Vish – 4th September 2019 – विष – Full Episode

Vish – 4th September 2019 – विष – Full Episode

This place is very strange. So quiet. It’s so strange. So she is that dangerous lizard. I have to pass her
to reach the pond. There is no other way. Thank God. “I will bury her.
I will bury her.” If there is even a slightest
sound, I am dead. No matter what, the lizard’s sleep
shouldn’t be disturbed. Oh God. Oh no.
I think she has got my smell. A long time has passed,
but Aditya hasn’t returned. Is there some problem? Are you all right? Did you bring the water? It was a very difficult stage. I was very worried for you. High priestess,
your blessings were with me. I would have been fine. Now I will change few mantras. Along with it, you have to
pour water on the pearl. SANSKRIT MANTRA. SANSKRIT MANTRA. SANSKRIT MANTRA. Now the water meditation
is completed. Now the third meditation.
The sky meditation. We will need even Alia for that. But High priestess, what do we
have to do in this meditation? We have to purity the atmosphere
of your abode… …your Kothari estate. And how will it be done? With the vermilion. Along with that… …you have to consecrate
this pearl in your house. But only Alia can do that. “I will bury her.
I will bury her.” I had left Alia here only. I don’t know where she went. The coffin is also missing. I don’t understand.
How is it possible? Is Alia in some problem? She was wounded.
She couldn’t have walked out. Is Sabrina behind her
disappearance? You don’t worry. I will focus. What happened, High priestess?
– No. It’s not Sabrina’s deed. I don’t feel her venomous energy. But I feel Alia’s energy. What do you mean? – I mean,
she didn’t go afar. She is nearby. We have to find her. Come. My madam’s enemies. Bhandari won’t spare you. Hey. He is infected by
Sabrina’s poison. So he is not in his control. He must’ve hidden Alia. You go and find Alia.
I will handle him. You won’t find Alia. First you have to fight me. Go, Aditya. Go. Alia! Alia! Alia! Alia, where are you? Alia! Alia! This place is freshly dug. Did Bhandari bury Alia here? Alia.
I won’t let any harm come to you. High priestess. Alia. Alia. Alia. With Lord Shiva’s grace,
Alia is alive. If anything had happened
to her… …I wonder what I
would have done. High priestess, I can’t open my
eyes. I can’t see anything. Me neither. Alia! Alia! High priestess, who was he?
He disappeared with Alia. King of Demons. Sabrina must’ve send him. Sabrina? – Yes. Married woman are
King of Demons’s weakness. Sabrina would have taken
advantage of it… …and send him after Alia. But how can you be so sure? Because there is only one link but
Alia and the King of Demons… …and it’s Sabrina. King of Demons can do
anything to get… …a beautiful and chaste
married woman. And Sabrina knows it very well. God. What will that King of
Demons do with my Alia? How do I stop him? Once a married woman reaches the
King of Demons’s harem… …it’s impossible
for her to return. No! I won’t let it happen.
– Where is that King of Demons? Tell me. I will kill him
and bring my Alia back. It’s not so easy, Aditya. It won’t be easy. But as long as I am alive… …I won’t let Alia stay in that
King of Demons’s harem. She is my wife. I love her. I will bring her back.
Tell me, what do I do? Aditya, it’s very difficult to
enter the kingdom of demons. Even if anyone goes there… …he can’t come out with the
King of Demons’s wish. He is very powerful. And a common man isn’t capable
enough to kill him. But you have powers.
You can do something. But I am helpless in front
of his evil powers. There has to be a way,
High priestess. There is a way. What? Tell me. The King of Demons can be killed
with a divine weapon. But we have to find that weapon. And then we have to give
it the power… …of water of some sacred lake. But…
– But what? But that King of Demons had made
that entire lake disappear. What? How can anyone make
the lake disappear? Now do you realize how
powerful he is? I feel, he has hidden the lake
in the kingdom of demons… …close to him. – So that
he can keep an eye on it. Because he knows what the water
of that lake can do. That King of Demons is in
the kingdom of demons. That lake is also there.
– But how do we go in? This will guide you there. But you have to hide
your divine band. Because if Sabrina sees this,
she will recognize you. So what do I do? Wear this. Now bring the water
of sacred lake. I am going to get the
divine weapon. This is the only chance
to kill the… …King of Demons and save Alia. King of Demons. The price of the miniature
form of the sacred lake… …is more than lives of thousands
of slaves like you. So keep it carefully
in its place. Adorn the bride in the coffin. Let me see her face. As you command, King of Demons. There is good news for you. Come on, all of you are free. Come on. Let’s go outside. Really?
– Yes. King of Demons has
given the orders. Come on, let’s go out. What happened?
You don’t look happy. Why are you sitting
with a long face? I made you a promise. And I
fulfilled it. What more do I do now? We don’t trust you. Because whatever you do… …it’s because of your
own selfish motive. And I know you very well. But uncle, I have changed. I am not that old Sabrina. By the way, we all have blood
of the world of venom. And after all, we all are family. You mean, now we can live
a life like before? Better than before, my sister. I have given such a
married woman… …to the King of
Demons in gift… …that King of Demons
is delighted. They will get married soon. And as my relatives,
you all are invited. I wonder which innocent girl’s
life she has ruined. Oh. This old man is a champion
in ruining the mood. Today is the ceremony of
introduction of the to-be bride. I am going. If you don’t want to come,
it’s your wish. This is a priceless
gift from Sabrina. But you didn’t tell me
how much you liked it. More beautiful than
my imagination. Prettier than my dreams. I forgive all your mistakes,
Sabrina. Now we are friends. To hell with your friendship.
My work is done. You are trapped in Alia’s love. And I have won your trust also. Now I will nab Aditya,
and make him mine. Today I am very happy to have got
you, Queen of Demons Alia. Queen of Demons Alia!
You are doomed! In this lifetime… …you won’t be able to get out
of the kingdom of demons. Tomorrow Alia and I
will become one. All the servants and
maids should make… …preparations for
the Night of Union. There should be such
grand function… …that people should remember
it for years. Night of Union… It means
marriage in kingdom of demons. He is marrying her so soon. Alia, you really have
some special quality. Sabrina, you have said enough.
Now it’s our turn. Your sins have crossed all limits,
Sabrina. Open your eyes, and see for
yourself. This is our Trio Power… …which will destroy you. Sabrina, whom you considered
common people… …they will be the cause
of your death. Alia, didn’t I say… …you will have to pay a heavy
price for enmity with me? Now will you save yourself
from the demons… …or will you save your Aditya? Now nobody can stop me from
making Aditya mine.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Vish – 4th September 2019 – विष – Full Episode

