War Has Changed – Solid Snake Impression – MGS4 Intro

War Has Changed – Solid Snake Impression – MGS4 Intro

[graveled voice throughout] War… has changed… It’s no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It’s an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War… and its consumption of LIFE… has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. I.D. Tagged soldiers carry I.D. Tagged WEAPONS, use I.D. Tagged gear, Nanomachines inside their bodies ENHANCE and REGULATE their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. BATTLEFIELD control. Everything is monitored, and kept under CONTROL. War… has changed. The AGE of Deterrents has become the AGE of CONTROL. All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And HE who controls the BATTLEFIELD… controls HISTORY. WAR… HAS CHANGED. When the battlefield is under total control, war becomes routine.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “War Has Changed – Solid Snake Impression – MGS4 Intro

  1. Suitwo says:

    And now he's playing Minecraft. War may have changed but so has Jackscepticeye.

  2. Jordan Heckinger Daniel says:

    That’s a pretty solid snake impression

  3. Dyl_25_Pickle says:

    Haha nerd! You’re never going to get 20+ million subs!

  4. Domonkos Szakály says:

    It' like he wants to puke or something lol

  5. Havoc Hearto says:

    Jack was definitely smoking weed when he did this

  6. Riot says:

    Anyone 2019

  7. SSJS whisper says:

    Wow the first word on this channel was WaAaAaAaR

  8. Shunk official says:

    I love jacaepticwyw

  9. Apex HD lol xd says:

    6 years

  10. Jacob Alan says:

    Who’s here in 2137

  11. gurkan apa says:


  12. 600 hundred subs with no video says:


  13. Jlitzy Gaming says:

    2019 anyone

  14. Noob85971 says:

    Jack first sentence: “War has changed”

    It indeed did

  15. Ki11erJoseph1 says:

    why was this recommended to me

  16. I.d.k Coconut says:

    Who knew 6 years later or so he would be playing Minecraft 😂 I’m not complaining tho

  17. HeadShot says:

    his throat hurt after this I KNOW

  18. Zen The Nerd Gamer says:

    This is really impressive👌 You could've been an actor!

  19. Dutch Plan Der Linde says:

    c o n t r o l

  20. ChickenGod says:

    Who else clicked oldest?

  21. Majin Coon says:

    I think he said or ethnicity

  22. Divan Bester says:

    you do the best voices now and then

  23. Industrial doge says:

    This is where a legend has started

  24. Wasted Base says:

    This is epic

  25. nemanja games says:

    Thats preety good

  26. yeno yeno says:

    Anyone 2020?

  27. Teeyler says:

    This Young Boy now play Minecraft 👏

  28. King niX says:

    Thus a LEGEND was Born

  29. Gritooth says:

    6 years and we still comment on this video
    Like comment if you are fourteen and this was deep and like the vid if it was nostalgic

  30. Noo Me says:

    2019 anyone?

  31. BatmanSup99 says:

    00:00 a legend was born

  32. Ban Betrayed says:

    Jack your voice sucked

  33. MEME LORD says:


  34. H1N1 says:

    He sounds like the warpers from subnautica

  35. Tecarvalhoço P says:

    August 2019 anyone¿

  36. PenguinLord234 _ says:


  37. ツQixie says:

    2023 anyone?

  38. Stevethe Eevee says:

    Youtube has changed…
    Its no longer about content, context and being funny,
    Its all about watch time and ads

  39. Joshua's Pokemon Adventure says:


  40. Umbra Serpent54 says:

    2019 lool

  41. Masteraeiou says:

    2021 Anyone?

  42. Michael Ashby says:

    0:00 a irishmen was born

  43. Vladimir Lenin says:

    0:00 the potato has evolved into a human!

  44. Yellow Diamond says:

    The legend was born

  45. Kezza Jide says:


  46. Nir Filus says:

    Here to see what was the first video ever uploaded on this amazing channel haven’t you..?
    Yeah me to.. 😂

  47. Fling Z says:


  48. Nicholas Eitenmiller says:


  49. Dylan OwO says:


  50. Ryan Viral says:


  51. Hal Loj says:

    xD I’m crying

  52. Alfonso Palaganas says:

    It’s so weird to hear Sean like this

  53. Roxyrockstar 221 says:

    This video is almost older than me ummm O. o 0:00 A LEGEND WAS BORN

  54. Fry Lie Goodbye says:

    You really need to play fallout lol

  55. lol lol says:

    thats fucking amazing

  56. endyplaysgames YT says:


  57. smol edgy boi says:

    Its 2019. You've come so far

  58. Lil Flo says:

    2012 your voice is so cancer!

  59. The Legion says:

    Here, a legend was born.

  60. GamerGirl 0120 says:

    I love this video but I just can stop laughing for no reason lol

  61. Wolfy0788 says:


  62. Hydrophoria says:

    2035 anyone?

  63. MADshadow Army says:

    Why do I remember watching Jacksepticeye playing GTAV at 2011 but this is his first video at 2012

  64. Psym1X says:

    only og's were here before 500k views.

  65. Audrey Kent says:

    I'm planning on going through all of Jack's videos in order….. Oldest to knewest……… This may take a LOOOOOOONG time lol

  66. The Nurse says:

    The start of a great youtuber

  67. CrabMeat says:

    Subtitles: (graveled voice throughout)

    Deaf people: mm yeah what a great snake impression

  68. Link says:

    Really nice Impression

  69. BBrendO says:

    War… has chANGed

  70. eagle games says:

    V e n o m 2

  71. TheClassyCat says:

    this is the real try not to laugh challenge

  72. Forget Lobster says:


  73. 화단강 says:

    Now this is the first jacksepticeye video? I've heard his networth is 25M$

  74. Galaxy Paws says:

    aka war and control

  75. Gaming For LIFE says:

    You joined before I was born

  76. Jackson Anderson says:

    A legend was born

  77. F͓̽o͓̽R͓̽m͓̽ 気 says:

    Wait, how’d I get here?

  78. BillyGoat556 l says:

    This is great

  79. TL K says:

    A legend has been born.

  80. Roblox says:

    Um this was recorded on my birth cool

  81. Chase Elliott says:

    Who's watching this in 2019-2020

  82. Ryan wright says:

    Any 2019🤣

  83. frosty boi says:

    i-is-is any one there? did i go too far back?

  84. Amaraa Was Here says:

    first video of an irish youtuber named sean screaming in his videos “POATOES!! POTATOES!!”

  85. snowycat999 says:

    is anyone here from emily is away?

  86. Mya’s Marvellous Sims Designs says:

    0:01 a star was born

  87. Dylan Christensen says:

    Wow this is were he started

    Also whos 2019

  88. Dr. Complex says:

    They should have gotten jack for MGSV, not Keifer.

  89. Meta Mali says:

    C O N T R O A R

  90. Gacha With Dirk says:

    Wow this is where it all started

  91. The challenging 3 says:

    I’m doing a jacksepticeye marathon if you see this I’ve watched this one!

  92. Trail Hunters says:


  93. mathew craft says:

    i was here 4:57 in north america and 6 yrs ago

  94. Zero Minotaurxx says:

    Who came from Markipler

  95. superluigi gameing0610 says:

    0:01 a legend was born

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