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  1. Chad Tew says:

    Good morning Brian. Loved the vlog!!!
    The more I see the sand boa babies the more I want one. They are so cool. And I cant wait to see that Black Pastel Yellow Belly Cypress after it hatches out!!! Wooo Doggy

  2. DVL Exotics says:

    Vermont is pretty well known for their maple syrup but NH and maine both make quality syrup too . id say all 3 states beat any Canadian syrup. Being from NH I may be a little biased about new england maple syrup but it is the best in the world.

  3. Tina Perez says:

    Hey Jake, loving the vlogs, can you turn down the sound effects just a tad… (not all of them were bad) just when The cricket sound effect came with Eric thinking about a name for the bird, it nearly blew out my ear drums lol πŸ˜‚! I listen to the vlog in my headphones while starting my workday. Love you guys! β™₯️

  4. Courtney Lynne says:

    My father makes maple syrup with his friend. We hail from the middle of New York state. If you can wait until spring I'll send you a bottle fresh from the cooker. My son helps so he always brings home a bottle when he helps.

  5. ldnurse79 says:

    Eric should name the skeleton Cream! Peaches and Cream. 😊

  6. J. D. says:

    Lori stole the vlog… was laughing so hard…
    Secret… am an Aussie beekeeper

  7. Mac Attack says:

    I wish I could come to the reptarium on Saturday but I literally have two birthday parties and I also have dance and my mom and dad are scared of reptiles my mom likes turtles and tortoises and some crocodiles or alligators but she hates all other reptiles if she sees a reptile she’ll go ew ew ew ew ew we w we w e e wew but I love them πŸ₯Ί

  8. Joe Mcmullin says:

    brian my grandfather always said " always cut towards your friends". lol

  9. NightlyRowen Tree says:

    Lake placids still the best

  10. Codey Young says:

    There must be a spec or something Jay's lense because I can see it when it switches to his shots am I crazy ?

  11. Ghost face Killer says:

    Love your program Bryan … love from London England πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  12. Arka Datta says:

    My goodness that cricket noise busted my ears

  13. Dominic Coia says:

    We produce alot of maple syrup in New York, our local stuff is really good, if I can get my hands on some I'll send it ya. Love the blog!

  14. Becky Belmontes says:

    Instead of apple for the bird name it should be cream!!! You know………peaches n cream!!!! LOL!!!!

  15. Stephanie Valhalla says:

    Lori is so sweet haha

  16. kjokjojessica says:

    Yellow belly, black pastel, cypress is now one of my favorite combinations.

  17. penny brackett says:

    Hi Brain You need to try Maine maple syrup also what happen to the two eggs from Lucy did they not make it up date please

  18. Shelly Martinez says:

    I love the egg cutting!! I'm going to miss it!!

  19. Jeremy Pike says:

    heres jeremy iiiiiiimmmmmmmmm back from ireland

  20. Michael Ross says:

    Awesome stuff brian….. You have any tricks to get a female ball python eating. I tried live small rat nothing rat looked like it was gonna bite her…. She just shed but hasn't ate in a while…. I guess she will eat sooner or later

  21. greg szyszka says:

    i think its funny the trolls actually think they hurting u when in ALL actuality they helping….:)

  22. Pamela Pilling says:

    😒 I will miss the egg cutting. Hopefully you will show more of the hold backs and explain why you are holding them back; ie replacing retiring breeders, working on expanding morphs available. Stuff like that. All snakes are pretty snakes, so it would be nice to hear more about the plans.

  23. ABI STARR says:

    Is there any chance you could do a video or two on how to identify ball python morphs? I can do most of the single genes but when you start mixing them I have no idea what to look for!

  24. Michelle Auville says:

    Man, someone please tell me how to watch the "look at that" video. It has been so long since Ive seen it

  25. Lisa Tomsky says:


  26. Lisa Tomsky says:

    HoneyπŸ’›πŸ For A Sweeeeeeet Family πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜
    I 🌻🌼🌻Want WAFFLES !!! 🍯🍽️πŸ”ͺ

  27. #KaraFrank says:

    I Love Pheobes Orange Sweater!!
    Her Wooks So Pwreeties In It!!

  28. Roxanne Falkner says:

    Eric should name the bird Cream, it's perfect with peaches!

  29. Cyndy Brown says:

    I wish I could get a like or response I watch every morning new and old videos guess I'm not good enough🀧🀧😭😭😒πŸ˜₯

  30. John Phillips says:

    Egg cutting awesome βœ”οΈa very hungry bird πŸ¦βœ”οΈgifts from your family of friends brilliant βœ”οΈ best wishes and much love to Brian Lori & Noah respect ✊

  31. Adam Davis says:

    Good morning hope everyone has an awesome day

  32. Chris-Tina Moore Designs says:

    Do you giveaways you python.

