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  1. Avanya Moonsamy says:

    those snakes are so beautiful

  2. erik saxerud says:

    In regards to your last video you can use 1 inch wooden dowels to move the cages inside the reptarium get like 15 of them and use the dowels like rolling pins and roll the cages inside and rotate the dowels as the cages rolls forwards just like the Egyptians built the pyramids unless it was aliens 😉

  3. king vegeta says:

    I would love to visit your reptile place brian only if I knew where it was located I would go

  4. Jody Boatright says:

    Good Morning 🌞

  5. mattmo17 One says:

    That red tail looks just like the last 3 I had man I hate having to not be able to keep any herps at all wow I miss my lizards and snakes I'm down to one bearded dragon but ? Someday when I have a house and my kids get a little older I might be able to start collecting again! Thanks Brian you keep my dream alive!

  6. Susan Romans says:

    Do you need a red warred slider for your turtle pond? He’s big!

  7. ed h says:

    newbies, like me, were a little confused when you were jumping back and forth from boas, to balls to milks and back. would have been nice to know what you were looking at before all the genetic info names

  8. Reel Carolina Outdoors says:

    Nice boa collection!

  9. Derek Stinson says:

    PLEASE PLEASE READ………..Hey Brian we are HUGE FANS my husband Derek watches your daily vlogs and has watched every video you've posted on youtube over the years numerous times.Everyday after you say goodmorning and welcome to the vlog..You say I hope your day is absolutely amazing or you say incredible.And everyday he guesses and gets it wrong it drives him crazy.He says it's a conspiracy……Do me a favor so he stops can and this 2 and a half month crazy shenanigans.And please say good morning I hope the start of your day is absolutely amazing.HE DOESN'T KNOW I'M DOING THIS…….This so if you could say Derek that would be awesome.If you read this PLEASE do this little thing he's a HUGE fan…..Thanks

  10. albert wing says:

    Nice shirt..what a way to show support for our lost Crocodile Hunter

  11. Edna2u says:

    My grandson has decided that you look like his Opa. He is 6.

  12. Lewis McLean says:

    Im so confused why 7 people disliked ???

  13. Joshua Diaz says:

    Beautiful stock Jason has absolutely amazing!❤

  14. Leticia Arroyo says:

    That ball python was amazing so beautiful!!

  15. Sarah L says:

    I thought the podcast was like twice a week and Noah’s was Friday’s?

  16. jayson williams says:

    more ball python

  17. Masson Baker says:

    Is it bad that I said wow out loud every single time he pulled out of snake.😂 Brian I know you have an amazing collection, but that one right there was absolutely gorgeous.

  18. Jenna Wiebe says:

    I absolutely LOVE how vibrant some of these snakes are, wow. Beautiful.

  19. Paul Lund says:

    Hope everyone is having a great day, I liked those sunset fire Ball python Brian.They were awesome, Also those cages from Universal rock are looking amazing can’t wait to see them set up and animals in them.

  20. justaswet says:

    those snakes are beautiful but scary

  21. Madeleine Michon says:

    I love you’re shirt

  22. R Miller says:

    Hey good morning Brian. This guy had some awesome snakes for sure. Hope you day is going well. See ya tomorrow! Keep staying awesome!

  23. Andrew Cortez says:

    Brian all of the colorful boas you show are awesome looking snake 🐍

  24. KVProduction92 says:

    hm, dont a see a link to any of Chase's medias in the description. Just a link back to the this video. Will be sad if he doesn't have at least an Instagram, want to see more cool snakes from him.

  25. RC Gamer says:

    Something about Mary…all I’m saying hehe

  26. Timothy Lesher says:

    I don't see a link to chase's stuff

  27. Lady cateyes strongblood says:

    I like the dark one beter

  28. Jamie says:

    Very beautiful snakes

  29. Billy Ellhof says:

    Bro that Suriname female that he had was badass. Ive actually been looking for a male Suriname a true red tail just hard to find some that are some true reds

  30. jose garibay says:

    no one
    brian: thats a ripper

  31. Arnoldo guerra says:

    Exelente videos gracias y saludo desde chile

  32. Josh says:

    damn those snakes were unbelievably beautiful. I t reminds me of when i see those photoshoped thumbnails of some incredible magic snake, except this time it is real.

