WAR TRAILER REACTION BY MOROCCANS   | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | 2019

WAR TRAILER REACTION BY MOROCCANS | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | 2019

AAAAAAA imagine if it’s a plot twist and HRITHIK is innocent that’s exactly what i said 1,2,3 we’re going to react to war trailer anyway, I want to watch this movie o bad although I only saw the poster I’m happy that it’s going to be available in the cinema *near our house * so we’re going to watch it let me focus *don’t know what I wanted to say lol* he looks the best I like the actress she ‘s charismatic she ‘s serious hiiiii I really want to watch an action movie aaaaa *finally understanding something* they’re looking for him he run away somewhere …*wow a genius* where did he go? did he become a terrorist? exactly, they said at the beginning “KABIR he’s one of our best and then they showed that he went somewhere then they brought tiger cause he knows him the best so I think he’s going after him are u the bad guy? *talking to Hrithik ROSHAN * or maybe they were the one who sent him to this mission I don’t know see , he wants to catch him the person who made this trailer is talented who are you ?* to the girl * where is this filmed? DEEEP it’s like they combined fast & furious, mission impossible and all the amazing action movies in one film I hope the film will be as good as the trailer it looks fantastic it’s been so long since I’ve watched something like this * talking about how she looks similar to a YouTuber* I think he saved his life in that scene or he pushed him what are you saing? I thought he saved him it’s not finished yet Aaah! he was his student he did say at the beginning “you tought me everything ” that’s what we call a real punch when will it be out here? this is an important question we want to watch it and finals are approaching who made the trailer is a talented human they showed what the film is about but without spoiling it true, just enough to make you want to watch it some trailers literally show the whole movie and it’s just bad but this one , is what a trailer should actually be like * talking about the possibility of a plot twist where HRITHIK ROSHAN turn out to be there for an undercover mission to catch the terrorists * but he didn’t inform the agency stop telling me what’s going to happen I didn’t watch the film either, we ‘re just guessing cause if what we are saying actually happens you’ ll be kinda disappointed I want to watch it so bad

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    Wow splendid

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    react on commando 3 trailer

  5. Navdeep Singh says:

    React to Saaho trailer
    Its a request
    Ur reaction was 🔥🔥

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    Are you guys in Drugs ?

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