– Those are my friends. – [Bryan] Do you see your
friends comin’ up the steps? What do you see? – Shh! (door creaks) (door slams) (Bryan laughs) – You kiddin’ me? – [Bryan] You kiddin’ me? ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said ♫ This is home ♫ Just runnin’ around,
you never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight,
cuddlin’ all I could, saying ♫ I am home ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – Good morning guys, guess what? I don’t think that I have
started a vlog in a mirror or even mirror vlogged
in a really long time. If you guys have watched
this for a long time, we used to do this all the time, ’cause I thought it was cool that you guys can see the camera, you guys can see me, you can see how the bacon
gets made, so to speak. But anyway, good morning,
I am in our guest room. We’ve got Belle and the Beast ready to greet our new visitors who
are going to be our guests. (Bryan laughs) I’m gonna dad joke myself
into this day. Okay. So if you guys don’t know, Ellie and Jared and the
boys are coming over today. We’re so excited because they
were gonna come over tomorrow and then they decided
to come over early so, we get to hang out with them for longer. And I’m really excited because Jackson and
Ollie get along so well. I love hanging out with Ellie and Jared, they’re so much fun and they’re
some of our oldest friends and they are on YouTube themselves. We kind of started our journeys together which is really neat. One thing you need to know. If you ever come stay with us, if you ever come stay at our casa, if you’re ever gonna be our guest, we like to go above and beyond. Okay? This is what I call a welcome basket. This is the little bucket
that sits in this guest room, and whenever people come over, we put some of their
favorite things in here. So we have Swedish Fish which Jackson and Calvin love, Red Vines, which are Ellie’s favorite. She’s seriously always eating Red Vines and it’s so weird because it seems like such an old fashioned candy. I’m not a fan, but Ellie likes it. We also have some D.P. in here for Jared and I have one other
funny little thing, yeast. May seem weird, but not if you know that Ellie and her mom make
the best homemade rolls ever. So I threw some yeast
in here to remind Ellie, Hey, I need you to make some rolls. (Bryan laughs) So we’ll probably have a dinner one night where we have rolls, fresh homemade rolls. So, that’s their little welcome basket. This room is all ready for
them to come and stay with us. (dog toy squeaks) – [Bryan] Oh Luna! (Bryan laughs) Luna loves this toy, huh? I don’t know what it
was, some sort of fox. You got it? I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it! Look at Karma too, he’s like… Get it Karma, get it! Oh look at, they’re playing tug-of-war! (Bryan laughs) That’s adorable. How you doin’, girl? You doin’ okay, enjoying the sun? They are so cute together. What? – Ah. – [Bryan] They’re being so cute. What’s up dude? You playin’ on your scooter? – Ah. – [Bryan] You ready to
hang out with Calvin? – Ah. – [Bryan] Yeah. (Bryan laughs) – He’s been so talkative, but he kinda just goes, “Ah, ah.” Yeah the dogs have been
playin’ out here all day enjoying the sun. I feel like, too, ever since they got their training together, they are a lot better friends. Karma definitely puts up with a lot more and Luna gives him a
lot less to put up with, so it kinda works out. A lot of you guys have
been asking about Luna and she is doing really
great with her training. I try to do it, like at
least 20, 25 minutes a day, just to kinda get that reminder. She still kinda pushes back
a little, but that’s normal, so as long as we just keep it up and then she knows I’m in charge. But she just gets to be a puppy right now. Wanna play fetch? Look at, Luna wants it, but she already has
something in her mouth. Get it! Oh, he’s like, “Get outta my way, girl!” Good job, boy, good job. Last night it was after we ended the vlog but we actually watched A Dog’s Purpose and it was one of the cutest movies ever, and Missy was just cuddling with Karma and I was cuddling with Luna. It was good. (upbeat music) – You guys, I have been
running around all morning and I finally have Ellie’s
present all together, and I am super excited about it. They are coming today and so I’m going to show
