HELLO PEOPLE! How are you? This vlog is going to be in Spanish because I’m lazy to speak in English ENGLISH! ENGLISH! BECAUSE I DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH Acabamos de llegar y ellas dijeron que vamos a ir a Orlando mañana TODAY! De que estas hablando?? Asi que basicamente estamos planeando donde nos vamos a quedar *the text says “You stay in our house OBVIOUSLY”* This is a YEESS Yes of course, zero problem! Tomorrow there’s a party Helloo, Helloo Ya estamos en camino!! Veciii how are you? What??? Okay so what do we do? We are counting on your house Don’t joke around, what did he say? That we can’t stay over anymore It’s a lie Why are you laughing? Is it true or na? I HEARD THE PHONE RING!! I HEARD THE PHONE RING!! Ok the thing is that we wanted to prank Fabricio telling him that The person where we were going to stay said we couldn’t stay over anymore So I called Andreina and I put the phone in speaker mode So you could hear when the phone rang, I hanged up and her phone started ringing She then picked up and when I told Fabricio that it’s a lie he says Ay I heard when the phone was ringing, but either way he still believed everything Helloo it’s the next day, yesterday we went to a party And I think it was a little bit of a.. But you have to speak in English, in Englishhhh Locaa, pero fue una noche loca bien Por cierto ella es nuestra amiga Melanie Vamos a ir a hacer canotaje (?) Asi que esperemos que sea divertidoo Solo que tenemos un poco de miedo Because its possible that there’s crocodiles HE’S BEAUTIFUL!!! When we’re in like… OH MY GAAAH If he moves I DIE!! FABRICIOOOO FABRICIOOOO We all reached a conclusion, guys.. Amamos Texas! We love Texas! Shhh inside joke WE’RE IN ??? TEXAASS If I’m 6 years old, and my sister has half my age And now I’m 70, how old is my sister now? 38!! Ay so blonde!! I thought I didn’t have stupid friends Bro you’re going to drown in acid! Listen she doesn’t have half his age, she has 3 years less *Lion King*
Yeah, it’s our motto.
What’s a motto?
Nothing! What’s a motto with you? Ahh ha ha ha… Holaa gente! Es un nuevo dia, es domingo I’m going to have shakes for breakfast!! We just got back, so we just wanted to say BYEEEE That is all We hope you guys liked the video and.. GIVE IT A THUMBS UP!! SUBSCRIBE!! I’ll leave their links down below for their Instagram, Youtube, and the cool places we went to And we’ll take you guys with us on our next trip BYEEEEE!

Randy Schultz

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3 thoughts on “WE SAW A CROCODILE?!?!

  1. Fabricio Jesus Nepa Marruffo says:

    El finaaal😩😩😩😩 whyyyy😩😩

  2. Fabiely Simonelli says:

    lo ameeeee

  3. Fabiely Simonelli says:

    Let's do it againnnn

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