Vocal Coach Reacts To Jim Morrison – The Doors – Light My Fire – Live – Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Reacts To Jim Morrison – The Doors – Light My Fire – Live – Ken Tamplin

Hey gang, thank you for joining me Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I wanted to do a vocal coach reacts and I got a lot of requests for this one
Jim Morrison the band is obviously The Doors and I chose “Light My Fire”. Now it’s
hard to find good footage of older bands like that so I chose this particular one
and it’s also hard to find stuff that YouTube’s gonna allow you to do and
they’re cracking down more and more but I thought this was the quintessential
quintessential example of Jim Morrison. So let’s check it out and before I do
Jim was actually kind of put in the crooner category even a little bit later
and some of the people that would fall into that category be like David Bowie,
Frank Sinatra, even Michael Buble and like later people Harry Connick Jr., Tony
Bennett, even Elvis was kind of categorized to some degree when he did
his lower croonary stuff so so think of The Doors with borderline a crooner kind
of sound, kind of like I said like like Frank Sinatra a little bit or even David
Bowie. So with a view towards that let’s go ahead and react to The Doors and Jim
Morrison. The audio on this is a little funky but. Covers his sounds. Handsome guy. He’s singing live. Now it’s kind of funny it reminds me of like (sings) cause it’s very psychedelic druggie sort of I just took LSD kind of thing and
unfortunately he probably did or some kind of magic mushrooms or something but it’s kind of I don’t know if you know this but in the garden or in-a-gadda-da-vida my understanding is is that it was supposed to be in the
Garden of Eden but he was so stoned it’s not Jim Morrison but he was so stoned
that he couldn’t say it so right and unfortunately Jim Morrison that was kind of his style was that croonery, druggie psychedelic croonery thing so with that
view towards that we’re gonna continue here we go. Let me see if I can do that (sings) not bad
alright. I think I got that. See even the way he’s standing he’s kind of like whoa dude the room is spinning man when he walked out on stage he’s kinda like
looking down gone how tall is this microphone stand. And he kind of walks around it like okay if I just make small moves and just get on the stage
and off the stage I’ll be just fine. Let’s continue. Oh no they’re gonna do this long solo. If they do it too long I’m gonna fast forward. Ok it’s going back in the hook. Here we go. To wallow in the mire. It’s different than the album. He’s throwing down. Little distorted sorry about that guys. Cool. Ok Jim we’ll throw some cold water on you so you can get off the stage. Alright. But again let’s face it you know some of
that also created the mystery around him. He died way too young of course like a
lot of those guys overdosed but that was kind of his mystery it’s like woa what’s Jim gonna do next you know what I mean. So anyway you guys if you like what you
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course we talk about The Doors and crooners and all kinds of rock guys, pop
guys, country people you name it and girls and until next time man God bless
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Randy Schultz

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56 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To Jim Morrison – The Doors – Light My Fire – Live – Ken Tamplin

  1. 80s Metal says:

    We want Damn Yankees!!!! Love you ken

  2. xeneastwood says:

    I love The Doors and Jim Morrison.

  3. Sebastian Pinto López says:

    Good morning Ken!, he looks like Miguel Gallardo! Cool video! Keep it up!

  4. Sanjay Menon says:

    Jim was one of the greatest poets in the history of rock 'n roll! 🔥🤘🔥

  5. John Chavez says:

    The Doors had such a unique sound, there's really not much like them

  6. Aakash Mahajan says:

    Hey ken. Great reaction. I get to learn a lot of new stuff and stories. Thanks for existing. I have a request please react to Eagles “love will keep us alive”. I love this song. Till then keep rocking. Peace ✌️

  7. Janne Kinturi says:

    Wanted Jim Morrison poster is epic. This man seen running NAKED in L.A at mornings please call. 😂 Yeah no mushrooms right. 😎🤘

  8. Epic SB says:

    Jim Morrison is a massive inspiration to me. Amazing songs 😍

  9. KSHARE24 says:


  10. kiddycat17 says:

    This was so funny! You gave me more laughs than I had all week! Great stuff Ken.

  11. Epic SB says:

    Also they had a unique sound you always know when you are listening to The Doors

  12. Daniel Jobber says:

    Great song choice, Ken. I know I am becoming a bit if a crooner myself as I get older

  13. Music Mad Man says:


  14. MrPiperian says:

    "druggie croonery" ROFL! Ken this was either on Sullivan or Skelton's show, can't remember which, but I saw it the night it aired. I was unimpressed. But I did buy their biggest hits album a yr later.

  15. Elijah gast says:

    “Quintessential Jim Morrison?” But there’s no blood-curdling screams in this song though lolol

  16. Naufal Ikhsan says:

    plz react to paul mccartney band on the run

  17. Trust Jesus says:

    “Croonery stuff” 😂

  18. PenkkiPekka says:

    Ken you are so funny 🙂

  19. caius dragonious says:

    where can I send requests for you to review a singer?

  20. Getis Realis says:

    @ 3:53 I think was actually trying to put the mic into the stand and couldn't do it – hahaha

  21. PenkkiPekka says:

    stoned eyes

  22. bhaktesh kotian says:

    This video of "light my fire" was from his tv show,this was from 'Ed sullivan' tv show….there was the story that being 'ed sullivan' show was family show they wanted the doors to make some changes in this song lyrics but 'jim' ignored thier request and didnt change the lyrics after this they were never brought back to the show umm you can say, banned from show….hahaha
    And again he used to be always high on alcohol,even during some of his song recording time he used to be high

  23. Guerilla Radio says:

    I am 90's child but i do love listening to The Doors. It feels like their music was from 90's specially Jim's vocal.