you what we got her, because I’m really excited about it. Basically, first, it’s
like in this little basket which I’ll probably
end up shipping to her, so she doesn’t have to
carry it on her bag. And then basically, I got a bunch of really fun
pottery barn bath stuff. So here is Barr Company, what is this? This is the butter lotion,
the Fine Shea Butter Lotion, and it smells so good. And then I got this
really comfy, soft robe, and then I’ve got this bath
soak from the same company. It looks like little pebbles,
I don’t now if it’s a salt, but it looks kinda fun. It might be even, like a bubble bath. Here’s some little potpourri
that I thought was really cute, some bath bombs, some bubble bath. I got her some little flowers
that I thought would be fun, either around the bathtub
or just in the house, and a little candle which
is really, really cute. I’m going to just kinda do this, and put a bow on it. (laughs) Yeah, I’m really excited, I
think she’s going to like it. – What are those? – [Bryan] What is that? – Those are my friends. – [Bryan] Do you see your
friends comin’ up the steps? – [Oliver] Yeah, but they got Jackson? – [Bryan] I think they
have Jackson and Calvin. Are you so excited? – I think I’ll play with them! – [Bryan] Wait! They’re
gonna be over here Ollie. (Bryan laughs) Come here. They’re walkin’ up the
steps, go to the front door. Don’t open it yet, hang on. (whispering) What do you see? – Shh! (Bryan laughs) (lock clicks) (door creaks) – [Bryan] Say “Hurry up!” – Hurry up! (Bryan laughs) (Oliver screams) – [Bryan] Hang on Ollie. (door creaks and slams) (Bryan laughs) – You kiddin’ me? – [Bryan] You kiddin’ me? He’s so excited. Who’s here? Come here, come here. – He’s coming to his birthday party. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] I see them ♫ Comin’ around the
mountain when she comes, You ready? (door handle clicks) (door creaks) Who is that? Go get ’em! Who enters our fortress? Oh hey, long time no see.
– [Ellie] Hi! – [Bryan] Hi Jack! What’s up, dude? Ollie, did you give him a hug? Give him a big hug. – [Ellie] Are we here? (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] Hi, Cal! What’s up, dude? Hey kiddo. (Bryan laughs) How was the trip in? – It was so good,
– [Bryan] Good. We were like, ready to come. – [Bryan] Yeah, ready to get outta there? – Can we come early? – You guys are all Disneyed out? – [Ellie] Yeah, we are
ready to hang out with you. – Yay! Oh, it’s so beautiful right now, too. Did you get Jared? Go get him, go slice him up! Oh, no! He’s gonna get you! – Aargh! (Jared groans) – [Bryan] And he’s dead. And he’s dead. (Bryan laughs) – Aah! – [Bryan] Get him, get him, get him! This is the newest member of our family. – [Ellie] So pretty, come here! – [Bryan] Luna Loo. – Hi. She’s so soft, guys! – Aw, Penny and her would
be such good friends. – [Bryan] Yeah, they would. Are they about the same size? No, Penny’s a little bigger. – She’s a little bigger, yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jared] And Penny’s a lot fatter. – [Ellie] Yeah. (laughter) – [Bryan] This is our puppy. – You’re so pretty, girl! – [Bryan] And she’s being so good, too. – You are, yeah. – Ah. – She’s like, so gentle. – [Bryan] Yeah. – [Jared] Dainty. – Good girl! – [Bryan] Don’t run away! (laughter) She may nibble on him a little. – Oh, your teeth are a little
more sharp than Penny’s. – [Bryan] Oh, really? – Yeah. (laughter) – [Bryan] Oh, look, she’s already– she’s herding him! She’s like, you’re a sheep! I need to herd you! Jackson, what do you think of our puppy? – Good. – [Bryan] Oh, he’s got
a bat, he’s got a sword, they’re ready to go to town. Okay, have fun! That’s it, you don’t even
have to watch Jackson anymore. He’s content. – Alright, Ellie, we
gotta go get the eggs. – Yes! (laughing) – I come out here every
single day to get my eggs, I always am either really excited or I’m mad at them. – Eggs-cited! (laughing) – Yeah, eggs-cited! We can go through the back, but I kind of like
going through the front. – [Ellie] I like the coop. – Thanks. – It looks much bigger in person. – [Missy] Oh, cool. Alright, how many eggs do we have? (chicken clucks) Sorry! Sorry, Hey-hey. We call her Hey-hey, cuz she’s kind of creepy. (chickens clucking) – More eggs! – [Missy] Jackson can
come and get them, too. Oh, yeah. I forgot my dog (incoherent yelling) Totally forgot that Luna was out here cuz the chickens always
