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  1. Blake Stanton says:

    There are sloth rescues, if you are truly interested in one please go this route that way you help one out!

  2. Maryann DeGraw says:

    Put a pin in it !!!! Lol line of the day

  3. ColtAliuna says:

    I LOVE the leopard gecko I got from you guys. She arrived in perfect condition. And she is super sweet

  4. cameronsapphire says:

    The sounds that you throw in when the snakes are striking is hilarious. It makes me laugh every time lol😂

  5. Amber Jones says:

    Awesome vlog Brian! Poor baby snake..was cool to see inside though🖤

  6. stephan B says:

    are there more people who hear the high pitch tone in this video ?????

  7. Denise Atkins says:

    My brother bought a chameleon thinking it was male it went a colour code he found out she was egg bound he had to take her two hours away to a specialist vet and they where removed unfortunately she got an infection and a local vet refused to put her out of her pain eventually someone did agree to help her

  8. Michael Gubics says:

    I think Lori is gonna beat you down man!!! lol! You see those guns she has?!?!? lol! Careful buddy!

  9. Pat Atlantian says:

    Ain't goin lie…a sloth would be pretty dope

  10. Nathan James says:

    You can feel Brian’s passion in all his videos, it’s so cool to see someone doing what they love

  11. Lys Babe says:

    I have a feeling Brian is going to be in trouble soon, I see a slot in his future though 😂

  12. lee caffrey says:

    Mike tytula nominated you for the hot sauce tarantula feeding challenge

  13. samasia skipperable says:

    You could ultrasound the chameleon.

  14. samasia skipperable says:

    I am sure Lori would not mind a nice big Christmas tree with a sloth in it😇 Check our exoticanimalsforsale.net they run about $6500.

  15. Andrew Bolsover says:

    Brian you are so bad listen to the wife

  16. Vanessa Vieux says:


  17. Angie Verrall says:

    Only research Brian lol

  18. Markus Boles says:

    Hey Brian, I love your vids and your enthusiasm towards animals and how just super energetic you are towards everything and how your a joyful soul and I really hope the best for you all the time because you always make me happy, I wanna ask you how I could convince my mom to get me a snake I live in Michigan too so it’s common to see them but she’s scared and I’d really like advice from an expert, I am 14 and really looking to keep a ball python, thank you so much for making my day every day!!!❤️❤️❤️

  19. Pamela noirot says:

    But a sloth is not a reptile. I think they are really best but they need to be outside at least part of the year.

  20. Tim Vincent says:

    I get the feeling that lori's not on board.

  21. Maddi The Misfit says:

    Just be careful with sloths, they're faster than they want you to know. I saw a video of a sloth taking a swing at someone and almost claw their arm off 😖😖

  22. Robynne Thiele says:

    Please Brian, PLEASE do NOT buy a sloth. They are my favourite animals and I can tell you they aren't meant to be kept. Period. A rescue in Costa Rica or a fully educational zoo with a zoologist on site is the only places they belong out of the wild.
    For the sake of the sloths, DON'T DO IT!

  23. Pat Griser says:

    Brian Brian Brian, u just keep making ur grave deeper and deeper. I agree with Lori, look what happened last time. I can see ur passion for animals, there comes a time. When u have to stop bringing and buying animals

  24. Disney Connie says:

    You don't need a Sloth…….

  25. Christian K.R says:

    Hi Brian I have a little dilemma, I really want a ball python for my birthday (coming up soon) and I'm not too sure my mom is wanting to get one. Any tips to help convince her? Thanks
    Btw you're the best youtuber ever and I love you!

  26. James Haos says:

    100% get a sloth

  27. lexy lunn says:

    Jar that!!

  28. mellyquack says:

    That little baby snake tongue at 3:43!! <3<3<3<3 I'm dying of cuteness overload!!!

  29. 1980Cog says:

    Do you still go to the Hamm show in Germany? I saw you at one many years ago talking to Jay from prehistoric pets outside. Wanted to say hi but didn’t want to interrupt.

  30. Jay R420 says:

    Stick to reptiles Brian🐍🐍 👍👍👍 no sloths👎👎👎!

  31. Tracy chapplow says:

    Them first snakes you went though looked like they had smileys on them beautiful looking snakes though you are awesome Brian keep these coming

  32. Samm Da'Mannn says:

    Lori is very serious lol married life! Lol

  33. Theresa Nessralla says:

    Ah no…..I don’t think Lori is on board when it comes to getting a sloth. Wishful thinking though! 🤞🏼Lol.

