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  1. Joseph Mcewan says:

    if you`re wanting to open up a Repteruim in another part of the world could you do it in Scotland pacifically Glasgow because up here there`s not that many places like that it in the city and I want to possibly work there in years to come

  2. keegan Thomas says:

    I love your energy man. I love how you inspire people to go for their dreams. You're awesome. Keep it up man!!!

  3. Boston Boas says:

    Wow China that would grow the Reptarium brand 1000%

  4. Timothy Lewis says:

    I’m scared of bridges too

  5. Carlos Esteban_TV says:

    Hello Brian I am from Germany and i feard a long Time Snaks But you helpt me with your YouTube Channel and your videos . I want to thank you for that .Best wishes from Germany 😎😎😎🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  6. vipernight2 says:

    brian we all know you fear lori the most lol

  7. lylah's adventures says:

    Love this video your snakes are so pretty I love this thank you for the videos and sharing what you love

  8. Tina M Wright Beauty Babe says:

    Lucy has really gotten a Tame aaaaaaawh🐍

  9. Beautysintheflaws Bishhh says:

    Brian can you do a video about where you started …jobs ect?

  10. Beautysintheflaws Bishhh says:

    Im calling that green snapping snake ….PISSY

  11. Gru says:

    I think RJ is going through his puberty xD

  12. Rivervalley Homestead says:

    I was scared of making my own videos (the camera) but iv made a couple vids and now it's fun for me and my kids and I hope to make something out of it in the future. Thank you brian

  13. Nick says:

    Hi Brian! I was wondering, are you a part of #Teamtrees? If you don't know what it is, you should look it up, it's an important cause and the more people spread the news the better. Hope you see this. Love your blog 💕

  14. KY Konstrictors and Exotics says:

    FEAR OR NOT TO FEAR…. that is the question!!!

  15. Abriel Rodriguez says:

    i fear centipedes with my life im okay with spiders and snakes but centipedes can somebody give me a flamethrower for those things? lmao

  16. fuzzytigercat says:

    Luckily I don't have any fears. Fear is a waste of time and energy, so don't be afraid of anything in life.

  17. Kunal Solanki says:

    Plz measure Lucy in a vlog every 6 months

  18. Jeremy Pike says:

    hi im back friends

  19. Jeremy Pike says:

    do u have a king snake not a king cobra a king snake

  20. Amanda Elder says:

    I really enjoyed what this vlog is about and I agree tenfold on fearing something more from lack of knowledge of said fear than the actual fear. I have always been afraid of snakes and since watching your vlog I've become less and less fearful and more curious

  21. Shane Harris says:

    i love ur vids

  22. DASHIE FAAAN says:

    Why China Brian?

  23. Pia’s Life Adventures says:

    I thought for sure you were going to say that what you feared most was Lori! LOL Just teasing. Hope you're having an awesome day!

  24. Kunal Solanki says:

    Lair your fearful of gosts.

  25. Saray Rizo says:

    Yess do it!!! Thats wats up good for you 😊

  26. Devlin’s Fish & Fins says:

    If you open up in China go to hongkong. Don’t support the commies

  27. Nicholas Reese says:

    Had some friends delete me off Facebook bc I said I love ur vids.

    Didn't even bother saying why, I ignorance really is bliss. Fam

    Keep up the great vids man. You the one that got me into watching petuber vids. It's very appreciated.

  28. Justin Time says:

    I think fear can be a good thing in certain situations.

  29. Dream Weavers says:

    I'm the opposite with fear. I don't know what it was, but I just wasn't born with the fear of animals. Every creature I interacted with I just get into this zone and naturally just know what to do. Anything from carrying wasps outside, to respectfully watching copperheads drinking from the creek when I was just a kid, not more than 8 or 9. I always cared for animals, nursing them back to health, and even tho at that age I clearly didn't know what I was doing, I had a knack for making them feel comfortable. They'd never fight me. And it makes me happy that I was able to carry that connection with them to where I am now. Now I've had medical schooling, and when I graduated, I took to working at a vet instead of with people, because I knew people weren't my calling. If anything I am pretty terrified of people lol. But I can so easily open up with animals. And even after I got really sick with seizures, I was able to carry my passion to raising, breeding, rescuing and rehabilitating, to even doing educational programs with both kids and adults. I do fear trying. I hate that I do. But I fear it because I work so hard, and have so much love and passion for the things that I want to do, that I am afraid I will never be good enough in the eyes of my peers, the people I respect and hold a gold standard to. That, if I fail, I will lose being able to continue with the thing that I feel like I am meant for. And even tho I have pushed those fears aside and have gone further than I had ever expected, in the back of my mind, I fear meeting the people that inspired me, because what if they are not the people I see everyday? Or what if they don't like me? Because in the end, I fear the worst they could do, which if say no. But these fears come from being invisible to everyone in my life. I'd talk and not one person would hear me. And now, when I talk about my animals, they do listen. They hear the passion, see the love. And with anyone who has become popular, for every 10 people that like them, 1 hates. And I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready for that hate. Because I take to heart what everyone talks to me about, or says. It would be so nice to turn that off and just live in my passion, take risks and chances to grow in it. Go out and meet the people I love and the ones that have inspired me. To make friends and connections with them.

