer with a golf club, how many times did you hit him?  Tigers wife said " you can put me down for a 3."

  100. Jade Paz says:

    She's set for life she played well that game.

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