Update Vlog  w/ Sticky Lizard

Update Vlog w/ Sticky Lizard

Hey guys it me MrKJB and I’m here with a special update vlog with special guest StickyLizard Hey, StickyLizard here *Boddispeak* He is very enthusiastic, as you can probably tell so basically he’s going to show you a couple of updates about my n-channel channel channel channel channel Go ahead StickyLizard So this week Kyle J Boddison is planning on uploading A new Hey EGGS video, updated video of his Photoshop timelapse the previous one is outdated and he’s doing a new one this week hopefully so be sure to watch that click like, leave a comment down below and subscribe for more content in the future thanks for that StickyLizard of course
it’s been an honor Having you in this vlog is there any last words? (Thank you very Much) no Okay well guys you can check out his channel in the description, he dosnt upload anything But you should subscribe k Subscribe anyway cause all i want subscriptions peace out dudes *kiss*

Randy Schultz

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