VEGETA’S NEW POWER! Dragon Ball Super Manga 56 English Breakdown – TOP 10 Details | Oppai Senpai

VEGETA’S NEW POWER! Dragon Ball Super Manga 56 English Breakdown – TOP 10 Details | Oppai Senpai

all that we gente welcome back everybody
it’s senpai and I hope you guys are having a good Monday now we have to talk
about the brand new Dragon Ball super manga chapter 56 now this is by far one
of the most action-packed chapters in a while especially if you’re a fan of
Gohan and piccolo now there’s also a few scenes that were clearly inspired by
Avengers infinity war and of course I’ll be doing more Easter Egg videos while we
wait for more episodes of Dragon Ball super to return but if you’re brand new
to the channel guys be sure to subscribe with notifications so you guys don’t
miss out on the Dragon Ball videos now there’s gonna be my top 10 breakdown of
Dragon Ball super manga chapter 56 starting with number 10 war it’s about
to begin Jaco and the entire galactic Patrol
rushed towards planet Earth to defend it now we see that Jaco is one of the last
ships to arrive as most of the Galactic patrollers are already there as Jaco
exits the ship he stays in the back into one of the patrolman tells him abre
it’s in planet earth like under your jurisdiction you should be at the front
homie Jaco responds nah I’m good here fam into another
patrolman pushes him from behind get to the front of the food line you little
bitch you got it Jaco runs towards the front so number 9
Avengers Assemble just like resurrection death the whole squad is back to the
game Yamcha crawled out of his mancave alongside shiatsu kitchen han gohan
piccalo krillin Master Roshi and now Jaco plus the entire Galactic Patrol
army every sea fighter is branded with the collective patrol logo under
clothing if you want to learn more about what the actual symbol represents and
what the actual language of the Gallic Patrol me
click on the top right to see that video after you finish this one but honestly
guys this scene looks straight out of a Wakanda vs. aliens battles from The
Avengers infinity war movie shiatsu is concerned that his loss is fighting mojo
now Yamcha sees this as his chance to finally shine Jacko informs everyone
that Goku is aware of the situation but that Vegeta is unable to be reached but
given the beef that those two have with Mauro Jaco is pretty sure that they’ll
come back but number 8 the return of majin buu one
of the galactic patrol spaceships arrived at the lookout Carey imagine boo
who is still in a deep sleep from his battle against Mauro
on Planet Namek mr. Satan is there alongside the pilaf gang Goku’s wife
chichi heard that the ox king o long and poor now there’s also two new characters
next to them and it’s almost impossible to tell who they are the person on the
right could be the return of tides Boas older sister but if you look at the
person on the left it looks like an adult version of care mine so you’re
asking me who I think those characters are we could be seeing the return of
Future Trunks and future mine that would be absolutely insane now if you guys
have any ideas as to who you think that these may be please tell me in the
comments down below so we can figure out who these characters are now then they
asks Eska what moral shift looks like which leads us to number 7 dreaded run
from it destiny still arrives moral ship appears on planet earth he’s finally
here dozens of Scout ships descent on the
planet and the prisoners begin to invade major cities across every corner of the
planet their mission is not to find the Dragon
Balls but instead to steal all the treasures from the earth before Mauro
consumes the planet now we also see the return of character a character that
looks like my get out from universe 6 except this one comes from universe 7
now we don’t know his name but we do know that he comes from a race known as
metal man Master Roshi tells Gohan and piccolo to
wait for the stronger villains as everyone else leaves to the fender
planet but number six Krillin versus Jumba part two the
rematch now the last time that these two fought was on chapter 53 as Quillin
underestimated Jumba and nearly got himself killed in the process but he’s
not the same man he was before Quillin has been training hard
Krillin brings Master Roshi with him to team tag against Jumba but you’ve also
brought along some friends three beautiful prisoner hotties but they
don’t give a crap about this fight so they leave master roaches hormones take
over and he goes chasing after the pretty ladies or as Master Roshi likes
to put it them nasty babes while quilling is distracted Jumba plants a
blow on his face sending credit flying towards a nearby
building before we get to number five if you guys have a Twitter account guys
follow me on twitter at mr. robaix senpai we’re notifications because that
is the best way to reach out to me directly if you want to rant about
Dragon Ball you have a question just hit me up on twitter at mr. ho by senpai
follow me if you do have a Twitter highly recommended both up there so
number 5 7 3 vs. Gohan and piccolo the rematch Shima Rica distracts Gohan and
