– So, change of plans. – I woke up so sick. – So now should we tell them all why they’re really on the beach? – Who’s pregnant? – This is Ollie’s first time
snorkeling are you ready? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Missy] Do you love it? (record scratch) – A little bit. – Sometimes things don’t go as planned.
(upbeat pop music) ♪ Wherever you are that’s
where I wanna be, yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where, that’s
where, that’s where ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – Good morning!
– Good morning! – And welcome back to our channel. Make sure you click that
subscribe button down below, especially because I’m sick today. (sneeze) I woke up so sick. – Oh no you guys. Hit that thumbs-up button and maybe we can make Missy feel better. – Yeah.
– But yeah, she woke up sick. She’s got like, no voice. – I have no voice. I just feel completely drained. My whole body hurts. – Probably because momma’s been screaming at us all day, huh? – Yes, I am not letting
anything slow me down though. We have plans today, and so I was like, someone
go get me some medicine, ’cause I gotta go. I gotta get up, ’cause
at first, I was like, I don’t know if I’m gonna
be getting out of bed. – It is super early again this morning, and look it, the people
are already out there checking out the sea turtles. If you didn’t see our Hawaii vlog or any of the other Hawaii vlogs, we’ll have it linked in the iCard, but the very first day we were here we actually got to swim
with the sea turtles and we found a bunch of other
cool stuff in the water, so go check out those videos in the iCard, ’cause it’s been a ton of
fun here in Hawaii so far. – [Missy] Ooh, what did you get, Finn? – Eggs. – [Missy] Eggs, who made you eggs? – [Blonde Woman] Papa. – Papa. – [Missy] Papa made you eggs? – [Bryan] Say, thank you, Papa. – Thank you, Papa! (laughing) – [Missy] So this is
actually not our room, but we come here every morning
for breakfast and coffee. And then we get to look out
on their beautiful patio. – [Bryan] Ollie, what are you eating? You’re just eating a watermelon round? – [Ollie] Well, Mimi
threw this on the ground. – [Bryan] Oh. – [Missy] For the birdies. (toddler babbling) I don’t think I’ve worn shoes in days. – [Bryan] You don’t have a voice. – [Missy] I know. – We searched to find some lizards. – [Missy] Yeah, we caught
a cool lizard last night. – Yeah, last night, check out this picture you guys. I caught Ollie and Missy climbing up to catch lizards on top of the lights. It was hilarious. – [Missy] We just walked down
here and you caught a lizard. – Yeah, it’s a baby one. We saw a big one that
he’s putting his neck down all by his self and this one put his neck
down all by his self one time. – [Missy] He wants to bite you, Ollie. – [Ollie] Papa, look at it! – [Papa] What have you
been doing out here? (laughing) – Okay, so, we are trying to put together a huge family photo ’cause if– – Notice how when she turns the camera on, she gets all calm, but
just two seconds earlier she was yelling– – She’s like, “we’re
going down to the beach!” – [Bryan] We’re going down the beach, and I’m like, I wonder why
you lost your voice, babe. (laughing) – Missy’s like, the organizer. – Yeah.
– She’s like the leader. – Nothing would happen
if I wasn’t here, okay? – She makes everything happen. – So, if you guys don’t know, we’re here with a group of 25 of us, and we have to get at
least one good picture, so we’re headed down to the beach. We’re gonna try and get a good picture of the whole family here. – [Mimi] We’re missing a couple cousins. – Yeah, we don’t have everyone here, but 25 of us. That’s a pretty big group of us. Alright, we’re trying to
gather everyone together. – [Bryan] Hey, Finn, we’re
taking a family photo. And if you’re not in it, then you don’t exist on the vacation. – I want mommy. – [Bryan] Mommy’s over here. That looks pretty good. Think we can work with that. (camera shutter clicks) – [Missy] We did it, we
actually accomplished it. – We got everyone in the photo. How did we get everyone in the photo? – ‘Cause we’re Hollisters. We’re on time and we get it done. – We’re very punctual. – [Missy] Yeah. – We get it done.
– We get it done. (camera shutter clicks) We were all here at eight a.m. The photo’s done at 8:10. – [Bryan] Okay, so now
should we tell them all why they’re really on the beach, together? – [Mimi] We have an announcement. – [Woman In Pink Shirt]
Is someone pregnant? (laughing) – [Missy] What are you doing? – What? – [Woman In Gray Shirt] Usually
that’s how people do it. It’s like, I have an
announcement, I’m pregnant. – I said that and everyone
started looking at me. (laughing) – I’m just kidding, we’re having
fun in Hawaii, that’s all. (cheers) – [Missy] You were about to cry. (laughing) – Like, wait, what? Who’s pregnant? (laughing) – Ooh, I got ’em so good, you guys. – Alright, this is Ollie’s
first time snorkeling. Are you ready? – Yeah! – Okay, here we go! (chill synth music) This is so cool! Ollie is like, getting
to see the coolest stuff. – [Bryan] This is the edge of the reef, where Nemo stood on the edge of the reef. And touched the butt. – [Missy] He’s like,
“Don’t touch the butt!” (calm synth music) – How’d he do? – [Missy] Amazing. Go ahead, lift it up. (sighs) What’d you think? – I got a little saltwater
in my eyes right here. (laughing) – [Bryan] Oh yeah? – [Missy] What did you think of the view? – I loved the view. – [Missy] Aww. – That is so cool. So you got to see all the
fish and stuff in the water? – Yeah, and know what? Papa saw a really long, skinny fish. – Whoa.