just want to run outside free, she’s like oh my
God, I almost got eaten! Luna still hasn’t figured
out how to control herself with the chickens. She just thinks they’re fun toys. Four eggs! – There’s four, one’s a little cracked. – [Missy] Aw, yeah, one
of them keeps doing that. – Do you guys have the yolks? – [Missy] I haven’t yet. – You haven’t? – Not yet. – [Bryan] This is so nice,
just sitting out here relaxing with our friends. Sipping on some Dr. P. And the boys are playing so good together. (adults laugh) Aw, look at Luna. – This makes me miss Penny so much. – [Bryan] Aw. – I’m a cowboy! – [Bryan] Are you a cowboy? – Yeah. – [Jared] Look at her. She loves me! – [Bryan] She is such a lover. And we just have the trampoline out here and the kids are just
playing so good together. (piano music) – That’s not good! Hold on, let me just do it. – [Missy] Why are you playing that song? – [Bryan] No, it was pretty! (piano music) What do you think of the piano? – It’s cool, man. – [Bryan] I love having
people play really well in the house. Well, then Fin comes on
and adds a dark, dark vibe. Hey, Jackson, Ollie’s
hiding. Can you find him? Where is he? He’s hiding! Where is he? – I was hiding in here! – [Bryan] I actually kept hearing him and I was like, where is he? – How about you count, I hide? (Missy laughing) – [Bryan] Okay, you count
Jackson, and he’ll hide. In the same spot. – [Jackson] One… Three, four, five, six, seven, eight! – [Bryan] I shut this, kay? – Time to get him. (laughter) – He looks up. – [Bryan] Is he in here? – (laughing) Yeah! (Bryan laughing) – And I hide in, I will… – [Bryan] He’s gonna hide in there, too. You guys can hang out
in there, if you’d like. – How about I count, Jackson hides? – [Bryan] Okay. You hide, Jackson. And Ollie, you count, kay? – Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come! – [Bryan] That was good counting, Ollie. Where could he be? – Here? – [Bryan] No. – Right…here? – [Bryan] Is he in there? No, where is he? – Found you! (laughter) He was hiding in there! – These boys are so cute when they’re “playing” hide and seek. It’s more like they’re
acting hide and seek. Ooh! Hey, dude. This kid ate a bunch of spaghetti, got really messy, and took a bath. So did this kid! (Missy laughing) – They’re like little twin boys! – By the way, you guys, this
is what it would look like if we had twin boys. – It was so funny, I got them both out of the bath, I carried them both, I put diapers on them both, I’m like, I feel like I have twins right now! – Yeah. So, Ellie and Jared are
actually at Urgent Care. – Yeah. – With Jackson, he had a little trouble with his finger, so they’re gonna go check it out. So we are taking care of Calvin along with our two boys. – Yes. – And it’s been so fun. I think Fin loves having another little guy to play with. – Yeah. – It’s been so cool. – Fin literally loves Calvin so much. – Yeah. – Say, he’s my size! – Do you have a little buddy? What are you doing to yourself right now?! – Aah! (both laughing) – He’s so funny! Both of these boys just have like, the coolest personalities. (Missy laughing) Don’t do that! Okay. We gotta get these kids ready for bed. – I’ve got my twins. Let’s get you dressed. It’s gonna be exhausting. Alright, Bryan is putting Fin to bed. The boys got their jammies on, they’re all clean. And Calvin and Karma and Ollie– Karma, just stay up there and cuddle! He’s like, you’re talking about me. Come on, back up here. – I need (speaks incoherently). – [Missy] Aw, you need Karma? He protects you? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah. I’m just gonna let them relax on the couch for a little bit before bedtime. And we’re watching Beauty and the Beast. And Luna’s in her crate getting ready to go to bed, too. But I think Ellie and Jared and Jackson are headed back now. So, hopefully everything went good. You’ll have to definitely
go check out their vlog to see what happened or hear about it. But, yeah, I think we’re gonna go ahead and end the vlog. We’re gonna put all the kids
to bed really soon here, and just relax for the night. Make sure you give today’s
video a big thumps up if you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow! Ollie and Calvin, do you wanna say bye-boop? – Bye! Boop. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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