piccolo as 7-3 appears behind them using a technique that he absorbed from an
invisible race 7 3 Graf’s Gohan and piccolo by the neck and copies their
powers Shimura cartels and other training will have been useless since
their powers have now been absorbed 7/3 flies to a nearby rock and launches a
special beam cannon directly I go on and piccolo
c-virus look at each other this was part of the plan all along
Gohan gets in front of piccolo as piccolo begins to charge his special
beam cannon go on then deflect the attack whoever
technique that I’ve actually never seen before
it’s basically looks like a bigger version of the destructive disk that
Crillon uses now Gordon pushes the attack forward as piccolo launches a
special beam cannon which is also known as the demon light of death the combined
power of both attacks is no match for 7-3 the attack can be seen for miles
across the planet 7:3 loses his left arm but he obviously
has Piccolo’s regeneration technique and just regrows it now human rocket l7 3 –
switch – Gohan’s profile because he’s stronger than piccolo seven-thirty fires
a key blast at them forcing gone and piccolo to jump into the air then 7-3
uses Gohan’s get cadet soon my damn technique I’d go han and piccolo and
Gohan rushes towards the attack as piccolo launches his own Gehrke retsu my
damn technique at 7 3 then we see something absolutely insane that just I
was not expecting this this blew me away Gohan uses Piccolo’s attack to bounce
between ki blast and dodges every incoming attack from 7-3 and as go on it
gets closer he lands a blow to 7-3 sending him flying towards the water
below but 7-3 has one more trick up his sleeve
for number 4 Yamcha vs. the prisoners Yamcha single-handedly takes down three
of Morrow’s goons what the Galactic Patrol just watched from the sidelines
Yamcha claims that he’s one of the top three stronger fighters on earth ok
buddy you keep telling yourself that now the Galactic Patrol arrests the
prisoners and they leave the planet to bring them back to prison so number 3
Gohan and piccolo vs 7 3 the finale Koen fires a my Senko also known as the
demon flash while piccolo launches a special beam cannon it’s a direct hit
7:3 has lost nearly half of his body and lays the feet on the ground
but before piccolo and go on finish the job shamone Rika order seven
three to switch tomorrow’s profile as seven three brings us on forward to
absorb their energy the sea fighters come straight at him
but wait a second is not going on in piccolo it’s a hundred seventeen and
Android 18 as they land the devastating kick this was all part of the plan that
Gohan and piccolo have prepared in order for them to counter against Morrow’s
technique of absorbing ki because according to piccolo the androids don’t
have any key not from my understanding I thought that it was that the androids
have unlimited key so I don’t know whether they’re trying to wreck on this
or it’s just like a miscommunication misunderstanding I have no idea but if
you guys have any idea as to what the hell is going on here whether the
androids have unlimited key or they have no key let me know in the comments below
we need to figure this out we also learned that the capsule Corp is given
the androids 10 million Zeni to fight it’s payday and you’re a team doesn’t
fight for free number two more looks below his ship and complains that his
men are pathetic useless fools but at the same time he gets excited thinking
about who will be first on his menu and number one we are back on panel yard
drive with Vegeta who is trying to master a new technique but before he
gets the chance to try again people are stops him and asks him if he felt the
Earth Spirit Vegeta not telling him that yes the fighting started not long ago
but there’s no point of going to earth right now until he has mastered a
special technique that he will use to defeat Morro
it’s cutting it close though but he still thinks that he has some time now
the chapter ends with Goku lost in space asking the inhabitants of a planet which
way is and that concludes Dragon Ball super manga chapter 56 now let me know
in the comments below guys who do you guys think out of all the sea fighters
who do you guys think is ultimately going to defeat more oh it’s gonna be a
combination of Android 17 and Android 18 do you think it’s gonna be Goku if we
have master all-trans think or do you think it’s gonna be Vegeta Vegeta
landing a some sort of special technique that’s going to the fee tomorrow
in the comments below we gotta figure this out we also got more Dragonball
news coming this week so as long as you guys have notifications enabled on my
channel or just search for my name or by senpai you should be able to see that
when I post it while you guys wait for everything click on the top left to
learn about the upcoming live-action Avatar The Last Airbender coming to
Netflix it’s gonna be absolutely insane now click on the bottom left to learn
more about the upcoming Death Note 2020 sequel that’s coming on February
4th thank you so much for watching guys and I will see you guys later tonight

Randy Schultz

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