  33. Charles Eye says:

    Vermont maple syrup is the superior syrup. No offense, Canada.

  34. Steve Tahay says:


  35. Viktor P says:

    Unboxing-Skills: 0 πŸ˜…


  36. Kylan Gamell says:

    Good morning Brian,

    Let me start by saying I love ❀️ your videos and the message. Now, down to business.I only have one request, PLEASE πŸ™πŸΌ, can you show the adult parents of the snakes that you are cutting? Also, PLEASE πŸ™πŸΌ show more variety of the adults you have.


  37. Neil Williams says:

    has Noah got makeup on?

  38. Beautiful Disaster says:

    Mackinac city here in Michigan (in the UP) does maple syrup too

  39. Kaitlyn Burton says:

    Please please show that gorgeous snake when it's out the eggβ€πŸ‘πŸ˜

  40. James Sparks says:

    I love your videos SO MUCH❀! To be honest I never liked snakes. I always thought they were just some weird slithering killing animal with fangs but know they're much more than that, they can actually be quite peaceful and amazing animals. The only way I realize this was because I found your YouTube channel and now look at me I actually want to buy a ball python.

  41. Abibi Xo says:

    Another great video! Watching the vlogs always help me count down the days until I get my next snake.. 4 weeks to go xD

  42. Ida StrΓΆm says:

    I have a question, my boa sometimes struggle to find the way to eat the rat. She strikes and takes the rat and then let's go of it and try to find where to start, and often she gives up on it. So then I have to pick up the rat again and she takes it a bit calmer and get the "right spot" directly. Is that something that has happened to your snakes?

  43. Su Amor says:

    I just love yaπŸ€—

  44. Brett Smith says:

    That intro was actually really awesome!!

  45. Kelly Claus says:

    What about the 2 eggs from lucy

  46. Chelsea Evans says:

    Brian, i am not a reptile owner, ive only ever owned an iguana as a kid and i was never allowed snakes or lizards and now as an adult ive become sort of scared to own snakes or even handle other ppls snakes, but i just LOVE you and Lori. You guys are just so positive and uplifting and you just radiate kindness and positivity. I started watching when i was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma stage 3 and i was very sick and the treatments were so aweful. You two and your animals and your vlog are so uplifting and really kept me.company during that rough time in my life. So thank you and bless you two. So much love.

  47. Ashley Mercer says:

    Sad the egg cutting is coming to a end

  48. Jay Pyro says:

    Yay for Erick (Erik? 😡) skits!

  49. Kristin K says:

    Lori's appreciation for the homemade dish cloth made my whole day! Love her even more now πŸ’œ

  50. Samm Da'Mannn says:

    Im addicted to this channel lol

  51. TERAba says:

    i had to look away from my screen when the blood came up bc of hemophobia πŸ’€ i didnt know when it was finished so i waited 20 seconds,
    πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I enjoyed the video tho!
    i wish i could have a snake in my country

  52. Melissa Cheek says:

    Hey Brian this has nothing to do with your video but I was just at pet smart what does a snake look like if its dehydrated?? They tried telling me it was going Into shed but from what I looked up online I'm afraid this baby snake isn't going to make it. So before I go in an make a big deal outta this I wanna make sure my dicks are in a row. Please and thank you I dont wanna see the poor little guy die an he is also like 7 times smaller then the other ball python they had 😭

  53. Brett Mandrell says:

    It would be awesome if you made a video about all the morphs your trying to breed or create and how many years it will be until you know if it's possible or not.

  54. Azri Njmd says:

    Tell me more about ball pyhton morph and the different among them

  55. The_ Silver_Siren says:

    Love your videos. 😊

  56. Mir b says:

    My 3 & 5 year old kiddos absolutely love watching your videos and learning all about your animals! It’s great that these videos are educational, fun, and show viewers to treat animals of all kinds with love & kindness. Thanks so much Brian!

  57. Shelly B says:

    Why does noah look like the Male version of Wednesday in this vlog lol!! I'm jk

  58. SAGENATOR1 says:

    I am so happy that nobody judges you for marrying a sex change …. as long as you are happy is all that matters

  59. swedish JENNIFER says:

    Hi!!! Hope you are happy about the baby snakes this season, you have put a lot of work into it. Take care

  60. Cyndy says:

    Brian and Laurie, QUEBEC MAPLE SYRUP is the best in the world. It's the only one I will use.

  61. lonewanderer542 Daniels says:

    glad u like the package we send enjoy hope u found lake Champlain chocolate In there πŸ™‚

  62. robin hansler says:

    Look forward to next year egg cutting already

  63. J Casper says:

    I know you like the emoji piebalds. I feel like you need this in your collection…

  64. Tyler D says:

    Us Canadians love our duct tape

  65. joan selby says:

    I would like you to do a video on corn snake and royal pythons and king snake from the uk

  66. Nicholas Yaksich, III says:

    If you can, would love for you to briefly show the two snakes bred together (like a cutaway, or still shown over each shoulder) before you cut. I don't know snakes well – this channel is teaching me a ton! It would help me even more!