  30. Dylan DeVriendt says:

    If China doesn’t work out how about Grand Rapids lol?

  31. KittyKat Exotics says:

    I fear disappointing people and flying

  32. samasia skipperable says:

    Brian you should get in contact with a windmill person and go up into the top and vlog.

  33. fus10n james says:

    you should bread sunshine and rico random but watch all off your vids and thinking it for a while

  34. Mandy Sanders says:

    This is one of my favorite vlogs that you have done. You really are a great motivational speaker. I know you were too busy to do that professionally but I love how you add it in your vlogs and in everything you do. Thank you for always being so positive. The world needs more people like you in it! ❤️

  35. Rp says:

    You have been bit by Lucy? I can only imagine that bite…what’s the worse bite you have experienced?

  36. Markus Boles says:

    Hey Brian, I love your vids and your enthusiasm towards animals and how just super energetic you are towards everything and how your a joyful soul and I really hope the best for you all the time because you always make me happy, I wanna ask you how I could convince my mom to get me a snake I live in Michigan too so it’s common to see them but she’s scared and I’d really like advice from an expert, I am 14 and really looking to keep a ball python, thank you so much for making my day every day!!!❤️❤️❤️

  37. DiamondAngel says:

    Hey Brian, i hope you have an amazing day too. I just wanted to say that you used "what if" but try to think that "what if" doesnt exist in an argument. Because with a "what if" i can make it as crazy as i want. Like for instance "what if" i was an miljonaire, then we can already just stop with our conversation because im not an miljonaire. Do you understand? It helped me alot with the way i was thinking about stuff and with making decisions.
    But i do really admire your risks and still i do like your way of thinkin, i would love to be that positive as you! Thank you

  38. Mike Henthorn says:

    Don't do anything with China. Free Hong Kong.

  39. Wendy Charles says:

    Good afternoon Brian and the crew joy your week and the weekend Brian we haven't see Lucy baby's but joy your week have fun

  40. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Heights, needles, being homeless.

  41. Bryce Herrmannsen says:

    Brian, I just saw the snap of clip when you were in South Africa. Was the guide with you by any chance Richard from Tshukudu?

  42. Nick Hoyle says:

    Amazing video Brian!

  43. Brian Boulder- Exotic Reptile Creations says:

    Another awesome video!! Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  44. Nick Hoyle says:

    I'm more afraid of shallow water than I am deep water lolsss. Every time at the lake, me> hey dad how many ft does it say?. And if it's under 30 ft I will NOT get in, I'm afraid of touching the bottom bc I swim without a life jacket and that stuff freaks me out. 100 ft aight I'm diving straight in and going down as far as I can go lolsss

  45. Kayla and Frankie says:

    Do you have merchandise

  46. Conner Squire says:

    I have a question are you ever afraid of somone getting one of your amazing snakes sick when they handle it thanks!

  47. Nick Hoyle says:

    You do know China kidnaps muslim children and completely brain washes them and sends their parents to a Muslim extremists rehabilitation camp whether they have those views or not right? They take first. Never ask questions later. Dont do it lol

  48. Drowned Rat says:

    Hey Brian I would really avoid showing any keys even for a split second in your vlogs I say that as it all it takes is one person with the 3D printer to get a good enough photo of your keys and then go visit the reptarium as some 3D printers are significantly better and 3D print keys that can unlock doors

  49. Noah Adams says:

    I live in africa

  50. Nicole Wegner says:

    the reptarium needs a draco lizard and a uromastyx also a blue tree monitor

  51. Jaquan Satchel says:

    6:30–7:30 what beautiful snake is that??? I used to want the white lipped python but this is better, I love the speckled pattern and the rainbow effect on the darker scales. I really need to know what snake this is.

  52. Brandon W says:

    Such a good message…

  53. john rosciolo says:

    100% right. Only time I've been bit is when I'm being a wussy and hesitate to grab my baby boa and she nails me. When I reach right in and grip her up shes fine 😂

  54. john rosciolo says:

    Wow is perdida getting prettier and prettier

  55. Kayla Pugh says:

    Loved the Vlog Could RJ want a Girlfriend and that’s why he’s being cheeky

  56. Conor Hogan says:

    There is fear and there is respect, fear is being misinformed, respect is knowing, understanding, and not underestimating its ability

  57. ABI STARR says:

    So RJ is around 8 or 9 now right? Is it possible he's been acting up because his hormones are starting to stir, i.e. has he hit puberty?