  33. Donovan Chilton says:

    U should give them a snake so they can put it in there shop. So when u go there u will have a animals to see

  34. Angela Chandler says:

    that white cobra was gorgeous u luved so much ……these r also beautiful snakes

  35. Aaron Christopherson says:

    Love that Labarynth boa! Closest to how mine looks!

  36. Taevian's World of Reptiles! says:

    Ugh I've missed just seeing s bunch of animals. And he had some AMAZING animals especially those boas!!!!!

  37. Kelley Wickenhagen says:

    ✌💞🤗 Thanks for letting us see that collection of snakes. BEAUTIFUL

  38. Ashley GreenTea says:

    they was so small un last year ^_^ so fast growen

  39. Sherry Lynn Madcat says:

    I really like the cali kings. The white on black one was magnificent.
    Take care and have fun. L8trs g8trs.

  40. Tom says:

    8:10 Lil Pump is that you

  41. Sarah’s Channel says:

    Can you show us the rainbow 🌈 snakes and egg cutting

  42. joesphine elliott says:

    Good morning brain 🌞

  43. John Johnson says:


  44. Juan Flores says:

    Nice looking collection of snakes.

  45. Breezy Pwns says:

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time you hear someone say crazy in this video

  46. John Halchishick says:

    That dude is alot bigger than your son

  47. Jaime Whitsett says:

    Gorgeous collection.

  48. 11c airsoft says:

    Thanks for introducing us to universal rocks. I just ordered the deep underwater background for my boa. I can't wait till I get it. It has a large tree in it and will look perfect for what I wanna do.

  49. Nerina De Waal says:

    Where's Chase's site?

  50. Hershal Mathis says:

    Does chase Baker have a websites for his boas?

  51. James Williams says:

    The scaleless ball python at the end is so beautiful. That would be my favorite!!

  52. donna taylor says:

    Stunning 🐍

  53. Martin Zubero says:

    What’s the link to your friends website?

  54. KY KonstrictorZ and Exotics says:

    Dude that Hypo boa was lit!!!! I would say he one of the nicest boa collections as well. I'd personally love to see it in person. Wow is all I can say right now!!! Thanks for showing us

  55. Patshhi4 says:

    That red tail boa is beautiful. The coloring on her is so crisp!

  56. fedbones says:

    YES! BOAS my favorite snakes!

  57. Nerina De Waal says:

    Here's some more snakes of Chase. Brian pls show your cameraman how to focus on snakes. This guy does it better

  58. QW DaGoat says:

    What happened with the dreading game

  59. Supreme Triangle says:

    Where is your reptariam

  60. swedish JENNIFER says:

    Hi!!! The last snake was sooo beautiful. Good luck with the building do not burn your self out. Take care you two!

  61. Amber Jones says:

    Those are beautiful boas! Thank you for sharing🖤

  62. Kaidosbuddyagain Doberman says:

    I love when these boa guys are featured. For me the boas are at least fun compared to ball pythons. Next to all this breeding, which I get, ball pythons are boring- talk about ‘ball’ in the name, the one I had would literally ball up even when held, and basically barely move. Look cool=boring as a pet. (Sorry ball python fans, I’m sure there are those who don’t care for boas)

  63. Elizabeth Lovell says:

    I loved the fact that he has, it seems, hundreds of snakes, but has his special pet!

  64. Isaiah Hiscock says:

    Hey just got my family into your vids iv been subbed for years but my mother was wondering how she would buy one of your snakes also were in canada

  65. Seán M says:

    Snake breeders are like fine wine dealers. Yes sir I have this beautiful mix of ghost and raspberry!

  66. Stevie 003 says:

    Wow😲 that 1st snake is BEAUTIFUL ❤️ coloring and all.

  67. Moe NYC says:

    Please show more boas they are so underrated.