  67. Natasha Rowe says:

    Hows the 2 headed snapping turtle doing?

  68. Heidi Pfeifer says:

    Congrats on those eggs. Wish we were there to see them.

    You must not forget the package I brought with for you. 😁

    Much love, miss you muchness

  69. RRR Reptile Ray Raz says:

    Last one definitely looked cypress, I like the dark with bright crisp lines myself , gorgeous
    PA is full of Small Ma and Pop Maple Syrup companies

  70. Rosie Christo says:

    My first real experience with a snake was a sand boa named Elton. He was so cute. I loved holding him cause he would try to burrow into my hands and it was like he was trying to snuggle.

  71. Michael Warrender says:

    Ye dude u point a knife towards ure self when cutten. Lol. U mean away from ureself bro. Michael scotland

  72. Neptune The gas giant says:

    My brother killed a snake this morning. I wish I could’ve gave it to you but my brother is a monster…

  73. Nicole Fowler says:

    I’ll send you some maple syrup from Maine!!!

  74. JACK ENRIGHT says:

    Those oranges😍😍😍

  75. Sonia Hanley says:

    Enjoying the vlog again guys pretty snake babies how cute was that little hand made snake those little lizards r the cutest:) have an amazing days guys πŸ™‚

  76. Mrs. PuppySaver For life says:

    Those babies were good size! Great job, mama!

  77. julie clifford says:

    Such nice happy energy video.. Why do you cut the eggs rather than let them hatch out themselves?

  78. Spartan Reptiles says:

    Awesome vlog Brian, but, I think Lori was cutting that box towards you. She might still be mad at you for that snake you tried to hide from her

  79. Olivia Bohall says:

    How much maintenance are the crested geckos? I'm thinking about getting one for my lil girl 😊

  80. masskilla469 says:

    Did anyone else see that camelion switch @ 12:21 ?

  81. A W says:

    at 09:44 did anyone think the chocolate coins were condoms

  82. Mike Barker says:

    Hey Brian me and my son watch you videos every day, he waits for me at the door for me to get home from work but today when I got home he was in tears, his crested gecko died when he was at preschool, he was already 8 years old when we got him and we had him for about 3 years but the reason iam telling you is I thought they lived longer than this, she was eating good and looking good so I don’t really know what happened, thought you might be able to shed so light on what might of happened. My sons name is Tyler and his birthday is coming up in January so I don’t know if we will get him another one until I figure out what happened to mojo, that’s what my son named her, so if you can help that would be great if not I understand, I know you are busy. My email is [email protected] if you do have some thoughts. Keep up the good work and stay +, that’s what my son tells me every day before I leave for work. Thanks mike

  83. Michelle Morningstar says:

    wow epic video yahoo Chameleon so love it thanks so much brian love your channel

  84. Amber Jones says:

    Once again Brian, Great vlog!! Thank you!πŸ–€

  85. Dakota Edwards says:

    Can we see the snakes in a couple days or something please

  86. Alpha12380 says:

    Hey Brian! Love your work man! Love the 3 leos i bought and cant wait till Friday to get my other 6 haha would love to chat sometime! Keep up the amazing work man! 🦎 🐍 🐒 🐊

  87. Richard Weaver says:

    How much for your baby pythons miss my snake

  88. Greg Ramirez says:

    I would love to see the baby snakes out of the eggs . Could you revisit some of the snakes you have cut recently please ?

  89. Cookie61642 1 says:

    No way my new pet snake last Friday I got is named peaches.

  90. William Hiatt says:

    If you don’t want to get bloody, cut towards your buddy!

  91. Kevin Gagnon says:

    When will these be ready?

  92. Jackie Kennedy says:

    The music at in this video is awesome!! (And your video is also, as always)

  93. Anne Whiting-Kapsoff says:

    When will the crested geckos be available. I want 1

  94. KimFrom YT says:

    Wish I had a albino black pastellll hahahahhaahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  95. Paula Easterling says:

    Did he ever cut Lucy's eggs? Or did those two not do it?

  96. Chandler Apling -Hobbies- says:

    Awesome vid

  97. Criptic Eclipse says:

    Black pastel yellow one is beautiful

  98. Smokey N Celly Cel says:

    The orange and black one is a Halloween snakeπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ

  99. David S says:

    the egg cutting is the least interesting aspect of your channel. But I am sure there are people who think it's the best.

  100. lpscherryberry says:

    Those transitions were amazing at the start

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