Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs robocraft | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs robocraft | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, what is this? You have grown up and still Grandpa have to comb your hair. What to do, grandpa wants to do it all the time. Take this, have it as soon as reach there. Enough grandpa, I am a robot. For me you are my child. Ok, bye. All the best. Ok. Chulbul & Gintu dare you both come there, this is a school trip. Understood? Ok Vir, we will not be seen there. We will be invisible. What say Chulbul? Yes, Vir we will follow your order. These two will never improve. Students, play in the swing then we will go inside the Air Force plane. Oh! So Vir has come to the park and will enter the dummy Air Force plane. This is a good chance for us, I will inform boss right away. Vir, where are your two followers today? Two follower’s, means ? Hey, your donkey Chulbul and your Gintu, haha!! Help!! Someone help my child. Help!! Robo boy suit on. Save me first, I am the eldest. So I deserve to be saved first. Mummy! Thank you Robo boy, you saved my child. Thank you very much. Hey, help!! Hey, what was the need for you to get the boy out, I was trying to save him, so I was inside. You brought me and that kid down. There was no need to bring me down, I would have come myself. Sorry Bunty, next time I will keep in mind. Thank you Robo boy. Take my Robocraft and get Vir here. What is this Robocraft boss? Look there. This is the Robcraft, wherever Vir is, it will catch him and bring him here. You only have to direct the Robocarft, what to do and it will follow your order, haha!! Boss you are genius, super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Come on, Catch the boss and show me. I am mad, very very mad. Leave me. Leave him. Leave the boss. Now who can save you from my Robocraft, Vir? I can fly this plane very easily, should I? No Bunty, please don’t. Bunty, don’t touch anything, It is standing still from last 10 years. The engine is not working. He has a big desire to fly the plane, let me help him. Hey, what is this happening? Wow!! Bunty is flying the plane!! What did you do Bunty? No, I did nothing. I think this is Gintu playing a prank. let me check. Hey, what am I doing here? Fly it properly Bunty!! Robo boy suit on. Robocraft, finish him. Hey Bunty if you don’t know, how to fly the plane, then why did you tried? Stop this fire. Catch Vir and don’t leave him. Twister suit on. Oh no! My missiles are reversed and are coming on me. Save that plane, Gintu!! Who are you? I don’t know you, which plane? This plane, the one that you can see, catch the plane and get it back safely. Why catch it? What happened ? And who are you? Thank you Robo boy!! You always come to save us all. What is the matter Chulbul? Why everyone is clapping? Its a long story, ask Vir. Bunty, how did you flew the plane? Show me once. No!! Don’t show!!

Randy Schultz

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