– So did you! You saw it, too, huh? – [Bryan] That’s so cool. – He saw a big, long, skinny one. – He went snorkeling! That’s amazing. – It was so cute! Sometimes, we see sharks. Sometimes we see eels. So, the more you snorkel, the more things you can find in the ocean. And that’d be cool. Maybe someday you’ll find treasure. – Yeah. – [Missy] Or a pirate ship. Hi! You wanna snorkel next? – [Group] Aloha! – Hey guys. So, change of plans. The entire fam left. We said, goodbye! – Bye! – Goodbye. – There were some emotional goodbyes, there were some happy goodbyes, but we had such a good time
with all of our family. And we have– – We caught some lizards too. – Yeah, we caught so many lizards, but you know what we haven’t
done on this trip, boys? – What? – We haven’t done much exploring, so, we have brought Ollie
and Finn to another part of the island where there’s
actually some really cool caves. Did you know that? – Yeah. – There’s some caves around here. And I think we can crawl
into them and explore and see if we find anything, okay? – Okay, let’s go. – Okay. So this place that we’re
at is crazy beautiful. It has a huge pool, has
a huge, amazing grounds, and we’re standing right
at this edge of it all. Let me show you it. Check out this place, it is beautiful! – It’s so nice here. – [Bryan] So there’s the pool, which we will show you guys later. But check it out, here is this amazing beach, amazing view. Look at that, it almost
looks like a volcano. – The water is amazing,
the sand is amazing, the beach, ugh. Feels so good. I think we might go
explore the ocean first, with a little snorkeling, so, let’s go! – [Bryan] Okay, cool. (island synth music) What did you just find? – We just found a big slug. We actually found these
in one of the other vlogs. You guys can check it out in the iCard. – [Bryan] Hold it out. – Look how huge it is! – [Bryan] That’s cool. (island synth music) (waves crashing) (island synth music) (waves crashing) (island synth music) – Here we go. (crying) (upbeat synth music) (water hitting microphone) (toddler babbling) (water hitting microphone) This has been really fun and all, but I think it’s time to go back, right? (island synth music) We did it. Do you love it? – A little bit. – [Missy] Did you just totally soak it up and enjoy every second? – A little bit but now I don’t like it. – Alright, get in. That did not go as planned at all. Oh, my gosh, that was a disaster. Finn, did you see any fish? No, I mean, I saw a bunch, but they were too afraid to do it. So I just had two kids drowning me and crying the whole time. – I heard that snorkeling
today was kind of a disaster. – [Ollie] Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] How’d it go, Ollie? – Bad. I got saltwater in my eyes that really stinged my eyes. – Okay, Finn, and what happened with you, ’cause you had floaties on and
you were on a boogie board. – I not see. – You didn’t see anything. Did you swim out with mommy? – Mm-hmm. – You swam all the way out there
and you didn’t see a thing? I’m sorry, that was such a disaster, babe. – It was so bad. – It’s just what happens sometimes. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s okay, – [Finn] Mommy. – Because at least no one got hurt, that we know of. (laughing) You guys okay? – [Ollie] Yeah. – Okay, they’re good. They’re great, you guys,
don’t worry about it. We just had dinner as a family. It was so good. We brought back dessert for the kids because we’re the best parents ever. – [Ollie] I ate all my gummy bears. – [Bryan] Oh, goodie. They got a cookie, a
brownie, and gummy bears. ‘Cause they were such good boys today, despite the meltdown in the ocean that could have been
catastrophic, but wasn’t. So they’re eating dessert
and we are watching Rock Dog. But anyway, hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Give this video a big thumbs up and check out our other
Hawaii vacation videos on the screen right now. Thanks for watching. We will see you manana. – Look at this chicken! – [Bryan] Look at that chicken! That looks crazy. Who’s doing bye boop tonight? – Me!
– Me! – Go! – Bye, boop! (toddler babbling) (marker writing) – Finn is going to control our whole day. – I don’t think this
is a good idea, mamma. – Would you rather? – Ooh, that’s tough. – Are you sure? – [Ollie] Yes! – [Missy] Oh, my goodness. Alright, looks like we’re headed to I– (upbeat pop music)

Randy Schultz

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