Velociraptor Dinosaurs | Dinosaur Songs for Kids from Dinostory by Howdytoons | S2E04

[duh duh duh
duh duh duh] [roar!]
[guitar chord] [rapid guitar] Ooooh Velociraptor! If you want it faster Velociraptor! I’m a little dino hunting on the desert Don’t let my size fool you I’ve got a claw and sharp teeth We love our feathers and we to hunt together We are smart and nasty dinos Our name has velocity! If it’s speed you’re after Velociraptor! If you want it faster Velociraptor! You won’t see me coming I creep so silently Friends all around me We come to attack We’re coming after Velociraptor! We’re chasing faster Velociraptor! [guitar solo] We’re fleeing faster Velociraptor! We’re running faster Velociraptor! [Howdytoons jingle] Howdytoons merch now available!

Randy Schultz

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