  24. Mamy Mimma says:

    You're so nice 😄
    What a fascinating personality Jim had… Sorry we had him for few years!

  25. Jeff Dunn says:

    Eddie Money died today

  26. Paul Ceppetelli says:

    Great video and comments.

  27. Rodolfo Garces says:

    But he was so stone!

  28. karend169 says:

    Why won't YouTube allow you to play certain songs?

  29. John Edwards says:

    Hey Ken, another great video! I thought I’d ask you this here rather than the forums because I think you can give me a straight up answer. I am dead serious about buying your course at this point, I am on the verge of buying it but something keeps questioning myself about whether this is going to work. Right now I’m not a good singer at all, i would call myself quite out of tune when I do. Is this course seriously going to help me Ken? This isn’t a scam (not saying your scamming but is it something I will buy and not be able to do it)or something only certain individuals can achieve if they are talented? You seem like the nicest most kind human being and I rate you so so highly, but is this course seriously going to make me a great singer? Thank you Ken god bless 🙂

  30. Ahardcorejedi says:

    The lizard king and the Vocal Coach King. Wonderful day. Cheers!

  31. Comrade404 Blitzkrieg says:


  32. jnixa1010 says:

    Underneath all the extraneous “ stuff”, he really had a good voice. I often wonder if he was clean and really took care of himself, just how good his singing would have been

  33. Brandon Jeffery says:

    When the Musics over like at the bowl 68’ is probably Jim’s best vocal performance

  34. Dizzle 75 says:

    The Doors were awesome..he was a great lyricist..

  35. C. Ines R. says:

    Jim Morrison! Love The Doors. Thanks! Oh, It's possible to react to "The Spy" from The Doors? Again, thanks.

  36. far i 4life says:

    Say, brother. Have you ever reacted to Jimi Hendrix? When I did sets, I'd space out songs like "Purple Haze" with "All Along the Watchtower," then do "Fire" to "Hey Joe" so I would have throat left. The song "Are you Experienced" would never flow as easily. As a professional vocalist, what are your comments about Jimi who in interviews would demur from his vocals to discuss his guitar? Thanks, man.

  37. Chas Kosturick says:

    I don't think a negative comment about him taking psychedelic drugs was appropriate or professional of you Ken. You are a respect deserving teacher. But let's be real the levels of creativity that the use of hallucinogens has brought some of the best things to the arts more than any level of academic style teaching ever has. I'll take jim Morrison on acid or the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix over Pavarotti or white snake for listening any day. Actually maybe you should do some acid next time you put out an album of all original music instead of relying on being a technical duplicater and see if your music is still holding up in 50yrs.

  38. Paul aalders says:

    Ahhh My Sagittarian Comarodery , Light My Fire sold millions , What a poet he was , and just a stunning attention getter with low key stance and poise he still turned his audience and record buyers into eternal fans. Rest his soul ,,, Thanks Ken !!! 😊🐼

  39. Diego Escanlar says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best! ✌️

  40. Axess2084 says:

    Ray Manzarek always looked like a mad scientist on that organ!!

  41. Albret Kroule says:


  42. Big Rock says:

    How about a reaction to the guy in the t shirt at the The Forum?

  43. TheKyPerson says:

    I like Jim Morrison, but I don't think he'd sound as good if it wasn't for the great musicianship of the Doors. My own favorites are Riders on the Storm and L.A. Woman

  44. 5speedMax says:

    Morrison was doing his best Val Kilmer persona.

  45. margo81172 says:

    He was so handsome. Sultry all the was around

  46. margo81172 says:

    I recently watched a documentary with his parents and sister… it was the best documentary I’d ever seen of him. Getting to know his family added so many more layers to the story

  47. JMisses Blac says:

    Awesome. I like their performance live in Europe 1968. He looks so mellow and even higher than in this one, lol.

  48. William M. says:

    its pity he was drugged. Probably the best baryton rock voice, chilling, with Eddie Vedder.

  49. Nicolo Salisbury says:

    Very interesting and intelligent and handsome guy

  50. madamekat (Kat Rooney Cassidy) says:

    I was just a kid the first time I heard it and I remember singing along at the tender age of 5 or 6!
    Later in my early teens I heard him singing Riders on the Storm. I was in a Kmart and someone had turned up the stereo loud. I was so captivated…who sounded like that? Only Jim! Wonderful

  51. Amir O Kareem says:

    Love that song, in gadda da vida. Seen Iron Butterfly live.

  52. Amir O Kareem says:

    The Doors good group. Like that era with the Doors Big Brother and stuff like that you know Steppenwolf and stuff.

  53. concusion007 says:

    dude, I love you as a person and I love what you do teaching wise but why are you making reaction videos to songs I know you've heard before?

  54. James Germaine says:

    I remember tripping out off some Mexican shrooms listening to this song camping. I could see the trees dancing – Great memory!

  55. Amanda A. says:

    Jim is so stoning! No! I mean stunning! Yes! STUNNING😂
    He really was a beautiful sexy man.
    Aww…the crooners.😍
    Enjoyed the video!
    Thanks, Ken! Have a great weekend!

  56. Aditya Rangarajan says:

    Wow Ken. Looks like you really don't like musicians who used drugs

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