  68. Shona Langham says:

    Hi Brian I am really enjoying all the vlogs……the journey you takes us on is awesome 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  69. Amanda Garner says:

    Brian when you go home can you try the black light on some of the geckos? I bet it would be amazing too! Love your channel and your positivity!

  70. Cody Actually says:

    Please re upload the last podcast when you get back!!! The pins and needles are starting to hurt.

  71. cod_god3501 gaming says:

    Are boa constrictors good pets

  72. cod_god3501 gaming says:

    Are red tail Boas a good pet to have

  73. Eden’s reptile Ambassadors says:

    You know what? When I open my facility in Michigan you are going to need to come tour it to see my beautiful boas, BPs, burms, and my venomous collection.

  74. Jeff Sweeney says:

    Brian you should hit up Tyler Nolan and get a new tattoo to inaugurate your new add on at your shop..

  75. erynb says:

    Amazing collection.

  76. Sarka64 aj says:

    When im gonna live in my own house im gonna buy a snake/s. I love them so much. ❤🐍 probably im gonna have just one but I will make the snake a beautiful box. ( I dont know if big of small box, but probably the bigger one )
    Sorry for bad english
    Edit: the snake in 3:06 is so precious. All of them are precious noodles ❤🐍

  77. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Hello Brian. What an amazing vlog so many different snake i really like the first boa so pretty thanks so very much..

  78. Kevin Lockwood says:

    Great video as always wondering if you could go into on a video at some point about reptile diseases and how to treat because I know a couple of people that wont keep boas because they have pythons and worried about boas giving there pythons inclusion body disease so hoping you could go more into reptile diseases and treating/helping the animals whilst waiting for vet assistance

  79. Madyson Maddox says:

    My dad loves snakes I’m going to show him this video

  80. Summer Blalock says:

    This video was awesome I like all of the boa and ball python and thank you for the video everyday and brain you are doing a great job.

  81. Twitchstar Happy says:

    I thought it was bad to put an albino to about albino ?

  82. Sonia Hanley says:

    Amazing vlog amazing snakes wow

  83. Rebecca Friend says:

    That cal king was very nice.Have a great day!

  84. Melissa Cheek says:

    What does he mean by this one didnt get bread an is darker an this one was bread really kept his color. If you dont bread them do they loose their color or somthing??

  85. Rob Reigns says:

    That vpi was insane. Awesome video of your friends collection 👍😊

  86. Lynn Jones says:

    I can’t choose which snake that I liked the most. I wouldn’t say that I’m usually a Boa person, but there are some really beautiful ones in that collection. Thanks for bringing us along on your trips. It really brightens my days!

  87. SauerPowerFFM says:


  88. Josh Seagraves says:

    I liked the king

  89. Sean Malloy says:

    Hi Brian, I hope you're having an awesome day. That boa collection was phenomenal! I would love to see what the super labyrinth's look like. Although it seems that the more I experience the bcc boas, the more I favor them over the bci boas. Even with all the crazy mutations, I am not sure that they can be as beautiful as a bcc…let alone the superior size and calmer temperament. I see the true retail's gaining popularity in the future.

  90. Joao Pedro says:

    Eles Tão Muito Afrente Do Brasil Infelizmente 😥😥😥

  91. Gillian Harrison-Gates says:

    Really impressive to see so many beautiful snakes with a young breeder. I can’t wait to see what happens for this guy in 20 years when he gets to your and NERD level of time with reptiles. He has some beautiful babies

  92. brokenredflag says:

    Im in texas to. I want a blood python one day. Hmmmm

  93. Lindsee Peterson says:

    That white scaleless ball python is freaking gorgeous 😍😍

  94. Kurt Guy says:

    You said people say scaleless ball pythons don’t live. Is that why you don’t have one in the reptarium

  95. reddragon stacking says:

    Wow Chase has some totally insane looking snakes

  96. Scott McKee says:

    which red tail boa is the best if you dont want a real long one? something around 6ft?

  97. Ashley Gremlin says:

    Swwwweeeeet I’m actually friends with chase <3

  98. Ellie Young says:

    Evening Brian wishing u all well great blog x

  99. sly fox says:

    Still up to you clickbaiting, unethical ways of keeping snakes huh brian?

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