We Found the Lost Vlog Camera!

We Found the Lost Vlog Camera!

– So I just had to run back to my office, because I got a notification. Could this be the right package? Looks like the right size. – Bad news.
– [Missy] Oh, no. (cat meowing) – And now it’s time. – Babe!
♪ Wherever you are, ♪ ♪ that’s where I want to be ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where, that’s
where, that’s where ♪ ♪ That’s where I want to be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – Good morning, guys! And
welcome back to our channel. If you guys are new, be sure
to click that subscribe button so you’re subscribed to our channel and click that bell icon so you get our updates in your feed. What’s up you guys! Something happened this morning
and I have to tell the boys. Let’s go. Break the news to em’. Boys? – [Oliver] Invisible. – [Bryan] You’re
invisible? I can’t see you? Are you in here? (laughing) Wait, what’s happening? – The electricity can’t work. – That’s right you guys.
Our electricity went out. I was going to tell you,
but you already know. Huh? – Yeah. – I keep doing this all day,
I’m like.. (switch clicks) Oh yeah, the electricity doesn’t work. It’s like I know it doesn’t
work, but I keep forgetting. It’s the funniest thing. – I forgot today too. – You forgot too? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Click that thumbs up button so we can get our electricity back. – Yes. Click that thumbs
up button, you guys. Wish us luck. Honestly I just wanted Ollie to say that because I think he is so cute when he says the word “electricity” Finn? (Finn mumbling) You okay, buddy? Okay, you just wait there for me, okay? Funny story – both of
the boys are becoming just so independent as
their getting older. And so Finn was trying
to go potty on his own, and he was like standing in a weird spot. But I walked into the
bathroom and basically there was just pee everywhere. I’ve got a little situation
to clean up in there and hopefully the power
turns on in the meantime. Because we have no lights. I
can’t even put our shades up because they are connected
to the smart home. Our refrigerator isn’t running, you guys. You have to be really careful about all the cold air in the fridge. We can only open it when
we have to get something. It’s like one of the worst things ever. Oh, and also this, no clocks. It’s like we’re living in
the old days in this house. Okay, I really gotta go clean
up this mess now though. What Ollie? – Finn. – [Bryan] What did Finn do? – Finn got out. – [Bryan] Uh oh. – I’m home! – I just got my hair
done and look, I cut it. So I still have like extensions
in if you didn’t know. I ended up cutting them short. So I’ve got shorter hair. And
I miss my little boy here. You got, oh my goodness. He sat in water. Stinker, are you okay? – Yeah. – You got a cold booty now? But I got home and Bryan’s
trying to get some work done since I’m here and I
cannot find Ollie anywhere. He must have like some bugs
somewhere and be playing and just can’t even hear
me. Ollie where are you? Ollie? I’m going to go look in his bedroom. Maybe he’s just playing in his room. Alright guys, it is much
warmer of a day than I thought. So I ended up changing
my shirt cause it is hot. Although Bryan’s wearing a sweater. – It is such a nice day
out though honestly. – It is just nice. It’s a day
that you can where whatever. – Is it spring? Is that
what we’re doing right now? – I think so. I think it’s spring! Yeah! – I think it’s spring and
we’re spring cleaning. – Yes. The yard’s a mess. It is mostly due to the fact that our life has been too busy
for the last two months that things have just
gotten out of control. Check this out. Bocce ball. Not one, a
hundred! They are everywhere. They are just like
everywhere. How do you…? – Guys, I have a cape. – Yep, more trash all around the yard. How do you clean up bocce
balls? One at at time. You have to literally
pick up every single one. You can’t like sweep them up, or anything. It is a huge job. And they have been sitting
out for at least a month. They were sitting out here and
I told Fin not to touch them and you know what he did? He touched them. He unzipped them and literally
dumped them down everywhere. Just dumped them. I mean hundreds. Ugh! So frustrating. But anyways.. (man mumbles) I know. Look, check
this out. So beautiful. All we need is a little warmer and then we can be in the pool. Look at these boys. Are you
guys helping clean up? Yeah. – You grab all those balls you
flung down the stairs, Fin? I know you did that. I know that was you. I know that was you. – Yeah. – [Missy] I just told them,
I told you not to do that and you did it anyways. Hey, are you working hard
or are you hardly working? Making more of a mess. – We got some bad news. – [Missy] Oh no. – The turtle didn’t make it.
– The turtle? Oh my goodness. – Isn’t this from Dora? No uh.. – [Missy] Oh, it looks like from Nemo. Or Crush’s little babies. – [Tall Man] Crush, did you make it? – [Missy] Did you make it? Look how messy this is. Yep, we gotta throw away everything. One at a time. – Do it with me. Hey mama, you’re going to have a cape. – I’m reusing this. – Okay, so I just had to run
back to my office because I got a notification that
a package was delivered that we have been expecting. Really excited because I hope it’s here. Could this be the right package? They were supposed to send it forever ago. Thank you mister UPS
man. I think this is it. Looks like the right size. (box rattling) Sounds like there’s something
inside. Let’s go see. Babe? It came. It finally
came! Where are you? Missy? Babe? I got a surprise for you. I got a package. – Is that the package? – You wanna open it?
– Yes! – This is so exciting. You guys, we’ve been
waiting for a package. Comment down below if you
guys know what’s in here. Okay. – Okay. I think we’re going
to need some scissors. Oh, thanks. Hope it was packaged correctly. Newspaper! – [Bryan] Newspaper! – Oh, oh, oh, oh. – [Bryan] Bubble wrap? What’s it feel like, babe?