  1. Ali Khan says:

    Kitna ganda ha ,

  2. Aisha Abid says:

    Sabrina khuaja sira lg rhi hyb

  3. Asif Ahmed WhatsApp status says:

    please frnd pray karo koi chala gaya ha wo wapaas aajai

  4. Rameez Awan says:


  5. Mehreen Mehmood says:

    54 ????

  6. Rameez Awan says:

    Yah darama abi or kb tk hai

  7. FILMY FUN says:

    Realy good drama love it❤

  8. Sara Sabir says:

    Uff kitma manhis hai ye

  9. Aaraani Aryan says:

    Kon kon pakistan c dkhraha h like r mra channel subscribe krli

  10. Ihsan Ullah says:

    Poor awaz band hota

  11. kinza chaudhry says:

    Yeh kya ajeeb namony ly aye ho serial m

  12. Ayesha Khan says:

    story bohot acchi banai hai magr complicated hai

  13. saba Abdullah says:

    So sweet of u sabrina
    Hmesja happy rehti ho

  14. Ali Ali says:

    bakwas kar diya ha store ko

  15. dosti frinds says:

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  16. Zakia Shakeel says:

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    تُو حال نہ پوچھے تو کوئی حال نہیں هے .!!!

  29. Imran Horain says:


    بارش، تیز ہوا تے بدل، سبھ دی اپنی تھاں ہوندی اے
    دُھپ وی بھانویں چنگی لگے، چھاں تے آخر چھاں ہوندی اے
    بھین، بھرا، ابا یا پُتر، سارے ای رشتے وَدھیا نیں
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  31. Imran Horain says:

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  32. Imran Horain says:

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    هم ﺟﺲ ﮐﻮ ﭼﺎهتے هیں ، ﻭﮦ ﺯهرﮦ ﺟﺒﯿﮟ ﮐﮩﺎﮞ ……….

  37. Meher Khan says:

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  38. Imran Horain says:

    محبت چاردن کی ہو 
    یا چاہے چار صدیوں کی
    اسے جب بهولنا چاہیں 
    تو اکثر مات ہوتی ہے…..!!

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    کبھی یاد آؤ تو اس طرح

    کبھی یاد آؤ تو اس طرح
    کہ لہو کی ساری تمازتیں
    تمہیں دھوپ دھوپ سمیٹ لیں
    تمہں رنگ رنگ نکھار دیں
    تمہیں حرف حرف میں سوچ لیں
    تمہیں دیکھنے کا جو شوق ہو
    تو دیارِ ہجر کی تیرگی کو
    مژہ کی نوک سے نوچ لیں
    کبھی یاد آؤ تو اس طرح
    کہ دل و نظر میں اُتر سکو
    کبھی حد سے حبسِ جنوں بڑھے
    تو حواس بن کے بکھر سکو
    کبھی کھِل سکو شبِ وصل میں
    کبھی خونِ جگر میں سنور سکو
    سرِ رہگزر جو ملو کبھی
    نہ ٹھہر سکو نہ گزر سکو
    مرا درد پھر سے غزل بنے
    کبھی گنگناؤ تو اس طرح
    مرے زخم پھر سے گلاب ہوں
    کبھی مسکراؤ تو اس طرح
    مری دھڑکنیں بھی لرز اٹھیں
    کبھی چوٹ کھاؤ تو اس طرح
    جو نہیں تو پھر بڑے شوق سے
    سبھی رابطے سبھی ضابطے
    کسی دھوپ چھاؤں میں توڑ دو
    نہ شکستِ دل کا ستم سہو
    نہ سنو کسی کا عذابِ جاں
    نہ کسی سے اپنی خلش کہو
    یونہی خوش پھرو،
    یونہی خوش رہو
    نہ اُجڑ سکیں ،
    نہ سنور سکیں
    کبھی دل دُکھاؤ تو اس طرح
    نہ سمٹ سکیں ، نہ بکھر سکیں
    کبھی بھول جاؤ تو اس طرح
    کسی طور جاں سے گزر سکیں
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    کبھی یاد آؤ تو اس طرح!!!!

  40. Imran Horain says:

    ہِجر کی تلخی زَہر بنی ہے, میٹھی باتیں بھیجو نا
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