Wanda Sykes Spent Her Summer Kayaking with Crocodiles

Wanda Sykes Spent Her Summer Kayaking with Crocodiles

What else did you
do this summer? We went to France,
we went to Mexico. Mexico was fun. Mexico was fun. Yeah. Yeah. What did you– where? What part, and what’d you do? We were in Tulum, with Alex,
her mom, her sister, her kids, and our kids. And we went to a cenote. And it’s basically a sinkhole
surrounded by limestone– a nice pool, basically. Is it like– [INAUDIBLE] called
it a cement pond. Uh-huh, right. So anyway, we get
in the cenote, and– me? I’m not a swimmer, right? So I had a kayak with
my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was
in the back, right? So we’re paddling,
like, 10 seconds on this kayak, my mother-in-law
has us straight in the bushes. Like we like just,
in the bushes. I’m like, how in the world? She didn’t know how
to steer, right? So anyway, we get out the
bushes and we’re going along, going along. And we get to one
place, and this has a sign that says,
don’t sit on the rocks. I’m like, OK. I guess, you know, rocks
are slippery, whatever. We go a little bit more, it
says, don’t go past this point without a guide. I’m like, OK. Well, I’m not going that way. I’m going– and
then on this side, I see a sign that said,
beware of the crocodiles. So it’s also in Spanish. And my mother-in-law
also speaks Spanish. I’m like, I hit her, I
was like, what’s that say? Espanol! Hable, what’s that? And she’s like,
oh, the crocodile. I was like, oh! Turn around. Turn around, right? And all the sudden, my
mother-in-law read it, and she’s like, aw, come on. Possible. I said, nope. Come on. I said, you better get
this thing straight. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. So we turned around. We going back. And as we’re heading back
to the entrance, right, and you still got a
nice ways to go, right? Here comes my whole family in
the water, swimming towards me, right? So I look at them
and I’m paddling. And Alex says the girls, Olivia
and Eleanor, they’re tired. Put them in the kayak. I’m like, OK, OK. So they all
surrounded the kayak. And I said, OK. First of all, let me tell you
what we’re not going to do. We are not going to
flip this kayak over. They can get on here, but we
are not doing that, right? So Olivia goes, mommy
boo, you still can’t swim? I was like, no. But I can read. Let’s see how your
reading skills are when you get down there! So we them. We get the two
girls on the kayak. And I tell Alex, I say, hey. There’s a sign back there that
says beware of the crocodiles. And she was like, no. I’m like, OK. Y’all keep saying no. I’m going to leave. We’re going, right? And she goes, you’re
going to leave? I said, yeah! I don’t want to watch you
all get eaten by crocodiles. Do you know how that would scar
me for the rest of my life? I can’t. I don’t want to
see what happens. I’m going, all right? So we’re paddling back. We’re paddling back. So we get back to the entrance. And I asked the guy,
I say hey, you know, as I’m waiting for my family
to return, so asked him. I said, there’s a sign that
says beware of crocodiles. That’s a joke, right? He’s was like, no, no, no. He said, you know,
they’re in the back. They’re in the back. I’m like, wait. There’s really crocodiles? I said, man, you need to put
that sign at the entrance! Why would you put the sign
all the way back there? He said well, at the
entrance is bad for business. What’s also bad for
business is someone gets eaten by a crocodile. Yeah. Yeah! Isn’t that crazy? Yes. That is crazy.

Randy Schultz

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    My two fav person❤️???

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  4. Elida White says:


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  7. chochonero341 says:

    Bad for business. LOL.

  8. Sabecvardi Sabecvar says:

    "What's that say…" crying

  9. Claude Belemu says:

    I'm a simple man. I see Wanda Sykes I press the thumbs up button (albeit three times: 1st time coz then 2nd time enough then 3rd time to undo the unlike by action 2)

  10. Bob Lowney says:

    your dog is racist! best line from curb your enthusiasm

  11. Hipster B says:

    Wanda should host the Oscars. I'd watch it just for her.

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    I have loved Wanda ever since she did the movie The monster in law, every time she’s on Ellen without fail I am always cry laughing.

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    I love Wanda and Ellen.
    For the record Cenote, thousands of them are part of a vast interconnect fresh water caves. A TX University group discovered one about 240 miles long. I've been a Tulum and have been a Cenote. Taken there by young MX amigos and then to Public Beac. A highly spiritual experience all day long. You can feel the amazing energy in a Cenote.

  41. salas7146 says:

    Wanda Sykes is so cool and hilarious

  42. That dude Joe says:


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    "I don't wanna watch y'all get eaten by crocodiles you, you know how that would scar me for the rest of my life" This is everything I didn't know I needed in my life

  44. Jimmy Page says:

    Wanda Dyke is stuck on Democrats Plantation

  45. Nathalia Retana says:

    That such a latino thing to happen (I'm from Costa Rica) and we know crocodiles won't go anywhere near people, they are too much bother for them, (people screaming, laughing, splashing, that scares them). It's the same in the sea, if you are getting yourself in the sea, there are a shit ton of living, dangerous creatures inside but mostly they swim away from humans. But this is hilarious

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    We had a school trip to an orchard when I was in the 3rd grade. There were signs that said if you see any alligators to run in a zig zag pattern to get away. I refused to enter. ( It may have been alligator or crocodile) It was a long time ago. I don't need instructions on how to run; I need to not meet them in the first place.

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