– More bubble wrap. You know what it feels like? Feels like home! – It’s our camera! Oh my gosh, you guys. We recovered our lost vlog camera. We lost this thing in Vegas. In Las Vegas. We left the city of Vegas and got on an airplane and came home. – If you don’t know what
we’re talking about, we actually did a whole video about it and it was really,
really we were so bummed and in the end, they found it! – We got a message saying they
found it. They shipped it. It took a little while, but it’s here! If you guys want to watch that video, it’s linked up in the iCard. So now basically we get to
see what’s on here, you guys. There should actually be some
forgotten footage on here. It’s like lost footage. – My only worry is that the
person who turned it in, what if they just like took the SD card? – Oh, should I check? I didn’t even think about
that. Yeah like if it has.. Oh, it has a battery,
and it has an SD card. – Yeah! – Okay, should we see what’s on it? Yeah. – If it turns on. – Oh my gosh you guys, this is so nice. – It was so stressful
because we were so scared. We had this amazing opportunity. We filmed so many cool
things with this camera. And we needed the footage.
And now that it’s here, we can show you guys what’s on it. – [Missy] Hey, what if
they cleared it before? – Wait, what is that? – Oh yeah, look it, there we are. – [Missy] Yeah! – Yes, okay. – [Missy] That’s right, we are
so excited in Vegas (mumbles) – Babe, we got all of our lost footage. This is amazing.
– It’s so nice. We captured some fun stuff with the boys. They still talk about it and
their like didn’t you film it, like where is it?
– Yeah. – And, now we have it. – We got our camera, you guys. Smash that thumbs up button because Daily Bumps got their camera back. We have never missed a vlog
– [Missy] Yes. – or lost a camera. It is
always come into our hands. It’s the good force of the universe. If you put positive thoughts out there, positive thoughts will come back to you. – Our streak is still strong. We’ve never lost a camera, officially. Cause’ I was like oh my gosh, this is it. It’s been six years and
we’ve officially lost one. But we didn’t! – Yes! Okay, vote in the iCard poll, do you wanna see the footage on here? Do you guys want to see the video? Should we just make that
the next video, you think? – [Missy] Yeah, probably. I think so. At the end of this
video, you actually will probably see a little bit of a sneak peak. If you didn’t know we do that
at the end of the videos now. And it’s so fun. And so
you’ll probably see a lot of the footage that was on here. – Oh, so now I get to go through this and make a little like teaser. – Yeah. I will say, we do love just
being able to capture the boys. And like seeing their faces
light up and laugh hysterically. – Well yeah babe, remember
we even went there and we like blogged some.
– Yep. And they had so much fun. I was excited cause’ I was
just watching their faces. And now we can actually
like watch it back. Aww.
– Aww. – I’m also just really excited
because there was a moment where Bryan got pulled onto a stage, you guys will have to
stay tuned and watch. Both the boys were laughing hysterically, but also one of them got a little upset and I was telling Bryan about
it and he was like laughing, but he hasn’t seen it yet. So I’m excited because
now he’ll finally be able to watch their reactions
when that was happening. It was just such a cute video
and I can’t wait to see it. Hey Ollie, guess what? We got
our camera back from Vegas! – Woo-who! – [Missy] Isn’t that awesome? Do you remember that? – This? – [Missy] Isn’t that so cool? Alright, it is back to work and if you’re wondering
how I’m gliding so quickly, it’s because I’m on the, is it a Segway? Actually I’m not sure what it is. These boys got a little sidetracked. They were supposed to
be cleaning up balls. Alright, hey boys, back to work. Why is your shoe off?
You’re so funny. Okay, go. We’re at lunch right now and
a little kitty just walked up. Isn’t that so cute? You love that kitty? So the cat came to visit us
and the kids are so excited. She’s like not so sure. Aww. Check out all this
delicious food we just got. Got mahi tacos. Finn, is this burger yours? That burger is bigger than your head. Is it too big for you? Are
you too little to take a bite? Oh. Whoa. (cat meowing) Is that so cute? How do you like to wake up from naps? This little one is waking
up with a cool breeze along his skin while
I’m riding the Segway. He has been napping on me for like an hour while I was getting some work done. And now it’s time to wake up. Time to wake up little one. Uh-huh, not happening. The makeup is off and I am so ready for these boys to go to bed. Actually have a little
bit of stuff to get done, so I’m not going to bed,
but I think these boys are going to bed. Huh? When he got out of the
bath, I just kind of like brushed his hair into a little mohawk. Now it’s drying just crazy. Which will make doing your hair for school a little weird, huh? You are the silliest boy ever. Muah! I love you. You’ve been so, like, lovey
dovey tonight, haven’t you? Give the video a thumbs up. (Finn mumbling) I’m reading a book right now to the boys because we’re getting ready for bed. Reading this book called Colors. You go like this, you
open it up and I was like, oh Ollie, go grab the camera,
I want to end the video and he goes, okay, but don’t read anything because I don’t want to miss it. Don’t want to miss the Colors. If you miss the Colors
he’ll miss the whole part and you won’t know what’s going to happen. Here we go, Oliver, what is this color? – Green. – Green! Ollie and Finn fight over this one because Ollie just wants to
say green gecko and green frog. – Now, as a compromise, cause
Ollie got to do the green, Finn gets to do this
one. What is that color? – Yellow. – Yellow. – Tea cup. – Tea cup. Alright, I think we’re going
to go ahead and end this video before we finish this very
intense book of colors. These boys love their mama, huh? We’re gonna go ahead and go to bed. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye! – [Finn] Boo. – We are going to a super cool show. Shh, you guys, we are backstage. Finn wants to show you guys a cool trick. Whoa! (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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