Vine in a Tree | Snake City

Vine in a Tree | Snake City

Nice early morning call. Guy phones, he’s got a
vine snake up in a tree. Takes me a little while
to actually spot it, they blend in so well. It basically looks like a
branch or a stick or a vine, hence the name vine snake. You’ve got him now, yeah? Oh, you have got him now. Passing him down. Yeah, I’ve only got one glove,
you got one glove on your hand. I’m trying to I can’t– oh, oh. OK, take her, yeah. Hang on, hang on, hang on. Got it? Quite high up, but yeah. It’s a real bonus for us to
catch this vine snake today. We don’t catch
them all the time. In a season we might
catch six, maybe eight. A beautiful specimen, and in
very, very good condition. One of their
threatening stances, he’s doing it right now. It’s that flattened neck. You see it puffing out? Look at the throat now. Yeah, you freaked him out. Make himself look bigger. Makes yourself look
intimidating to somebody else or another animal. Fortunately though, they
are quite reluctant to bite, unless you really upset
one and really mess with it and try to hurt it
or kill it, then it will turn around and bite. Their venom is a
serious hemotoxin. Yeah, if you are
bitten by one of these, it’s blood transfusions. So it’s hospital, and
they’ll dilute your blood until you come right. Should I get you a pillowcase? Yeah, do you want to
get me a pillowcase? Yeah, I’ll go and get one. Down. Cool. Brilliant, thank
you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you, well done, thanks. Cheers. I think we should release
this snake straight away before another call comes in. You know, it’s always
fun catching snakes, although it can be dangerous. The best part is actually
releasing them knowing that you’ve taken them away
from that dangerous area where it could have been harmed
or it could have hurt someone. And now we’re going to put
them where there isn’t any one. This is perfect. Beautiful. It’s stunning. It’s far enough away. I’m gonna put it in this tree. There you go, little fella. Stunning. Definitely one
of my favorites. Shall we go? Let’s get back. Cool. Come on, then.

Randy Schultz

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6 thoughts on “Vine in a Tree | Snake City

  1. B-rice Madness says:

    I subscribed

  2. Angie Kammerer says:

    question…. do ya'll carry anti-venom with you always in case of a bite? i know the hospitals can be miles away from some of the places you go to. just love the show by the way

  3. Crafty Tamara says:

    what city in Australia is actually snake city

  4. Foxy The Pirate Fox says:

    there is no known antivenom for this snake

  5. Samuel Stimson says:

    I love snakes in the city I watch them all the time

  6. Adhy Permana says:

    what is the name of the snake type in the video I want to have it

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