What Color Were Dinosaurs… Really?

What Color Were Dinosaurs… Really?

One of the highlights of going to a natural
history museum is seeing the ancient, the extinct, the giant — animals like dinosaurs
are huge attractions, but the thing is… what you can see isn’t entirely accurate…
the color’s all wrong. Some of the first dinosaur fossils were discovered
in the 17th century. The discoverer thought it was part of a giant
human! It wasn’t for nearly two centuries that
scientists would realize these bones belonged not to giants, dragons or pre-flood Biblical
creatures, but to multi-million-year-old dinosaurs. Immediately, scientists started trying to
gather and arrange bones and fragments into shapes and species — many of which they (very
famously) got wrong. Putting bones together, and knowing what a
dinosaur looks like is a big leap. And that’s where PaleoArt comes in! Imagine for a second you have never seen a
living human, no one has. But someone found a fossilized skeleton. You don’t know much about this animal, or
what it looked like on the outside. What does its skin look like, does it have
scales? Fur? Feathers? What color would the skin be? Would it be camouflaged? Someone who looks into this, would be a PaleoArtist. These artists recreate extinct animals and
plants, and they’re they ones who decided what color dinosaur skin actually is. Because tbh, no one knows. In the 19th century, paleoartists took dinosaur
bones; and they used contemporary giants like elephants and rhinos as well as reptiles to
inspire their idea of what animals would have that skeleton. This is how we got massive, tail-dragging
animals plodding hither and thither. Not accurate. Over time, scientists debated the finer points
of these animals. Like, whether the head was held up above the
body — like a giraffe, or at body level. How would they pump blood? How would these bones move if they had muscles…
and the drawings evolved… By the 1960s and 70s, dinosaurs had trimmed
up, they were looking lighter and fitter — and less grey! More colorful! But the skin… THE SKIN. We’ve found fossilized skin, and it can
tell us the texture, look, and feel of a dinosaur, but not color. Fossilization turns dino hyde to stone — meaning
no melanin, no melanosomes, no color. At least, not that we can see… In 2013 a Canadian scanning company took a
textured bit of skin and bounced infrared wavelengths off of it hoping to reveal the
fossilized melanosomes — the bits of skin that hold its color. They based this on earlier studies that tried
to see if fossilized melanosome shapes could show us what color they were. People really want to know this y’all. Aaaaand, they’re still researching… They’ve used this method successfully with
well-preserved feathers, which dinosaurs were definitely covered in. And FEATHERS could have had numerous colors,
just like the birds dinosaurs evolved into. But feathers aren’t skin color. Though it’s maddening — scientists are
still in the dark on this. The “most accurate depiction” of a dinosaur
(as it was billed) makes the tiny Psittacosaurus look cute, and… brown — which they found
by lasers scanning the melanosomes in the skin! But the connection is debated. And, as long as we’re copying birds, coloring
is often sex specific. Females are brown, but males are flashy. That said the shading camouflage makes this
one of the most accurate dinosaur depictions ever! For now. Ultimately, and for much of our depictive
history of these animals, we’ve sort of been… ‘winging it’ using data that’s
available at the time! But everything may change soon. In May 2017, a beautifully preserved fossilized
nodosaur was revealed… found in a Canadian mine! It was basically mummified! They scanned the skin and found the presence
of reddish pigments! RED. ISH! Aaand that’s it so far. We can’t get pics. They’re exclusive! But, I’m sure you can find them. This dinosaur is gorgeous, we got the hook
up on pics Royal Tyrrell Museum in Canada. If you notice, still no color. It just looks like stone. But, they scanned the skin and found the presence
of reddish pigments! RED. ISH! It’s not a much, but a start! In the end, the dinosaurs in your imagination
was seeded by the imagination of paleoartists. Their work is what created dinosaurs in movies,
museums and theme parks. They fill in the skin on top of the skeletons,
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Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “What Color Were Dinosaurs… Really?

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  6. I like memes says:

    Microraptor and Archaeopteryx were black.

  7. Shockwave474 says:

    I used to think they were green. Now I have no idea. We know now that woolly mammoths were a sort of strawberry blond because people have found frozen specimens, but I don't know of any frozen dinosaurs out there.

  8. FightersEndurance says:

    How can you say the dinosaur skin colors in video or pictures are wrong if there is little to reveal what they really were in the first place?

  9. Sean Payton says:

    that hello fresh plug at the end is next level sellout cuckery.

  10. Luke Hanson says:

    0:26 well, actually… most creationist scientists still believe that dinosaurs were actually pre-flood biblical creatures.

  11. A Balint says:

    what about using DNA samples to get a hint of what the pigments were? (nowadays)

  12. Osiris Malkovich says:

    Paleo art is still more accurate than the Paleo diet.

  13. Bunny Love says:

    dinosaurs are related to lizards so they should be somewhat similar to them

  14. Neo T says:

    The most important phrase of most these seeker videos is "more research is needed". It's annoying when journalists get hold of a paper and write it down like it's a fact. No, this is what we found, but more research is needed.

  15. Quoc Ha says:

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  16. Khushdeep Brar says:

    I was at the opening of the nodosaur fossil reveal at the royal Terrell for a field trip it was epic!

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    Edit:dinosaurs didn't evolve to birds,pterosaurs (not technically dinosaurs) did

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    A well presreved mosasour was found in 2014 ,it had three tiny bits of scales the first two were on the back and it was black and one was on the belly was white like modern day sharks it made sense so that there could not see the from below or above same thing with most largre predatory dionsaurs look at some top predators today they are dark skinned so that they can hide so T rex may have looked like an aligator

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  42. wrybreadspread says:

    This is a good upload. It explains the nuances of paleontology and paleo art, and reinforces the correct notion that if the previous paleontologists were incorrect in their info it was because there their data was insufficient.

    Still, this humble YouTube watcher would submit that to call our museum information "speculative" better serves the cause of science than to call it "fictional".

  43. Dalton Hill says:

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