  58. Pamela Schramke says:

    A healthy dose of fear and respect is actually a GOOD thing many times! It keeps us from being too bold and doing ignorant things that get us harmed. Fear is NOT necessarily a bad thing

  59. cory suter says:

    Try for Japan too the have an unrivalled love of nature there

  60. Emma Jones says:

    Its like Lucy and rj have switch bodies.

  61. Pamela Schramke says:

    Brian has a serious case of FOMO… Fear of Missing Out

  62. Michael Ryan Moss says:

    @Brian Barczyck You mean like there's gonna be another reptile zoo in China?

  63. Dank Hank Forest dweller says:

    Don't do it man stay American you do or say the wrong thing with the Chinese and you could end up disappeared

  64. Michael Logan says:

    I would love to work for you brian as a keeper

  65. Alexis Zsebe says:

    I love Lucy she’s a cute snake

  66. Jessica Stephens says:

    I would love to hear the logistics of opening a business in China. Wow

  67. Ashley Willoughby says:

    U have a great outlook of life!

  68. GayLynn Mester says:

    Perida is so beautiful. Her splotches today are beautiful blue green!

  69. Cooper Lyons says:

    I’ve watched u for years I want a snake but my parents say no😢

  70. Cooper Lyons says:

    What should I do

  71. Alexis Zsebe says:

    I feared snakes when I was a little kid and now I like being around snakes now

  72. guitarking1982ray says:

    The vlogs are getting less and less entertaining and are way over produced. I'm finding myself not watching as often as I used to because of it.

  73. YogiSip says:

    Bridges, flying and a number of other things 😁😉

  74. Janet T says:

    I didn’t fear snakes as a kid loved them but as I grew older I kept having nightmares about them until I have a total fear. I’ve been watching YouTube to learn about them and grew to love them again.

  75. Jenny Vest says:

    I understand the weird fears. I have a slight irrational fear of road sweep machines. I'm sure they're following me. 🤣

  76. Jimmy Shot says:

    Yeah go to China, I’m sure they would love to exploit your knowledge.

  77. Chopper Briggs says:

    Grand Rapids idea sounds better than China, to me anyway.

  78. Jay Robles says:

    Yes I agree with u 100 percent if u study n u understand the animal, you will have no fear. That's my rule

  79. Carter Ruhle Productions says:

    Out of my next 50 subscribers I will pick one and I will DM you, we will get into contact and ill send you 30 AU Dollars to your P.O box. IF you sub to me you might win some cash.

  80. Rebecca Ryder says:

    Hey Brian you should join up with #teamtrees

  81. Vusi J Khumalo says:

    I like your video from South Africa

  82. Octaiviah Richard says:

    Rip livern and sherly 😢😢 glad to see them again after so long.

  83. cristian flores says:

    Stop doing that stupid fake laugh in the middle of your sentences

  84. 1softkiss says:

    Excellent video and topic and Brian you did a great job of covering everything !! Amazing informational educational video 🙂 Snakes are less likely to trust anyone if that person is afraid of their snake and to a point of backing off and giving the reptile control of that person because even in sketchy situations we have to retain control as we are responsible for the animals safety.

  85. FaZe Sway says:

    I love Lucy is Fun haha

  86. Sharon Fitchette says:

    My only fear my whole life has been snakes and I too am trying to educate myself. I don’t know if I could come to the repitarium if they were out. But I do enjoy looking and learning keep educating maybe someday my response will change.

  87. FaZe Sway says:

    Rose is red
    Violet is blue
    Lucy is the best

  88. Julia Harris says:

    I have the same fear of bridges! Especially if they are over water. It didn’t stop me trying though even if my heart did feel like it was berating out my chest! 💋 xx

  89. Susan Bohl says:

    Out of all the blogs you've ever made I think this is one of your best

  90. x NWO x PacMan says:

    He look high at 7:35

  91. Donna Baughman says:

    my biggest fear would be a disaster like.. a fire to the building… or tornado… and loose everything

  92. Chappell Outdoors says:

    What kind of camera do you use

  93. 辛宥言 says:

    Please don't work with China. You'll regret that d decision.

  94. Blaze06._.Bambino ._. says:

    Hey Brian in school we are learning about mutation of snakes and lizards and learned so much

  95. Alyssa Marie says:

    Do you ever look back at older videos and realize how much perdida has changed? Like how she has SO many spots now.

  96. BrittleProductions says:

    So you don't want a toy windmill for Christmas?

  97. Shizuka Aburame says:

    Im petrified of heights and deep open waters

  98. Christina Kinch says:

    I am afraid of failure, not necessarily failing something but failing my standards I have for myself, disappointing myself, which may ruin my life or contradict my value of living. I am also fearful of things I don't know ( mainly when it is superstitious ). Anyways, love from Barbados
    Edit: I just remembered the line "nothing beats a failure but a try" which is really accurate

  99. SecretForestCreaturesUK says:

    Brian this is a fantastic cause – is it something you could promote? It affects all of us – humans, animals, plants ❤️ ps – could we all like this comment and get this out there 😊

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