  34. Jus a Bunny Haller says:

    I think Lori would kill you…. but it still might be worth getting a sloth 😉 …. down the road of course

  35. Bindi's Creative Crafting by Bindi Salton says:

    Brisn.. hun you maybe need a hearing check up ??lmao..
    Im pretty sure no does not mean yes hun

  36. Kendall Peyton says:

    It was probably a genetic defect. Sometimes during development things go wrong and that little guy just had bad luck

  37. amber thompson says:

    Yes get a sloth!! I love Lori she cracks me up

  38. XenostheSpeckledWolf says:

    Lori was about to put a pin in you Brian XD

  39. eric1998420 says:

    Love when you showed the transitions of the milk snakes! Been watching for over 10 years prob

  40. Dennis Van Westreenen says:

    On the next weeks vlog : lori found out i already had a sloth 🤣🤣

  41. CMM Constrictors says:

    Great video brian make more of these on ball pythons.

  42. Show and Tell Reptiles says:

    You and Lori are hilarious together. You should have an option to do a tour with the two of you. You could call it a "Couples Tour".

  43. Jamie Hood says:

    You hungry yet

  44. Show and Tell Reptiles says:

    I bet that sloth is getting packed up right now… I hope he vlogs it when she punches him in the forehead.

  45. Jamie Hood says:

    If you buy a sloth she's going to kill you

  46. Jamie Hood says:

    I would not be surprised if tomorrow's video includes his new sloth

  47. Chris Leclaire says:

    I think that she is going to put you in the dog house,if u buy a sloth

  48. tubby two wheel says:

    Favourite animal channel!!

  49. Matthew Owens says:

    Awsome vids man, keep em coming!

  50. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Do another video on boas

  51. Lauren Senske says:

    Great video! Love the information! The hatched babies look amazing!

  52. johnnie bates says:

    I have learned so much from you Brian sad about the baby snake, but it is a teaching opportunity!!

  53. Steven Miller says:

    And my Black Milk Snake is black!!! no triades at all

  54. Carter O'Rourke says:

    Love what you do Brian, your an inspiration and you even encouraged me to get a ball python!

  55. Robynne Thiele says:

    Some more information about sloths…
    Sloths are very easily stressed when handled and can die from heart failure and failure to thrive – even ones bred in captivity! Being out of their natural element is incredibly cruel and dangerous to the sloth. Sloths that are offered on the exotic pet market are usually illegally caught as babies by slaughtering the mother. Anyone who claims “he has heard” there is a “sloth rescue market” is not telling the truth. Rescued sloths are not shipped out of the country for the pet trade by Costa Rican law. They are protected there. Rescued sloths are generally cared for by rehabbers and sanctuaries in the area the sloth comes from so they can be released at adulthood into the wild, and people who are not “rehabbers” who have purchased “rescued” sloths are purchasing baby sloths whose mothers have been slaughtered. Do you really want to give money to poachers even through a backdoor? I surely hope not.
    I have never been this vocal on any subject here and I really hope you don't wave off this info just because it would be cool to have a sloth. Believe me, if there were a safe way to have one, I'd be the first person in line. Please just don't.

  56. Tom Tu says:

    Yup, sounds like Lori’s 100% on board. 🤣

  57. Olivia Foote says:

    I freaking love lori🤣❤️

  58. RedFlyingMonkey2k says:

    Why are you cutting down on leopard geckos? I really would love to know

  59. Debbie Kaufenberg says:

    ,don't do it Brian Lori will have you hung if you get a sloth

  60. Sheyenne Peterson says:

    Hi Brian R.I.P. Poor little Scale Baby !!! 😢😢

  61. Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot says:

    So much BHB!!! Love it!!!

  62. Reptile Lover says:


  63. Jeremy Stillwell says:

    Wonder why he asks his wife if he's aloud to do stuff lol

  64. ajshearer625 says:

    If you buy a sloth, I am moving into the Reptarium! They are my favorite!! I know there is a rescue that looks for people to care for them sometime. The Indianapolis Zoo has 9 now that they take care of for the rescue. They also had a lot of information on how to care for them. They basically hang on a branch most of their life.

  65. andrea k says:

    Did you preserve it?

  66. Boston Boas says:

    Those clowns are CRAZY LOOKING THAT ALL GENE KILLER LESSER is off the charts

  67. Mason R says:

    Have you ever thought about installing a humidifier system for your basement? Or entire shop ?

  68. mikes worldtv says:

    Keep up with that wonderful life i wish i had but like you always say make today awesome.

  69. Hudson rivera says:

    What’s a good way to find my snake, my snake escape it’s cage earlier today and I can’t find him, it’s a ball python

  70. Patricia Roberts says:

    I love Lori..lol

  71. Gary Dasilva says:

    Lori not to happy! 🤔🤨 I think brian might have already made the purchase.

