what’s up guys for today we have a very
special unboxing to do this is my new snake from the man himself Brian Barczyk
over at BHB Reptiles guys I remember meeting Brian for the first time when I
was a kid at one of the early NARBC expos in Arlington and let me just say
that from the beginning Brian has been one of the most passionate just caring
enthusiastic individuals when it comes to taking care of animals but not only
that but also taking care of his customers talking to people getting
people interested in animals showing them how to really take care of their
animals and also Brian is a serious pioneer when it comes to ball python
morphs and his role in the history of this industry is huge so that’s why I’m
really excited to open up this snake and show it to you guys and here she is guys wow what a cool
snake okay guys this is a female fire pinstripe 100% het VPI axanthic now when
I said Brian was a pioneer in this industry I’m sure a lot of you know but
many of you might not know that Brian is the entire reason why we have pinstripe
ball pythons he was the founder of this project and so for me to get a pinstripe
which is something I don’t have which is something that will always be essential
in ball pythons for me to get it from Brian the originator himself is kind
of a sentimental thing for me having a pinstripe from Brian is kind of just
like having a little piece of history in the ball python industry and that’s
something that’s really cool to me and this girl is just gorgeous wow so I’m not gonna handle her much
shipping is really stressful we’re gonna get this girl set up in a nice clean
tub with some water and in about a week she’ll start eating and she’ll fit right
in here so guys I am so excited to have this new addition being het. axanthic she’s also gonna fall really nicely into my axanthic project that I’m starting
up and if you guys think you’ve seen the end of my axanthic project wait til
after this weekend because I’m gonna be picking up even more new stuff at the
herps Austin show this Saturday so stay tuned for that guys here she is
all set up real simple just water and paper if she acts shy I’ll give her a hide
box but I don’t do it unless they need it so again a big thanks to Brian big
thanks to everyone at BHB for all you guys do I’m so excited to have this girl
I just love her I hope you guys enjoyed as well and big thanks to everyone for
watching and I hope you all have a great day

Randy Schultz

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  1. Ann R says:

    she's very pretty

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