  72. Family Jewels says:

    My daughter said you should watch Kratts creatures to learn about sloths. She really Hope's you get one

  73. Dinomite Wheels Skate Crew says:

    Hmmm 🤔 would make an interesting video if you got a sloth just to see Lori’s reaction, personally I’d play it safe and side with Lori 😂

  74. Liam Drew says:

    Overloading an animal with mutations (which is what you do) increases the chances of abnormalities/disabilities in hatchies. Mutation animals should be outcrossed to wild type animals every couple of generations to maintain health/vigour/size.
    You can’t act surprised when you find all of the dead ones, be truthful..

  75. Yaya's Playhouse says:

    Lori not playing it’s on record!!! 😂

  76. Stephanie Valhalla says:

    Can snakes get depressed being in such small boxes? I mean i know animals have emotions and you guys keep all your animals safe. I just wonder if snakes can get depressed or bored stuck in all those little box drawers.

  77. Heidi Pfeifer says:

    Love your chameleon shirt. That female chameleon is also something else. Never seen anything like that before.

  78. Rebecca Hess says:

    Brian, Lori is going to kick your butt after you get done taping. I would say no to the sloths for now research nothing more. Remember Happy Wife, Happy Life!

  79. Anastaisa Davis says:

    What happened to the frog eggs, did they ever hatch

  80. Alexis Zsebe says:

    I think those baby geckos are cute and I also feel bad for the poor baby snake that Died I’m sorry for the baby’s loss

  81. Job Besselsen says:

    Put the snake in alchohol with the ball thing

  82. Gav Triggs says:

    Brian my nearly four year old daughter Watchs your videos every night before she snuggles down,I'm here in the UK and I'll be straight with you she loves you.Keep doing what you are doing as it makes her day.

  83. Lucas Obertthorn says:

    Update on salt and pepper please

  84. BijooHere says:

    You will have a sloth in a week or 2 and lori should do a vlog getting revenge purely because I want to see it.

  85. bullrider101 says:

    Hey brian I've ben waching for 2 years i wanted to say keep up the good vids bye

  86. James Izzard says:

    Buy a sloth.. I'm sure Laurie will not leave you 😂

  87. Neretaire Amenhotep says:

    Can we see a lesser leopard lori?

  88. mike bradley says:

    Just get the sloth😳

  89. Jessica Romo says:

    Yolk= woman's/mammal's placenta. People think egg-laying animals are so different from mammals but really they go through the same process. Eggs are just a mobile womb lol. It always them to produce more offspring.

  90. Julia Harris says:

    The snake in the egg was fascinating. I had no idea they were attached to the yolk! I don’t know how I thought they got their nutrients! I guess I never thought about it before! 💋 xx

  91. Mystery NotKnown says:

    Maybe the dead snake that passed away didn't have an egg tooth

  92. Iveen Barrios says:

    ————READ————What’s the update on the pink pastel hog noses I’ve been waiting to see them again can every please like so Brian can see

  93. Sean Titus says:

    Brian if you want to live I suggest to stop pushing it with Lori because I'm pretty sure one of these vlogs are going to end with her having you in a arm bar. lol

  94. mark harris says:

    Brian show lori whos the boss go buy a sloth if you dare !!
    I know i wouldn't lol.

    Also those baby leopard clown balls were absolutely stunning .

  95. Edgardo Figueroa says:

    Brian I watched a video hating on you. Why there’s a lot of people hating on you?

  96. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Hello Brian.. Love How Lori Say No Lol Guess She The Boss Lol That Would Be Awesome If You Get One.Then I Would Have To Come To Your place To See It lol Good Luck On That Brian Hope That Chameleon lays her eggs.. that why i would neer get a female i have a male panther chameleon.. Thanks alot Brian..

  97. Kevin Poe says:

    Just looked it up sloths live 20-30yrs, but the record is 43. In terms of their diet, in the wild they eat over 50 species of plants, but in captivity it should consist of Marion leaf pellets, some lettuce, dandelion greens, apples, and occasionally grapes as treats. As for the enclosure, I’d say a 15Lx15Wx20ft tall should be enough and they need very high humidity as much as 90-100%. So, in other words they’re very high maintenance.

  98. Kameron Crutcher says:

    Should preserve that little mangrove baby like you did the 2 headed snake, would be a great teaching tool on tours or possibly a Zoo 2 You

  99. Jenan Iman says:

    Hey Brian. I have an idea. Set up the enclosure for the sloths just before you get them. Send Lori on a trip while you get them in their habitat. When she gets home from her trip take her straight home. Get her in a nice relaxing charmed aroma bath with charmed aroma candle burning. In the morning go to the reptarium and let her be surprised. Sloths are cute creatures. I’m sure she will fall in love like she did with the tortoise

  100. Littlewings - says:

    Was that last black milk snake in blue or are their eyes always that steel blue colour?

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